It Will Be “Failure of the Dollar System” Not Nuclear War That Destroys the U.S.

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site.

    Editor’s Comment: The conflict at hand is indeed complex, and will have a huge impact on the American people. While our divorce from the parasitic and psychopathic leaders in Washington and on Wall Street is long overdue, we’ve become hostage to the mentality that we’re all in the same boat. Now, we’re being dragged into more war, and propping up terrorism and brutal, dictatorial regimes is the name of holding onto the petrodollar empire.

    Though tough times are ahead, this system is not our lifeblood, it is not our duly elected government, and not our patriotic duty to support it. It is a monetary system of control, though what replaces it will not necessarily be any better. Times are troubled, and everything is sure to change. The challenge, individually, will be to hold onto what we’ve got and continue a culture of liberty and resistance.

    East vs. West Division Is About The Dollar – Not Nuclear War

    by Brandon Smith

    The interesting thing about working in alternative economics is that inevitably you will become the designated buzzkill. You may be presenting the facts on the ground and the reality behind the numbers, but most of what you have to report will not be pleasant. Alternative economists are doomed to be labeled “doom and gloomers.” And that’s okay…

    The truth is what it is, and sometimes it hurts people obsessed with undue positivism and bull market naivety. However, as bad as we seem to be when it comes to a negative outlook, we do not necessarily present the most ugly options on the table.

    There is an undeniable trend by some within the liberty movement to assume a Mad Max-style end game to our ever expanding house of cards. That is to say, they see the only plausible outcome being apocalyptic in nature, and nuclear holocaust fits well within this viewpoint. In many cases, the argument is sometimes presented that WWIII is in the best interests of global elites seeking a catalyst for their so-called “new world order.”

    This is not to say that I don’t think WWIII is a possibility; it certainly is.  But I remain rather skeptical of the usefulness of nuclear war for the elites. Primarily because everything they openly claim they hope to accomplish can be accomplished without nukes.

    The narrative of a coming conflict between the East and the West has been boiling steadily as the U.S. election nears its end. Even the mainstream media is insinuating the potential for shots fired. Some believe the results of the election will determine the odds of war. I hold a different position. It seems to me that the rhetoric of East vs. West and nuclear exchange is being exploited as a distraction away from a different but almost equally catastrophic end game — the death of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

    First, let’s be clear; nuclear war does little to serve elitist interests. Consider the fact that globalists have been working diligently since 9/11 to install a vast electronic surveillance infrastructure in major cities around the world. This includes a pervasive video surveillance presence, biometric data collection, facial recognition, voice fingerprinting, etc. This is not only occurring in the U.S. and Europe, but in China and Russia. Vladimir Putin signed the Orwellian “Yarovaya Package” into law in June in Russia putting into motion an electronic surveillance apparatus directly on par with any measures exploited by the NSA. Perhaps ironically, even Edward Snowden, currently living in Russia under asylum, criticized the amendments.

    The point is, an elaborate and costly digital control grid is being built all around us. It makes very little sense for the elites to achieve such a level of full spectrum awareness and then flush it down the tubes in a 1.2 megaton blink of a eye. Keep in mind that a nuclear exchange also includes the targeting of military satellites — everything surveillance worthy will most likely be thoroughly toasted.

    Another issue to consider is the psychological underpinnings of elitism. Elites generally exhibit psychopathy, but it is a psychopathy driven by narcissism rather than nihilism. Narcissists tend to shy away from self destruction and the destruction of the treasures they believe they are entitled to. The elites want total centralization of power and influence, and they want the masses to accept or even demand a system in which globalism becomes sacrosanct. They want the Earth, and they want it nice and pristine for themselves. They might be willing to sacrifice certain appendages of the system, but they are not intent on vaporizing the entire prize.

    Given, psychopaths also do not like to lose. They do have a propensity for attempting to take others down with them if they are on the verge of failure. That said, I think the recent reports of the demise of globalism are greatly exaggerated.

    Here Is Why The Days of The Dollar As World Reserve Currency
    Are Numbered – Mike Maloney

    The narrative of coming world war revolves around certain assumptions. For example, some liberty proponents argue that the success of the Brexit referendum, the Trump campaign and the rise of sovereignty movements are an existential threat to the globalist empire. In their minds, a nuclear war triggered by the elites at this stage makes sense because globalism does appear to be “losing.”

    As I outlined in my last article Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash, this is simply not the case. In fact, the rise of conservative and sovereignty movements in the West sets the stage perfectly for the elites to initiate the final act of a world changing fiscal crisis. With these conservative movements in “power,” the ongoing economic collapse can then be blamed on “dangerous populists” rather than the international bankers that created the problem to begin with.

    The globalists are not on the run, they are playing the Hegelian dialectic game as they always have; problem, reaction, solution.

