‘Hidden Agenda Within Intelligence Community Allowed Paris Attacks’ for a Police State With Grand Spy Powers

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 180 comments

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    Former U.S. intelligence linguist and national security veteran Scott Rickard accused American intelligence of looking the other way to enable the Hebdo Charlie terrorist attacks in Paris that dominated headlines and reopened international talks to combat terrorism with increased spy powers.

    Rickard, who claims to have worked under numerous operations including Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Security (COMSEC), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), charged that members of the intelligence community were aware of the attacks before hand, but did not reveal information that could have stopped them, in order to further a “hidden agenda.”

    That 3 minute interview can be viewed here.

    During an interview with Press TV, Rickard stated:

    “I think what we see here is an opportunity for intelligence communities to basically look the other way when targets like those are being active in scenarios [that] would benefit their agenda.”

    “I think that there is also a lot of individuals in the intelligence community that have a hidden agenda that allow these types of things to occur.

    Rickard’s statements follow those of former Treasury Dept. official Paul Craig Roberts, who said the story of the attacks “didn’t wash” and had elements of a false flag operation, as well as reports of links between the Paris events and the CIA.

    The motivation for allowing the attacks is clear enough – a renewed focus on counter terrorism and mass surveillance efforts. A shocked and outraged world is now prepared to yield more power to the state yet again, under yet another promise of safety and security.

    I think it’s more of a propaganda move, whether or not the actual individuals conducted it or not,” Rickard said.

    “Some people in the intelligence community  ‘allow’ these guys to commit or be accused of committing these types of activities in order to enable more military and more anti-terrorism activity and create a kind of scenario whereby global leaders are setting up photo-ops in Paris to make it look as if they are combining efforts.

    Scott Rickard, also a technologist and historian who has given TED talks, responded to the claims by Edward Snowden that the Paris attacks resulted, in part, from “too much data.”

    Snowden recently claimed that the existing surveillance programs aren’t working because analysts are over-burdened with data:

    Edward Snowden is pointing to the recent terrorist attacks in France as evidence that government mass-surveillance programs don’t work because they are “burying people under too much data.”

    “When we look at the Paris attacks specifically, we see that France passed one of the most intrusive, expansive surveillance laws in all of Europe last year, and it didn’t stop the attack,” the fugitive leaker said in an interview with NOS, a Dutch news organization, released Wednesday. “And this is consistent with what we’ve seen in every country.”

    When you look at the United States, the Patriot Act, the mass surveillance that’s been debated and criticized since 2013, the White House did two independent investigations into its effectiveness and found that despite monitoring the phone calls for everyone in the United States every time they pick up the phone, it hadn’t stopped a single attack,” Snowden said in his NOS interview.

    Rickard countered:

    “Individuals in the intelligence community are very focused on their targets and I think one of the things that Edward Snowden misses is that there is an opportunity to focus on individuals, like the individuals that were basically accused of the attacks in Paris earlier this month,” he said.

    According to Rickard, it isn’t that ‘too much data’ prevented the watchers from catching the accused terrorists, but rather that they turned a blind eye to let things play out.


    In other words, it is quite clear that the attacks were in the interests of the system for propaganda purposes, and to pursue the surveillance and security agenda.

    As Press TV noted, the same (and worse) has happened in other high profile terror cases, including the very damning case of the “Underwear Bomber”:

    He mentioned the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called underwear bomber, who was convicted of attempting to blow up a Detroit-bound flight on the 2009 Christmas Day, using explosives hidden in his underwear.

    Rickard said US intelligence knew of the plot but allowed the bomber to proceed with his plan.

    “This was another example whereby the US and western intelligence had great amount of information about the movements and the whereabouts of Abdulmutallab and they even helped him get through the airport in Amsterdam on his way to the United States to do the underwear bombing,” he said.

    Rickard added:

    “So I think we are seeing a façade of actual truth in the matter of this attack whereby I think there may be an opportunity to pull back the curtains and see that the intelligence community knew a lot more about these guys.

    The truth, quite simply, has nothing to do with what was reported to the public. The truth, if you let it settle in, should be quite unnerving – because of what it reveals about those in power, and the lengths they will go to in order to ‘keep us safe and secure’ – under a police state with close monitoring and sharply curtailed liberties. 9/11 all over again.


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      1. Operation Gladio
        Operation Northwoods anyone ???

        “remember the Maine”

        Gulf of Tonkin

        the Reichstag fire

        Gleiwitz incident,

        governments have a LONG LONG history of this sort of thing

        • Mac: “The truth, quite simply, has nothing to do with what was reported to the public.”


          Never trust what the Libs and the Lib MSM tell you!

          • I’ve been reading the news very carefully for the last while and developed one question you people might help we with,

          • I’ve been reading the news very carefully for the last while and developed one question you people might help we with, DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE ANY SENSE TO ANY OF YOU? A trillion her a trillion there still isn’t any money/ All this spying and they cannot tell Yamens pres it’s time to take a vacation etc.

            • PARANOID-
              The muzzies dont matter , they are a vehicle.
              Yemin dont matter , another tool.
              Its all about CONTROL and the destruction of freedom .
              The bill of rights stands in the way, and to a lesser extent the constitution , we have already seen the total disregard for the constitution , the bill of rights is already being usurped .
              Fascism/dictatorship will come knocking soon .

              I aint a doom gloom guy but , just look around at the evironment today, it just scare the hell outta me.
              Nobody cares , its all about some damn football air pressure bullshit and the US constitution is being flushed.
              But , who the hell cares ?

            • Something Big is coming. I was in Sams Club the other day and they were selling .50 Caliber Ammo Cans. A big pallet full of them. Like WTF? When big retailer /wholesalers get into prepping supplies, Ammi cans?? Get ready folks….SHTF is a coming.

              • Sams also sales preppers food in a bucket where I live with a long self live like 25 years for a couple for a few weeks for around $100 not a bad deal

                • God gives you food in a literal world of plenty but, white-man’s society says it’s all poison or inadequate for survival (actually, it’s loaded with such nutrients and medicinal value that it doesn’t take as much of it to feed and heal you). Of course, the evil elites will try to eradicate God’s creation just to make you dependent on their Big Business-only economy. That’s what their “sea-basing” (and exploration for extraterrestrial planetary basing) of supplies and sea-baed aquaculture (or extraterrestrial-based Big Business-only agriculture) is all about–they intend to destroy land-based Nature so that the masses (what’s left of them) will be totally dependent on the sea-based (and mass-slave worked) supply that’s doled out by the elites. “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.” (Revelation 11:18)

              • too bad they were empty ammo cans

              • Costco has been selling emergency food for at least a year now but I haven’t seen ammo cans yet. They will probably be in a 4 pack . . .

              • Ammo cans make excellent lunch boxes for the kids to take to school.

          • FS, you mean COMMIES AND COMMIE MEDIA, don’t you?

            • I mean today’s typical usage of the word “Liberal.” The original term “liberal” was good as in “Go to the university young man, and get a good liberal education,” but now “liberal” does mean some variant of totalitarian fascist communist socialist Marxism.

              I don’t get it. We (I’m an American) won the Cold War (Soviet Union, USSR is no more), we celebrate the falling down of the Berlin Wall, and so I’m thinking that liberals and their fascination with socialist Marxism and communism is done. Kaput! Failed ideology.

              So WTF is liberal Socialism doing its Medusa Head reincarnation here in the good ‘ol United States? Drives this independent social, fiscal, military conservative up the freakin’ wall.

              Liberalism as an ideological society-killing cancer is actually winning the war here in America. Just drives me nuts.

