Howard Dean Demonstrates the Propaganda of Polls

by | Jan 22, 2010 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Howard Dean, former presidential front runner and the man who is probably most well known for coining the term “yeeeeaaahhhh,” shows us how to take the Scott Brown win, and by waving his magic poll wand, turn it into a win for health care.

    “Yesterday, the problem was the people wanted more. We did a poll, Democracy for America did a poll. 18% of the people who voted for Scott Brown voted for Barrack Obama. Of those 18% three out of five wanted a public option. They thought they didn’t go far enough. Of the Obama voters that we polled that stayed home, 80% wanted a public option.”

    So three out of five Obama voters for Scott Brown, who was , by the way, opposed to health care and the public option, voted against Martha Coakley, who supported the public option, because they wanted more from health care, and Brown would be able to deliver that?

    It’s probably good this guy didn’t win the presidency.

    Chris Matthews probably had the most appropriate response to Mr. Dean’s post-election assessment: “That’s crazy!”

    Hat tip Rick Blaine

    Interview with Chris Matthews and Howard Dean:


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      1. Dean is a MORON! He has GOT to get out more. I get the feeling that he and Pelousi and Reid talk only to each other all day long!

      2. I can not believe that schmuck cris mathews said something that I agree with!

      3. +1 to both Zukadu and Kevin.

        I’m curious to see how the relatively “liberal” media outlets will respond to this election, and to Obama’s approval numbers IF they continue to fall.  IF…

        IF his numbers do continue to fall, at some point “they” will turn on the President like a pack of rabid dogs.

        This MAY be starting to happen already.  This is the first time since the Obama won the election that I’ve seen Matthews even remotely suggest that Team Obama’s policies were out of touch with the will of the people (though I admit that I don’t watch him much – so I could be wrong there)…and this was in Massachusetts for Pete’s sake.

      4. Dean…What an idiot.

      5. Watch Chris Mathews? I only watch him to get a good laugh. The same way I listen to  Nutty Pelosi and Harry gReid. They are so incredibly, transparently insincere. I still consider them a political freak show. My wife suggests that Nutty (Pelosi) and Nuttier (Dean) should pair up for some kind of politcal partnership. The dishonest liberal media could then *ONLY* cover their antics and not have time to bow to The Obama. Hehehehe. I crack myself up! …with their help, of course.

      6. H Dean must have gotten the mirror idea by looking into it
        himself !  To me he is the typical democrat with a parasite
        mentality and loud mouth

      7. H Dean sounds like the  DEAN  of all hypocritical politicians

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