How To Survive Occupied America: “We Will Eventually Face a Totalitarian Dictatorship”

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at

    occupied-america2 occupied-america

    This is the follow-up article for The 6 Rules for Survival, and the “kickoff” article for a two-part series.  

    I was born free, and I will die free, in whatever manner comes about.  In life, sometimes we have to take chances, and keep this in mind:all of us (whether readers or authors) will eventually be labeled as “undesirables” given time.

    No matter!  You need the information, and that is where this website comes in.  I take the liberty to take a moment to speak a word of praise for my editor, boss, and owner of this site (Ready Nutrition), Miss Tess Pennington, a fantastic woman not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.  She took a stand by creating such a venue where you, the Readers can come and glean valuable information that can enable you to thrive in challenging times and make a difference.  She created this site where you can comment and give your valued input.  You, too, can take a stand if you wish to make it so.  This article from me to you is part of my stand.

    The other part will come just as the situation that births it…as a thief without warning and a meteorite on its course to impact…suddenly it will be time to take all of the lessons learned, all of your training, and go into action.  “Execute!” as the command was given in the service.

    I give you my heart, Readers, my fellow countrymen: we will eventually face a totalitarian dictatorship cracking the whip of slavery on the pretext of martial law, and/or a foreign invader on our shores.  Just as in the movie with Mel Gibson “The Patriot,” these will be battles not fought in distant lands, but here…in our homes, in our towns.  There are two keys to your victory to survive, and guess what?  Our survival as a nation is dependent upon your survival…as an individual!

    To Survive, You Must Possess Two Qualities

    There are two keys: resolve, and patience.  Remember the last article?  I mentioned the 6 rules to survival, and if you have already read it, I encourage you to refresh yourself on them continuously.  Remember what I led the list off with:

    You must do things that others do not do, and you must not do what others do.

    There will be times to run and hide.  There will also be times you will have to stand and fight.  I highly encourage all of you to develop teams and train accordingly.  Link up with your veterans and learn how to form cohesive teams and basic tactics.  Let’s go over some situational basics, and cover resolve.

    1. Your house has just gone up in flames and your parents were rounded up and stuffed into a panel van. You’re a 20-year-old college student, and you’re now alone.
    2. The knocks at the door at 3:00 am “morphed” into a battering ram, and your front door just went down, Dad. Your wife and two kids are up, and it appears there’s no one at the back door…crossing the lawn will take you right into the woods.
    3. The “peacekeepers” are combing your office building on the bottom floors…your office is on the fifth floor. You’re a young medical transcriptionist, a pretty, 25-year-old girl, and as you watch from your office window, many of your coworkers are being led away from the building at gunpoint by the peacekeepers…led away in handcuffs to the waiting unmarked panel vans and trucks.

    What do all of these people have in common?  They are “us,” American citizens, that are faced with a sudden life-changing (and if not wise, life-ending) event: a totalitarian dictatorship in its inception, followed by round-ups of “dissident” citizenry.

    The Importance of Resolve

    Resolve: firmness of purpose; determination; decisiveness.

    You must find the resolve to act and take a personal stand…to not go gently into that good night!  With each of these scenarios, now is the time.  The college student needs to escape and evade the roundup.  The Dad needs to take decisive action…cut his losses if he’s not prepared to fight the home invasion…and take his family out into the woods…with nothing but their lives, if necessary.  The young lady needs to find a way to go to the stairs…or a utility elevator…and go, at the moment.

     You also need resolve to continue your fight and/or flight in relation to these oppressors.

    Resolve will keep you going…that grim determination that enables you to do one more repetition on the bench press…run that last lap as fast as you can…study the chapter one more time before the exam tomorrow…carry your wounded buddy when you’re exhausted just one more step, and then just one more, and one more…

    Resolve.  You can forge that resolve in your mind now.  It is better to do it now than when the actual situation arises.

    You’ll need everything…everything you’ve ever learned, every skill you’ve ever developed, every little piece of knowledge and training that you have amassed throughout your lifetime.  You must resolve yourself to use them, to employ them.  You must resolve yourself to hide from oppressors…to live in the woods and in the hills…to forego all creature comforts and those basics (such as running water, heat, and electricity) we take for granted.  You must have the resolve to stay free and to help others to stay free.