              • FS,
                “WE” did not win the cold war, because there was NO cold war. The cold war was an illusion, propped up by the MSM, devised by the “money changers”, to spend untold sums of taxpayer money on defense spending to corporations controlled by the “money changers”. It was just a way to rob the unwashed masses of their productive value. They did provide a nice “boogeyman” for both sides of the equation and the unwashed masses swallowed it hook, line, and sinker!! I guess the old saying is true, ” If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

              • You are mistaken, Freeslave. What really happened with regards to the lie we were all told about how ‘the good guys’ “won” the Cold War was that the elitist psychopaths who’ve hijacked the White Western World finally realized that American opposition to hardcore, totalitarian Communism was simply too strong and they finally realized that they would never be successful with their desire to impose it upon the United States.

                Did the Marxists on the left and inside the RINO Right simply give up on their lust to impose totalitarianism upon America? No. They simply decided to change their tactics. Enter their backup plan; originated in the 1930s from within the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, along comes the evil cancer known as Political Correctness and the left’s endless cries to enact ‘hate speech’ laws, whereby the left can simply criminalize any speech or actions by individuals or organizations which oppose their totalitarian policies and anti-Western agenda.

                Some have described Cultural Marxism as a softer, less violent form of Bolshevik Communism – but, make no mistake, it is just as evil and just as totalitarian as its predecessor. And, while this vile and despicably evil Cultural Communism has managed to avoid the direct violence and mass murderous aspects of Bolshevik Communism – I am convinced that it will eventually morph into that same kind of behavior, as the people begin to resist it in massive numbers – which we are finally beginning to see at the present time.

                Liberals are certified psychopaths, folks. They are mentally insane and they are obsessed with destroying the last vestiges of White, Western Civilization and I am convinced that the only way to stop them will be through the use of overwhelming physical force.

                • Tucker: Liberals are certified psychopaths, folks. They are mentally insane and they are obsessed with destroying the last vestiges of White, Western Civilization and I am convinced that the only way to stop them will be through the use of overwhelming physical force.”

                  Tucker, I wouldn’t quite go that far, but your overall point is well taken. Thanks.

            • BTW/ Sgt Dale congrats to your counsin being cleared by the Feds for any civil rights violations. That ZOG Zionist George Soros paid and funded the rioters in Ferguson $23 Million dollars to burn ferguson down and for what? Inciting a riot should carry prison and heavy fines. FnJews.

          • “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

            Former CBS News president Richard Salant.

            Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

            EXTRA CREDIT
            “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”
            Liberal USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas

            “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.”
            Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame

            “If there is justice, he’ll get AIDS, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”
            NPR’s Nina Totenberg on Jesse Helms, wishing a disease on someone – or his innocent grandchildren – that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have.

            • Thanks Test for providing examples of Lib media bias and hatred.

              • For once in my life, I have read something truthful emerge from the mouth of Mike Wallace and FreeSlave belittles Wallace by accusing him of liberal bias and hatred?

                Can someone please tell me the exact date in our nation’s history where war as declared on the truth?

            • And the conservative media tells people what they want to hear.

            • Acid. The red thumb shills on here like to stay ignorant and dumb in their old people ways. They run their lives on ugliness an ignorance. Unwilling to learn anything new. So just keep on posting good info. It brings more value than ignoramouses negativity.

          • @freeslave

            “Never trust what the Libs and the Lib MSM tell you!”

            If it’s on your TV its state controlled media whether cnn, msnbc, fox, or your local affiliates. Never trust what any MSM tells you.

          • …Or the Cons.

        • USS Liberty ring any bells?

          • Martial Arts are great, but a sucking chest wound takes the fight out of anyone.

            • Ha! I can remember, as a kid, when the TV show ‘Kung Fu’ starring David Carradine first came on – I watched maybe one episode of it, before deciding that it was nothing more than a ridiculous night-time cartoon. The only thing missing were the comical little ‘talk bubbles’ like those used on the old Adam West Batman program where words like ‘poof’ and ‘pow’ and ‘ouch’ would suddenly appear, to accentuate a Bat fist or a Bat karate chop to the head of a villain. Anyway, there was a kid about my age who lived in my neighborhood and who was a big fan of the ‘Kung Fu’ show and who actually believed all the corny shit where David Carradine would be leaping into the air, and kicking arrows and bullets out of the sky or catching bullets between his teeth and then spitting them back at the bad guys who had fired them at him.

              So, if its okay with Red Leader, I’ll be teaming up with him once SHTF or CW2 day arrives and we can take turns dispatching our bad guys from a hundred or so yards away.

              Which will be conveniently out of range for a karate chop or a Kung Fu kick to our gonads.

          • Hong Kong Acid number one super guy. Hong Kong Acid, quicker than the human eye. He’s got style, a groovy style, and a car that just won’t stop. When the going gets tough, he’s really rough’ with a Hong Kong Acid chop (Hi-Ya!)…Acid dose Kung fu Fighting dontcha know!

        • Nothing the see here citizens, move along.

          The real news you should be watching is the NFL soft football case. It is really big!

          We have everything else under control. Now go back to sleep.

          • OH no not another flaccid football………A limp pigskin. WTF ever.

            • Honestly, I’m going to go off the deep end if I have to listen to one more news report about how soft Tom Brady’s balls are.

              • AngryOldWhiteGuy:

                Maybe his wife could settle the argument…..

        • Some of the info I have read on Ft. Sumpter also indicates it was a bit of a false flag. I don’t recall the details, and can’t provide a source, but I’m sure you can google it. Basically, Lincoln – if I recall correctly – left it under-manned, inviting an attack. I’m sure a quick google would provide more detail

        • To anyone who went to see that piece of shit movie: I hope your children get killed by a sniper. You fucking pond scum old people. Support your troops by bending over and letting them fuck your asshole. You fucking verminous old boomer dick gobblers deserve to burn in hell. Fucking asshole.

          Fuck the military.

          • Wow Acid Etch. You are a real retro-hippie, Man!
            Do we still not trust anyone over 30 yet?

            • US Military paid prostitutes whorsz fighting the bankers wars. Dumb as shit for brains. Enjoy genocide for breakfast, the pray to god then kill some more innocent people then laugh and go get a tattoo of the US Flag. Fn psychopaths. Then come home and the jew shill MSM calls them heros. Twisted shit out there for sure.

            • “Grasshopper, when you can snatch the pebbles from my hand it will be time for you to leave……”time for you to leave”. “Kung Fu”.

            • Acid is a 27 year old virgin. That is a lot of pressure building up!

          • AE
            Did you go see it?

            • Fuck no, and I told my family members I would beat the shit out of them if they did.

              • I would’ve went to see it just to piss you off.

                • Acid head here was prolly just a shitbird that got booted out of the service.

              • So you often beat on your five year old sister?

              • that would have been really funny if it was true,, because you’d have had your ass beat by everyone in your family including the cat

                I’d pay to watch that.. need money?

          • Tut, tut, tut Acid… You’re a very, very naughty boy. Go stand in the corner ’till you find a civil tongue… Really.

          • Time for acid/eisenturd to get put into a rubber room and was his mouth out with soap. AND keep him away from a computer.

          • To the 32 dimwits who disapproved of Acid Etch’s comment, let me say that I am a hardcore traditional conservative and certainly not a pacifist or an eggsucking dog liberal and I flat refuse to see that piece of shit movie, either.

            That movie is nothing more than jewish inspired propaganda designed to keep the nose picking idiots (most of whom are, I am ashamed to admit, gullible WHITE GUYS) all lathered up so the neo-con jews – who along with MOSSAD and with the approval of Bush & Cheney – orchestrated the 9-11 false flag attacks and then blamed it on Arabs and Iraq and anyone else the evil war mongering, blood-thirsty jewwish psychopaths in Israel wanted to con the USA into attacking and destroying for them – can continue to keep their 100 year long war on Israel’s enemies going.