    And, as I have evidenced and outlined in great detail in numerous articles, the “conflict” between East and West is an engineered sham. At the top of the political and financial pyramids of every major nation, including Russia and China, the elites promote globalism and a one world currency under the control of the International Monetary Fund. Putin has openly supported IMF dominance of the global financial structure and the implementation of the SDR as a bridge to a global currency system. Chinese officials have done the same, and as of October, China is a major liquidity amplifier for the SDR. The BRICS bank, which was supposed to be a counterweight to the IMF and World Bank, actually works in collusion with the IMF and World Bank. The bottom line? There is no East versus West, at least not where the elites are concerned.

    The Russians and the Chinese are NOT on our side.  They are not even on their own side. The only legitimate opposition to the globalists is in the form of grassroots movements with very little concrete political influence. Whatever political influence we do gain tends to be quickly co-opted by deceitful measures and false leaders that ultimately serve the elites. Even the Brexit and a Trump presidency are not a real threat because they are functions of a system that the elites control in the absolute, and they would never be allowed to gain traction unless the elites needed scapegoats for a greater economic crisis.

    Our fight has so far been one of disseminating information and countering propaganda; political battles have been rather fruitless. So, again, nuclear war hardly serves the interests of elites under these favorable conditions.

    Nuclear war is also a very poor way of managing the darker goals of globalists. Their desire for substantial population reduction, for example, could be attained far more efficiently through economic collapse and mass starvation rather than the use of missiles and bombs. Food is a better weapon than smashed atoms ever will be. But if the false East/West paradigm is not setting the stage for nuclear war, then what is it being used for?

    As I have examined in the past, the division between East and West far better serves the elites in their effort to slowly but surely unseat the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with the SDR basket — the next major step towards a single global currency system and a single global monetary authority.

    Let’s be clear, the globalists are NOT pro-dollar or pro-America. They never have been. In fact the Federal Reserve has been destroying the dollar’s purchasing power since the central bank’s inception. And, by asserting the dollar as the world reserve currency, the Fed has actually placed America in a position of severe financial weakness rather than strength. Our dependency on the dollar’s world reserve status to sustain our living standards is so complete that the loss of that status will indeed crush our country. Our system cannot function without reserve status.

    I’ll break it down even further; through the death of the dollar, the elites not only set in motion the chaos needed to justify total centralization and a world currency alternative, but in the process they also could remove the greatest threat to their control — those millions of American citizens still holding to conservative ideals of sovereignty and personal liberty.

    The East vs. West paradigm creates a perfect rational for the end of the dollar’s reserve status. Just look at the geopolitical trends in motion.

    Saudi Arabia with its vast influence over many OPEC nations is shifting away from the U.S. and building closer ties with Russia and China. The distancing of relations between the U.S. and the Saudis is even being encouraged in the U.S. through the passage of the 9/11 Saudi lawsuit bill. This will inevitably lead to the end of the dollar’s petro-status and, by extension, aid in the end of its world reserve status.

    Turkey is now gravitating towards Russia and away from NATO after the very odd and most likely staged “coup” that has given Erdogan unprecedented room for dictatorship. This new relationship may even include military support from Russia.

    Foreign central banks around the world, including Saudi Arabia and China, are currently liquidating their U.S. treasury holdings at record pace.  The program for “de-dollarization” is already well underway.

    The U.S. overall has also lost considerable goodwill among the peoples of the world (or what little goodwill it had left) in the wake of revelations that it along with allies has essentially instigated the breakdown in Syria and funded militant groups that make up the skeleton of ISIS. The continued function of our involvement in destabilizing Syria has no other benefit to the U.S. except to undermine the image of America. It does not give us increased oil dominance. It does not give us increased regional dominance. In fact, our presence in Syria only continues to harm us and bring us into dangerous proximity with Eastern interests.

    There are people who do benefit from this dynamic — the globalists.

    The U.S. is painted as the bumbling villain of our little story, greedy and blinded by visions of empire. The East is set up as the more rational party, the mediator trying to reason with Western madmen. For the globalists, the death of the dollar, which has been an ongoing project of theirs for decades, can now be completed, and they will receive NO blame whatsoever. History, if it is written by anyone other than liberty champions, will say that the East, not the central bankers, destroyed the dollar’s reserve status because it had to. History will say that we had it coming.

    In the aftermath, the elites hope to come to the rescue as global economic instability erupts with the failure of the dollar system. As they openly admit in The Economist in 1988, the dollar must be replaced by the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights; the new world order needs a great financial reset before it can take root. But, this is a much different methodology from widespread nuclear war.

    Questions arise as to November’s election and how this might affect East vs. West relations. I see no indication that it makes a difference who ends up in the White House as far as the economic result is concerned. As I have stated before, I believe Trump is the most likely candidate. Relations with the East are already in irreversible and engineered decline and even if Trump has good intentions, the globalists will pull the plug on financial support to markets not long after he enters the Oval Office. Eastern nations have been preparing for a break from the dollar for years. They work closely with the IMF. If anything, Trump’s presence will accelerate the reset.

