Here We Stand, One Step Away from a Dictatorship: “The Groundwork and Foundation Have Been Put Into Place”

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    “A dictatorship was impossible in our Republic because power was widely diffused.  Today, as we approach Democratic Socialism, all power is being centralized at the apex of the executive branch of the federal government.  This concentration of power makes a dictatorship inevitable.”

    (Gary Allen, “None Dare Call it Conspiracy,” page 34)

    dictatorship-in-americaThe aforementioned quote and book were written in 1971.  Good Day to you, SHTF readers.  This article is going to mention some of the “finer points” utilized by the executive branch (Obama) toward the totalitarian end-state he desires.  The end state of slavery he erroneously (and intentionally) labels a “fundamental transformation.”  Keep these points in mind, as we mentioned in the last article that Jade Helm is (as you readers also agree) a precursor for some unknown nefarious act to take place in the near future.

    The Executive Order is a presidential directive that holds the force of law once it is published in the Federal Register.  Now the United States has been continuously placed in a “state of emergency” since 1933.  The War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933 has enabled all successive presidents to usurp powers normally designated to the legislative branch.  Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus in 1862, flagrantly disregarding Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution that states a person may not be imprisoned without due process on a whim of the government.

    In 1937, the courts in the case of U.S. vs. Belmont ruled that executive agreements do not require the consensus of other branches of the government to be enacted.  On March 23, 2005, George Bush Jr. entered into a treaty with Canada and Mexico in which the president of the U.S. is allowed to use troops from those countries to stop an uprising or political unrest…in the U.S.  The treaty was signed without the approval of Congress and via executive order.

    Readers, I have read your comments and we see the writing on the wall for what it is!  What reason for all of these different laws and executive orders if not to bring to bear the whole weight of the U.S. government against the American people?  It is poised and ready, just waiting for the right moment to be unleashed.

    December 15, 2011 was when Congress passed the NDAA, which of course was ratified into law by Obama while he vacationed in Hawaii, signed with that “auto-pen-thing,” slipped right into everyone’s New Year’s Eve drink under our noses.  Section 1021 of the NDAA affirms the authority of the President to detain an individual via the Armed Forces of the United States, and this detention without trial until the end of the hostilities. Guess we all better hope Jade Helm doesn’t go “live.”

    Section 1031 refers to the U.S. as a “battlefield,” giving the military the green light to act in a “law enforcement” role in the U.S., and this is the death-knell of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 that the Warner Defense Act of 2006 had already negated.  We are already well aware of the March 16, 2012 Executive Order Obama signed for National Defense Resources Preparedness, in which every thing that can be eaten, drank, driven, grown….virtually everything in the U.S., including human labor…is now under the authority of Obama and his minions during an “emergency,” whether real, created, or imaginary.

    With all that has just been mentioned, there is so much more to it than this.  He must be crafted out of Teflon…nothing sticks to him.  Nothing.  Not Benghazi (or the entire “Arab Spring,” for that matter), not Fast and Furious, not the bin Laden thing where an entire SEAL Team paid the price to keep a lid on the truth (in a Chinook, no less of an ignominy…when have you ever heard of a SEAL team extracted or transported by a Chinook?), and so on ad infinitum.  Nothing sticks to this guy.  Nothing.

    Make no mistake about it; the groundwork and foundation have been put into place.  The NDAA is there, all primed and ready to be used against us, the American citizens.  The EO’s are all in place to confiscate our resources and to force us into internment camps to perform forced labor for KBR (Kellogg, Brown, and Root) under the supervision of the Internment Specialist MOS of the U.S. Army.  The police departments, local and state, have effectively been federalized by the dangling of the carrot (federal funds) in front of the jackasses (the state governors and their respective state legislatures).

    Now all that the regime needs is a good false flag, or the conversion of an existing problem into something cataclysmic. A war, or an economic collapse would be good triggers.  Make no mistake, guys and gals, we are right on the edge.  All it will take is a small shove and we’ll pass over the tipping point.  The point is that the propaganda and the conditioning of the public consciousness to accept martial law are well under way.  The “for your own safety” and “in the interests of the nation/national security/public good,” etc., slogans are going to be the keys to their pulling the trigger on a martial law scenario.

    Every day the envelope is pushed just a little further.  It is also quite obvious there are much larger forces that pull the strings of Obama: the globalists so desirous of their world government.  The UN and other foreign forces, backed by the thieves of the IMF and the World Bank are slavering with anticipation of the United States giving away its own sovereignty and becoming another “district” in their version of “the Hunger Games.” I submit to you that the actions this regime has taken toward the American people is nefarious and evil because it cannot answer the question “why” for any of its actions with any legitimacy.  There is no reason that has been given that justifies any of the things done by either the administration or its bureaucratic fiefdoms.

    Why would DHS need billions of hollow point rounds for paper targets?  Why would MRAP’s and other armored personnel carriers be sent to towns akin to Gomer Pyle’s Mayberry?  Why are all of these military maneuvers being carried out on American soil in populated areas?  Why is all of the hardware…tanks, artillery, etc., being shipped all over the U.S.?

    The answer to all of them, good Readers, is that we are now in a “soft” tyranny.  It will morph into something much harder, and the only unanswered question is “when” that tyranny will fully flower.  Let’s open up the dialogue.  The comments have been great: in-depth and thought provoking.  I ask you to present your prognosis and your ideas about where we are and where we’re going, both short and long term.  Also, I’m trying to answer as many of you back as possible, so please don’t be offended if I haven’t answered yours right away.  I’m reading each and every one of them; they’re that important to me, and I hope they are important to you (one another) as a group.

    Stay alert and frosty, and keep up the good work.  Have a great day!


    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. Time to develop your own brand of tyranny. Damn I’m glad Im not a young kid about now. Looks like the 6th extinction is here. Better luck next time I guess 🙁

        • Ya gotta love this guy, first, we’re all going down the tubes soon, then, its’ ” Have a nice day!”

          • Why shouldn’t we have a nice day? Kick back, have a few beers, think up shit to do for defenses and preps, watch the birds outside, read some shtf, feed the critters, get warm by the fire, have some more beers, it’s all good 🙂

            • I hope they spell my name right on
              the granite wall of fallen patriots.

              • I hope they spell my name right on the obscure bathroom wall because thats about the only place patriots names will be remembered 🙁

                • Genius, say it’s not so.
                  I don’t believe I could stand to
                  be relegated to the maelstrom of
                  farts from the porcelain pony or
                  the uncleansed urinal.
                  Oh, the indignity of it all.

                  • There is a scene from a 1970s movie, I *think* by Lina Wertmuller, where a man is being humiliated by the Nazis in a concentration camp. He reaches his limit, dashes away from his captors and dives into a latrine. With leg irons, he sinks, not to surface. The Nazi guards can’t stand that he found his freedom from his torture, and frantically machine gun the cess pool,angry that it is not THEY that get to kill him.

                    The point in that scene is that this man had more dignity dying in the cesspool than the soldiers.

                    One other point. Despite the nay sayers, I have a family member who just got out of the Marines. My strong suspicion is that they really don’t know who among the military would actually support a police state, and who would refuse to leave the barracks. Right now, many young people – despite high unemployment – are refusing to join the police. Reminds me of the 1960s! Point is, among the young, while many are co-opted, many don’t like the fascism. And this whole issue is why they are frantically firing senior generals, and making sure the radical homosexuals have a strong present, along with the feminists – easier to subvert the military with those two groups around.

                    • My grandfather used to tell me about Germany pre to post Hitler. The similarities of what is happening today are shocking. Hitler took 10 years but he eventually destroyed the patriots and managed to bamboozle everyone else thru gifts, social programs and when necessary death. In late 1930’s Germany the people loved Hitler. He gave them everything they wanted. They really had no idea what was really happening. they believed the propaganda even when they heard the horrible rumors.

                    • No one with more than half a brain is worried about some all powerful government taking over. These same useless bitches (1,000+) federal, state, and local cops took 4 days and a house-to-house search in the Boston area and still couldn’t find 2 young bombers. A similar batch (1,000+) of moron took 7 weeks late last year to find one guy hiding in the hills of Pennsylvania at a cost of over $14 million. A 29 y/o contract worker walks out the front door of the NSA with all their good stuff on some thumb drives and is in Hong Kong before they knew it. N.Y. and Conn., 2 of the 10 bluest states in the country can’t get more than a few percent of its citizens to register their rifles and magazines. The so-called PTB are nothing more than an old man behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz. It’s all bullshit; they know it, I know it, and anyone with more than half a brain knows it. WTSHTF there won’t be anyone there, it’ll be YOYO time (Your On Your Own). Now THAT is what people need to prepare for.

