Is The Government Building SECRET Tunnels Under America To Prepare For WW3?

by | May 25, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 65 comments

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    Mysterious booms and strange lights in have been reported all over the country and have recently sparked fears that the United States government is building tunnels underground in preparation for a potential nuclear third world war. Residents are convinced that they are hearing sounds and seeing the odd lights, and they are not isolated events.

    One man in the Cincinnati area caught the lights on his camera and was even able to capture his son’s reaction.

    Kimberly Kempke, a concerned resident from Anderson Township in Cincinnati, Ohio, is convinced the sounds she heard earlier this week were more than fireworks.  “The sounds were like true booms. They sounded like a powerful explosion,” said Kempke. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt before and I’ve been very up close with fireworks many times.”

    According to The Daily Star, YouTube channel secureteam10, run by Tyler Glockner, claims that the unexplainable sounds are coming from underground.

    He also revealed that just days ago a seismograph recorded something moving from the east to the west coast of the US in just 19 seconds.  And since he has uploaded it, viewers have been quick to speculate that something is secretly going on below the surface.

    Only last month, mystery “trumpet” sounds in New York left residents convinced a secret tunneling program had commenced.  And before that, we saw similar scenes in Ohio.  The odd booms have been heard in Pennsylvania too, and even triggered an FBI investigation.  Read more below:

    The booms seem to be returning en masse.  Most sound metallic in nature; almost as if a giant machine is doing something or a large piece of sheet metal is being hammered. Listen to them all yourself and see what you think.  Is the government building secret shelters underground to protect the elites in preparation for World War 3? Could it be something else?

    In the video below, the narrator speculates that it could be a massive earthquake of apocalyptic proportions coming:

    All we really know is that no government agency is clarifying what could possibly be causing these lights and booms to pop up and be heard across the country. All we have is speculation at this point. But you can prepare yourself.  Besides, if the government is really building underground bunkers and tunnels to protect themselves from an apocalyptic situation, shouldn’t you be prepared too?

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      1. I can tell you this for a fact:

        Two days ago I heard a series of tremendous booms south of the Pima reservation, most likely near Mesa Arizona or East Southeast of there. I’ve heard booms before, but these were truly epic. I was actually looking for mushroom clouds or other signs of a detonation. But nothing on the news at all.

        Superstition mountains over that way, maybe they are building an underground something or other.

        Very strange indeed.

        • It’s probably the result of natural phenomena. You should suspect that before you suspect anything else. Superstitious explanations will all turn out to be untrue. And the government can’t dig tunnels all over North America without everyone knowing it. They can’t dig tunnels all over North America, period. Always think first that there is a reasonable explanation, because that will always turn out to be the case. Just because we don’t know the cause, that doesn’t mean the cause is religious, or government, or the devil, etc. These phenomena have reasonable explanations. We just don’t know what they are. It’s not complicated.

          • Really? Explain the underground bunker that’s rumored to be under the Denver City Airport then. It IS possible and I think they ARE building them. Or maybe its more of your “fracking” that’s destroying everything and making these booms.

            • DMONIC, the underground facilities at Denver airport were built at the time of original construction and that is why it took so incredibly long to build it. There are tunnels that connect to those facilities as well.

              I am not 100% convinced these facilities are built only by our government, there ma be other forces at work as well.


            • I have witnessed fracking operations first hand and I can guarantee you that fracking does not cause earthquakes, volcanoes,loud noises or explosions. Don’t believe all of the stupid nonsense put out by the idiot liberals.

          • rrrr, actually our government has been building massive tunnel systems for decades, that is nothing new at all. Too bad you cannot ask Phil, because they killed him a long time ago. I did speak with him numerous times and that is why I know what I know and realize most of what is out there at the prepper sites is junk. Phil , like Assange was and still is a hero ! If you do not know who Phil is I will not tell you.I have very valid reasons for taking that position.

            And be sure to listen to Selco and buy Tess’s book. Those sources will surely get you the straight skinny !

          • They already have tunnels,,, ALL OVER the WORLD, under the oceans,, do just a little “RESEARCH”,, Almost Every military base in America is connected by underground tunnels. There is a Canadian military base north of Wash/Mont border somewhere around Calgary, connected to bases in America. Research PEOPLE !!!