    I think the notions of nuclear war and East vs. West conflagration endure for many reasons. An extreme distaste for Barack Obama has led many liberty proponents to assume that the man will never give up his seat of power. These people do not understand that Obama is nothing more than a Muppet, a middleman with no true influence. The elites do not need him in office to continue their program.

    Others assume that the mere chance of a Trump presidency is so dangerous to the elites that they would rather push the nuclear button than risk it. I think this is a bit naive. As stated in past articles, conservative movements are gaining control of a ship that is already sinking. They are being set up. A Trump win might help the elites. If the U.S. economy and currency collapses under Trump, conservative movements can be blamed. If they collapse under Clinton, the banking cabal will be blamed. It seems clear to me which option better serves elitists.

    A nuclear war is also perhaps subconsciously enticing to some people. The idea that the slate could be wiped clean leaving only the prepared to come out of the smoke and ash to rebuild could in some ways be considered a preferable outcome. Compare that to liberty movements taking the blame for an economic calamity while battling against an encroaching globalist machine, sacrificing for years or possibly decades on the mere chance that we can, through force of will and ingenuity, defeat a well organized empire with an established mass surveillance network and millions of duped citizens on its side.

    Hell, I’m actually an optimist when it comes to our ability to overthrow globalism, but I see no easy way out of this situation. I find it saddening that the coming fight is so frightening to people that they would rather assume a nuclear nightmare is on the way. The slower agony of economic decay and a rebellion against Big Brother may be less appetizing, but in my view, it is unavoidable.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site. Please visit and support his work.


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      1. Brandon – excellent. You’re dead right. People fear the cost of freedom. And that is understandable. Unless a man is psychotic, what fellow would will his own death? Or worse, the pain, suffering, losses that fighting would entail? And I agree that it is rather a shame people would prefer to believe in some flash-fried ending rather than die clutching a bloody knife or emptied rifle as one lay dying in the wet and cold. That is cowardice. Understandable again, but a timid reaction. I do though also believe that there are still among us – and I hope I am seen and known to be one – that are willing to suffer to preserve what was suffered to preserve for me, by our ancestors. We shall see. We shall see. For it is a coming certainty that whatever it is to be is just becoming visible on the horizon. Time to load, eyes on our sights and take that steady breath. It may be our last; but, what the hell!!!? Who wants to live forever?

        • We are just on the cusp of our lifetime. We just emerged 9/28/2016 from our nation being the leading world power. There are those that feel that we have been to long as the VIP of Earth. It is now time for some other country (China?) to take over the power vacuum.
          Just as England was once the Naval and Political power on earth, we will now see a new power emerge and I think it will be China. They are economically and politically sound and powerful – more so than any other country (including the USSR).

          • Heartless, I will be damned if I am the generation that looses America to some 3rd party Cabal of land Thieves.

            Not on my watch. Keep spreading the truth.


            • Umm..not to point out the obvious but the largest invasion in the history of known civilization has already taken place. Right here.
              As the amount of outsiders in a culture become too numerous, the solution has always been the same:

              Diversity + Proximity = War

        • I suspect Brandon Smith is dead wrong about this. Nothing but nuclear war can traumatise the world sufficiently to bring about the grassroots revolution in political thought that is required to enable global government.

          The narrative for this has already been written – read all about it in Ron Rosenbaum’s 2011 book on modern nuclear war, “How The End Begins”. That narrative I mentioned is called “Global Zero”, and has the full backing of enemies of humanity such as Henry Kissinger.

          They wish to use the horror of a nuclear war as the catalyst for a supranational world government that will enforce a global ban on nukes thereafter. And of course, like anything set up for a single role, mission creep will kick in just as it did with the European Common Market and before you know it, it’s a fully fledged Babel Redivivus.

          At least, that’s what they hope for and it also explains why they have not just let the economic system fall apart by now.

      2. this writter has no idea how dangerous can be an injured beast. here, we talk about ” THE ” beast.

        • Brandon is wrong (again). I don’t even have to read the article to know where he is going with this narrative.

          His focus on the dollar is to miss the forest for the trees. Same problem Jim Willie has. As fiat currency goes, the “dollar” has been tweaked to perfection.

          The “dollar” I talk about is the dollar SYSTEM. The SYSTEM is the perfect scam. You print colored paper, ascribe value to it, and use your authority to induce people to use it; creating a relationship with your local currency to it. If your economy is big enough, and the volume of transactions high enough, your local currency becomes a major pair.

          The dollar system is a necessary evil to facilitate global commerce; which is why the New World Order uses it. If the dollar system didn’t exist they would create it all over again.

          It doesn’t matter if it is a “dollar”, a “mark”, or a yuan. The “currency” even if gold, will still be controlled by the elite in London, New York, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

          The more currencies the greater number of profit streams.

          And that is exactly what they will do when it has finished serving its purpose in its present form: they will CHANGE the system and make it anew to blunt any criticism of the current system; increase banker control over the system, and multiply their profits.