    Patience is a Virtue

    Next, you must have patience.  When it occurs, it is not the same as a hurricane…over in a day, with the effects unbearable for days and perhaps months to clean up. You will face a situation that may last for years, or for an even longer, indefinite period of time.

    Study to show yourself approved, a workman worthy of his craft.  Where should you study?  In your library.  If you want a good source to show you both patience and resolve being practiced in this context, you must research works such as the personal experiences of civilians and soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  The Founding Fathers endured years of privation and deprivation, and the majority of them lost everything they owned, many losing their lives, in the pursuit of freedom.

    Can we aspire to less?  You must have the patience to endure years in such a setting.  These two keys are the basics that you need to be able to start making your stand.  You must have both of them.  There are times you will have to put on a burst of speed, as a sprinter in this struggle, and there are times you must be the same as a marathon runner, running the distance on a long race where (at the outset) there is no visible finish line.  We are halfway through this race, Readers, and Part 2 will be coming shortly to bring you to the finish line of this series.  Until then, do the best that you can in all things, and stay safe.  JJ out!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

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      1. Scary thought, is it not?

        It is a shame we have no one truely qualified to run this country.

        I know, dreaming again…

        • JJ, great article.

          I question where this nation is going all the time.
          And we ARE on the front lines, trying to get thru life.
          What could be accomplished if we did not have to wade thru this mess…

          Eyes open, no fear…

          • patience, in time the grass becomes milk 🙂

          • Dear Eppe,

            Thanks for the Kudos. These are uncertain times; one thing we can be certain on, though, is that we (Americans) are what America is all about.

            Merry Christmas, and may you and your family be safe, healthy, and happy…and hold onto that happiness in the midst of all of this.

            Respectfully Yours,


        • You must also have your weapons and ammo, spare parts, etc… now, not later. Killing traitors and scumbag UN troops should be viewed as something positive.

          • Caucasian, spot on. I have mine and still stacking. I won’t have any problem pulling the trigger on my enemies.

          • Well said, I am ready to defend my family and my country!!

            • if anyone was going to defend their family and their country it should have been done long before now, it should have been done by our military who swore and oath to this country and the constitution, it should have been done by our law enforcement, both have failed in securing what this country claims to have stood for. I have heard militia brag about what they were going to do, none of them have done a damn thing to save this country, everyone has stood by quietly and allowed a greedy bunch of criminals to rob it blind and destroy it with forced immigration, crooked and rigged stock markets, among other corruption. When i was growing up i never dreamed that what has happened to this country and the so called leaders have done to it would make me this sick to my guts of a political and so called legal system. It is disgusting and should be criminal what the leadership has done to this country but in the end idiot americans have allowed and voted for it all, the only thing most have left now is a death wish to avoid what is happening in europe and the middle east when it comes here and it will, your guns wont save you now, it just shows what a bigger fool you are to even think it. You should have arrested people and tried them for treason when you could have, now you are completely helpless waiting on death. Karma is a bitch, but its just.

              • Well you are partly correct about military and police. The members of this republic had a responsibility too, the lions share. We have failed in our duties as a citizen of this once great republic. Further, throughout history you will find similar steps to tyranny. There is a pattern that humans follow, they forget history, the ones that remember do not Te don’t tell enough other people.

              • What have YOU done? We’re all a part of the equation.

              • couldn’ta’ said it better myself, charlie!

          • Priorities…. Those are good ones.

          • Pretty sure it won`t be UN troops. It will be *our* own police and troops.
            You didn`t see them at Boston or anywhere else that there could have been an excuse.
            There are however, UN *observers* at our major elections. Google it up, it doesn’t take too long to find where they observe..