            Look, I realize that the US Military and every other military around the world uses snipers for certain kinds of military operations. Volunteering to become a sniper, knowing full well that it is often considered to be a pretty unsavory type of assignment and can often require a man to set aside his own morals (assuming he has any and, from what I’ve read, I do not believe that Chris Kyle did) and coldly execute people from a long distance who are not posing a direct threat to you and who are certainly not being given a fair chance to defend themselves – this requires a suspension of a certain amount of what would be referred to as a ‘warrior’s honor’. So, sniping is a dirty job – and there are all sorts of psychological hazards associated with it that can haunt a man (or a woman) for years after their mission is complete. But, someone has to perform these kinds of jobs when a nation is in a war time enviroment, right? Are these men or women heroes? I would not say so. They are men or women who are doing an unpleasant, albeit necessary, task.

            And, while I do not believe that these people should be condemned or ridiculed or demonized, I also do not believe that they should come home and jump onto the celebrity circuit and crisscross the nation, making appearances on Faux News Network, showboating and boasting about their exploits and laughing about how many humans they killed during their stint of duty as a sniper. This sort of behavior is unsavory, to say the least, and it falls into the category of conduct unbecoming of a serious and patriotic soldier.

            Oh, and remember: Bush and Cheney LIED us into that war in Iraq, and Iraq had ZERO do with with 9-11. That means, we had no business whatsoever attacking Iraq and killing the citizens or soldiers of Iraq.

            If snipers like Chris Kyle want to ride on top of floats in victory parades all across America, they need to earn that honor by exercising their skills in Israel and taking out the backstabbing rats who pulled off 9-11.

            • You don’t have to see any movie if you don’t want to, but going as far as physical violence on your family is ridiculous. They have a right to see what they want to as well.

          • still got the gonads though

        • We should all think about ways to manufacture biofuel for ourselves and obtain a vehicle with a Diesel engine. In case oil goes very high.

        • The US shillitary is the worlds largest consumer of fuel. Fucking useless worthless waste of tax money and resources fucking shit military. “We need them.” Fuck you.

          • Dream on Acid. The ROEI on biofuels is near zero. You see the fertilizer to grow biofuels comes from oil.

            ROEI= Return On Energy Invested.

        • of course all this spy network and tracking hasn’t stopped a single incident…


          the incidents are done ,or by proxy, by the same damned agencies..

          enjoy the day







        HIT RESET

        • Why should I hit reset? What did it do?
          There is no reset. Unless you’re going to hit the streets slinging lead, that reset button will remain out of order.

          • PO’d Patriot,
            You are 100% correct, the PEOPLE are the reset button!! Nothing will change until, WE THE PEOPLE, make the change.










            • Tin Man?

              The term is martial law, pal. Not Marshall Law.

              If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a dufus make this grammatical error, I’d be able to buy myself a private island somewhere in the South Pacific and retire like a king.

            • Are the elites and their powers-that-be who do this stuff to you “your people”?


        AGENDA 21 ?????????

        • AR-15

      5. So after weeks of the Mossad operation, this guy just repeating the same thing that many awaken folks on this site stated 5 minutes after the breaking news on ZOG owned media?

        It is so funny that on RT news, the Jewish communities in Europe are asking their controlled ZOG’s to allow them to carry firearms for protection.

        They always cry with joy as they kill you.

        • Yep, that’s about right.

      6. Satori, they watched the planes approach Pearl Harbor. And don’t get me going on building 7. Its almost a joke to watch this shit anymore.

        • fdr was stalin’s right hand man. Every time anyone bashes Amerikan commies on this site they get 90-10 thumbs down from commies.
          f the commies, Amerikan or otherwise, but above all the Amerikan commie.

          • Who me resister, I’m right there with you.

        • maddog

          If one watched a TV movie like JFK at 8PM until 11PM and then watched World “News” at 11PM there would be far more truth in the movie than the televised news.

          The official news is quite entertaining.

      7. I think that with all the technology available to TPTB, it would be hard to imagine very much going unnoticed today. The big question is how will they use what they find.

        • The bigger question is, they have to be shaking in their boots as to who will next bolt from the plantation. Snowden was probably just one of many, many people. And the liberty movement continues to grow.

          • @test

            I hate to say it but if you have not yet realized that Snowden is an inside job then I’m afraid you have been missing the big picture. Snowden is not part of the liberty movement, he’s not a traitor, and he’s not a whistleblower…. He’s a gov’t agent, a mole, and a character in one big Psy-op

            • Snowden is not an oracle. Everything he says isn’t necessarily the “gospel”. YET, the general gist of what he reveals is only necessary for those who either don’t realize what’s going on or, those who have to have a “prophet”, and “oracle” or some other kind of “Feuhrer” to (mis)lead them.

      8. gee wiz, ya’ tink’!

      9. Don’t know what to believe anymore….causes the public to freeze.

      10. So sick of the anti zog rhetoric, talk about getting old. If anyone thinks they are soley responsible is blind and deaf, doesnt know how to read, deliberatly denying facts that point to a myriad of groups/individuals or delusional.

        Anyone understand what zion is? Hmmm?

        Zion is christians, who believe that the messiah will only return after israel fulfills all prophesy of the prophets. And it is their desire to see israel succeed.

        I think anyone who believes differently, being lied to, they are being brainwashed and filled with hatred. If you hate any race or religion, then you will, eventually, hate them all. A hatred like that is taught, by evil. Direct that aggression in a direction that would be useful, not foment more hatred. We have enough of that.

        Enough already, it’s getting old.

      11. it’ll soon be open hunting season on Zionists and their evil goy / gentile minions globally.

        now is the time to make your list and check it twice…

        of who in your AO area of operation is a card carrying Zionist AIPAC Party member and Zog Gestapo stooge.

        cause when it all goes down it will be these traitorous f^ckers who have all zee’ gold , medicine , clean water and food.

        And i for one plan to ‘TAX’ the ones in my AO… severely with extreme prejudice.

        • Bring it you puss, you have no clue who i am, what i have done, and what i am capable of doing. Let me tell you, mauraders will die real quick. I will c u coming from 1,000 yards. I believe in zion, and you are misguided, you come after this zionist, and you will never get passed the dogs.
          Good luck when the shit hits the fan, especially since that is your survival plan, kill and steal from
          Others. Good luck there taz.

          • Ohevi,

            The rabid Jew-Haters on this blog, as far as I know, are Whowouldathunkit, John Q. Public, Pissed Off Granny, Taz, and some others that I can’t readily recall. Who else did I miss?

            But yes, there is a real hatred of Jews running in these comment threads.

            P.S. FWIW, I detest Libs, both secular libs and religious libs, but I would add that Liberalism is an ideology, not an ethnicity or race.

            Moreover, today’s liberalism is a variant of socialism, Marxism, communism, fascism, and totalitarianism. And this variant is an outright enabler and abetter of all these sick ideologies as well as an enabler of Islam.

            • Well said Free Slave… God Bless little Israel.

              • Stormfront(.)org

                (slogan: “Every month is white history month”

            • “Undoubtedly they do more and viler things than those which we know and discover”

              – Martin Luther (1483-1546) on Jews

            • Another rabid Jew-Hater that I forgot to list is Stolz Vorfahren.

              I don’t know how I forgot.

              • Hate the sin. Love the sinner. True Christians do that. The synagogue does not.

                • “Hate the sin. Love the sinner.”

                  It’s a little bit more nuanced than that, John Q. Public.

                  Q1: Do unrepentant, unredeemed sinners reside in Hell?

                  Q2: Did you read “Passinwiththewind”‘s response below at 6:07 am on January 23rd? It’s informative.

