Has The Civil War Has Begun? Left Vs. Right Violence, Just Like The Elites Want

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 7 comments

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    Americans are hopelessly devolved into a dangerous left vs. right paradigm that has now erupted.  This is just what the elitists wanted when they planned the destruction of the United States, and angry voters on both sides are playing the pawns for those attempting to cement the totalitarian enslavement of humanity.

    This “civil war” is going to be blamed on conservatives, Donald Trump supporters, and those who pretend they want freedom while also voting for the guy who says he’s going to use the military to distribute a vaccine. You cannot make this stuff up. It’s 2020, and I guess that just means most are going to put on their blinders and make sure they harden their stance with their political cult and allow it to drive their decisions, which are becoming increasingly violent and already predetermined by the mind control and propaganda games the elites contrive.

    The Angry Prepper makes the case that the civil war planned by the elites has arrived:

    It was announced on Facebook, that The “Trump Cruise Rally” that would drive into the dark heart of strife-riven Portland, Oregon. It was also touted as “conceal carry ONLY!” and began at the Clackamas Town Center.  This was nothing more than an instigation, yet the media is painting the Trump supporters as akin to the Taliban.

    Both sides are wrong here and both are simply acting like pawns of the globalists willing to do violence to keep a particular slave master calling the shots. Instead of working together to take down the real enemy, Americans have turned on each other, as has been the plan of the elitists for a long time.  This is all likely to escalate through the elections.

    Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama have both laid the groundwork for the division we are seeing, even though both are on the same side: the side of the international banking cartel and cabalists. If you can’t see it by now, the elitists have already enslaved your mind. For example, Richie from Boston and Brian from High Impact Flix and High Impact Vlogs were both censored by YouTube for calling out the left/right paradigm and making videos proving Trump is a part of all of this and the military is training to arrest and detain American citizens.

    Richie from Boston Backup channel

    High Impact Tv, Brian’s backup channel

    Those censored now, are calling out the entire system, uniting together, and elimination the entire system of control we’ve stuck in for centuries. The elites can’t have that. They need people divided and to show up and vote in the rigged system that they are tightening around all of our necks. Wake up!

    Remember, the elitists have already done an “Event 201” style model for this year’s election.  The worst-case scenario, according to their models is going to come from an election that’s contested over Biden winning the popular vote and Trump winning the electoral college. They have literally already planned this out. Your vote will be a waste of time but will also be a signal to the elites that you approve of and will continue to participate in their rigged game of slavery.

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      1. Just wait until November 4th
        You have not seen anything yet.

      2. It is not a right v left fight, it is a Democrat v Americans war.
        modern Democrats aren’t Americans. Democrats are now an Amalgam of tribes with no loyalty to America.

        • rellik, well said again. The Soros-funded-hate-America crowd wants to destroy thousands of years of civilization. Their ignorant quest for the illusion of a socialist utopia defies the historical record & common sense. People incapable of rational thought, historical context, & logic want to dictate how everybody’s life will be run.

          LIES, Damn Lies, & delusional statistics are being used in their quest for POWER. DEMONRATS do NOT have your best interests in mind.

      3. Yet another article saying this will be blamed on the right and Trump. How original. Just like the financial collapse will be blamed on him. Just how everything else will be blamed on him. What’s new? Who fucking cares at this point who is “blamed” for what. Does it fucking matter?

        Can you imagine being such a cuckold as this author? Yes everyone let them burn your city to the ground so we can look good in the mainstream medias eyes.

      4. Ever been to Haiti, or Somalia, or some other third world country or city? I have, when I was in the military. I will tell you what they ALL have in common, regardless what part of the globe. Almost without exception, there are common reasons why these countries are the way they are. One reason is because much of their populations are culturally, socially, or morally incapable of organizing further than a simple level, they are tribal, and will not progress any further (I know one is not allowed to say that because we’re supposed to believe all cultures are equal). The sum total of their cultural achievements cannot and will not induce them to develop philosophies or ideals for progress, whether materially, politically, or humanely. They have personally told me they are a people of takers, they deserve to take what ever they want and do what ever they want, and that nothing else matters to them. They said who they are and religion give them this right, even if it causes harm and suffering to others. (However, there are also a few developed hyper-ethnocentric cultures like this and they too are predatory in nature, only much more sophisticated, and seek only to take and exploit.
        Many European colonies were established throughout the world in the 19th and early 20th centuries, this was a big mistake.
        Unfortunately, now we see third world immigration flooding into advanced nations. We can’t help but notice third world traits following them, only to cause huge social disruptions and social problems. For example, very high birth rates, cultural conflicts in every part of society, incredible numbers of rape, destruction of public and private property, the demand for separate legal systems and legal institutions, special ethnic rights, the refusal to assimilate, the drain on public coffers, and so on. Only no one is supposed to talk about it. (I know, I know, even mentioning some facts makes one a racist.) They largely insist on perpetuating that which made their own native lands sh*tholes. Many even refuse to adopt western practices that would bring progress to their lives. Rather, they insist on merely tearing down another country.
        Western snowflakes have been inculcated and propagandized to despise themselves and believe all the world is good except white Christians, and would not believe what I have seen and experienced. They don’t know the rest of the world laughs at them. These snowflakes believe they are acting on behalf of “oppressed” people. In reality, these snowflakes are doing nothing more than activating for their own demise. Should America become the Marxist country they want it would absolutely have the same problems, only far far worse. The official policy would be to allow social, humane, and political conditions to become so wretched it would destroy the nation. These rioters and “protesters” can protest and riot ONLY because we are a wealthy nation. They are sustained by the systems and institutions of this country even as they seek to undo it.
        Even Putin personally said socialism (Marxism) always fails, it has failed in every country that has tried it, the people and entities that want socialism are either stupid or lying.
        Should these people succeed, who are activating for a “new socialist paradise”, have finally been rendered permanently into their wretched lives (in the name of equality of course) they won’t be rioting against “white power”. They won’t be allowed any protests with at all with their new masters. Someone once said the best way to punish someone is to give them what they want.
        Yes, we are all God’s creatures, but we are very different.

        • Bill, you hit the nail on the head with your post. My buddy went all over the world in the Navy in the early 70’s, he said the Northern African countries were by far the worst. On a side note, I met a lady from Somalia awhile back. She said she loves the United States, and can’t understand why people are tearing it up rioting when they have it so good here. She also said her own country was horrible and dangerous, people will just walk in your house, hack you to pieces,and steal what little you have. She was literally grateful to be here, unlike most of the entitled “gimmi free stuff” immigrants.

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