        • They’ve been building tunnel cities for years. mount weather

      2. Its the end of America as we know it……oh look, a squirrel…

      3. With the amount of booms reported, I would guess that it is blasting for tunnels.
        They’re not the ones paying for it, like so many other things so I wouldn’t put it past them, especially when 21+ Trillion has gone missing from HUD and DOD over the last 15 years (See Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Mark Skidmore) amongst a trail of other things.

        • boyo, the tunnels are NOT blasted, they are melted in place with a nuclear tunneling device. These devices have been round since the 70s and greatly improved over the years. Of course they are hidden from the public, like everything else.

          • It’s called the Subterranean, and can melt a hole at rate of 7 miles per hour. Once the hole is completed the tunnelling machine cuts a side vent and parks itself remaining underground.

      4. Does anybody remember the old Heavy Metal Magazine of the 70s and 80’s. Isnt it odd that our society is panning out exactly like the long running stories they had in it? The grubby starving masses that all look like todays grotesque feminist crowd in all their freakdom, and the rest of the people the corpulent vile amoral fat pigs of excess and the weird useless pointless technology they always featured that was lauded to be beneficial to someone but all seemed hellbent on killing people instead.

        Just wondering how that bizarre world actually came to be in real life. Surreal actually. Just go to a Starbucks or Target story or Walmart..Its all blatantly in your face EXACTLY as if it came to life and stepped off the pages.

        • The same can be said for a great deal of Philip K Dicks’novels and short stories.

      5. New toll lanes….hope they have a passing lane.

      6. There will be NO PLACE ON EARTH to hide for the most vile, most evil, most disgusting, most murderous, most genocidal government in the history of the human race when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns. If you support the criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government in ANY WAY-You are the lowest form of human life to ever live, and you will get to spend eternity burning in hell right beside your United States CORPORATION Government Gods!!!!

        • Tell your congressmen.

      7. This is all really strange , but if it were tunnels , wouldnt somebody have to work in there ?
        With as much labor that would be involved , it would be really hard to keep it all a secret .

        • Well theres that,
          And then, what are they doing with all the material that is coming out of these supposed tunnels? Those boring machines have a conveyor system to move the waste material out of the way, that stuff doesnt just disappear

          • As they tunnel they run into and near cave large cave systems they fill in the caves with the extra material, nothing comes to the surface.

        • Your talking about Americas current secret project that would be like the builders of area 51 saying something or any other top secret facility that we’ve heard about but only after its been built and used for a while.

        • Do you live in a vacuum? There are plenty of people who will work and keep their mouths shut if the pay is good enough. Look how many are in the FBI and CIA that said NOTHING with all of the corruption going on, not to mention all of the politicians and other government workers who say NOTHING – but even when one of them says something, the first thing that idiots like you say is “conspiracy theory”, “tin-foil hat”, “do you believe everything on the internet?”…… or maybe the talkers are visited by the FBI and either warned or disappear. How many trillions of dollars have been STOLEN by government and yet no one in government is saying anything – instead they simply stay quiet and let “the rumor” go away. Besides that, anyone in the military or a corporate business knows that everything is compartmentalized – it is not necessary for people to know more than they need to know!

          • Good point. There aren’t too many people out there who no longer doubt the deep state is real. Just think of the millions (tens of millions?) who’ve known about it all this time, and said nothing.

        • The big secret argument is suspect. Think Skunk Works and all the stuff carried out there – in great secrecy.

        • hammerhead, many of the people who worked on these projects or knew about them have simply disappeared off the face of the planet ! Some were simply out right murdered. The majority here are quite clueless about the illusions they all live under.

          It is all far worse than most of you realize. That is why I do what I do. I am always ready to fight to the death and that is what keeps me alive and well !

      8. If they are , they wont be for us

      9. i have a friend that used to build missile silos for our gubmint. he had a new process maybe 35 or 40 years ago, where he bored those holes instead of bulldozing a huge hole, building the silo, then filling it all back in around the silo. he got rich, and the gubmint saved time and money….anyways, after hearing all those stories about tunnels all over america between major cities, i asked him if we had any technology that would excavate that much, that fast, to allow U.S. to build such tunnels?… way, was his answer….and that was just a couple years ago. i tend to agree, we don’t have the technology to dig miles of tunnels a day. can anybody point us toward that technology actually being here? feet per day, that’s how they measure the progress of the machinery we have today, as far as i know.

        • buttcrackofdoom, your friend is very uninformed !