        • #1. RECOGNITION

          If we don’t even recognize our enemies and the enemies of The Bill of Rights are, then we might as well resolve to have the patience to just watch our rights slowly but deliberately being taken away and destroyed. In the first example the 20yr old college student will most likely have been the one to have called the police on the parents for whipping their dog or having unpasteurized milk or some crap. But in my opinion “The Revolution” will not happen like everyone wants to fantasize, and it will not be televised. I just read an interesting and blood pressure raising article before this one. And this is how it will/has/IS happen.

          ht tp://

          I don’t believe they are stupid enough to show their cards too fast and too soon. It will only serve to galvanize a resistance. They will just continue to cleverly chip away and reinterpret The Bill of Rights. It is all done for our own good. And Aside from the good Lord himself coming down and recruiting his own armed resistance, I fear it may already be too late. I do actually hope they play their hand soon, but I’m sure they will be patient. Because they know that none of us keyboard Rambo’s are going to do any fighting over their small steps and common sense reforms and so on and so on. And they know the next generation will gladly surrender all their rights and happily live in a big gov’t surveillance police state. This is because they have never been educated on what God given rights/human rights really are and what it means. These evil bastards know exactly what they are doing, and many of us know as well. Unfortunately I believe we have become too fluoridated or just too soft and complacent to take the fight too them, and recognize that it has already started whether we wanted it too or not.

          • It does look hopeless, but God can do anything.

            • Caucasian, as long as I’m alive, physically capable, and have the right equipment and will to fight, I have hope. I refuse to give up regardless of the odds.

              • Fighting is not the only way to push back against the rising tide of crap. Some will fight, others will shelter and feed us and yet others will be pressed to treat the sick and wounded and some will simply be disinformation agents – setting up ambushes and/or create time and space.

                • exactly

            • Amen to that Caucasion…A loud Amen!!!

        • News flash , we are already facing a totalitarian government daily ! Wake up man.

      2. I was born free, and I will die free

        I am not going to die for my freedom. I am going to make the other poor bastard die for my freedom.

        • Amen! Let them die for their liberal, delusional ideas and we will remain free.

        • John,excellent comment!

      3. I think the weakness of the Congress is not just undesirable, but is actually a dangerous thing for America.
        Ben Sasse on Executive Unilateralism

        How long will this Nebraska senator last??

      4. If you go head to head with troops or police then you will loose, badly. They will probably just drop a bomb on your house.

        So, you have to fight a guerrilla war, partisan, or french resistance.

        Here is a thought about a homemade item you made need for a resistance like that:

        How to make Thermite

        The first thing you’ll need is aluminum powder, you can buy this from Amazon. You can make aluminum powder by grinding up soda cans and other aluminum items, but that could cause impurities in your mixture.

        Now you need rust or iron oxide, you can buy this on Amazon or at any hardware store in the paint department. You can make iron oxide post-disaster by putting steel wool in a jar in water and covering it with more wool. Use a magnet to prevent the steel wool from floating to the surface. Now, add 5 tbsp of bleach and 5 tbsp vinegar. A day later place the steel wool paste in a coffee filter and let stand for eight hours. This is iron oxide.

        The fundamental mixture ratio for thermite is 3 parts iron oxide 2 parts aluminum powder. Mix your 3:2 with 2 parts plaster of paris. Mix the three composite materials thoroughly. A well mixed composite will have uniform coloring. Add just over the amount of water required for the plaster of paris and mix thoroughly.

        Once mixed you have a little less than ten minutes to pour your liquid thermite into the canister. Before pouring the mixture line canister with magnesium ribbon. You can also use thermite igniter fuses. Now fill the canister with the thermite. Set the canister in a safe place and allow time for the composite to harden. Larger canisters take a longer time to harden.

        Additional thermite method: Another improvised method for thermite development with a low incendiary yield would be an 8:3 thermite mixture kneaded with 4 parts clay, and with a magnesium ribbon for ignition.

      5. ht tps://
        Ben Sasse on Executive Unilateralism

        How long will this Nebraska senator last??

        As always, remove the space for a motivational, inspiring video from a young congressman that hasn’t taken a bribe from a lobbyist………yet! 🙁

      6. Death is inevitable. Don’t forget your real prep – the Bible. Read it. Know God and make Him known. Merry Christmas all!

        • JJ, another great article. My sentiments exactly. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

          • Dear BH ’76,

            Thank you for the comment, and that last sentence is so spot on. I wish I was there to “bust suds” and make a toast with you.

            Instead I’ll toast to you: keep up the good fight, and thank you for all of your input.

            May God protect and bless you and your family in all things, and may your holidays this Christmas bring togetherness and happiness for all of you.