          That CHANGE will be a DIGITAL CURRENCY (maybe backed by gold but not likely) when quantum computers and telephone (apps) are perfected. But if the dollar currency is block chain quantum digital, who needs the “security” of gold?

          Perfection of quantum computers and apps are just around the corner: likely unveiled within in five years. Until then, save ten dollar bills in number ten cans.

          You will be glad you did. 🙂

          BTW, the liquidation of US TREASURIES by the Saudi’s and the Chinese, is the direct result of their respective mismanagement of their respective economies.

          This “liquidation” reflects a LOSS of international wealth. 🙂

          • You make some solid points DK. The only flaw I see to your thinking is that central banks have been the largest buyers of metals for years. I am not saying digital currency isn’t down the line, but why bother purchasing enormous amounts of metal, particularly gold, if not to re back the currency at some stage?

            • New digital block chain quantum technology gives the banksters even greater control over OUR money than they have now. People and businesses want something to buy things with and pay their debt, so they can buy more things.

              Gold is too bulky for everyday purchases and is no longer necessary to back (secure) currency with the new block chain quantum technology. This new technology could use other units of measure, like energy, or hours worked, to back its value.

              Gold is a COMMODITY and as a commodity universally accepted as money (fungible), represents a historical store of wealth that has survived inflation and deflation for, some say, 9,000 years.

              I know a guy who recently tried to buy a used truck for his business from a private seller. By all accounts it was a great truck at a great price. It had too many miles (160k) and was too old (07) to be financed. It also required more cash, $6500 than most buyers of this age of truck have lying around.

              The buyer was willing to give the seller gold in exchange for the truck, (the seller was a silver owner/prepper type) but the seller wouldn’t take it (for whatever reason), so the sale never happened and the truck still sits there catching spider webs, I am told.

              The seller had already purchased a new truck and didn’t want to take the trade in value. Now his asset is catching dust. Of course gold catches dust too, but over time, is NOT a depreciating asset.

              I thought it was an interesting story. 🙂

              • Good point durango. Got to educate the morons that silver and gold is better than paper IOU’s Educate the sheep.


                • The amazing thing is that there are many vehicles out there just like this one which have too many miles and cannot be financed based upon underwriter requirements, and therefore NOT sold; yet this guy, a prepper type, would NOT take gold for the full asking price.

                  He wanted DOLLARS !!! Who knew ??? Mushroom 🙂

      3. Global de-evolution almost complete. It will be the haves vs have nots soon enough. Oscuma has almost completed his 8 year Mission Accomplished plan. The Den of Vipers should be the First Strike no matter which way the demise comes. Dearborn MI should be 2nd, No Slack. Maybe we need some Purge American Style. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

        • ALL THE WAY !!!!

      4. i will add that whatever trump / clinton win, nothing will change, because nothing can change. things have to remain the same. change is not tolerated. period.

        we are also already in a 21th century form of world war, blocks fight each others for geostrategical advantages… this is.. called by definition, a war…
        when UK cut credit to sputnik, it is media hit to win a side of the war, the information side.

        when west, USA, UK, france & fucks want syria down, it is not because of palm trees… it is about natural gaz.

        do not misunderstand the reality. it is insidious, it is a low process humain-technological-timeline- speaking, we going down, but based on a universe timeline we are just a spark of shit with the ability to vanish just like we appeared.

        can you imagine ROME with instant marble tablets to write letters… ? i guess you know what i mean, today, everything, is fast enough to be messy.

        my though ? it will. inevitable.

      5. One world money, religion and government???

        Sound familiar???

        • Really is sad when one cannot post, without the antichrist has to lie about them…

          Be well all…

        • and what does the author think causes nuclear war!!!! MONEY!! and or power of such!! so he might wish to rethink his statement! MONEY could cause us to go to war!

          • I’ve got a feeling that for the entire time they have fully intended to “play” Russia on both sides of the coin, burn them complete with a formal apology then turn right back around and put a knife to Putin’s back. He’s not pleased, and he’s not sailing his top fleet just to keep the stuff well-lubed and freshly painted.

            Just as this article so clearly states, we are living and have been living under a government, who for this entire time have been playing us for complete fools (and the traitors in DC who knew of this are fully worthy of being hung, until nightfall, then unslung, thrown in a burnpit-pyre, and eventually buried when filled.

            We are under NO laws here other than we are all good people and don’t want to live in total chaos (such as a Detroit street or alley may be at 3AM).

            We The People are under NO obligation to “behave” a single written or spoken command from anyone within our government, and that includes every last person within the state governments as well. ALL OF IT must be presumed as being “under siege”, until nothing remains of any form of governemnt.