          Also all vertical excavation is 100% dependent on soil conditions at every site. They are very different per geology, water table etc. There is no technique that covers all circumstances for this reason. Silo holes are in fact not incredibly deep holes. Tunneling thru rock is much deeper and much more stable.

          I think your friend is talking crap, because I did this for 40 years for the largest companies on the planet ! CH2MHill, Lockheed Martin, DOD, Army Corp and others!

          And be sure to buy Tess’s book and listen to Selco ! I would simply ask, why do you think I have the body of a fit 25 year old and can kick most of their asses easily, at 70 years old ? There is a very simple reason for this and it is not any BS sales hype. That should be beyond obvious.HA HA HA ! Yes I am laughing and enjoying it daily.

          • what is the name of Tess”s book thanks

      10. I’ve heard 3 large explotions within a 5 second period in Oregon, the explosions sounded like they were under ground. I was on my concrete patio and heard 3 large explosions that I could feel in my feet but the noise didn’t come from the distance they came from below, my chickens were going crazy sprinting towards their chicken coop which was very strange their very used to loud noises like gun shots, very loud power tools and equipment. Dont have a clue what it was just figured I’d mention it. (Supposedly theirs an under ground government facility near by on Columbia river that is where unmanned nuclear powered submarines are built and deployed) lots of locals have seen the subs while boating and fishing on the Columbia river.

        • Maybe those noises in Oregon are the rumblings of the super volcano at Yellowstone, getting ready to kick loose and cause us to have a “nuclear winter”. Who knows for sure.

      11. In the early 1970’s there was a patent filed for a tunnel machine that used lasers and pressure it would melt the rock and press it along the walls of the tunnel which would compress a large part of the material making a much harder (shell) coating, the tunnel making it even stronger to prevent collapse. The amount of distance they could cover I dont know but i know it is much faster and better quality then the tunnel machines we use for road way tunnels.

        • Ore-gun, very close explanation, but not quite right. Those machines are very real and have been greatly improved over the years.

        • check out the Robbins Corp. they build the equipment.

      12. “Nobody told me there’d be days like these, strange days indeed. Most peculiar mama.. roll.”

      13. Now who’s fnding these tunnels equipped with every convenience to survive an amageddon??
        Oh, how about searching for that 21 TRILLION missing from the defense fund???!!!???

      14. Anybody ever think that maybe the good patriots of the military (retired or current) might be blowing up current tunnels so the elite don’t have anywhere to hide.some reports are out there on this.

      15. As far as what to do with all that material from digging the tunnles? Simple you just start the great American interstrucure rebuilding program cus all across America everyone is getting new roads,interstates,overpasses,bridges ect ect we got the main street usa refurbishment in every tiny to giant town and city. Also accounts for the cost to dig them tunnles.

      16. Maybe this is just a sound weapon? The sound weapon used in Cuba, and China, and soon in Russia was Sound Weapon 1.0. These explosions and horn sounds and flashes of light is Sound Weapon 2.0.

        These explosions and bright flashes are now being investigated by the FBI. How much you want to believe they come back and say something like this.

        FBI: “What sounds? What lights? We didn’t see anything. We didn’t hear anything. You must be imagining things.”

        A Hapless, Ignorant Public: “But there were explosions. Here. We recorded them.”

        FBI: “A recording? What recording? We don’t hear anything. You sure your cheap Best Buy digital recorder is working? We used state-of-art gear and recorded nothing.”

        A Hapless, Ignorant, Hillbilly Public: “But what about the bright flashes. Here. We recorded those. See?”

        FBI: “When did you record those lights? There was a thunderstorm that night. Of course there is going to be thunder and lightning. Geez. I don’t even know why we are listening to this crap.”

        A Hapless, Ignorant, Hillbilly, Unemployed, Unemployable, poverty stricken Public: “Sigh.”

        • Wonder if HARP could cause or something like harp

      17. Dulce Files, project blue book, nasa boring machine

        • Distantgi , all of those things are interconnected for sure ! I wish I could spell it out, but I cannot for valid reasons. But I can leave a crumb trail for the few thinkers in this world. As well I do not have every answer or detail or I would have been dead long ago. I have had many near death experiences, far more than anybody any of you likely know of and there is a reason for that and my incredible health, fitness and mental clarity at 70. I am in fact actually a much younger man and there is a valid reason for that as well ! As long s you stay entrenched in the illusions you are spoon fed, you are doomed and easily controlled !