            Always Respectfully Yours,


        • I worry about drones and just how deeply indoctrinated are the controllers of those drones?? 🙁



      8. When in danger.
        When in doubt.
        Run in circles.
        Scream and shout.

        I do not have the speed and agility I once had long ago. I do have the skills and a plan. Resolve and patience must be combined with endurance. Hunting and Camping in hot and cold climates. Being wet and miserable. Blisters and rashes that torment. Being able to stop and listen then identify what you heard. You will be surprised by your heighten sense of smell and hearing when frightened. The smell of rain or snow. Of flowers and trees. The smell of fresh dirt. Transform that the Human body order and wild animals, (Pigs, skunks). Lots can not be learned by reading books. You have to experience it.

        So when it begins and you survive it. Learn from it. Remember it. Share your information with others. Many will perish because they will not even know what is happening to them. Even as they see it happening to others.

          • TheGuy


          • Were those a couple of trolls on the tracks?

        • Sling, tomorrow I’m headed to the BOL for the holidays. I’ll be brushing up on my survival skills. Not a bad time for doing so. There’s also a private range there so some target practice is also on the agenda.

          • Braveheart1776

            Have a safe trip. I guess I will continue imprinting my indelible body features into my favorite lounge chair.

            Merry Christmas.

        • Dear Slingshot,

          Every word in your comment is so true. Basics are what we build off of, and those fundamentals will all see us through.

          I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and may God keep you and all your loved ones in these trying times. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.



      9. Great articleJ.J this same mind set got me through Ranger training only I did not think of it in the terms you outlined. We are in the soft war and we need software as well as hardware. Software is training and knowledge that will come in handy in the future. Get training now in small unit tactics, take first aid classes, become a ham operator set up AMRRON nets now, learn how to can food, learn how to cache food, buy books because they do not require batteries, link up w infantry vets in your neck of the woods no matter which war they fought in. These vets are a wealth depository of knowledge. Think low tech instead of high tech our enemies will depend on their hi tech that requires a huge logistical chain. Encourage seniors to be the the auxiliary underground now you will need a place to sleep and a warm meal from time to time. Do the aforementioned now in the soft war, we are running out of time. Merry Christmas and keep your powder dry.

        • Dear Phenois option,

          Thank you so much for your comment; it means much to me. The soft war you described is very real, and the low-tech (Kentucky windage and iron sights with basic fundamentals of marksmanship) are the primary technologies we will need when it all goes down.

          The things you advised are both spot-on and practical: a 9-paragraph op order is nice if you have the time, but as you know a frago will do just as well. The best plan is based on the resolve to adapt to changing situations and conditions. I don’t know if you read it, but “The Tunnels of Cu Chi” showed the adaptability and tenacity of the VC against our guys in Vietnam.

          We need to once more become a people that do thing “off the cusp” and “by the seat of our pants” if we are to face what is coming. The “can-do” spirit is within your words.

          I’d be honored to cut sector stakes next to you. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas, and may God bless all of you in everything you do.

          With Warmest Regards,


      10. Why do I hear this article narrated in Morgan Freeman’s voice in my head?


        • Dear TheGuy,

          You’re not alone! I think I heard him a little when I wrote it! Shame such a good speaking voice is attached to him!

          Merry Christmas to you and your family, and may you have a coming year with health and happiness.



      11. WHEN IS; ENOUGH-ENOUGH,HOW MANY LINES IN THE SAND ARE THEY!!!!!! By not doing anything now we deserve everything that is coming our way.

      12. This is what cities look like after war.

        Jeremiah Johnson is right, period.

        The current situation we are facing is real.

        After the russians and chinese get done doing that to our counntry, then the phuckers are going to invade on the ground. You ever seen what chinese soldiers to chinese women in china. What will they do once they come here? Take women and girls to safe areas to protect from the men. Keep dreaming ladies, its not looking good. I AM 1,000,0000% CORRECT IN MY ACCESMENT AND WHAT THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS.

        Take a look at this link since, women keep coming on here questioning my prepper formulas authenticity from a scientist, who heard it from the horses mouth. Alot you you pretty younger women will learn some really horrific lessons during this take over that Mr Jeremiah Johnson has outlined, and alot worst. Damacus is a total phucking ruin right now and its going to be worst now that civil war just broke our in Turkey, with the Kurdish oposition leader visiting Russia to ask Putin in invade, and take out the leadership of the muslim jihadist dictator, who calls for Death to Christians, and jews.