                    • @gregory8. I agree with you.

                    • I remember that scene. You could see he was going nuts and he kept saying ” I`m going to jump into the shit”.

                    • Excellent point. I hadn’t thought of that as relates to the gays and feminists in the military. Makes perfect sense if you think like a psychopath.

                  • Can this NDAA just be a paper tiger to place fear into the populations? Try that shit in my neck of the woods and somebody is going to get shot. And if it is me, its cause I am all out of ammo and fixed bayonet is next as I take more of them out.

                    • WWTI, same here. Try that shit with me and it’s all over for them.

                    • When they shut down the city of Boston, all I saw was the masses of asses cooperation with the militarized police, and no one I mean no one dared to challenge them.
                      I prey to the lord that at least 10% of the population to have the guts to stand up against the Banksters army or else , nice to know you .

                    • Gregory has got it all wrong. He is looking at a few individuals who escaped for a few days. He should look at the 330 million who have not even a clue that they are being oppressed.

                      Look at the income tax. There is NO statutory income tax on an individual (except for 26 USC #871 that levies a tax on nonresident aliens). A citizen has a constitutional right to the pursuit of a livelihood (included in the clause of Liberty of the Fifth and 14th. Amendments). Such Rights are not subject to taxation any more than a trial by jury can be subject to a million dollar “tax”. Ref.

                      The Federal Reserve embezzles $3 billion from the U.S. government daily. Ref.

                      Wall Street us using the government to fund the New World Order. Ref.

                      But this website does not allow links ?

                    • Gregory8 – makes a good point. If and when SHTF we here will be left to our own devices and safety. The main gov. units will protect certain areas and dignitaries within while the populous will do all the dirty work during the ‘take all you can’ phase. Then when the dust settles clean up the leftover resistant and call it a victory.

                • The believers names are written in the LAMBS book of life.

                  • Amen

                  • and Amen

                  • Amen!

                • There were MANY whose names also were left on latrine walls in the gulags of the Soviet Union. Yet, it is FINALLY the socialist dystopia that is forgotten – and when remembered, only with ignominy. Lies and ignorant, unworkable socialism cannot, by definition,endure. If your name is spelled wrong on a bathroom wall, be of good cheer. The evil socialist nirvana will be remembered with derision and utter disdain.

                  • By now it should be equally obvious that the constitutional republic hasn’t worked out either.

                    • There is no longer a constitutional republic…

            • Genius.

              I agree. Have a few beers and think up shit for defense. A few more canned goods, bullets or filled sandbags to top things off.
              The day it starts we will be real busy doing the final touches on our plans. So have your fun now while you can.

            • You forgot to mention one thing…. (We all need to) get “right” with God.

        • I’ll be 57 later this year and I wouldn’t trade my age with a 17 year old. Not with what I know is coming our way.

          • Rodster,

            You and I are the same age and I agree with you all the way. No turning back the calendar for me either.

            • Just a few less than you & Rodster. Agree 100%. These young uns do not have a clue what is coming at us.

            • I’m only 26 and I’ve been fully aware of what’s going on for the better part of 5 years. I don’t think age matter as much as you guys portray it to. All you need is a willingness to hear both sides of the story and the ability to make a decision for yourself.

              • I think you misunderstood our point. Based on how we are killing and polluting this planet and as we see the tyrants amass themselves against the population thru tyranny and oppression and the massive debt levels created. I don’t want to be around when the SHTF.

                • Rods, I’m in your neighborhood age-wise and I’m gonna get mine when the SHTF! Come and get it!!!!

              • Therein lies the problem. The vast majority of the public lacks the ability or desire to make a decision for themselves. The younger generations have had their decisions made for them. Public education is the root of this malaise. Hitler said it best, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

            • same boat here getting prepared not expecting too last long just want to do the best I can so my children will have a fighting chance

          • Rodster

            I have a year on you and a problematic ticker and wouldn’t change positions with a 17 year old today. Our fallback plan in the mid 1970s (and things were already backsliding) was to get a job in DuPont, Mobil, Texaco, Hercules, Monsanto, GM or Chrysler.

            Several acquaintances know that I read this stuff and depend upon me for accurate information. In light of that eventuality I know the’ll ask me so here goes. Does everyone think that the Pebble Beach Open and Super Bowl will be cancelled or will they still be on in the event of the above?

          • I am the same age. However, we owe the 17 years the SAME freedom the current 90 year old Greatest Generation left us.

            And no, they weren’t perfect. Some of the garbage today was brought in by them (think progressivism, actually dating back to Woodrow Wilson; the Fed, etc.) Still, we owe it to posterity – and justice – to do right. This is a battle not of the sword, but the pen – we need to educate, inform and teach… just like this site is doing.

          • Rodster

            I will be 62 in Sept my wife is 50. We both do Crossfit and are probably in better shape than most 20 something’s so we can put up a good fight. But my wife and I both know what’s coming and if we go out in a blaze so be it.

            Like the saying…I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees…

            • That’s the problem – you’ve been living on your knees for quite sometime, and just haven’t noticed.

              The end won’t come in a big event or ground war against the people. It’s been moving forward for the last 30 years – ever so gradual that most don’t realize it. The time for action has come and gone, we’re already under their control and those “freedoms” you think you have are only the freedoms they’re allowing you. Trust me when I say that you have absolutely no freedom in this country anymore sans the freedom to take your own life.

              The idea that you think something is coming only proves that you aren’t aware of where we are at right now.

              God help us.

              • 44

                We are fully aware of where we are. I believe it is going to come in a Big Bang. We are most likely going to have a major financial collapse.

                Yes it has been happening for 30 plus years but I don’t think it will be the slow slide forever. It’s going to break and when it does it will not be pretty.

                But yes I have watched our freedoms erode away over my 60 plus years on the planet.

                So don’t give me your smugness like only YOU know what’s happening…

            • Steve, I’m with you brother!!

        • We’ve been warned for decades about what’s getting ready to happen. Very few have done anything about it.

          • What could we have done? Voting didn’t help. Writing to Congress didn’t help. Protesting didn’t help. If you’re not good at spouting liberal BS, you can’t even get elected dogcatcher, so there’s no way for someone like me to get inside. What else is left?

            • Repent, atone with God and seek his will for you in the coming troubles. He has one, a specific mission for you that you and you alone can fulfill, that was laid out before you were even conceived.

              • Good point

              • Amen

            • Bingo

            • Vote from the Roof Tops!!!

          • Thank you guys the older generation and I say that in a good way don’t owe us young en’s we owe y’all I’m 30 and I realy wish my grandpa and grandma were still here or I would have listened a lil more learned a lil more they grew up in the 20’s my grandpa was on second wave in Normandy D-Day they seen the hard times but we will see the final battle and the worst of times a lot of younger people don’t know the earning of work or sacrifice I hrew up old school a farm boy and would not trade it for any play station xbox or anything it made me respect hard work and no money point is is thank y’all and when it goes live remember I WILL BE FIGHTING FOR YALL the last of the good generations!

          • Decades?!!! Try centuries!! Jefferson and assorted others told us 240 yrs ago what would happen!! They Sven gave us directions…that BTW…nobody followed

        • Jeremia, to answer your question as to when, I figure in 5-7 years it will be complete. After the wars calm down and the dissidents are dealt with and the new financial structure is in place for those who are left. Operation iron boot will be in full effect.

          • JJ, thanks for another outstanding article. I especially appreciate your quote from the Gary Allen book. BTW, THAT was the book that awakened me back in the 70s along with “Tragedy And Hope” by Carroll Quigley. I highly recommend “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” and “Tragedy And Hope” to everyone here. Oh, almost forgot to mention “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. The first 2 are available as free downloads on the internet. Not sure about the third one. One more is “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper, available on Amazon.

            • William cooper rocks. Poor guy cops set him up and sent teenagers there to cause trouble for him he went out with the cops putting a bullit in his head. A true rebel patriot and saint in my eyes

        • Lot of people are going to die on both sides. I’m just glad I am a patriot instead of a fucking traitor piece of shit.

          • Amen brother!!

          • Ditto

        • I’m sorry…genius?…really?…genius. Not so sure.

          • And what sayeth you Minimus?

          • I feel sure about Genius.

            • Says the guy who barely squeaked through the government education system.

              • Anon, at least you made it through!