            While we are doing that I seriously doubt anyone would want to try their luck with an invasion after having just taken down the mightiest government in the world. Well, these asses have built a house of cards with a foundation that has already started to give way, with much more coming, and we simply MUST understand that since this is NOT OUR GOVERNMENT, then there is no way in hell that Trump is going to win – even if everyone voted only for him and it was proven (by a secret monitor) to be true, Hillary would replace Trump within days, for any number of reasons (none of them remotely legal but rather, complete corruption surrounded by lies supported by every trick in the book (like people voting for Hillary who died in 1956 …and that’s okay, just one minor error so no need to scan for more errors nor fix that one). Roughly 15% of each state never gets counted at all, yet the reason escapes me (other than being more democratic bullshit they keep well hidden so that We The People don’t get wise to what Public Servants truly are and just how frigging far off the path our federal government has gotten, and then have a look at what they’ve turned themselves into (and this was done even though not one iota of it was built upon ANY Constitutional ‘vantage’ point.

            If anything, The Constitution has been the one document most sought after in destroying (not the document, but the way of life it guarantees “the bearer”. WE THE PEOPLE are “the bearers” of The Constitution, and every last word in it is still wholly in effect and legal, no exceptions. Remember this in the coming days, weeks and months (that nothing you are forcibly subjected to is remotely legal, because NOTHING OF THE SORT is …so do not allow it to happen by doing whatever you must to avert getting caught up in such a situation (if at all possible).

            It’s gonna get hard but we do not have shit from shinola for a choice in the matter. Check your firearms, especially your “go to” every day. Weapon failure is also not an option and most often can be avoided with superior care and attention to details.

            Looking at this from a different angle, here we have God watching as a bunch of Allah followers slowly screw with the American systems until, due to someone claiming to be offended, all TEN COMMANDMENTS displays had to be taken into a basement and covered for all eternity, lest we hurt their feelings (but it is just fine and dandy for them to already be teaching all about The Koran/Qur’an (whatever) to the youngest in at least three schools across the nation, California OF COURSE being the most in favor of it. Think they’ll be heavy into having their heads cut off because their wife accidentally showed her foot in public, and since she is YOUR possession, YOU pay the penalty (Sharia Law). Gee, that would tend to keep public outbreaks to a minimum if they beheaded or even used just 40-lashes. (Used to be common to receive 40-lashes. In these times few men could tolerate the shock of the pain …and that’s the truth).

            Well, whatever may be, there’s a whole lot of change on the horizon, and none of it is, at first, going to be a welcome event nor sight to see.

            But, we will win when all is said and done.

            • They are jews not muslims

        • if a meteor were to come and destroy 1/3 of all ships where would be a great place to have your ships if said event was coming? mediteranean sea? black sea? as close to Syria as possible? is usa elite and Russia elite all part of the NWO and worship the same master?

      6. Eppe,

        “Resistance is futile!”

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Well then eagle,I will live a life of futility!

      7. Real Preppers already have a new financial System in place. Its actually a quite an old and traditional system, by trading Gold and Silver, for Good and Services. Any questions?

        Barter works quite well also for Real Preppers, with out paying any Commie Taxes to the Grabberment cabal on each transaction. Start working the plan.

        Only dopes fall in line with familiar stuff, cause they can’t think out of their playpen. Its their Safe space like a pacifier.


        • Wwti, when are going to figure out that some of us have been doing this shit years before you ever came around???

          Teaching newbies is my gig.


      8. I just wonder were our eyes melting in there sockets and our tounges melting in our mouthes before our bodies hit the ground can be caused by a dollar collapse? But you never know.

        • Zec 14:12

          And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

          • This is certainly getting biblical in the Middle East.

            I am a proponent of the concept that Daniel and Revelation prophesies refer to a day equaling a year. Thus a seven year tribulation is seven years of days or 365.25 X 7 = 2557 human years. The 3.5 years of the great tribulation being half that or 1278 years. The Millerites and Seventh day Adventists were not far off. They however missed the fact that Daniel was Old Testament given to the Jews who use a lunar calendar. There is a correction factor of .9857 to make Daniel and Revelation line up because Israel had a Lunar calendar of 360 days. So apply the .9857 “X” factor to Daniel and you’ll find we are now at the near end of the Great Tribulation. They also failed to grasp that some events would happen in Heaven like the Lamb unrolling the scroll. miller items sold all they had and sat and waited for Messiah.

            All the hundreds of millions of people that died throughout history since the first temple was rebuilt in Jerusalem were the victims of the tribulation. Islam brought in the Great Tribulation and Israel coming back to life and regaining control of the Temple Mount was all predicted to the day.

            All we need now is a great force from the north to gather at the invitation of Middle East nations to protect them. In the conflict the force from the north will turn on them. In the middle of this Damascus is utterly destroyed and made uninhabitable. The conflict which Obama and Hillary engineered will spiral out of control and ultimately require the intervention of God to fix.

            I think the utter destruction of Damascus will be the last signal to believers to flee cities and start digging in. They are not going to get raptured, not in this dispensation. There will be a rapture, but not until much later.

            Trust the Lord and the rest will follow.