        That prepper formula shows how, we as preppers may not be into the remainding last 3-5,000,000 survivalist. When i say survival, i am not talking about running to your BOL, thinking that foreign soldiers wont be coming out there for your wife, sister and daughters, thinking that you are safe. Shtf survival is long term as in 20 years. It’s a fact that preppers will attack other preppers because they know that preppers have supplies and may have women back at the Breakaway colony. So women are a commodity that will be hunted desperate single men.

        Steve Quayle has warned many times about the robot Terminator programs designed and run by AI” artificial intellegince” that will controll all satilites, and drones, to hunt down survivors while the ruling elite in under ground running AI, and its extinction level protocol. The enemy is the human race. Did the Pope not say, that to Christmas that may be our last and that its the last for Humanity. Wtf did the ceaser piece of sh…t really mean by that. You see i know exactly what he means. See They are so confident on the kill ratio, that they have already posted that 250,000,000 Americans are no londer around, where did they go? Where, come ladies, tell HCKS, where the people are by 2020, in Just 5 years. You see, i am a constructive thinker, and i dont live my life with my head up my ass, for a better term, have sh..t for brains. It means that what ever the united nations muslims and that ceaser”pope” has planned is a very bad, bad, bad, bad, horrific, thing that is going to guarantee that those numbers are reached.

        You see folks, humanity is the churches enemy, and the enemy of the reptilians extra terrestrials, who are here to use our blood, and to farm our DNA.. In 20 years with a changed environment, crop failure, your living on the surface our in the middle of nowwhere. You have a water supply? Do you or do you not have one, as who is say, that you and your group will not be spotted by satilites in orbit monitoring you move and uploading your location to the drones who will then lead the soldiers to the women and children. I am afraid, that i am right about only 5,000 women remainding in the United States, that are healty and still alive in the next 3 years not to mention, the next 20 years. Sorry ladies, your not into the survivalist end game. You become extinct just like what that govenement told the insider that told my friend.

        This is not debatable of argumentative, its just a sickiening fact, and i have had to accept that fact.

        Staying clear for areas with lost of women and children is better for the long term prepper. Because that where the soldiers are heading, because they need access to women and girls. I know how the bastards think, and i have talked to many soldiers and they totally agree with my accesment for the long term, that womens survival based on what they have witness in war, that if and end game planetwide calapse commensed, that women will become totally extinct if they are living on the surface.

        Women prepper groups that are reading my post, the stats are real, keep prepping and dont give up, plan, and plan to survive. If your not with brutal viscious aggresssive fearless men, Red, Necks Veterans, former or current combat soldiers, then your going to get mass raped and murdered by russian, jihadist and worst of all chinese soldiers, they are worst the the jihadist, 10 times worst. 350,000 of these chinese soldier were brought in under the administration, 1,200,000 of them are in Mexico in the Sierra Madreas waiting on Z jing ping to call on the attack, and come into Texas. 65,000 Plus of these chinese soldiers are in Loredo Texas. Remeber the trucker who spotted them and the base that he was delivering food to. Plus with the backing up of Dr James Garrow, who informed us that literally 10’s of 1,000’s of those muslim jihadist are bring flown in by the thousands, and all the JH15 Equipment is in place just waiting for the russian, chinese, jihadist and other UN, Nato soldiers. So this means that a 2016 election will not be happening, as they prepare for all our civil and revolutionary war against the American people in 2017 all over the entire country. And women come on here to question the preppers suvivalist formuala..Dont insult my intelligence, i am not stupid. Women, keep prepping and keep and eye on your sorroundings, the type of men you live next to on your streets, your apartments, know the profile that you need to approach to get protection from them. You know the look, Red neck, Big chevy or F150, baird, Red neck apparell. These are the men that you need to be friend with and start dating and forming relationships with and quit waisting time with texting metro faggots in the city centers who live in High rise condomimums, that just talk sh…t stinking up the air with all the butt air, not making any damn sense to know that one disaster and not truck is coming to our city to deliver food. Laugh all you want, critisize me, if you think that talking to hundreds of black men, thugs, mexican and other nationals post calapse, you will learn in just 12-24 hrs the totally deep sh….t that your in, and guess what. YOUR NOT GOING TO SURVIVE IT, YOUR FINISHED, AND THIS IS JUST A FACT OF LIFE.