              • Anon, yeah I made it through, maybe not with flying colors, but still made it all the same. I stayed out of college because I didn’t want to be brainwashed with any of their commie crap and I stayed out of the student loan debt trap, so hell yeah I did something right, despite what you believe.

                • Braveheart, you stayed out of college because you failed the entrance exams, period. But it’s ok because you’ll NEVER need a degree to shake doorknobs 12 hours a day either.

              • What do you call the dumbest guy to graduate med school? . . . “Doctor.”

            • TY Bro 🙂

        • Google MGTOW and watch videos on it.
          The next step beyond being a prepper.

        • Erica: “… In the early days of World War 3, guerillas – mostly children – placed the names of their lost upon this rock. They fought here alone and gave up their lives, so that this nation should not perish from the earth.”

          It’s time to take Jed Eckert into our hearts!! Mark your territory, and strike fear into the new world order….

      2. Young kids have no clue what is happening and would happily go along with a dictatorship after all, they voted for it twice in 2008 and again in 2012

        • Yeah, that’s right, it’s all THEIR fault.

        • Joe

          College age voters did help elect Obama. But not all have no clue. I taught my sons how to think for themselves. College did not phase there beliefs.

        • So who else could they have voted for? Maybe that guy from Texas who was talking about raw milk, but why would anyone have voted for him when he wasn’t in favor of going overseas to spread democracy and kill brown people? It makes no difference any more who you vote for, because they all work for the same people.

      3. I learned at least one thing from Charlie and that’s ” there is a time to be invisible”. This soon may be it…

        • Zephaniah 2:3

          • Zeph. 2:3 Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD’S anger.

      4. We have are well past the point of no return. The system can not be reformed – it has been fully captured by treasonous psychopaths, intent on lining their own pockets regardless of the cost to the rest of society.

        The only viable solution should be obvious to everyone by now.

        • Ya everyone but the psycopathic enforcers who are ultimately resposible for this shit. Troops, cops, govt agents, etc. Without the consent of the asswipe enforcers there would be no problem.

        • Here is only one of the treasonist psycopaths who wish to run the country and the help he is being given. Multiply this by all the congress and senators and you will understand what is/has happened to our country.

          From opensecrets dot org:

          Grahams potential donor base:

          Two individuals to keep an eye on are Larry Mizel and Sam Fox. Fox is a former Ambassador to Belgium during GWB’s administration, and former chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition (AJC). Mizel is a Colorado businessman, board member of AIPAC and member of AJC.

          BUT the BIG KAHUNA is Sheldon Adelson, the gambling casino owner. Adelsons’ fondness for Graham goes beyond the Senators strong Israel stand. Graham introduced a bill banning online gambling. Graham even questioned Loretta Lynch about the online gambling issue during her confirmation hearing.

          Graham has joked about this formidable funding source when he told the Wall Street Journal in April that “he might have the first ALL JEWISH CABINET in America because of the funding”.

          So do you still not get the picture? Graham is not the only candidate groveling on their knees for Adelsons’ gold. Most all Republican candidates in the last election was there begging for his support.

          Great info at opensecrets dot org.

          • OK granny, seeing that you have ALL the answers as to what should be done to fix the current situation, go ahead, I’m listening.

            • Look it up in Revelation, Anonymous. Have you been given eyes to see and ears to hear? Some have not….

              • Look up exactly WHAT in revelations? How casinos are bought and built? You’re making NO sense granny, I think you haven’t got the first clue about anything other to sit around on your computer and complain about everything. I’ll ask once again, exactly WHAT should be done here, and don’t give me any biblical reference bullshit because that’s NO answer to the question. If you can’t answer a question coherently, than simply remain silent, it’s a lot more intelligent that trying to bullshit your way through it with the bible.

                • For this exercise you’ll want to first get a brown paper bag about the size that is commonly used to carry a lunch. Make a circle, with either hand, by touching your fingers to your thumb a few inches below the top of the bag. Roll down the top of the bag over your hand and bring this into contact with your mouth.

                  It should look like a balloon being inflated and deflated several times as you breathe into the bag. Repeat until calm.

                  Now that you’ve calmed down some read the book of Revelation. I know it’s a long book so keep the bag handy, you might need to repeat above exercise.

                  For extra insight read the book of Daniel.

                  Please feel free to ask any questions you like once you’ve calmly read at least these two books.

                  • I don’t either believe or read the bible and I’m certainly not going to start now. If you want to take granny’s place here it’s ok with me, I’ll put the question I asked her to YOU, and if the ONLY answer you can come up with is ” read the bible” then it’s obvious that you are already full of ” hot air” and don’t need the paper bag treatment you prescribe for me. If your not capable of answering a simple question without thumping your bible about all over the place than maybe you’re really not worth listening to either. When a straightforward question is asked of ANY individual and is met with a cryptic response such as reading bibles, or tea leaves, or chicken bones you become nothing more than some type of voodoo witch doctor, or at the very least as credible as one.

                  • TY, Rebel…..Great answer. Some will never understand the lead up to those chapters.

          • Genius, fyi … Wayne Newton did the SAME THING as that POS Adelson, didn’t pay the contractors that built that huge wall around his Casa De Shenandoah estate in Vegas – a 500K wall – lots of POS around, why are ANY of them still around?

            • I guess only the good die young, the assholes seem to live forever.

        • A dictatorship would be fine. Then we get to shoot the bastards.
          Don’t need no permits, no bag limits neither.

      5. Thank you to everybody at you guys are aweseome! I’m a independent journalist myself and i’d appreciate it if you visited my news site You guys and Natural News, Infowars, Drudge Report are my role models thanks for all your hard work!

        • All righty then!!

          Way to get out there and try to sponge off of someone else’s success.

          Why don’t you buy advertising instead. It might save you some public humiliation. Oh, wait, then you wouldn’t be part of the free shit army cuz you’d have to pay for it yourself.

          • Thanks for jumping in on the backup Bill, but this is an open forum for the most part and the seems to be a solid resource for news. The more of us getting information out the better… Admittedly, when I first got going finding alt media forums and comment areas was a way for me to get the name out there… So long as we don’t get spammed with tons of posts/links I am generally good with folks posting a resource link.

            Again, I appreciate you keeping an eye out — the amount of real spam we nuke on a daily basis literally is in the thousands.



      6. Ready to FIGHT yet?!?!?

      7. ask yourself

        why would the cops want two or three biker gangs to stop fighting and killing each other?

        wouldn’t that help them do their job?

        yeah way more to this , then meets the eye

        • What, a biker gang riot is some kind of conspiracy involving the cops?

          • .The only difference between biker gangs and politicians is the bikers wear colors and ride motorcycles and the politicians wear suits and ride the citizens…

            • Enemy:

              Jon Corzine comes to mind. How many lives did he RUIN from the theft of their funds and yet he is a free man.

              Million dollar bonds on all these bikers and that thief is still living high on the hog.

              You need to be a government hood to survive the insanity of the justice system.

              • Whoopsie! Corzine ain’t Jewish! Sorry to put a crimp in your all anti-Semitism all the time day!

                • Anon, last time I checked, thieves don’t necessarily have to be jewish. I’ve seen them among gentiles, blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. Don’t know where you’ve been but I’m in a place called ‘the real world’.

            • And, the bikers stay true to their colors.

        • Its a hoax………..yawn.

          • YAWN is a hoax.

        • @Enemy of the State….

          “why would the cops want two or three biker gangs to stop fighting and killing each other?

          wouldn’t that help them do their job?”

          Did you not think this through, or do you just not understand what went down during that biker rampage?

          Had this taken place in some remote location, I could see your point. But this happened at a restaurant that is frequented by families (whether or not it’s a good idea to take kids into a restaurant of that type is topic for another debate) at a large shopping center that had other stores and innocent people nearby. Bullets don’t just drop to the ground. A lot of people were put at risk. The police did what they could to put the violence down as quickly as possible.

          The restaurant management bears a lot of responsibility for this. They had been warned by the police that the potential for trouble at this event was extremely high. The restaurant did nothing to mitigate or prevent it. They were not cooperative with the police at all.

          It can probably be considered a miracle that no innocent by-standers were hurt or killed. And credit should be given to the police for containing the situation.

          I have a friend who is in a biker club (not a 1%er) and he told me two weeks ago that some serious stuff was coming down the pike between some of the biker gangs. He said it was going to be a war.

          Looks like he knew what he was talking about.

          • That may be so, but I’m wondering why law enforcement didn’t step in ahead of time and make their presence known. If they actually wanted to “protect the public” this is what they would have done.