      18. Don’t worry, I farted. Damn MRE’s.

      19. Does anyone actually believe that you would be able to hide something like this from the Russians & Chinese? They have a better sense of what the government is up to than Congress does. Maybe they’re trying to hide it from the taxpayers who would be likely to hide it in the event of catastrophe?

        • Brian, where do you think the many TRILLIONS of dollars have disappeared to ? Numerous black projects on this planet and off !

          Absolutely nothing is as people think it is. That is why TPTB create all the many illusions all of you live under ! And trust me, the illusions are many and most are clueless of them.

      20. All of those tunnels will connect to the tunnels under Antarctica.

      21. Two of my cousins live in Bucks County, Pa (Upper Black Eddy) and they said they’ve been awakened and startled during the night to these loud booms for the past week now. They said some of the booms shook the house a little like a minor earthquake would. They are not sure of the exact reason for the loud booms but think it’s due to underground tunneling.

      22. F Amazon,quiet down here by Tucson. Still beleive rrrr is correct. Lights have appeared in the sky just before major quakes,too.Scientists think the two phenomena are somehow related. Just gotta wait and see.

      23. Do you really think there will be a public service announcement telling you nukes are flying?
        AHAHAHAHAHA. Puh-leeze.

      24. Im not surprised!

      25. obviously if they are building tunnels they will have to dispose of the waste rock some way. In the past they have used things like housing projects as a cover using the waste rock as fill in rough terrrain or as fill for marina construction. That is the way to tell Look for moving of large amounts of fill rock. the source of the fill will be guarded heavily to keep the public out and from seeing the trucks couming out of the ground. In some cases they use earth movers right at the source of the waste rock. It has to go some where and it is in plain sight with a cover story The equipment operators are mind controlled to not remember anything about it

        • Moses:

          There is no need to dispose of ground and rock with the nuclear powered machine that bores through and leaves nothing but a rock solid tunnel. I left a post (it’s in the archives) with a lecture by now deceased James P. Wickstrom, Arcodeaus. He even provided pictures as proof. Amazing stuff.

          So, yes. TPTB have created networks of underground cities, transportation, and stockpiles of who knows what (I imagine everything from weapons to food, seed, etc.).


      26. The sky is not falling, chicken littles. Living near a military facility
        and an airport… I also was concerned when suddenly the hardwood
        floor under my feet felt as though something was coming up through
        the floor with such a loud boom that rattled the windows. It felt like a bomb
        exploded in the basement. My neighbor (an airline pilot) said
        sometimes the super sonic jets are flying too fast and too low
        making the sonic boom too close to the ground. He said the pilots
        are not supposed to fly that fast and low to prevent complaints from
        the “natives”. Occasionally when they are practicing wartime
        maneuvers they have to fly low.

        Didn’t help my heart, for sure… ? Last week when I heard
        7 or 8 jets fly over together…..I just smiled and said “I hope those are ours”….
        (Our dollars at work. Our guys keeping us safe???)

      27. We don’t have money to fix crumbling infrastructure or to build high-speed mag-lev trains between major cities but we build underground trains to save the lives of a lot of a*sholes? That only makes sense if you are one of the a*sholes!

      28. Don’t be stupid. This is natural phenomena. The same conditions that are causing global cooling and ushering in a mini ice age is what is causing these sounds and lights. Solar wind, cosmic rays, the radical change in our magnetic field and impending reversal (which is preceded by a tremendous weakening in the magnetic field)… all of this. Expect more earthquakes, potential increase in volcanic activity, and greater exposure to UV radiation.
        Thinking that the government is capable of building shit like this is worse than believing that humans are causing global warming (or cooling, or change, or whatever).

        • I concur. Join Facebook group ‘The Deagel Forum’ to find like minded friends.

      29. Oh, yeah. Meant to say that it’s the sun going to sleep that is the cause of this.. sorry not to be more clear in last post…

      30. “Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.”

        Revelation 6:15

        These tunnels are REAL.

      31. It’s the demonic realm coming into our reality

      32. Well guys, you better finish your discussions of these things pretty soon because Disgust is cracking down on freedom of speech. They make you sign an agreement that forfeits your free speech by labeling you as a potential terrorist if you try to tell the truth about most anything.

      33. Some say this is planet Niburu fragments hitting the earth for its soon arrival.

      34. Yes, the government is going to help us. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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