            • The tribulations last 7 years are daniel 9:24-27
              1. Israel suffers then end of sin comes – Christ 1000yrs
              2. The roman prince of the people who destroyed in 70ad
              3. The ROMAN PRINCE makes the last treaty (27)

              First comes the 10 kings – see UN’s 10 kings for 10 kingdoms.

              THE TIME of TRIBULATION’S has Not begin….. the plan is to Kill not enslave….

              The MARK is the way the IMAGE is applied (fyi) a form of scarification and Not a chip…..

              • The classic seven year tribulation, and rapture eschatology is a fable, created to avoid the apostate church hierarchy from putting to death the leaders of the reformation! So, what is really going on, and yes I’m trying to keep it short, but it’s really big!

                1. The Christian world, in unity, accepts the prophesy: Daniel 9:25-27 “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto, Messiah the Prince, shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks” as meaning 69 weeks, each with 7 days = 483 days (Conversion factor handles Jewish lunar calendar to solar years is 360/365.24 = .9857) so, 483 x .9857 = 476.068 of our years. Therefore, according to Daniel there will be 476 days that represent solar years from the decree of Artaxerxes I, to the Cross (-444BC +476 = 32-34AD). Thus the whole Christian world knows exactly when Christ would die and rise again. This prophesy is clear, and acknowledged by the whole Christian world. Check the foot notes in virtually any well written Bible!

                Then, the whole Christian world eats lead paint chips, and ignore the fact that the weeks/days of Daniels prophesy represent years in all the rest of bible prophesy. They mystically end up with a literal 7 year tribulation, which incidentally doesn’t line up at all with the same prophesies in Revelation. Daniel and the Book of Revelation did say these prophesies would be sealed until the time of the end, and so it was, but it was opened when “the age of Gentiles ended in 1948”.

                2. Daniel in the Old Testament and Revelation in the New Testament give similar prophesies, but with a different number of days to fulfillment. The only way to justify the difference, and bring the two into perfect alignment, is to use the previous interpretation, a known interpretation, where days = years. Knowing Daniel was using the Rabbinic Lunar calendar and Revelation the Julian Solar calendar, the correction factor is (.9857), problem solved! Check the prophesies for yourself.

                Bottom line, if you accept this interpretation as I have; You will find the world has been living in the great tribulation for thousands of years, and news flash, it’s nearly over.

                No there was no rapture, that will come at the very, very end, after all things, just before the earth is destroyed by fire, a thousand years plus in the future. Forgive me, but when the bible says the world will end in fire, what do you think happens to the last remaining believers? They must be raptured, or die, and the bible only has one rapture event, and yes the rapture is a real future event for both Jews and Christians.

                The 3 1/2 year great tribulation is more like 365×3.5= 1277.5 days = years, so all those wars, plagues, genocides, hollacausts, and famines you read about occurring over the centuries of world history were all part of the great tribulation. It doesn’t get any worse, well maybe just a bit! We are nearly home. Yup, just a few more disasters, and then that pesky war of Armageddon the world is warming up to.

                The mother of an old Jewish friend once said; “Really there’s supposed to be a 7 year tribulation worse than the Jews have already experienced?”. Imagine an old Jewish mother saying this from the heart. I was speechless, and rightly so. Great words of wisdom, she is right!

                Really, who are the bad guys? The antiChrist world leader, beast, false religion, false prophet is, well it had to be someone! It’s Islam who has beheaded millions for their faith. The biblical beast is an amalgam of creatures, previously described in the bible and grew out of, not Rome, but ancient successive kingdom beasts of the lion, bear and leopard, they represent Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece, which are today the nations of Iraq, Iran, and Syria/Lebanon. Wow, who’d a guessed, after 911, the Cole, embassy bombings, Olympic bombings, Lebanon barracks bombing, Benghazi, Bali, the Russian school……. Could it really be Islam … Sorry, but there will be many more!

                The abomination of desolation is not a who, but a what, it is a thing standing on the Temple Mount, it was build by men, as predicted on a specific date, on the Temple Mount, and it stands there still today.

                The false prophet of Revelation, who would mislead billions of people was Mohamed, the cartoon prophet!

                The Islamic world, empire, beast, once wounded in the head at the “Battle of Tours” (Google it), shrank back to the Middle East, but has had new life breathed back into it by massive oil wealth. Remember the beast of Revelation, wounded in the head, is not a who, but a kingdom. The creatures, and the beast are a kingdoms that have heads, those heads are its leaders!

                Islam is in turmoil and clamors for one great leader (it’s Anti-Christ, there are many), to unite Islam and kill or convert the rest of the world. The great leader of the battle of Armageddon.

                The two witnesses in Revelation, left dead in the street, are the Jewish people, and the body of saved Christians, also called the church. Muslims are still killing both Jews and Christians in the streets, for our faith.