            After all, they had an inside informant that told them there would be trouble.

            Instead, they staged SWAT teams on the perimeter AHEAD OF TIME and fired from cover. Yes, they were there before the fight broke out.

            No, I presume that things turned out EXACTLY the way they wanted them to.

            Anyone with a family should not have been frequenting the bar that night. It was advertised as a “biker night” after all.

            There was more than biker gangs there that night… there was another gang…a gang of blue that ambushed the rest.

            I believe it will eventually come out that the cops killed most of the bikers…from cover. I’ve heard that they killed at least four. Cowards, protected by “qualified immunity” to kill at will.

            • @JRS…

              And if the cops HAD gone in there to prevent violence, you’d be saying that they were trampling all over their rights to assemble.

              Don’t you understand that there were other stores and restaurants in the immediate vicinity? I would imagine that the people in those stores had no idea of what was about to go down.

              The cops may very well have killed or shot most of them. Hey…..guess what….they had the right to do that.

              Look…that restaurant derives more than 51% income from alcohol sales. In Texas, if you enter an establishment like that with a gun, you have just committed a felony already, punishable by up to 10 years in state prison. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a concealed permit. Also, most of those bikers were 1%ers. Do you know what that means? It means that a good percentage of them were already felons. These were not your garden variety of weekend warrior. These guys are hardcore….no different than the crips, bloods or mafia. There could have been police inside that restaurant, and it would probably not made a bit of difference in the outcome other than there would probably be some dead cops. As it was, only the bad guys died. Why is that a bad thing? Those cops weren’t shooting at unarmed black kids. They were shooting at guys who were shooting at them.

              Waco police had done everything they could to get the restaurant management to call this thing off. They got no cooperation.

              So you tell me what else the police could have done. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

              • “if you enter an establishment like that with a gun, you have just committed a felony already, punishable by up to 10 years in state prison. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a concealed permit”…. we didn’t USED to kill people just because they broke a law, even if it WAS a felony. you sound like one of those simps that think it’s ok to beat up, taze, mace prisoners in custody.

      8. Let’s be clear about this name for socialist tyranny.

        The democratic process is only the vehicle to centrally vest power in a socialist government.

        It should be termed National Socialism. Those who support it, National Socialists. Perhaps someone will come up with a short anagram to describe these folks.

        • smokey, I call them “ENEMY”

        • They used to call them Nazis.

          • And that is an insult to the nazis lol.

          • Somebody got it. Good man.

        • Smokey

          Its not socialism but fascism at the very top. The money and resources allocated for the masses is divided up through socialism.

          Its a hybrid of both and hence very confusing to those that politically identify with both the far left (communist / socialist) and right (neo-con). Both sides accomplish the goals of TPTB.

          • Neo-cons are not far right. They are just socially conservative leftists.

            There is much confusion involving the political spectrum. That in itself is a design of the left. If they can define the debate, then they make it difficult to oppose them.

            For example, the spectrum has always defined communists as being on the extreme left, and Nazis being on the extreme right. The reality is, there is very little practical difference between those two political philosophies.

            Here’s a much better definition of the political spectrum.



            • The system, as it is, is circular: If you go far enough left you end up on the right and if you go far enough right you end up on the left.

              All part of the same thing if you step outside of it and look at the whole instead of just the little tiny point you occupy within it.

            • Neo-Cons are fascists so I put them on the right.

              • @Kevin2…

                Watch the above videos and the refute them if you can.

                Otherwise, you are just feeding into the false paradigm that’s been provided those who seek to be your masters.

          • If there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, then there is no difference between socialism and fascism.

            The far right and the far left meet at the same place on the circle, it’s called totalitarianism.

            • Excellent point smokey.

            • The political spectrum is circular.
              Far Left = Far Right = Fascism.

            • @smokey….

              yeah…except it’s not a circle. It is a true left/right spectrum with total government at the left and no government at the right.

              If fascism and Nazism were at the extreme right, then their philosophy would be one of less government…not more.

              Instead, there is no practical difference between philosophies of the acknowledged left and the “perceived” right. They are one and the same….total government.

              The political spectrum as defined by academia, the MSM and the “elites” makes no logical sense.

          • It’s Amerikan style communism, commies will do. They’re commies.
            f ’em

      9. The big question is how far will the actual humans that wear the uniforms take it. If they wake up and realize that this is bullshit and don’t fully drink the kool-aid as they are battling US citizens on US soil, it would be over in the blink of an eye. If they are “all in” on the mission, it will be a long, hard struggle with many ugly corners. I hope when the days begin, they come to their damn senses and don’t fall into the robocop mentality.

      10. At least they don’t have to worry about any resistance , Americans are to lazy and scared. They will either go along with it to keep getting fed or grab a can of beans and sit in the woods.
        No one would dare stand up and fight while it’s being put in place , they just blame political parties , when in fact they are all one .

        • go to www. skylighter .com for some ideas 😉

      11. I do not think Democratic Socialism has anything to do with the militarization of the DHS and our police forces. It’s more likely that TPTB are afraid that the American populace will reach a breaking point and there will be mass demonstrations and riots.

        For example, when the banks and Wall St. fail again, and taxpayer money–not to mention your bank accounts–are taken to save their asses, aren’t you going to be furious? Even more angry than you are now about all the crap that’s going on?

        • They don’t give a shit about us. It is part of the plan to get rid of us and have complete control over who is left. Just enough people to serve them. Why do you question what they do? You cannot go into battle and not know your enemy. learn to think like them and you will see what and why they do these things. If your going to fight a tiger, you better fookin know what a tiger is!

          • Nothing amazingly sticks to Teflon Obama….the reason?

            He is owned by the same PTB that owns the media in this country. Why would they out him for following their agenda?

      12. Pretty somber read. Although all hope is not lost we will still have our Bible GOD and our lord and saviour. Let us not forget out weapons. Though I walk through the cities of evil I shall fear no death for thy firearm and knife are with me.
        I shall finish the game.

      13. Excellent article, JJ. I have been asking myself what happens after the initial event and life as usual becomes like a good dream.

        I think we are looking at a cataclysmic shift here. It’s not just one event, but a host of events and new normals from our which our daily lives will not really recover. Perhaps only the Amish, until they are conscripted for this or that, won’t notice the difference.

        Anyway, I see whatever happens as cover for emplacement of the nwo. It may be that one or more entities have their own agenda to remain independent of the org, perhaps even some factions within .gov, despite lip service to the elites and powers that be. Nonetheless, we are going to see a large die off of the population initially because of lack of supplies and medicines. The U.S. Gov Will try to maintain order and then call in foreign “help” due to being overwhelmed.

        What follows looks to me like a one world govt, which, if established, will suck at best for the weakened U.s. Survivors.

      14. The concepts of a democracy and republic are aberrations in the history of the world – a vast majority of the time people have been ruled by war chiefs, kings, or dictators.

      15. JJ. Any advice on cell formation (ie) vietnam style orginazation used by the vietcong? In my estimation with all the surveliance and such it would be the only way to resist.

        • Dear Risky Business,

          I’ll touch on it a little, but because you asked, I will do a full-blown article on it and dedicate it to you.

          The mindset is first: best read on this is “The Tunnels of Cu Chi,” because it presents the strengths of the VC dedication and their resourcefulness when it came to fighting a guerrilla war.

          The smaller the group the more manageable. The better you know one another/better the cohesion, the more manageable and functional.

          I’m going to do this one in depth. Hope you like it when it hits the site.

          Respectfully Yours,


          • Jeremiah Johnson.

            When you write your article on cell formation make sure you go heavy on getting others to join up. I have tried the “PICK 7” approach were you put together a team of trusted friends. You know what? Nada! Too busy doing other things. Do they know what is going on? Oh yes they do. So unless you have those who are committed to doing some action, nothing will become of it. You can go back in SHTF articles for the rest of my input.

            I’m 61 and trying to get the younger guys to do some training together. I might as well talk to the damn wall.
            I don’t have the time to screw around. So when they call, all I have to say is, You’re on your own!

            I am ready. How about you?

            • Slingshot, I’m ready. Just like everyone else here, I’m fed up with all this BS. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

              • Braveheart

                JJ should write two articles. One for those under 50 years of age and the second for those over fifty years.
                We don’t have the time left to screw around. We get things done.

                • READY, AIM, CLICK, damn federal ammo grrrrr lol.

                • Slingshot LOL! I hear you loud and clear. Damn right about no time for screwing around. Keep stacking. That’s what I’m doing.