        So prep, make friends, form groups ladies of like minds and make sure that your survive it. I dont want a colony of a bunch of stinking dudes like myself all arond the frickin place. It would be great have women around. I post what i know to help women prepare for the worst, yet i am getting critisized that telling the truth make s me have problems with women. Ok, then dont listen and keep up the same routine. More power to you.

        Women who try to date me needs to know my career and whats my financial status. This is how uninformed and stupid women are i 2015. When 2016 arrives, 4 years are now left to meet’s 250,000,000 kill off in America. The clock is ticking, and yes it getting ready to get really bad, bad, bad, and really bad. You saw it, the pope said it. What does it all mean. ?


        I am not going to debate on this again for the reminder of this thread.

        • HCKS, damn good post. Tomorrow I’m heading to the BOL for the holidays. Gonna have me some fun.

        • I thought those were pictures of Detroit at first.

        • I tried to go to that deagle website, but there is nothing but a splash screen for a webhosting company based in NC. Even going to the Wayback Machine at archive (dot) org and choosing a version years old gives the same result.

          I know there used to be other content at that domain, but I can’t get to any of it.

          • ditto

        • The only way Russians or Chinese would do anything to our country IS IF WE PUSH THEM TOO FAR. The exceptionalists in our government must be restrained. Lay the blame where it rightfully belongs.

          • Dear Sixpack,

            Absolutely, you are 100% correct. The US and its sociopathic allies have been pushing those two countries for a long time…and hard.

            I really think that if we pushed them that far, they could beat us…just a chance. I have the utmost respect for them; they’re “harder than woodpecker lips.”

            Merry Christmas, and may God bring you and your family health, success, and happiness in all that you do, and always. I wish I could take a drink with you; since I can’t, I’ll drink one to you, Sixpack.

            With Warmest Regards,


        • Dear HCKS,

          I thank you for your compliments; I am honored by your words. The way that you analyze things is so intense and far-reaching that it defies words to comment upon. You see the “big picture,” and the things that many miss. The technology they will inflict upon us is barely imaginable; and yet, even that will end up going beyond what they intended for it.

          The clock is ticking, and we do need to accomplish all that you suggested…the team training, and the preparations as best we can before that clock strikes midnight.

          Health, happiness, and togetherness, I wish for you and your family, and a Merry Christmas.

          With Warmth and Respect,


        • Another reason to stay off Facebook, Twitter and all the others.

          • What’s a Facebook?? 🙂

            • It’s that thing you use for disinformation and alternate identities when you need to mislead someone. Works well with public wifi and MAC address spoofing provided you set up a profile that jives with the location you’re using.

              Er…. I mean…. it’s where you post cat videos…

        • TheGuy, thanks for that link. all the tyrants can take that mandatory crap and shove it.

      13. Not realy concerned about any of this, realy. What is there realy that I am so afraid of loosing?

        By God’s grace my eyes were open to follow the savior. He has everything under his control. He said do not worry for tomorrow and that is exactly what I will do, not worry.

        If I die I know I will awake in his presence. This life, this situation, this world, why hold on? This is all going to be gone.

        • Because when you sit down at the pearly gates, he’s going to ask you what you could have done to ease the suffering of those in need, and to end the work of evil while you were alive. Hopefully you have a better answer than “I assumed you had all this under control”

          • “Hopefully you have a better answer than “I assumed you had all this under control” an excellent response indeed ! I often tell people we have free will and that is the ability to think and then act accordingly to the highest and best intent. I see many so-called Christians hiding from taking any action and supposedly leaving it all up to God ? did King David do that ? and I am no run of the mill Christian you might see today ! Christianity today is greatly misguided and the current Bible is greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted by most !

      14. Thank God I live in the country and have 2 or 3 plans to get to the #1 BOL.

        Where I’m at now n with a little help survive just about anything. Prepps are ready.

        don’t mess with me and mine and we on’ kill you. SIMPLE!!!!