                  • FreeSlave:

                    You must have missed the part of the post of Passin’s where he stated the jews are NOT Gods chosen people.

              • While not rabid, I feel I should be included on your ‘list’ of anti-Zionist.

                What’s wrong with ‘hate?’ The Bible says “Those who love the Lord, ‘HATE’ evil. The problem with the church today is that there is not enough ‘hate’ in it. Instead, they tolerate and ignore the evil in their midst. So, get your ‘hate’ on!

                As far as the Jewish question goes, what part does good have with evil? The only section of Jewry that has any claim to descending from Abraham are the Sephardim and their line comes through Esau not Jacob. Not even Judah was a Jew. The Ashkenazim have absolutely no blood connection to Abraham and constitute the Synagogue of Satan spoken of in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

                Ohevi, if you realy think these people are the ‘chosen’ of God then answer this question. Why is it that the modern Jewish state could not continue without the plethora of blessings pored into it every year via foreign aid, most favored nation status, and military aid coming from the US, why doesn’t God provide these things for His glory. Instead we see a people who trash their neighbors ( Palestinians) instead of ‘loving them as their selves.’ They get involved in every political intrigue that can be contrived. They murder, steal, lie, and corrupt everything around them.

                With all the ‘blessing’s’ that we have pored on them since 1948 we should be receiving blessing’s from God in overwhelming amounts. Look around, is the fecal matter about to hit our fan coming in the form of blessing’s? Or are we being cursed by God for ‘blessing’ the wrong people?

                Ohvi, (not so) free slave, in your lives it is your call, but I recommend you do a little more research before you choose sides and open your mouth.

                • JohnnyComeLately:

                  Most people accept the false principle that God/Jesus is a God of love and doesn’t hate. They believe a Christian should always ‘love’ and never hate his fellow creatures.

                  Lovemongers believe they can win over evil men by showing love. Believing criminals, traitors, Christ haters should be pitied, hoping they will become rehabilitated. They have been deceived into believing that love is a virtue and hate is always a sin….yet their views are false and unchristian.

                  They are the frauds of “Humanist,anti-Christs” who have foisted these erroneous views on unsuspecting Christians with the idea that Christians should be made to follow these false and impossible principles. The Humanists, of course, have no intentions of following these principles themselves. They can hate, oppose, and malign the righteous Christian in anyway they choose.

                  When a Christian openly reproves the left-wing humanists for advocating false principles, then the Christian is accused of being a right-wing hate monger or worse.

                  The lovemongers say”if we just use enough love we will be able to conquer the world”. (Heard that one from your favorite TV lovemongers?)In these days when men are making a cureall out of love, and demand love of all things, the words of Scripture is a refreshing and healthy antidote. Jesus Christ when speaking to the Church of Ephesus, commended them because they hated what He hated. (Rev. 2:6).

                  There are many declarations in Scripture, all assume the necessity of hating as a part of the privilege of love.

                  If we love and honor the sanctity of marriage and family life, we will HATE everything that works to destroy it.

                  If we love our Christian faith and heritage, we will HATE the atheist controlled anti-Christian forces which wage war against us.

                  If we love our country, we will HATE those who subvert it, wage war against it or seek to destroy it.

                  The lovemongers, who preach endlessly about loving everything, and “love” as a way to salvation, are really not talking about love. They are asking for a toleration of evil.

                  Anyone asking us to tolerate subversives, hoodlums, rioters, anti-Christian people, is asking us to tolerate these people and to allow them to change America and the world. They are asking us to tolerate evil, to give evil freedom to destroy us, and to destroy our Christian law and order.

                  Anyone asking us to love anti-Christian people are actually asking us to love evil and to hate God, but they are not honest enough to say so.

                  We are constantly told that “God is love” and it is ungodly to hate. If we believe this we are defeated before we even begin the battle. There are more references in the Bible to the hatred, anger, fury and wrath of God then there is to his Love and Tenderness.

                  Because He is Holy, He hates all sin and his anger burns against the sinner as well as the sin–“God is angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11).

                  So the next time anyone accuses someone of being a HATER, ask yourself if the post is HATE or the TRUTH.

                  • Johnny:

                    BTW….your posts are excellent…Thanks!

                  • POG, it’s true that you hate Jews.

                    • FreeSlave:

                      It is true that I hate Christ haters and their minions.
                      Regardless of their race or supposed religion. How about you, FreeSlave? You hbehind hating liberals, et. al., but refuse to identify what/who they are…..you are a coward and a Tare, FreeSlave, you would do well to apply for a job in Tel Aviv.

                  • Hi there PO Granny,

                    I am proud to say that i am a fan of yours. i love this post so much that it is going into my archives under “Wonderful Words of Wisdom”.

                    You definitely knocked one out of the park here.

                    I can’t agree with your assessment of Jcl’s post above though.

                    “The only section of Jewry that has any claim to descending from Abraham are the Sephardim and their line comes through Esau not Jacob. Not even Judah was a Jew. The Ashkenazim have absolutely no blood connection to Abraham and constitute the Synagogue of Satan spoken of in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.”

                    It cannot be proven by me or any other man/woman, that the Sephardic Jew is entirely from the direct bloodline of Esau, and not Judah. I will not do the judging of them and will believe what i believe until i learn the exact truth, from Jesus H. Christ himself.

                  • Can anyone here still believe that this is not a spiritual war?

                  • I hates everybody who don’t agree with everything I say. When the end gits here, I’ll be the only one sitting next to God!

              • Thank You FreeSlave to gather the names of those who I like to have as neighbors and friend. Now share this with your tribe since you only named a few while the world wide awakening is in full motion: “Versprochen Day ist in der Nähe”.

                Have a nice weekend.

                • Me: “Ohevi, The rabid Jew-Haters on this blog, as far as I know, are Whowouldathunkit, John Q. Public, Pissed Off Granny, Taz, and some others that I can’t readily recall.”

                  Stolz Vorfahren: “Thank You FreeSlave to gather the names of those who I like to have as neighbors and friend.”

                  You’re welcome.

            • FreeSlave:

              You are a troll/TARE. “Tare”, can be found in the Bible.

              Thanks for including me in your list of people that the Lord/Jesus Christ loves enough to give me “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

              You are NOT included in that group…..your misfortune.

              Revelation is heating up and soon the TARES will be plucked out, it is promised.

              Think the NSA is the biggest spy agency in the world? Got news for you, FreeSlave. Jesus Christ, my God, forgets NOTHING. HE knows your agenda. You, and others, might fool some on this blog; NO ONE fools Him.

              • Me:: “The rabid Jew-Haters on this blog, as far as I know, are Whowouldathunkit, John Q. Public, Pissed Off Granny…

                POG: “Thanks for including me in your list of people…”

                You’re welcome.

                • Just like you FreeSlave….Only half my quote….

            • Er, uh, Mr. FreeSlave?

              Are you trying to tell us that you are completely unaware of the fact that the poisonous, nation and white race destroying ideology of ‘liberalism’ is a jewish, Marxist, Communist invention?

              Liberalism, socialism, Marxism, Communism, egalitarianism, feminism, Cultural Marxism, secular humanism – if an ideology has an ‘-ism’ in its name, there is a 99.99% absolute certainty that it oozed out of the evil brain of a jew and there is a 100 percent probability that it is both poisonous and destructive to any formerly healthy nation or society who embraces it.

              And, yet, Mr. FreeSlave believes that it is somehow inappropriate to despise the disease that creates and spreads these destructive symptoms, but okay to criticize and despise the ‘isms’ themselves?

          • we’ll see.