                • Boreheart you do mean the movie of my namesake, don’t you? If you REALLY watch it all the way through then you’ll know. You can’t watch just part of it to truly understand it. And you think I’m full of it? LMFAO!

            • Slingshot:
              we are the same age and I have the same trouble trying to get these younger guys to train. They come over and break out there newest firearm and go shot a couple boxes of ammo, and they call that training.
              So the last time a couple came over to shot I told them they had to qualify first before they could shot, picture jaws dropping…
              I put up targets and I told them they had to hit it 15 out of 20 times, No problem they said. Right, they started shooting and I started throwing corn cobs, sticks, walnut shells. I bet you could see their faces while I did it. none hit the target more than 12 times.
              After that they agreed that they need to train more.
              You can shot a target all day long and blow the 10 spot out but try it under stress or thy it moving around falling down, it ain’t easy
              By the way I did hit the target 18 times out of 20, but I cheated I knew what was coming, and they did not.
              It worked so make a game out of practice and the guy with the worst score buys the first two rounds…
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Reb, I love free drinks 🙂

              • Northern Reb.

                Being able to stay on target is very hard to do when objects are coming at you. I always talk about Eye and Head Protection. A Bike Helmet, motorcycle, football, M1 steel pot and then Kevlar. Shooters Glasses Military goggles or regular safety glasses. Get knocked in the head or get something in your eyes like sand or a stick and things can go bad.
                Look, I am just putting it out there and you all decide what you need. N.R., good you have guys that want to shoot. More than I have.

                Oh and camo or blacken that big fat white face in the woods. Makes a hell of a target from far away.

                Not trying to pick on anyone just that time is slim.

                • Slingshot;
                  I read you load and clear. Good luck with your group
                  Stay safe and stay prepared…
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • To add.

                  Most of our younger generation do not know war. Some have gone to war. The gangs are the closest in forming cells as they fight over turf and control of drugs. Been doing it for years. Although not very efficient at accuracy they do kill people. So to ask the average guy on the street to arm up and train with others to kill is very far from being possible. Unless he is extremely provoked.

      16. Saul Alinsky and Cloward&Piven would be proud of Obama’s accomplishments. We’re almost there. God help us.

      17. We are not “One Step Away from a Dictatorship”. We are in last cycle of its fulfillment. When the actual mass killing starts the ZOG has reached its goal. Let’s hope we don’t see article “assuming we still have internet” telling us the number of dead were only 500 so still there is hope for reform.

      18. I feel sicker than I ever have after reading the article. I don’t feel it for myself I feel it for my Grandkids. My kids are in their late 30’s now, but I have one grandson under 2 years old.

        What have we done to that generation. I should have stood up soon and yelled louder about what the hell was coming. I did stand up and I did yell some heard. Most ignored me.

        Three of my kids are Preppers one is not. She will run like her ass is on fire to her Dad when TSHTF. Dad will take her in. (boy has she got a rude awaking coming)
        If the fight comes I hope I will be young enough to fight it. Because I don’t want to be asked by my Grandkids why I didn’t do something to stop what is happening to them.


        • I’m 57 and wife 56. We both got out of the Army in 89-90. We saw this coming back then and have been prepping for almost 25 years. As for the youngin’s, our 3 are ALL on board to a point because that is how they have been raised. They prep as much as they can and help with building the retreat and other aspects. I have 3 from a previous marriage that have NO clue and could care less. They also think that they will come to DAD when it all goes south as has been proven over the years when they get in a bind and are they are in for surprise. We are almost completed with our preps (never) Gen goes to Mountains next month and we’re done (LOL). We can handle a ground assault but still looking for that 20mm AA gun 🙂

        • Continue to speak, Sgt. The battle is one of education and information dissemination. And despite the hand-wringing here, while admitting these are THE darkest days the nation has seen in terms of liberty, the days prior to the Battle of Midway, or the Battle of Britain for the West in general, weren’t exactly easy street, either. Yet they rose to the occasion. I recall one story where some commandos blew up the Nazi heavy water in Norway, thus aborting their nuclear warhead ambitions. Just GETTING to the site was an incredible feat, and one guy held off a small troop of Nazis (National SOCIALISTS) alone, with a single pistol.

          Frodo once told Gandalf, as he heard of the impossibly dark times ahead, that “I wish this need not have happened in my time.” To which Gandalf replied “So do I. And so do all who live to see such perilous, dark times. But ours is not to decide the time into which we are born, but rather what we will do with the time we are put into.” Not an exact quote but you can look it up.

        • Sgt.

          I do not want this fight. I dread this fight. But it looks like it must happen. I like you hope it happens while I am young enough to fight it. I don’t want my grandchildren to have to do it.
          Remember this though. If we are old our knowledge is still invaluable. That is what I told my father in law who felt he would be a liability.

      19. Folks the way I see is this: We are already in a Dictatorship the dictator is the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Who we VOTE for,what we PROTEST against, how we express our WISH’S, etc. make absolutely no difference for they fall on deaf ears of a DICTATORSHIP. Most dictatorship’s has but one dictator, but we are truly lucky for we have, Three: EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, and JUDICIAL each and everyone a dictator in their self or as a collective. Who could want more.. The end approaches quickly. IMHO!!!

      20. Jeremia

        What an excellent article. Hopefully it will cause some people to wake up.
        You served in the military. So did I. I have said and am sure that most enlisted or low ranking military personnel will not remove guns from the American people. Not under current conditions at least. I have thought about this situation and posted several days ago. If what I said is true then the question becomes how to get the military to act out on that order.
        You have to have something happen that makes them believe they are upholding there oath. They have to believe they are doing the right thing. I believe Obama removed many of the top brass to further his plans. If they just give a direct order to remove weapons then it is my belief there will be desertions. Then you have a command and control problem with many men going AWOL. What ever is approaching will either make the men believe they are doing what is right or may possibly do away with them.
        I also believe that Obama’s stated goal of a civilian military in the states is being carried out by the Dept. Of Homeland Security.
        I think his plans will involve Homeland Security heavily.
        Obama has never liked this country. He would like to bring it down to the level of all other countries and probably lower. All of his actions are designed to do that. I will be shocked if we make it to the next presidential election. I actually believe that August to October is the most dangerous time. Too many things are pointing towards that both religiously and politically. The pieces are lining up both here and abroad.

        1 – Raise that garden well this year. Be able to can food.
        2 – Buy extra food and a way to purify water now.
        3 – Buy ammo now and consider reloading equipment.
        4 – Make plans to medically take care of yourself and family.
        5 – If you need friends to help when the balloon goes up then consider contacting your states oath keepers.
        6 – Plan on how you are going to defend yourself and your property. Consider how you may do offensive missions before trouble arrives at your property. ( Do you have sandbags, or ways to set up defensive positions? ) ( Are you and your friends on the same page with communications and movement techniques if on the move? )
        7 – Do you have a library of books to help you with things that you may not have knowledge of?
        8 – Do you have tools for gardening and building? Tools to manually cut wood as well for fire.
        9 – Get out of populated areas now if you can. If you cannot then never go a day without checking on news sources. Then have a plan of how you are going to get out.
        10 – Do you have small children, pets, elderly. You must make plans now.

        There are so many more things I could put on the list. I only did the list because I really believe time is so short. I hope I am wrong. I just have that feeling. Please all take it serious. I don’t like dates or predictions but too many things are lining up right now. If I am wrong then good and so be it. It has gotten to the point that I would feel guilty if I did not try to sound the alarm.

        • Are you still blaming obama? He is just doing what he’s told. The buck stops waaayyy higher than that stupid house negro. All presidents are is a figurehead for powers that are way above them. Get over the illusion that politicians are the ones in power. You have much to learn grasshopper.

          • Genius

            Follow the dollar or any other thing that is considered currency and power and you find the leaders. Obama, past presidents, and congress are where the clues to the plan come from.

            My young patawan. lol

            • The creators of the fiat dollar are where the clues to the plan come from. Now snatch the pebble from my hand 🙂

              • Genius

                There is no pebble in your hand. lol

                • DOOOOH! Those damm mushrooms fooled me again!

        • Gone are the days that you could kill the Nazi with your Liberator Pistol and take his gun and ammo.

          Watch this video, it is an eye opener.

          • Implant RDF chips in military rifles. Once captured track their movement. Once they group up drop a JDAM on it. Guaranteed the gizmo electronics on the sights so common today can incorporate such a device. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did it with ammo.