      15. Why on many of these websites is no one promoting the fighting arts? I see many comments about what kind of guns to have and stockpiling ammo but not one word about being able to defend yourself with hand to hand skills. Sure guns allow you to reach out and touch someone but there will come a time when all the bullet supplies dry up. Then what will you do? There are plenty of martial art practicioners that could teach you some valuable skills that could save your life. Sure keep the guns, it’s a good part of self defense but not the only thing you should be doing.
        2nd Dan Hapkido

      16. “We Will Eventually Face a Totalitarian Dictatorship”…WTF???????? Exactly what do you call the complete Corporatist Fascist Globalist takeover of our financial system, food supply, education, and our entire government???? The “eventually” has been here for a long time.

        • Dear Ron Ahrens,

          You are right. We are in a “soft” form of tyranny now. Eventually it will degenerate into the Gulag/FEMA camp form, as it incrementally creeps there now.

          There will be, I believe, a “tipping point,” such as an event or series of events that throws it into a full-blown barbed wire/machine guns Gulag for the whole world.

          Merry Christmas to you and your family, and may you have health and happiness in all of your endeavors.

          Respectfully Yours,


      17. Alls I want is to get a little trigger time in for those who are in need of it.

      18. Foreign invaders? I think not. Why do you think they are importing tens of thousands Mexican and Muslim military age males? Those people will line up to be the instrument of our demise.

      19. This article is a prime example of why one should cache some spare weapons, mags and ammo… Maybe at 2-3 locations. If you can escape with your life you will need something to fight back with….

      20. Fight for the greater cause. Instead of ME-ME-ME.That is what or founders did. They had Conviction and were willing to give their very lives for OUR FUTURE!!!! May GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!! AND may GOD help us all..!!!

        • Dear JJ,

          Spot on: I agree with every word.

          Merry Christmas, and may God be with you and your family in all things.



      21. A bit off subject,
        This article has been posted on freerepublic today. I’m banned from posting there( why, I do not know). Shtfplan comments are much more diverse, informative, and tolerant of differing views. Shtfplan you rock!

      22. That thermite will be banned eventually. I watched a guy on YouTube blow up a barn and there was nothing but pieces tooth pick sized everywhere. That’s some powerful shit. You need a rock tumbler to make it and foil works best and put some charcoal crushed in with it too to keep it from oxidizing. I’ve never made the stuff but there is info everywhere on how to make it. There is even other literature on making explosives for those interested. Thank god this info is free. It keeps tyrants in check.

        • Get it while you can. Even if you don’t need or intend to use it.

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Thermite is an incendiary, not an explosive. It will not blow things up. A rock tumbler is useless, you need to make the aluminum as fine as possible for maximum surface area, use a cheap coffee grinder. Charcoal will dampen the exothermic reaction and make your mixture useless.
          Are you spreading disinformation intentionally, or are you just repeating something you read/saw elsewhere..?

      23. 2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

      24. The bankers have you by the balls and it will stay that way untill enought people bite the hand of the farmer off.

        The USA is not so much Occupied but is controlled from Israel by its banks and corporations who bribe all the politicians and even have money left over to create ISIS


        • None of us gonna get out of this world alive anyway, so I choose to be prepared for eternity and to go out firing here when push comes to shove and it won’t be long. No one is going to announce on Fox News that the revolution has begun. Too late for that. No organization, no chain of command, no drilling. If a militia group meets it invites scrutiny. Better think it through and have a plan. What if all sleeper cells activate simultaneously at 3:00 a.m. On any given day. What is your plan when you are awakened?

      26. Read histories of the French resistance. The police were part of it and were sources of info and weapons. Read about the Philipine guerillas and the American indian wars. Most people will do nothing at all but there will be those who will fight an6 support the fighters it will be a peoples war. Grandma an6d little kids war. It you have the people you will win. Find your allies for SHTF and trust no on with everything. A polish POW in WWII jumped out of a hole in a box car unable to see where he would land He lived and survived the war in the resistance. Freedom was that important to him he risked it all on a turn of the cards The other officers ended in the Katyin Forest shot in the head b5y the Russians

      27. IF you expect the police will knock down the front door why not boob5y trap the door with a large bomb. I b5lieve the police with be allies in a civil war because at least the local police are your friends and family. But in the event of a Gestopo you can resolve the door k6cking it is such an obvious move I am surprised that it has not been done Mines are also good to slow down the bully boys

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