                What is left of the Roman Empire, and the church it spawned is not the Anti-Christ or the beast, but it is “the great Harlot”, and it will be judged. Stop looking for a new world order connection to Rome or the EU. But understand that Rome is the Harlot that will bend over for Islam! It is in the harlots nature.

                The prophetic evidence, the proof none can refute!
                The Book of Daniel prophesies the exact year Muslims would put up their abomination of desolation on a wing of the temple mount (read Daniel 12:11, the math starting when the daily sacrifice of Solomon’s temple was stopped 583BC add (1290 x .9857=1271.5) years = 688 AD)! It also prophesies the year Israel would become a nation again (Daniel 9:27, the math starting with Cyrus’s decree of 536BC add (7 x 360 = 2520 converting to solar 2520x.9857 = 2484) provides 1948).

                The book of Revelation prophesies the year Israel would regain control of the temple mount. (Revelation 11:2 Here’s the math, starting with the abomination in 688AD add (42 months x (365.24/12 days per month) = 1278.34) gives us 1967.

                Note: the Book of Daniel was written to Israel, where a lunar calendar is used, thus the correction factor .9857, while the book of Revelation, given to the gentiles. They used the Roman calendar that we use today. Notice how it all fits, does any other interpretation fit or handle the date/days discrepancies between Daniel and Revelation?

                The very next verse says: Daniel 12:12 “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.” This date also starts 583BC, so then 1335 x .9857=1315.9 years that brings us to the latter part of 732 AD when Charles Martel defeated the Islamic army at the Battle of Tours on October 10, 732. During the battle the Islamic king was killed, his army routed and destroyed. Effectively the beast (Islam) was wounded in the head. They shrank back to the Middle East and have been little trouble, until the beast comes back to life…..

                Thousands of years ago the bible prophesied the exact modern year Israel would again be a nation and would regain control of Jerusalem and the temple mount. It also identifies by year when the worlds greatest force for evil would come to Jerusalem, and when they would be defeated, until the time of the end when oil money would breath new life into the beast that was once mortally wounded in the head. Here is an excellent link for anyone who wants more info

            • The antichrist is not islamic
              1. Gog is islam – only middle east
              2. AC goes into all the kingdoms (fat places) Peaceably
              3. Is a ROMAN
              4. Has no desire of woman – does not mean he is gay either
              Also means he has no respect for women (its a mans world)

              who else but the pope is pushing for:
              1. One world government of science
              2. One world religion
              3. Divideing Jerusalem 2 state solution
              4. Teaches catholics and muslims have same god (they do)
              have to bring the muslims on board

              Just for thought – what if the 3 kings the antichrist gets rid of are women leaders..

              1. Clinton
              2. Mays
              3. Merkel

              The treaty starts and then half way gog invades israel which cause the AC to brake treaty and then russia from north and china from east march towards the AC who plants his tents in the valley of decision and waits for them (dan 11:44- thru end) then at that time (dan 12:1-2) the book of life is opened and all people life and shame awake at same time for Christ One time rapture (no pre trip) this is when the people flee and are protected for 3.5 yrs and you can see that at daniel 11:41 where AC cant reach the wilderness.

      9. I agree.

        The only real resistance to globalism is local. Without personal responsibility, and self employment, no overturn of the Banksters’ power is likely to ever occur. That is why people are discouraged from trying. The use of insulting, degrading, and sabotaging is the norm. No matter how many times one fails, never give up. Every failure is a course in real world business. Failure is a perception. If the goal is to become a billionaire and you barely scrape by a living, have you failed ?? Don’t answer that question. Get to work, America. Somebody needs what you have.


      10. I actually think there is something else going on in the background that all the bosses know about but are not talking about for fear of widespread disorder.

        We are running out of cheap to produce oil. It is the cause of the world malaise and lack of growth. The price is too low for oilcos to profit and they are basically bankrupt. If the price goes up to make it profitable, the economy tanks like in 2008. It is a dilemma. No solution.

        The bosses unleashed QE that supported the oilcos, but that has stopped working as capex dries up and no new profitable finds were forthcoming. There is plenty of oil but when it takes as much energy to produce it as you get from it, it stays in the ground (EROEI).

        The international oilcos are pumping existing fields but when these deplete they are shit out of luck. Look at the Saudis. A 16 billion dollar bond offering just to keep their economy from derailing. They are “diversifying into other things”.(lol) They have been using water injection to squeeze the last out of their largest fields.

        Welcome to the Dark Ages. Billions of unfunded liabilities will be liquidated in the coming years no matter what colored paper or shiny rock is used as money.

        Try not to be one of them.

        • This paradox has been recently outlined on the site. Well worth the read. My opinion is that indeed the world economies can’t grow because of limitations by the EROEI on the marginal barrels of oil, yet oil producers like Saudi, now starved for revenue, and the marginal EROEI frackers, in debt up to their eyeballs, have to keep pumping to stay alive and service their debt. So plenty of supply, especially when the the demand is dropping due to world wide debt. The economies can’t pay for more expensive oil either, especially due to the debt burden they are already carrying . Thus, price of oil will remain trapped in a narrow channel for the foreseeable future, unless of course war, financial collapse, etc.