        • That’s true Like 95% of the Grants that the DHS hands out goes to Jewish organizations. And these are the Aholes stirring up the hate in and directed towards America. Buy lots of Rope and practice all your rope knots. Learn at least 10 handy knots. Use lots of Nazis on these bitchz

          • WWTI. You really should try ‘n’ think! “as painful as that may be” before replying with such infantile and tedious replies. Lord have mercy.

      12. OH CRAP !! now I hear the footballs don’t have enough air in them. WHAT THE HELL IS NEXT !!!

        • Ummm…. Ubungler’s teleprompter goes out?

      13. When anything is wrong, when anything is bad, when anything happens, it’s the Jew’s fault nobody else’s the Jew is behind all evil in this world. Well the first person was a Jew and I’ll bet you a 100 oz. of gold a Jew will be the last person. It’s not the faith of a man it’s the man himself. So you see if it was only the Jew that has caused all of the world’s trouble thru all these years why on earth are they still here and not have been totally wiped out? I’m not saying that the Jew is innocent by all means, but to blame the Jew for all that is wrong is a very long stretch, like I said it’s all of man that is to be blamed for the evil in this world not just one. The last time I looked Satan was in charged with the affairs on this planet and he is the one of PURE EVIL. So when the blaming starts it’s ALL OF MAN KIND TO BLAME and that includes you and me. Like I said last man standing will be a Jew. All you can red thumb it to death if you want and that is OK with me.

        • ANONB4, yours is an old trick called “a straw man.”

          You defeat an argument that nobody made.

          Nobody has claimed that Jews are responsible for ALL evil.

          Nobody has claimed that ALL evil is caused by Jews.

          Many “Jews” have caused many crimes against humanity—then and now.

        • Ok so the Jews are behind 99% of todays false flags. The other 1% were cheering them on. So how much does Israel pay you to post your BS daily. If it is between me or a jew I will guarantee I will be the last man standing. No Doubt.

        • ANONB4 says….

          ” Well the first person was a Jew and I’ll bet you a 100 oz. of gold a Jew will be the last person.”

          Your ignorance of the Creation of Time/Flesh Humans, comes through loud and clear.

          If you are referring to Adam, as a Jew, you are wrong.
          If you are referring to Abraham as a Jew, you are wrong.
          If you are referring to Jesus Christ as a Jew, you are wrong. Well, partially wrong about Jesus.

          There was never anyone or any group of peoples referred to as Jews or Jewish, until the son of Jacob, named Judah, became mature and set up his tribe of offspring in the, God given land, called Israel.

          As an allotment of land was given to the tribes, the peoples became referred to that particular region, as the Patriarch’s name inferred.

          a : native : resident
          b : descendant
          c : adherent : follower

          Example: Tribe of the Patriarch Benjamin = Benjamites

          Judah became Judahites/Judaeans and was shortened to a colloguial/slang identifier of the word, known as Jew.
          It was used to identify, and in reference to, anyone living in that region. After the captivity of the Northern ten (actually eleven) tribes, and since the tribe of Judah was the larger, all that remained of Benjamin and some of Levi, where referred to as Jews as well.

          Previous to these identifiers, and God given territories, they were all known as “Hebrews”, and had a distinct language, without all the different colloquial/slang languages that followed the various regions.

          The vernacular, or native dialect, is still as prominant today as it was, even back then. Just as people from a particular state are referred to as group identifier such as residents of Florida being Floridians.

          The term “jewish”, is more or less relating to the livestyle in regards to traditions and religious practices.

          All the tribes (13 in all, because Joseph was split into two with his sons Ephriam and Manesseh receiving the covenant blessings), were of the Adamic/Caucasian race, and were Hebrews.

          After the tribes split into Northern and Southern, went into captivity, and then the northern tribes scattered abroad; the tribe of Judah/Jews (estimates puts the population to be about 60,000) were released back to the area of Jerusalem where the Edomites,and others lived, that had pagan rituals and idol worship. The Sanhedrin part of the jews did not believe in the life after death part of the religion, so divisions began with most of the tribe, and intermarriages with the Edomites and Kenites (offspring of Cain/son of Satan) and Canannites (offspring of Canan/the result of the incest of Noah’s son and his wife), and others.

          Judah, even had children directly with a Cannanite woman. God didn’t want either to become heirs to the throne so He killed them. God also set it up so Judah would have relations with a Hebrew woman to keep the bloodline pure, hence part of the bloodline, the “King” bloodline, thru which Christ was to be born. The other side of Mary’s bloodline was of the tribe of Levi, hence the “Priest/lordship” linage. Making Jesus Christ of both pure bloodlines, only thru Mary the virgin, and hence, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

          After that arrangement, the jews went every which way, for the most part. Their religions took on some strange paths and very mixed rituals and ideology. After the fall and expulsion of Judah, as a tribe living in Jerusalem, they went North and eventually became known as either the Ashkenazic or Sephardic jew.

          The Sephardic, or Spanish jews, most likely contained the true bloodlines of the earlier descendants of Judah from the time of Jesus Christ. They made up about 25% of the total Jewish population.

          The Ashkenazi, or Germanic, were most likely all descendants of the jews that intermixed with the Edomites and others and later became known as Khazars. Their Talmudic religious practices became distorted and their writings well removed from the original Torah. Bolshevik jews are part of this grouping distinguishing the Edomite/Russian side of their heritage. Many of them mixed with the Germanic blodlines and others, but all originated from the original tribes mixing with the “mixed races” of the Judean region in Israel.

          What part of Zionism is in reference to the true blood linage that goes back to Mother Mary? probably none. I believe that only God has the answer.
          So, who was the first jew, and who will be the last standing?
          No reason to make a bet that can’t be verified without doubt and assumption.

          • Pass: Thanks for your comments I guess what I was saying GOD created man and GOD’s chosen are the JEW, that being said anyone believing in CHRIST is grafted into the tree of life witch is to my understanding JEWISH. So if the JEW is GOD’s chosen as for me it would make sense that the last man would be JEWISH. Regardless you have to except JESUS as your savior or pay the penalty.

            I also broke the rule NEVER talk about Religion or Politics.

          • PWTW, congratulations, you are very close. However you have many details mixed up and some completely screwed.

            I do not mean to criticize only to correct. I recommend the book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ by Rabbi Koestler. In it he reveals the origin of the Ashkenazim and their true relation to Zionism and Jewry. I also recommend Dr. Charles Wiseman’s book “Who is Esau Edom’ that explains where the Edomite’s come from.

            Your commentary is like I say, close but no cigar!
            Bless you.

            • Thanks for the replies and your thoughts, AnonB4 & Jcl.

              I will agree with your reply about “anyone believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is grafted in”, however; the tree of life is a clear reference to Jesus Christ, not anyone or anything Jewish. In Genesis, we read of the Tree of Life, and although it is not clearly stated with the one verse, the Son of God was and is the only Tree of Life.
              In that particular time period The Son was fulfilling His position/role, as King Melchizedek, or King of the Just/Justified.

              And, no, the Jews were not God’s chosen people. The House of Judah, inherited the Abrahamic covenant, just as all the tribes did, but….

              The true chosen peoples were of the House/tribe of Ephriam. A whole nother book on that.

              Jcl, I appreciate your candor, however; i am not looking for a cigar nor award, for telling biblical truths as best as i see fit.

              There are no falsehoods given by me, and i don’t have the space to explain all the elments necessary to help folks understand the truth about the tribe of Judah and so forth.

              You have every right to follow some Jewish Rabbi for their interpretations, but i have found that avenue can be very misleading. i know exactly who the Edomites came from and where the others began and ended up.
              You have your understandings and i have mine, only God can change my mind at this point. Since i only have to answer to Him, i will wait for the Holy Spirit to do my correcting and guiding.

              • I want an award! You bet I do! I want a crown, I want a robe, and I want to walk beside my King in His Kingdom forever.