            There are people employed on your dime with multiple PHD degrees, that do nothing else with virtually unlimited resources than think of this stuff, ostensibly against some foreign civilian enemy’s. The Hague Accords governing warfare and the use of certain weapons is more or less enforced by TPTB upon who they care to enforce it on. If the day comes that the gloves come off, the mega death that government, all governments can put down, due to advances in technology is beyond frightening.

          • So thats why federal ammo has so many misfires lol 🙂

          • The British did this in Malaya fighting the Communists there, included the explosive rifle rounds (powerful enough to kill), as well as grenades with a zero-time fusing. Pull the safety pin and instantaneous boom.

            It can be very effective, from inducing a small but constant attrition of enemy forces, to perhaps breaking up an attack when a grenade goes off. Just getting the enemy to rely on imported supplies rather than captured munitions is good.

        • Jeremiah Johnson: “It will morph into something much harder, and the only unanswered question is “when” that tyranny will fully flower. Let’s open up the dialogue.”

          Hi Jeremiah,

          With regards to the “When” question, I’m of the tentatively firm opinion that something big will occur in the next two years, or before Obama’s term is up. That’s when I think the soft tyranny will shed its clothes and turn into hard tyranny. I mean, Obama even said that he wants to change how news (particularly Fox News) reports the news. That’s crazy.

          Moreover, it coincides with the 4th moon of the 4 Blood Moons theory. I don’t know how much stock to put into that, but the timing is there.

          As an aside, I’m asking myself whether there’s anything that would cause me to relax my guard, even if only for a little while or a little bit. If we hold elections, and a non-Lefty Liberal candidate is elected POTUS and Obama turns over the reins (plus the last of the 4 blood moons is over), I’d feel a helluva lot better. Doesn’t mean that the worst isn’t yet to come, or that we’ve survived the worst, but rather that the fears of Executive Tyranny and 4 blood Moons have passed (at least on the surface).

          Terrific article!!!

          • You really think there could be a third party candidate elected President?

          • “Obama wants to change the way Faux News does the news”, what a joke. Rupert Murdoch donated to Obamas campaign and believes him to be a “fine fellow”.

            Faux news is there to “pander/lie” to a certain set of Americans just as CNN, MSNBC, etc., pander/lie to their audience. If you still believe O’Reilly, Hannity, Kelly, etc. are “looking out for the folks” then you are an ostrich.

            You see, there is a real difference in “pandering” VS telling the truth.

            Ever bother to look up Murdoch’s part ownership of the world? He could destroy Obama in one fell swoop…..

            • Yep!

        • Mike in VA.

          Excellent on that list. I also believe time is getting short.

        • Mike, thank you for the list. Printed it out.

          • You are welcome. If you need list Tess Pennington has some. Survival Blog has several. This site has some in the archives.
            No matter what I know I will always go ” Why didn’t I think of that “

      21. I was watching Captian America Winter Soldier today and in the movie one of the bad guys makes the comment about how Hydra failed in taking over the world because people fought back when faced with war.

        The trick is to get them to give away their freedom voluntarily.

        That is what has happened today in America. Everybody is so content with Facebook updates, Dancing with the Stars, Taylor Swift and Bruce Jenner’s sex change that they have no idea that we have already lost our freedoms. The people gave they away voluntarily for a bigger cut of government handouts.

        Now that they are gone, you can’t get them back. If you sound the alarm and raise awareness you sound like a nut job.

        So the solution is now: get a gun, get a shovel, and keep your mouth shut.

        And stay away from crowds.

      22. I always keep in mind what Janet N. said when she left her position. Cyber attack, grid down and a natural disaster the likes we’ve never seen….shits gonna get real

        • @Mail guy. I read the book One Second After. I can’t remember the person who wrote the forward in the book; however it was some high ranking military person. He said it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN. He was talking of a cyber attack on taking down our grid. I also have a friend who is higher up in the military and he also said he would be concerned with our power grid. So perhaps that is what is coming.

          • JBird

            I work in that industry in a power station. People just don’t realize how vulnerable it is.

      23. Faux news is the same shit as the rest of the media circus. Even worse in some cases as they brainwash so called conservatives into the right left bullshit. Elect a republican will make you feel better? WOW. What part of THEY ARE ALL UNDER THE SAME RULERSHIP doesn’t ring a bell? Put down the koolaid and understand that the agenda will move forward no matter who is president (puppet).

        • Yup yup. What he said. Fox lost me for good on the last go round. They pick your candidate for you. Isn’t that nice. HOW they cover each candidate steers their audience into which cattle lane we go into. From there it is an election (unless Diebold is involved). Voting makes no matter now that the media runs the show. Bush or Clinton? What’s it gonna be? Damn what year is this?

          • There’s a reason why guys like Napolitano and Beck lost their shows. They were too damn close to the truth…

      24. How many ways does one have to put it before it sinks in? The American soldiers disarming American citizens and killing American citizens won’t think that are doing exactly that. They will be told they are disarming terrorists and killing terrorists, or insurgents or any other name that fits the moment. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING SKULLS NOW.

        How many episodes in history do you naive dimwits need to examine before you get it? The people these lunatics want gone are first demonized. Then they are deemed a threat. Then they are physically provoked and when that doesn’t work, a false flag operation is run in that group’s name. Then and only then, is the full on assault activated. Right now, we’re at the “physically provoked” stage.

        So, go ahead and keeping living in that dream world where soldiers honor their oath. You see, to the soldiers squeezing one of on you, he will be honoring his oath, because YOU will be the ENEMY COMBATANT, should you fall into that group. If you’re reading this, then you probably fall into that group. Deal with that reality.

        • Yep.

        • Joe

          I agree with your post. If they think they are disarming terrorist then there you go.
          The only thing I don’t agree with is the name calling. It does not help the team.

          • No one ever accused military people of having any critical thinking skills.

        • Joe I agree we are in the “physically provoke” stage. they want and need for white male conservative to go off or lose it so they can capitalize on it…

      25. Democratic socialism lol, what an oxymoron. The double speak is strong with this one.
        Don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here waiting for the line to be crossed.

        • What is “the line” for you?

      26. Vote anyway, be prepared anyway, speak out anyway, talk anyway, use the tools at hand anyway, monitor breaking news anyway, more of us than them anyway.

      27. I have been saying similar things for a while, nobody listens. I am bumping 70 and am not ready to give up. would like some of my vet buddies to understand but they can’t believe. I will keep trying. Prayer does work miracles, maybe we need to ad that to the equation. I was told that we our prayers will not be answered if we are asking for someones death etc. but we can ask the Lord to give our enemies what they so justly deserve. God bless all who believe.

        • I’m getting close to 67 and I’m ready to do my walk across America again in “Support the U.S. Constitution”, but I cannot find any bloggers who are willing to rise to a higher cause than themselves.

          I assure you that our walk from San Diego to D.C. did make a difference….time to make your legacy.

      28. Age 21… Full of life and strength. Bring on the “Revolution from above” There are many in our brigade. We are strong.

      29. I’ve fought with words against this system for over 40 years through letters to newspapers, back then some were actually printed. I was a printer and printed anti Nixon and Poppy Bush and anti war bumper stickers. Now with today’s print media it is a total waste of time. I’ve written and texted politicians nasty letters with no response. I’m sure that I am on their troublemaker list. I am a dyed in the wool rebel and will be until the day I take my last breath. I will go out and hold an extremely critical sign in public, but I would probably be alone and dragged off to the nuthouse or worse. SMH!

      30. Well, as long as I can have my GMO only McDonalds, my iPhone surgically attached to my hand, watch Dancing with the Shtars and Kim Kardooshian on TV, listen to Lady Kaka and Mahdoona on the radio, and can attend my mindless “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-ins every Friday night, hey, I’m good with it all.. aren’t you, komrade? I don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution, habeus corpus, posse comitatus and UCMJ!

      31. Ok, this is my first post here, I usually just read them but this article deserves a comment. I think that alex jones hit the nail on the head for what tptb plans were for this. False flag staged to take out troops during jade helm. It will be a patriot patsy and the preppers patriots vets and so on will take the blame. Troops would then think their mission is valid to take out those who took out one of their own. Fortunately since aj spelled that out on air last week ot may have derailed their plan. Unfortunately I’m sure tptb have all the way through plan z ready to go operational. I have been awaking up people for years in my area and in fact have made it a talking point at our home owners association meetings for the past year.Out of the fifty couple home in our subdivision we have about 20 vet families who are awake. The funny thing is no one would ever speak of this stuff out of fear of the stigma. For years I would slowly and subtlety make comments, not too much because I had to break them in slowly. I didn’t want them to think the HOA president was nuts. Anyway, more than half are armed, and most have ar or ak varients and stockpiles of ammo and no intent of ever turning them in. We have set up our neighborhood watch both for handling regular criminals as well as shtf situations. If anyone gets any warning that its going crazy we’ve decided who is where and how to hold off small forces but realistically small arms are no match for apache helicopters and mraps but WE AREN’T GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! One of the biggest assets to have is contacts in the military and police and by networking with others we have that advantage. Early warning will be key…I just hope it doesn’t come to that but if they want a fight bring it!

