Gun Control Goes Too Far In UK: Man Arrested For Having A Potato Peeler

by | May 8, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 34 comments

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    A man in Scotland was arrested for having a potato peeler on his person in public without a “reasonable excuse.” Having a kitchen utensil to peel your vegetables is somehow no longer a good enough reason to have “weapon” on your person in public in the UK.

    Scott Walker, 39, of the James Bank Hostel, James Street, appeared in custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. Walker ended up behind bars after being found in a Dunfermline street with an offensive weapon, a potato peeler.

    He admitted that on Saturday in Appin Crescent, a public place, he was in possession of an object that which had a blade or was sharply pointed; the aforementioned potato peeler. Defense solicitor Selina McKay said her client “suffers from significant learning difficulties which have been lifelong.” Apparently, that’s how to defend a person who wants to peel their potatoes.

    According to Breitbart, Walker was charged under the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995.  Sheriff Pino di Emidio ordered that Walker should return to the court on May 16th for sentencing over the crime, for which he could receive up to four years’ imprisonment. The man was on bail for another unspecified offense at the time of his arrest.

    The unusual arrest comes amid heightened public interest over knife crime, as UK capital London experiences an unprecedented crime wave with 62 suspected murders in the capital so far in 2018 — leaving the city overtaking traditionally higher-crime New York for the first time in over 200 years.

    But this isn’t the first time the UK has decided that all types of human rights are illegal. You can’t even defend yourself or your property in the UK without facing criminal charges.

    The police were called to a residential street in the suburb of Hither Green in the south-east London in the early hours of this morning after the pensioner reportedly found two men inside his home.  It was understood that the homeowner had been forced into his kitchen by a burglar armed with a screwdriver, where a struggle ensued. That struggle left one of the intruders bleeding from injuries to his upper body. The suspected burglar, who was 38-year-old, was rushed to hospital but later died. The 78-year-old homeowner was initially detained on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm but was later arrested on suspicion of murder. -SHTFPlan

    Not to mention self-defense is a basic human right. Those who understand self-preservation want the best and most effective tool at hand to save their life. and those in the UK are being denied that fundamental right by the very law the government promised would protect them. –

    While London is an ostensibly gun-free zone and ever-increasingly a knife-free zone, a number of the killings have been shootings, while others have been committed with knives. Looks like no amount of gun control will ever work.


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      1. I’d suggest carrying chisels, auger bits, hammers, pipe wrenches and any other construction tools they can think of. Ban those and all manual trades would have to just stop.

        • I would suggest carrying a gun, regardless of the law.

          That being said, I have never been searched by the police. I have been pulled over about 20 times in my life for speeding, but nobody ever searched me or my car. Of course, I am good citizen, not a turd.

          What prompts police to search people for potato peelers?

          Maybe this guy was causing trouble and brought undue attention to him self.

          • JS, I carry certain self-defense items with me everywhere I go ever since Waco. I don’t even follow any restrictions on self-defense. Don’t follow anything that violates the constitution. I live by the Bill Of Rights, NOT some tyrannical BS.

            • My forefathers saw this BS Tyranny in England back in the 1630’s with the Tyrant King Charles, and got the heck out of there in 1638 and sailed to Boston Harbor to start a free life in America. I imagine they were preppers or called something else. He was a Captain in the Military as they were setting up independent colonies.

              The first colonial constitution – Jan 14, 1639 – –
              In Hartford, Connecticut, the first constitution in the American colonies, the “Fundamental Orders,” is adopted by representatives of Wethersfield, Windsor, and Hartford.

              The Dutch discovered the Connecticut River in 1614, but English Puritans from Massachusetts largely accomplished European settlement of the region. During the 1630s, they flocked to the Connecticut valley from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and in 1638 representatives from the three major Puritan settlements in Connecticut met to set up a unified government for the new colony.

              Roger Ludlow, a lawyer, wrote much of the Fundamental Orders, and presented a binding and compact frame of government that put the welfare of the community above that of individuals. It was also the first written constitution in the world to declare the modern idea that “the foundation of authority is in the free consent of the people.” In 1662, the Charter of Connecticut superseded the Fundamental Orders; though the majority of the original document’s laws and statutes remained in force until 1818.