                I’m not accusing you of falsehoods, no I am accusing you of ‘inaccuracies.’ You could at least get your facts straight. I do not ‘follow’ any rabbi and the book by Koestler is a history of the Kazar’s.
                Accuracy is important when you play with men’s soul’s. And that is what you do when you teach from Scripture.

                “Do not rely on your own understanding.” And don’t wait around waiting for the Holy Spirit to tap you on the shoulder and start talking to you, He don’t work that way. No, what God will do for you is send you a messenger. All the blessing’s from God come through men. He will send someone too change your mind and reveal truth more accurately to you. You might want to keep an eye out for that guy.

                • I have to ask one question and then i am done with you.

                  What and who, makes you the ultimate authori-ti, on the subject anyways. Are you like the guy that goes by “sinner”, that tried that crap by saying he spent all this time in seminary scholl, so you know everything about the bible….please, give us a break.

                  We at shtf saw thru his crap and we see right thru you as well.

                  Your ego has your head up your ass so far you are looking out thru saliva. You are trying to do God’s business and making false allegations where the subject is and can only be pure conjecture.

                  But you have too much pride to see that. No, you are just another ‘jonny come lately’. puke on a power trip.
                  Possibly a prick on a power trip, by the statements you make like…”I want a crown” and “all the blessings from God come through men”. Hogwash.

                  i do what i do for the folks of shtf that have a desire for truth and will follow up with their own research.
                  Unlike you that believe they need to be spoon-fed with your ideas, that may or may not be close to the truth.

                  We’ll see if you get that crown. The only crown i want to see is on my saviour’s head, not that of a self-made,holier-than-thou, preacher.

                  • WOW! Such vitriol! You kiss your wife with that mouth?

                    Your weakness is showing. Shall I explain it to others?


                    II Peter 5:4– And when the chief Shepard shall appear, ye shall receive a ‘crown’ of Glory that fadeth not away.

                    Revelation 2:10– Fear non of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation 10 days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a ‘crown’ of life.

                    Revelation 3:11– Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy ‘crown.’

                    As you and everyone can see, I can defend what I say. You, however cannot so you expose your self by resorting to the time honored Mossad tactic of ‘character assignation and name calling. As for ‘what’ you are I will leave that up to those who can see through s–t.

      14. Breaking News

        Saudi King Abdullah has died

        • That should cause some problems,

        • Oil has gone up.

        • Disputed line of sucession between the Iron Shiek and Jamie Farr. Get ready for SHTF

          • C. Waite,
            That was FUNNY!!

      15. All of this makes me wonder what the have enstore for us. Are they watching it come, and not doing anything about it? I would have to say YES. There is a lot of money to be made if they do it right. There will be more HELL to pay if they do it wrong. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEM BECAUSE I WILL NOT!

        • What ‘they’ have in store for us, Sgt. Dale, the world has already been given a preview of – namely, the mass murder of over 66 million (Alexander Solzhenitisyn’s estimates) White Europeans, most of whom were Christians, in Russia and the Ukraine and the other parts of Europe that fell under the diabolically evil, jewish invented ideology known as Bolshevik Communism during the 72 years that began after the 1917 Bolshevik Communists seized control in Russia.

          This is why jews here in America – just like their fellow jews in every other historic White European founded nation, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, etc. – have been working so hard to abolish private ownership of firearms. They cannot safely resume their mass murder of White Americans – picking up where their jewish grandparents left off in Europe – until their victims have been disarmed and rendered defenseless.

          At a minimum, these evil bastards want to gain fire power superiority over White Americans – which is why they are so obsessed with trying to ban private ownership of AR and AK style semi-automatic sporting rifles, since these types of weapons would be the most effective weapons for resisting what they are lusting to do to us.

          I should remind everyone that our White kinsmen and women in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, and most of Europe – have already been disarmed. Thus, for those who might wonder why our enemies have not yet started to slaughter our racial kinsmen – I would submit that our enemies are clever enough to hold off on their lust, because if they start it before they’ve managed to disarm White Americans – they know that such a move would be a huge tactical mistake and it would extinguish any chance of their being able to snooker Americans into surrendering their firearms. Hence, they have to wait until ALL White nations are disarmed – and that’s when they can start killing White Europeans worldwide on a massive scale.

      16. Some of the shit that goes on reads like pages out of one of Matt Bracken’s books, truth mimicks fiction,,,

      17. @WRONG-
        Whats your take on the res. building environment for us this comeing season ?
        I got all kinds of people tellin me with bad news , and i have yet to solidify many contracts.
        Your take on it ?

        • hammerhead

          In Naples Florida new gated communities are being built. There appears to be an upswing in the $500 K homes.

          I’m assuming that people are taking some profit from equities complements of QE and putting it into a hard asset.

      18. Sgt. Dale I do believe Norman Schwarzkopf said it right: time to arrange the meeting!
        stay safe

        • CHF
          General was a wise man.

          • I wonder what an original, authentic, autographed picture of him is worth?

            I acquired one in 1996 thru a chain of events and friendships.

      19. In an unrelated story, the European Parliament has passed the EU State Security Act – creating The Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Love, and the Ministry of Plenty.

        [No, not really. Well, perhaps not yet would be a more accurate statement.]

      20. In other news ,king Abdullah of shitrabia just died

        boom boom boom boom boom boom

        the drums of war beat louder and louder

      21. King Of Saudi Arabia just died

        boom boom boom the drums of war beat louder

      22. Off topic, but since they are flogging the scam again:

        Media all over America and around the world have trumpeted the news: “2014 Was Hottest Year on Earth in Recorded History,” to quote the New York Times headline.

        Alarmists are wielding that as a club to pound critics into submission and scare the public into supporting policies costing trillions of dollars to fight global warming.

        The Times’s lead paragraph touted this as “underscoring scientific warnings about the risks of runaway emissions and undermining claims by climate-change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped.”But it’s time to look below the surface—or, as you’ll see in a moment, above it.

        Let’s dispense with the simplest error first.

        Does 2014’s performance undermine claims that global warming has stopped? Not at all. When one climbs to a plateau, one remains above the elevations leading up to it until one descends—whether the plateau stretches for a hundred yards or a hundred miles. Global warming can have stopped (and indeed there has been no increase in global average temperature for the last 18 years and 3 months) and 2014 can still have been the “hottest year” (by, as we shall see in a moment, a statistically meaningless hundredth of a degree).

        Now we move to more complicated things.

        “Recorded history” normally means something like “as long as people have been writing,” i.e., around 5,000 years. Over that time, paleoclimate data show that the Minoan Warm Period (roughly 3,000 years ago), the Roman Warm Period (roughly 2,000 years ago), and the Medieval Warm Period (roughly 1,000 years ago) were warmer than the present.

        But in the case of global average temperature (GAT), “recorded history” is actually the period for which we have properly comparable temperature measurements over enough of the globe to justify extrapolating an average.

        And what is that? Well, it depends.

        The most credible global temperature data—properly comparable throughout the period investigated, and uncontaminated by local anomalies—are obtained by satellite measurement. That stretches back to 1979—which rather deflates “in recorded history.”

        The satellite data also deflate “hottest year.” 2014 was only the third warmest in the satellite record, behind 1998 (by 0.15C) and 2010 (by 0.13C). It only beat 2005 by 0.01˚C and the next six hottest years (2013, 2002, 2009, 2007, 2003, 2006) by at most 0.08˚C. Since the margin of error is about 0.1˚C, that makes those differences statistically meaningless.

        But the actual “recorded history” behind this headline is surface temperature measurements kept by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It goes back to 1880—conveniently excluding the three warm periods mentioned above.

        As David Whitehouse pointed out, even in these data, 2014 topped 2010 by only 0.01˚C, only a tenth of the margin of error and therefore meaningless.