        • It’s the other 30 families that will be your enemy.

        • WV

          Thanks for posting. Very well thought out and informative.

      32. The graphic at top is very interesting. For those of you that don’t know, fascism – strictly defined – is the merger of the socialist state and big business. This as defined by Mussolini.

        What is sadly ironic is that Europe may as well have just surrendered to Hitler, as the EU is almost precisely what he wanted in the first place, minus the Aryan bit.

        Google Nazi (National SOCIALIST) political planks yourself, and then ask yourself, exactly HOW different are those planks from Nancy Pelosi and vile Harry Reid?

      33. Jeremiah,
        Excellent and thought provoking. Like others here, have a BOL place to go to. Getting there before it gets blown out of civil proportion is another matter.
        I’ve planned out routes via off the beaten path (so to speak) by avoiding the main interstates (I-66, I-95, etc). These most assuredly would be points for check points and search and seizure.
        The location won’t be GPS’d either – it’ll be done by good old fashioned map and compass direction. Granted the likelihood of taking longer (that’s a given) than by vehicle is always a point in planning. As well as another item – physical capability. If this last go round is any indication, I’ll have to make arrangement with others in the team to get my kids out. Myself? I’ll have to satisfy with collecting intelligence, movement patterns and going totally grey.
        Making a cell is a good idea – forgot who mentioned that – however – make it of people that you can absolutely, beyond any reasonable doubt trust. I am as serious as can be. Verify their veracity of purpose – you don’t want one in the group to fold up like a cheap tent when they’re tired, cold and hungry – and for a cheap price of a good hot meal, cold beer, female companionship – turn you and your cell in.

        I’ve planted a garden – had a small war with the Moles in the ground – they lost – peace through superior firepower (90 grains of black powder, igniters, battery and peanut butter as bait on the powder charge). I know… I know…those little buggers have to eat too… but… there’s a yard full of earthworms that they could’ve eaten.

        For barter, it might be worth one’s while to go to a big box store – get the salt and pepper packets in the boxes. Went camping one time – found out that rabbit tastes better with a little bit of salt and pepper on it instead of wild onion and peppermint. Same with hot spices – some can be used for medicinal purposes. But, nearly any spice can be used for trade. Especially sugar. Coffee, tea.
        Improvised devices to delay and inhibit trespass or area denial – “mouse traps” work wonders with a 12 gauge shotgun shell and some McGyverism. Fishing line and hooks, lures. Wally World still sells the lead weights for fishing lines – stay away from the composite lead shot – get the real McCoy. It’ll melt down and you can use it for bullet molds.
        Just my 00.25 worth. (got to account for inflation…)
        Be well.

        • I see you live what you talk. Good stuff Cat.

        • I’m glad people are actively thinking about how easily people you trusted can turn on you. Wishy-washy and self-centered people will probably end badly. I’m passing by most of these articles now, but I’ll always come back to participate in JJ’s articles. I can’t wait to see some new info on creating and maintaining a cell.

          I’d suggest including some pointers on “internal opsec.” The operation of the day, seems to be to destroy from within, and that seems like a good place to keep an eye on. Threats are easy to deal with within line-of-sight, but not so much from behind your back.

          Infiltration and betrayal must be met with the most severe consequences…swift and to the point.

          • sixpack.

            Swift and to the point. I agree.

      34. JJ – GREAT article! Wish you were our neighbor! We are planning to relocate to the Idaho Panhandle top. Want the heck out of Los Angeles County! It takes time to get it all done, praying we get there intact. Keep up the good work, you are helping a lot of people.

      35. JJ.

        You summed it up with your diagnosis. Soft tyranny.

        Prognosis: Corporate Fascism. (the only thing missing is disarmament of populace).
        POTUS replaced by Chief Executive Officer.
        Congress replace by Czars.

        Enforcers for the New World Corporate Order will be…
        DHS. TSA. BATF. UN. etc.

        IF we can make it through November 2016…

        I am hoping that whomever moves into the White House makes ALL previous Executive Orders NULL and VOID.

        However, I fear the worst for my, and my fellow Americans’ liberty.

        I fear that it will be those that support and practice the 2nd Amendment against those that see it as an impediment to their ultimate takeover.

        Whomever decides to join the ranks of those enforcing the disarming of patriots will be the enemy…

        And so will their wife/husband, Mother/Father, children, and pets. etc.

        Traitors better have their shit tucked away in some FEMA camp.

        Anyone or anything a traitor holds dear will be a target for brutal revenge.

        “Confronted with a choice, the American people would choose the policeman’s truncheon over the Anarchist’s Bomb.” – Vice President Spiro T. Agnew

      36. Here is a lesson in Using Profanity to Describe the Seriousness of the Situation.

        Damn. Lowest alert. Everyday screw up.
        Holy Shit. Used when things surprise you.
        God Damn. Starting to get serious. Not going your way.
        Son of a Bitch. They got the jump on you.
        Mother Fucker. They really got the jump on you.
        Mother Fucking, Son of a Bitch. Highest Alert. You’re about to go down.

        • When POTUS convenes the Cabinet, that’s the taxonomy and the language that’s actually used instead of the s-canned Def-Con terminology. 🙂

        • Don’t use the Lord’s name in vane. We need him always.

      37. FWIW less than %30 of the population in the colonies from 1773 – 1783 even gave a crap.

        Doesn’t take much for a consensus shift to happen, does it?

      38. yea, Its here…
        the Watcher.

      39. Wow, very thought provoking, and I must agree the line has been pushed back many times, lol mines at my front door.
        If we were gonna stop this it should have been long ago , its been a 6 year waiting game…And i tend to agree that they have really pushed for the big one and everyone has kept a fairly level head, look at all the attempts,
        ..occupy.. Started out a fairly legit left/liberterian movement, taken over by communists, any legitimacy gone.
        …the boston affair, ….. Not one person refused to comply with unlawful searches.
        …..misc shootings…… Did not cause intended backlash
        …bundy ranch….. You know they wanted one of those farm boys to shoot, i think Reids failure to incite violence here is why he got his ass beat..
        …..racial division…. Kinda worked , ineffective….
        ….. Now blacks against police/everyone against police…. Riots havnt gotten as big as desired, also now being overtaken by soros communists…
        …..even ebola …. Wasnt enough panic/… They may not be done here..
        So ya there may never be a big event, and years of waiting for the big event may be what doomed us….. Besides dont you think they would prefer not to destroy the infrastructure while eliminating the opposition…


      40. Fantastic piece. If only there was a way to make it required reading for the still-sleeping masses.

      41. Do you know how Hitler took over Poland without firing a shot?

        He marched his troops in backwards, waving goodbye.

        The Chinese are going to do the same to us.

      42. I have learned to be careful about predicting dates. I wasn’t worried about y2k but I was one who said 08 was it, then 2012, and both came and went.
        If one were to press, I kind of lean toward this summer when things kick off and by winter or next spring things will be vastly different. How different I am not sure, I don’t think that we descend into a mad max type of thing, but I do think that violence in cities will be a problem and supply lines may be disrupted.
        I could certainly see a scenario where there are a series of terrorist attacks and/or false flag attacks that overwhelm the system where order breaks down. People will beg for military to patrol the streets to restore order and peace.
        I urge my friends to keep a well stocked freezer, a way to preserve the food, heat the house without electricity and a means of commo with neighbors if the need arises that someone needs help protecting their property. I have yet to test them but I bought 6 two way radios that I will distribute to them when I feel it is the right time. I will test them out in a couple weeks when I am out camping to verify the range will be good enough.

      43. JJ, enjoyed your article. American history/ Psychology major in college. Only once( on a very minor scale during Civil War) have I found an incidence of American troops refusing an order to shoot American Civilians. Our troops have killed thousands of our citizens over the years without hesitation. Respected generals like McArthur, and Patton led such operations. There is no doubt in my mind if ordered our troops will fire on us. I have no doubt if ordered they will confiscate civilian weaponry with “extreme prejudice”,. My solution is simple, instead of waiting for TPTB togrowstronger and eventually bring their power to bear on us, we organize cells and ” remove” THEM from power. IMO it would work but I also know it will not happen, most Patriots are honest , basically law abiding citizens and I am alluding to something far different. Most will consider this too radical and say things like,”It isn’t bad enough to resort to those tactics yet.” IMO by the time we reach that point it will probably be too late todo anything effective.