      11. I respect Brandon and there is not much in his article I can find fault with.

        But he did not mention the one thing that has been scientifically been proven to alter even the path of disease (see Dr. Larry Dossey’s work/writings measuring this) and that one thing is PRAYER!

        Prayer, which of course requires the free will or consent of the person praying, thereby permits the unfathomable Intercessory Power of Almighty God to accomplish the defeat of evil, any type/kind of evil.

        Left to purely our own means, the future could be very dim indeed.

        But joined in prayer to Almighty God, there is no limit to what prayer can accomplish.

        If you disagree, then you have bought Satan’s lie that it is all hocus pocus. Forever remember that the devil is the Father of ALL lies, and lies are bedrock of evil.

        On the other hand, truth empowers, truth properly used will heal, truth can and will transform hearts.

        In the final analysis, each and every moment of your existence you either give yourself to the lordship of Satan, or the Lordship of Christ.

        Choose wisely, because Eternity is forever.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Prayer and GARLIC

          Raw garlic has powerful antibiotic properties. Plant it. Garlic discourages pesky bugs that eat crops.

          When my chickens got sick, I put a bottle filled with raw garlic and punched holes so the water seeps in and the oils seep out into the chicken’s water.

          Also, boiled chicken bone broth and chicken soup has antibiotic qualities. Put lots of garlic when making. Add garlic just before serving. Heat kill its antibiotic effect.


          • B. That’s good to know about the garlic and it helping chickens. I have chickens and always good to know home remedies.

        • Lone Ranger

          There is a Time and Place for Everything.
          If you don’t mind I will use your post as and example.

          Straight and to the point without a condemning sermon filled with extractions of various scripture. It reaches out and for some may provide an avenue for comfort and peace.

          I have heard a lot of forced preaching in my time and I do believe religion should be keep to one’s self, unless asked.

          It’s a bad time. I am cutting some slack here.

      12. This is off topic but please bear with me.

        I suspect that North Korea will be misbehaving very shortly. They tend to do so when the US is busy elsewhere. Its the method they use to shake the US or IMF for money, oil and food. Its been easier and less costly to pay the tribute. Watch the news.

      13. Think on this…
        We are just a flea, on a dog, in a yard, on a continent, on this 3rd rock from our star, one of thousands in our galaxy, one of 150 billion galaxies in this universe…

        Something made all this…

        True mind fuck…

        • It’s hard to think God.

          Not about Him or like Him or of Him.

          Just Him.

          Ever lay down in the grass and look up at the sky and try to think that the expanse goes on and on and on forever without end?

          Then try to think that God was before the expanse.

          I can’t think that.

          Yep, what you said…

          • Amen grandee…
            I try to see life in the grand scheme of time, space and reality…
            Our existince of life here and now, is just a blip in the timeline of the universe.

            Our soul may go thru many entities before we finally get it correct, like Jesus finally did.

            Deep questions….

            • My karma ran over your dogma.

              Makes one think…

        • eppe

          We are beings walking on the crust of a cooling star.

          • Eye, excellent thought.
            Maybe at one time Earth was too hot but Mars was just right for life.
            Our star, what we call the Sun, is cooling off, just the progression of time.

            I question everything, because we as humans want to know the true truth…

            Be well most all here at the plan…

            • Packing up for gun deer opening at my bol.
              Taking a home school dad and his 12 yo son on his first deer hunt\camping trip.

              Making memories for a brilliant young man, that will be a memory for life.

              I love doing things like this, maybe he will be a hunter forever.

              Every soul you influence in life makes a difference, even preparing food in foil.

              We will have a great time, even if we do not slay deer.

              • eppe

                Good Luck on your hunt.

                • Make sure you take your dinner off the tail piles. Duct taping hot dogs to your tail pipe is pretty creative for a dumber than Sh!t snail redneck idiot.

                  ~WWTI… Seriously driving in circles for 2 hours to cook a roast on your engine block is pretty stupid for a GA Hick. WTF happens when you get company? Gone all day? LMFAO… Pull over to flip the food?

        • You are a cockroach heartworm on a dog. Been smoking some mushrooms lately?

          Where did life come from? Bacteria from an asteroid.

          Sober up Snail, and concentrate once in a while. You are freaking everybody out with your psychedelic poppy seed eating contest.

          ~WWTI… Got CAV?

      14. Resets are inevitable (and are common in history). Eventually you will be paid for what you produce. This could be a real product – allowing you to survive the reset. If you produce nothing, or depend on government money to pay you – you will have trouble. You will need to learn how to produce what you need to survive, so plant a garden, raise chickens, sew clothes, or develop skills that will be useful when the reset values your non-producing job at zero.

      15. This gets me buy gold and silver.
        You got to be alive to spend it.
        But what are you going to spend it on ????????

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