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Mac Slavo

Naturally, in an environment like this, we can’t expect Ben Bernanke or President Obama to admit that they made a mistake, or that they intend to take steps to strengthen the dollar. In this global pissing contest, the last thing Earth Idol Barack Obama wants to do is lose face.

Mac Slavo

The recent price rises in gold, possibility of more quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, collapsing home prices and uncertainty about the future of the US dollar have sparked much debate about what steps to take in order to achieve maximum preservation of wealth and ensure that you are holding on to the right assets if the SHTF.

Mac Slavo

Peak oil activist, author and documentarian Michael Ruppert discusses a variety of topics including our dependence on oil, what happens when the oil runs out, the real possibility of collapse, government’s role, and the human population bubble.


I knew it was going to be pretty bad…but I think I found it to be considerably worse than I was expecting.


Say ten people are stranded on an island, and they know that they are going to be stuck there for quite some time. So, they try to start their own little civilization. They divide the work that has to be done to survive into say ten categories or jobs: gathering food/hunting, building shelter, making clothes, etc., etc.

What happens if at some point one or more of the people are not able to perform, or “underperform,” their task…for whatever reason (physical impairment, laziness, etc.)?


When the market (and everything else) crashed, Goldman Sachs (and other institutions) had at that point a bunch of money (e.g., from taxpayers) that they used to buy “stuff” (like stock, commodities?, etc.). I THINK that their buying of all that stuff, along with purchases of other institutions, is AT LEAST a part of the reason why the market has been driven up over the last nine months.


This morning I realized just how strange the current state of the little shopping center near my house is.

Rick Blaine

For the novice prepper, Rick Blaine discusses the best home defense weapons including shotguns, rifles and handguns. Includes basic home defense ideas and safety measures.

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