        • All true.

      44. Frazier v. Cupp (394 U.S. 731, 739, 1969) permits police to lie to the public just about any time they want. Imbler V Pachtman (424 U.S. 409, 1976)encourages malicious prosecutions. Bordenkircher v. Hayes (434 U.S. 357, 1978) permits prosecutors to blackmail defendants. When you come before the court, you come to realize how ‘free’ this nation really is.

      45. “The Groundwork and Foundation Have Been Put Into Place”

        As has the flooring, the windows, the doors, the lighting fixtures, the plumbing, the front lawn and the six-foot high picket fence all around the place.

        The only thing missing are the occupants. Jade Helm is a dry-run on how to solve that problem.

      46. The writing on the wall became apparent the moment the Constitution was ratified for it is what created the government that grew into this monster. There is no such thing as a limited government.

      47. Many of you won’t like what I have to say here but its the truth in my opinion. People will ask what can we do? Write, protest and so on. But did the south and the north just pray? Did Americans only pray when British tried to take over America. We can’t only have faith or pray for peace and for evil to go away, we have to act. We have to pray as well yes but simply hoping and praying will do nothing. Look at back in the old days, everyone went to church way more than people do now so its all of these things. Things will not change unless we cause things to change. Nothing more I’m trying to say.

        • The war of 1812 was the Americans declaring war against the British, mostly over trade issues involving the Napoleonic wars, not the British trying to take over Americans. The British won that war in the international sense that they didn’t lose Canada to American control but lost it in the continental (local) sense in that they failed to make any territorial gains against the United States, essentially it turned out to be a sort of stalemate with no one really gaining anything.

          Unless you’re referring to the British establishing dominion over the Indians (Native Americans), with their colonies back in the 17th Century, who they didn’t *try* to take them over, they *did* take them over: The Indians lost.

      48. Smoking gun! Hillary knew of Benghazi attack well in advance

        “Judicial Watch has obtained previously classified documents from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of State revealing that DOD almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was planned and carried out by al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorists.

        A federal court ordered the government hand over more than 100 pages of previously secret documents that showed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other senior Obama officials were given reports within hours of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack.

        In those memos, the DOD described details of a plan 10 days in advance “to kill as many Americans as possible.”

        The plans for attack had nothing to do with a provocative YouTube video by an obscure filmmaker, which the administration repeatedly blamed for the attacks.”

        WND dot com

        • That isn’t going to make any difference.

          The average American doesn’t really care and the Republicans certainly aren’t going to do anything about it beyond lip service to keep their people in line behind them.

          Beyond that, it’s way too complicated and long enduring for the American attention span to encompass.

          So, what difference does it make now?

      49. Deposit freezes at Greek banks ‘likely’

        “There is a “high likelihood” of capital controls being introduced in Greece, according to a report published by Moody’s on Wednesday, starting with a deposit freeze at Greek banks.

        Moody’s Investor Service downgraded its outlook for the Greek banking system to negative from stable, which it said reflected: “the significant deterioration in banks’ funding and liquidity since December 2014, with deposit outflows estimated at more than 30 billion euros ($33.3 billion), or 18 percent of total deposits, over the past five months.”

        Drudge Report

        • Direct link…

          Note: From what I have read, the great majority in Greece are paid by direct deposit from employers, retirement, etc. Many retailers, mass transit, etc. are set up to pay by credit/debit card. Banks can (and do) limit daily withdrawals. So, their system keeps Greeks more dependent on the banks.

      50. Remember the words of Churchill; NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER!!!

      51. Quit stealing posts from the Havoc Journal. If you cannot come up with your own blog posts then don’t pussy someone elses work.

      52. Non-violence is the only way. We instead need to educate and inform.

      53. Here is the plan. Bird flu is rampant in many states at this time. Already they are talking of shortages in eggs and turkeys. During Jade Helm the bird flu will mutate and effect humans and be very contagious. This will give government the authority to vaccinate everyone by force. You don’t even want to know what’s in those vaccines. All the government spooks need to do is spread the bird flu virus at the proper time and blame in on the bird farmers as a terrible mutation.

      54. The sharp curve road sign has appeared, and the “Fourth Turning” is coming up fast.

      55. This all boils down to one thing. Human Nature.

        Any time we as humans establish a government to be in charge of our societies and then leave them to their own devices, they ALWAYS end up turning on the citizens.

        Humans are the most vicious, dangerous animal on this planet. When you put us in a government that has the power of life and death over it’s citizens, we ALWAYS use that power at some point. We just can’t resist unless we are constrained in some way buy the citizenry.

        Our government is basically unconstrained at this point. So I put nothing past them now and it will only get worse.

        We have a citizenry that is ignorant of how the government is supposed to operate according to our Founding Documents. They are uninvolved in it’s operation and activity. They are merely focused on their entertainment and the gathering of stuff and more stuff for the most part.

        This is an ideal situation, prime for yet another historical empire implosion. There have been many throughout history, we certainly are not immune.

        In fact, there is no way to avoid what is coming, at this point it is inevitable. The only things debatable are the timing and the type of event(s). It’s definitely not going to be pretty though.

        I believe a highly likely scenario is some form of economic collapse possibly combined with a false flag attack(s) of some sort. Of course, the upcoming Jade Helm operation would be an ideal cover for such activity.

        The August-September time-frame would be ideal because it’s heading into the fall and winter which most of the population is not prepared to survive if things turn bad and resources limited.

        It would give the feds a little time to consolidate their power in the large urban areas and suppress them through the winter by being their “savior” and providing for their needs.

        They will then bide their time until spring when they will plan to take on the rural parts of the Country hoping that the winter will have decimated us or at least subdued us somewhat.

        The winter will be the time though when we in the more rural areas and especially the rural States must take action. While the feds focus is not on us.

        Hopefully some of the more rural States will decide to stand on their own. That would be the most ideal situation. Then there will be the opportunity to build a new regional government and basically just make washington immaterial in those areas.

        I believe by that point, many in the military will be deserting and heading home to take care of their own families which will severely weaken the feds. Technology is useless without the personnel to support and repair it.

        The feds are playing a control game right now. They think they can control everything, the economy, the military, the citizens, the media, THE STATES, and right now they can.

        However, it will only take losing control of one aspect of the coming situation for it to all fall apart on them. Once they lose control of one area, it will domino on them quickly.

        I still think they have severely underestimated the capabilities of the rural areas. We’re the ones that have been prepping for years now. We’re the ones that grow the food. We’re the ones less dependant on them to survive.

        I think that will be their Achilles Heel. We’re already a thorn in their side. I think they will have to expend so much energy and resources in the urban areas that they will have very little left to deal with us, especially when the desertions start and they will start.

        We need to be working diligently in our State governments to get them on our side. We will need them to stand between us and the feds to give us legitimacy. We need our sheriffs on board too. Know your sheriffs and where they stand.

        Then get busy educating as many people around you as you can about the freedom and liberty the Founders intended for us to have. We have to be ready to win the hearts and minds once the feds begin to lose control. If people are already in tune with true freedom and liberty, that will be much easier.

        Along with educating people on freedom and liberty, establish classes on raising your own food, store up some extra seeds to hand out in your communities.

        Encourage your community to develop a volunteer security group, similar to the volunteer fire departments in many rural areas. In fact, it will probably be many of the same people. Yes, I’m talking militia but no need to use that term. This will just be for natural disasters of course. To help support the sheriff, you know. Until they are needed for other things, of course.

        Setup communications classes using ham operators, then setup nets to keep the community informed. Even if they don’t have ham licenses they can listen and stay informed using inexpensive handheld radios if you have a wide enough net.

        What you are doing in all that is establishing in the minds of your community members that you are their friend. You are winning hearts and minds. So if the feds come calling, they will find a very cold reception.

        One small group of dedicated people in each community could make these things happen. Think about what we could accomplish in a relatively short period of time. Train the trainer and it would grow uncontrollably.

        Time could well be very short but even if it’s not these things still need to be done. Consider it part of prepping.

        We do what we can do until we can do no more, then we do more.

      56. Message to the cabal it’s elitist dictators. We will be taking a our country back, we will then dictate to you and we won’t be taking anymore dick.

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