        These data are also far less credible than the satellite data.

        Why? Because they’re far from comprehensive and subject to many kinds of contamination via changes in measurement technology, numbers and locations of stations, and compliance—or not—with quality standards.

        By E. Calvin Beisner,
        Originally Published on TheHill.com

        • There’ll be no “plateau” until the people get up enough guts to stop feeding Big Oil– just so they can drive their cars and fly in their planes– by, instead, cleaning out their arteries, lowering their blood sugar and helping their blood pressure, while walking to and from or riding a bike to their destinations or, to catch a bus, train or ship– all much less wasteful of fuel and actually feasibly fueled by available green energy generated individually or by non-governmentally supported nor prohibited, truly free, small enterprise. THAT’s why Big Energy has gotten all the conservatives clamoring against green energy as being “insufficient” (yes, insufficient for Big Business’ oligarchy) and “inefficient” (for Big Energy’s monopolizing of it–unless, of course, as liberals, they can preach the fallacy that green energy has to be government-subsidized so that Big Business, or their “small” business cronies, can get the lucrative, involuntarily tax-funded contract for providing it!).

      23. From some conspiracy theorist? Hardly. Read first, then see the source”

        “The Obama administration has prosecuted more govt leakers (whistle blowers)than all previous presidents combined, and his Justice Dept. has seized the records of phone calls made by more than 100 AP reporters and investigated a Fox News correspondent under the Espionage Act.

        James Risen says in this interview they have obtained his travel records, phone records, credit reports, credit card data. From a court warrant? It’s secret – they won’t say how they got it.


        Source for quote above? Leslie Stahl, 60 Minutes, The War on Leaks. Yup, even the lamestream leftist media gets it

        • Obama PROMISED to have the most open administration ever

          talk about a major lie and failure !!!

          he has moved against whistle blowers with a demonic vengeance

      24. Just because a guy who used to work intel (more on that in a minute) throws out a wild statement like that does not make it true.

        It is possible? Yes. Is it probable. Not at all. First, more than one person would know about it and they’d all need to not talk. The way information is gathered and disseminated in the IC usually precludes one person having information. Second, there is a digital trail about who knows what (who has accessed reports in question that could provide the knowledge Rickard claims was hidden to allow these attacks). That means that an investigation likely would find it. Third, there is no lack of jihadi wannabes out there, it’s not surprising at all that some attackers will get through. Fourth, while I hate to say Snowden is right about anything, he is right about info overload in the IC.

        I work intel right now and have for over a decade (all source, CI, and a few other things). While Rickard’s resume is impressive, he didn’t work counterintelligence our counter-terrorism, and was not an all source analyst. Which are the types of intel analyst that actually have to sift through the data and find this kind of thing. It looks like he’s spent a lot of time in other fields, or intel not involved in the sort of operation he is commenting on.

        Bottom line, what he’s claiming is pretty unlikely. And I’ll ask; what does he have to gain from making the accusations? This attention going to bring him business or other gains?


        • people always seem to make the assumption that a plot can’t be carried out because too many people are involved and someone will talk

          I’m afraid this is quite the falsehood

          look at all the secret operations carried out in WW2

          we’re still finding out new stuff 70 some years later

          people can keep secrets

          • Now and WWII are apples and oranges. Now we have a 24 hours news cycle full of attention whores like Rickard.

            Sure people keep secrets. But not the kind of conspiracy suggested. No, that’s the sort of thing people want to write books about and cash in on.

            Finally, the intel community is not technologically setup to do that, there is an audit trail for what information/messages are read.

          • “people can keep secrets”

            Damn sure they can. Just think JFK; its been 51+ years and that required a significant amount of people between it and its subsequent cover up.

      25. Unlike the 9/11 false-flag attack which was planned and carried out by Israel and our own government from scratch, the Paris attack was more a classic Gladio operation in that the government simply put all the pieces in place and “let it happen”. Meaning that rather than actually taking an active part in the attack (other than providing news black-outs and cover-up operations) the French government simply allowed it to proceed to fruition with full knowledge of the details. And of course with full knowledge and OK from resident CIA operatives, living undercover in France for years. In several ways, the attack closely mirrors the terrorist bombing that occurred at a train station in Bologna, Italy during the 1980s(?) Which like prior attacks of a similar nature were immediately blamed on the Communist party, which at that time was achieving considerable success in local elections, and on the verge of gaining additional seats in up-coming elections. Do not ever fall for the illusion that Western governments give a damn for the human rights of anyone, or the lives of their own citizens for that matter. As for as the Zionist sociopaths now in charge of the government structure of virtually every Western nation today, sacrificing several thousand innocent people in a single terrorist attack (as was the case with 9/11) is not given so much as a second thought if it produces desired results, which is usually an excuse for another war or illuminating whatever few liberties the citizens of the country are still partaking of.

        • “Unlike the 9/11 false-flag attack which was planned and carried out by Israel and our own government from scratch”

          Carroll Price, why do you believe this? Can you show me what you consider to be overwhelming evidence?

          • 14 years has gone by and Free Slave the World’s Biggest Moron has somehow managed to cling to the official pile of fly covered, rancid and maggot infested, neo-con manure coated narrative about 19 goat herders with box cutters and goat shit stains on their toenails, carrying around fire proof passports and who couldn’t even fly a lowly Cessna 150 airplane?

            Jeezus, how can someone walk around with that level of toxic stupidity and manage not to get run over by the first automobile or freight train that happens to be in their path?

            No, Free Slave. It is NOT the responsibility of Carroll Price or anyone else to do YOUR freaking homework on the events of 9-11. That is YOUR damned responsibility, pal. So, get off your lazy stinking, IQ defective, gullible, worthless, uneducated, dense ass and use the Web for something besides checking sports scores and choking your pathetic little two inch chicken while watching jewish porn.

            You can start here: http://www.911missinglinks.com/

            Or, google this: “Rebuiding America’s Defenses” and “The Project for a New American Century”

            Oh, and by the way. When a street kwap gets tired of working the street and decides he wants to become a detective, and then applies to detective school – day one, chapter one in Detective school teaches him that, whenever he stumbles upon a crime scene, the very first question he is supposed to ask himself before he begins his investigation is this: ‘Cui Bono?’ Which means, Who Benefits – from the commission of this crime?

            Now, a retarded chimpanzee with 3/4s of his brain eaten away by exotic brain worms – would take this formula and apply it to 9-11 and arrive with this question:

            “Who benefits from manipulating the United States and it’s military into starting wars against every enemy of the State of Israel?”

            If you need help answering this question, Free Slave – then you are the absolute stupidest, IQ defective, drooling moron on this planet.

        • They can make attacks happen whenever they want. It is beyond logic that they do not already, with the mass surveillance, know who are the potential jihadis in each European country. In fact, the UK lets them pass back and forth unhindered on their way to Syria and Iraq. Interestingly, a few years ago the British security services, on court order, had to remove some 600 pinhole cameras sprinkled around a Muslim-majority neighborhood in the UK. That was just one place and one time because of a court case. Imagine where that is going on that nobody knows about.

        • It would appear that the Saudis, in collusion with “our” own Big Oil Pusher-in-Chief at the time (Cheney-Bush) allowed the Saudi Arabian-national and Bush-leagued instigators such as bin Laden to do their dirt on 9/11–as an “excuse” for the pro-Big Business-only-police state that we’ve seen established since then. Most Jewish people are not in on whatever the elites are up to. It’s elitism that’s the culprit, whether Jewish or, more largely, Gentile. Blaming things on “the Jews” is quite old-hat (Esther 1-7:10) and is NOT Christian in the least (Romans 11:1)! Blaming Jewry, itself, smacks more of being a diversionary false-flag tactic by the elites than of being a plausible explanation of what we see occurring these days, and for days to come.