              • TSB, interesting background of your ancestors. My ancestors hailed from Stratford-On-Avon in west central England near Birmingham. They came over in the FIRST group of settlers under Captain John Smith in 1607 and founded Jamestown in VIRGINIA. That is where our nation’s story truly began, NOT at Plymouth Rock. My ancestors and others had already settled part of Virginia and were exploring further west when the mayflower set sail.

                • how quaint 1607? My ancestors were here since before yours wore kilts 😛

                  Oh the dutch found the connecticut river? I didn’t know it was lost

            • You are such a clown. Such bravado.

              The image you portray is that of a pathetic under employed thirty something that is desperate for afirmation to fill that void in your life that would normally e filled with actual achievements.

          • Speeders are not good citizens. Speed kills.

            • Speed is simply a measure of velocity, of which the Moon orbits us at 2,286 MPH – and never killed anyone.

              It’s the sudden stop at the end which kills and, only stupid people are proven to have and cause such sudden stops.

              Anon, You sound guilty.

              1. Grow up
              2. Get a name

            • Strangely NO as independent and scientific studies shows incontrovertibly that speed in all fatalities related to vehicle deaths are less than 7% specific to speed. This relates to not ‘driving to the conditions at hand’ and is merely a factor but NOT THE CAUSE. If speed kills then fighter jets and racing cars would be guaranteed deaths every single race. Dont be brainwashed into beliveing the lies of governments and cop tax collectors.

      2. HAHAHAHA
        Just goes to show ya one more time

        YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!

        • Notice in the adds just below this article they are selling potato peelers. HAHAHAHAHAH…….

      3. Germany makes better utensils.

        Remember the Korean woman shot by USA police in her own kitchen.

        I have a silicone spatula. I am free this afternoon if you need a spanking.


        • Did I see you coming out the back door of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s residence holding that spatula?

      4. I live in a state where you cannot defend yourself in public
        without fear of prosecution. If I see a cop being beat to death,
        I’ll just walk away. You get the idea?

        • These people never have seen death wish with Charles Bronson.

      5. So, the UK has gone from this (in 1829):

        “His Majesty’s dominions, on which the sun never sets”

        To this:

        UK citizens must have a reasonable excuse when “caught” with a potato peeler, and if not they are convicted.

      6. It wasn’t a potato peeler. It was a semi-automatic assault potato skinner with evil extendable stock and peel suppressor.

        Victim’s of potato ethnic cleansing will not tolerate peelers of mass destruction.

        • LOL

        • JS, LOL! Good one!

        • Really a good one. LOL and thanks. BTW if we let the socialist/fascists in the USA their way, we will be in the same situation. Never give up your weapons!

      7. Hey! If it had a black handle, it’s an assault potato peeler. Hah! So there!

      8. Must see ? Fabio ,Don’t give up your guns.

      9. If it had a black handle, then BLACK POTATO PEELERS MATTER! LOL!

      10. Fries with that?

      11. You have to feel sorry for the poor bast**ds in England. Their ancestors gave the key to self-determination back to the King. Patriotic Americans know the “key to self determination” is the proper means to protect ones family and self from any criminal. The brain-dead snowflakes will never succeed in stealing that right from us.

      12. Fucking Brits are all ass backwards. lmao.

      13. When potato peelers are outlawed, only outlaws will have potato peelers..

      14. A Scot with a potato peeler is WAY more dangerous than a black or Muslim street thug. They know that. Scots are the crazy street brawlers of the UK. The ‘nutters’ who will do your nut.

      15. “Drop the spud! Drop the spud!” Blam! Blam! Blam! “The suspect left me no other choice, your honor. He reached for his potato peeler and I feared for my life.”

        So I wonder, who is doing all these knifeings lately in the jolly old UK?

      16. Sometimes you get exactly what you vote for. Its too late for crying if you chose to live in a country like this. Revolt or vote with you feet are the only paths available from this heard of sheep.

      17. If keeping and bearing arms, how is one “arrested” for it? Then why keep and bear arms?

      18. Get a copy of the koran. Hollow out the interior of the Koran and carry your potato peeler there. The police will leave you alone. Don’t take this on an airplane! While they are not Monty Python’s killer rabbits, killer potatoes can get pretty mean and are known to hate Scots. In Scotland, it is always wise to carry a potato peeler to fight off killer potatoes!

      19. This is absolutely insane. Everybody knows it’s only the potato that is capable of committing a crime.

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