      26. You know there are conservative liberal’s in America. People stuck in the phony conservative vs liberal hogwash just amaze me. Bush or Clinton, they both are verifiable criminals. All the details are readily readable on the internet. But somehow people keep choosing one fake side or the other. If this insanity has gone on this long, there is likely no stopping it. Division serves the perps magnificently.

        • Aljamo ,

          Want some interesting reading this fine evening?

          Check out Teds manifesto you know, the Unabomber It will blow your mind

          • WOW.I never read it. If he had held it together, he could have been a contributor here

          • The Unabomber had decidedly leftist leanings. Something people forget. Similar to violent Wee Willy Ayers. Violence is not the way; rather, the goal is to educate and inform.

          • Yeah some one just posted that it is an amazing eye opening read on this site a few days ago.

            Leftist/rightist…. both have goods and bads. Statism is up and down and is the real evil. That’s when you start forcing your right or leftist views onto others…and THAT is the problem.

            • Yep, its one thing to want to make a difference in the world and be a philanthropist, its a whole nother to mandate that everyone be a philanthropist weather they like it or not,

        • aljamo,
          Hell no there ain’t no stopping it. Just look at the majority of the people on this site. They seem intelligent and even some educated, yet they rah rah their side of the aisle on like a cheer leader in tight sweater and skirt and go to the voting booth over and over expecting something different. And you’d think people on a site like this would be more awake than that.

      27. Slow night?
        Why does a chicken coop only have 2 doors?
        If it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan…
        If it had a wheel barrow in the back, it would be a chicken truck…
        If that barrow was filled with water, it would be a chicken pimpimg limo….
        Have a blessed night!!!

        • Eppe:
          It must be a slow night…Chicken jokes…LOL!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. REB

          • That was for KY Mom….

            • What is intelligence?
              Two men were digging a ditch on a very hot day. One said to the other, “Why are we down in this hole digging a ditch when our boss is standing up there in the shade of a tree?” “I don’t know,” responded the other. “I’ll ask him.”

              So he climbed out of the hole and went to his boss. “Why are we digging in the hot sun and you’re standing in the shade?” “Intelligence,” the boss said. “What do you mean, ‘intelligence’?”

              The boss said, “Well, I’ll show you. I’ll put my hand on this tree and I want you to hit it with your fist as hard as you can.” The ditch digger took a mighty swing and tried to hit the boss’ hand. The boss removed his hand and the ditch digger hit the tree. The boss said, “That’s intelligence!”

              The ditch digger went back to his hole. His friend asked, “What did he say?” “He said we are down here because of intelligence.” “What’s intelligence?” said the friend. The ditch digger put his hand on his face and said, “Take your shovel and hit my hand.”

              • Ha, thanks for the laugh eppe. Haven’t been around shtf to often these last few weeks. Been busy with work and kids. Hope all is well.

                Give my best to the others if you talk to them.


      28. I sincerely think something is about to happen in the near future that NO ONE saw or envisioned happening in a way that no one could of fathomed. Whether that be economically, geopolitically, politically, terrorism (false flag- or real) weather/climate or from the heavenly realms, but something is going to happen that will take everyone by surprise with shock and awe.

        • That’s a broad brush you’re wielding but I do believe you’re on the right track. It’s going to be quite a surprise.

          • Yep, i agree, POP.

            It’s going to be quite a surprise, even for us that think we have a pretty clear picture of events and biblical prophecy. We will be amazed as the whole mess unfolds before our eyes on TV. I will be watching for events to lead into the arrival of antichrist, primarily.

            Everything between now and then will be just death and destruction we have to witness, or tune out and away from.

            Imagine what shock and awe will come upon the blind follywood types?

            I have neighbors that are as blind as a bat when it comes to seeing what is coming, not to mention family members.

            Most of family will be running around like chickens without heads and i will have to say, “I tried to tell you, but you were too busy living like this world would never end, and looked at me like I was a freak on a break from reality”.

            Reality is accepting what is about to hit the rotational blades.

            • So for us its onward and upward,,,,
              Weather something happens or not my direction is going to remain the same, as it will for many of my friends,
              Being prepared to weather a storm doesnt differentiate what sort of storm it is.
              Make the best of it,

              • That’s right Kula; keep living, keep prepping, but as always try and have fun doing it.

                I forgot about that last part for awhile. But I’m back on track and living every day.


          • Sorry, it is just a sense I had last night and decided to type it out. I have thought for three years that nothing will play out exactly like anyone thinks. But events lately have really reinforced that. Examples would be the Swiss de coupling the Franc from the Euro and the ECB pumping. I don’t think a while back anyone saw the Ukraine thing. And there was something else I was thinking of last night and can’t think of it right now.

      29. I sincerely think something is about to happen in the near future that NO ONE saw or envisioned happening in a way that no one could of fathomed. Whether that be economically, Geo-politically, politically here, terrorism (false flag or real) weather/climate or from the heavenly realms, but something is going to happen that will take everyone by surprise with shock and awe.

        • Read the prophecies and realize that only those things and events that support what they tell us will happen are what will be happening.

          Nothing else is of any real importance or worth your attention.

          You can, for instance, see the rise of Islam in them – along with “Chrislam” and the apostate Church that follows unsound doctrine- and realize the everything evil will be called good and everything good, Godly good, will be condemned as evil.

          Evil will rule the entire World for a short while, forcing conformity to it, but you do not have to accept and practice it yourself. Read the back of the Book and you will know who wins and who loses and how it will happen.

      30. i don’t LikE ThAt gOwD dAmM ShovEl tHaNg. iT AlwAyS hUrts LiKE ThE gOwD DamM dEViL.

      31. When the policeman got shot in his head you could see no recoil from the bullet hitting him, no red mist or blood from any of the shots.

        Both Youtube and above top secret ATS were working over time to remove the video from the public domain so yes I think thisis all to do with removing more of our rights and to allow the government to push for more spying.

        We the people need to start building weapons to protect ourselves from the police state because when the people don’t do as they are told, the state always turns to force so don’t try telling me that talking to these criminal thugs works.

      32. The world is starting to make me crazy I just think its better to find a nice jungle island and disappear never to return to this cesspool we call civilization!!!!!!!But my wife and kids are out on that plan no cell phone signal!!!!! ha

      33. The coward pussy dumbed down slaves will give the fascist filth all the power they need.

      34. One point one TRILLION to be pumped into this failing economical currency… Psssssssst, anybody wanna buy a watch!

      35. An Open Letter to the Washington State Patrol

        ht tp://www.patrickhenrysociety.com/an-open-letter-to-the-washington-state-patrol/

        take space out from between the two T’s

      36. There is nothing hard to understand about all the lies.
        They want to achieve a goal at whatever costs. We waste energy and time disputing whether it is false or not. There is very little that we can count as fact. Maybe the Baltic dry Index or oil as indicators. Every other statistic has the touch of the manipulation factor so the numbers are askew. The final solution for them is to either make us destitute, sick, slaves or dead. Although, I too, want to know what is happening in the news to stay up to date. It is the “end game’ that we all must realize.

      37. It’s all for the purpose of finally solidifying the elites’ position as permanent aristocrats over the 99.99% or more of everyone else. The 99.99% will be the slaves that keep the .01% or fewer on the throne and living the good life. But as for the .01% or fewer: “And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.” (Daniel 11:45)

      38. Mac, My comment went into ‘moderation.’ While I confess that I do not understand these things, what I noticed is that I misspelled my moniker. Is that why I wound up in limbo? Pretty messed up when you misspell your own name. I’ll get it figured out sooner or later I suppose.

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