“Ground Invasion Is the ONLY Effective Way”: What A War With North Korea Would Look Like

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.

    Editor’s Comment: As Brandon Smith rightly notes, war with North Korea is “a big red button that the elites can press any time they wish.” Although Kim Jong Un likes to project a false image of manhood by menacing the world with missiles and defiant rhetoric, the petty dictator poses no real threat and has not attacked the U.S. The truth is that North Korea is just another welfare queen who make ransom deals with the West for cold hard cash to keep their regime going, and in the inner circle wealthy, despite the impoverish condition of the population.

    Nevertheless, a war with North Korea would still be quite ugly, dangerous and costly. Brandon makes the case that the terrain would prevent U.S. supremacy with mere air strikes; instead, it would mean ground forces. South Korea, our ally, could be attacked and would almost certainly be drawn into the war. Nukes could destroy major cities in the United States, South Korea or elsewhere – if they work. Nobody knows how far they would really take things, but it is clear that it would accomplish Zero in the MAGA department, and could be unnecessarily costly in human lives. The key to watch will be the behind-the-scenes relationship between China and the United States… and how many more times President Trump authorizes a missile strike, or has a ‘beautiful cake’ moment during desert with President Xi.

    What A War With North Korea Would Probably Look Like

    by Brandon Smith

    Back in 2013 during the last major flare up between the U.S. and North Korea I wrote an extensive analysis on the North Korean wild card and how it could be used by globalists as a catalyst for international economic instability titled ‘Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe?’ As I have warned consistently over the years, like Syria, North Korea is a longstanding chaos box; a big red button that the elites can press any time they wish to instigate a chain of greater geopolitical tensions. The question has always been, will they actually use it?

    Well, it appears that under the Trump administration the establishment might go for broke. I have not seen U.S. war rhetoric so intense since the second invasion of Iraq, and all over missile tests which have been standard fare for North Korea for many years. With whispers by Trump aides of a possible 50,000 boots on the ground in Syria, and open discussion of preemptive strikes in North Korea, this time kinetic conflict is highly likely.

    Yes, we have see such military pressures before, but this time feels different. Why is an aimless quagmire war with massive potential global financial repercussions more likely under Trump? Because Trump ran under a nationalist conservative banner, and he will forever be labeled a nationalist conservative even if his behavior appears to be more globalist in nature. Rhetoric is often more psychologically powerful in the minds of the masses than action. Therefore, EVERYTHING Trump does from now on will also be labeled a product of the “nationalist conservative” ideology; including all of his screw-ups. And, with Trump in office the establishment is perfectly happy to pursue actions once considered taboo, because demonizing conservatives and liberty proponents is one of their primary objectives.

    When the real insanity starts, liberty movement activists will gnash their teeth and scream at the top of their lungs that Trump is “not acting like a conservative,” so how can conservative thinking be blamed by extension? But these people just don’t grasp the thought processes of the human mind. No matter how much we try to separate ourselves from the Trump-train if (or when) he goes full-bore globalist, our efforts will be futile. The mainstream media has spent considerable time and effort making sure that all of us are lumped in with the so-called “alt-right.”  Remember, I tried to warn the movement about this long before Trump won the election.

    Currently, there are questions as to whether or not a naval task force is en route to North Korea.  I would not trust the latest reports that all units are headed to Australia when Vice President Mike Pence is in Japan yesterday saying “the sword stands ready”.  Could this be more posturing or a precursor to a strike scenario? I am reminded of the U.S.S. Maddox which was sent to patrol the waters off of Vietnam, the same destroyer that reported an attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats which was used as justification for the initiation of the Vietnam War. As it turned out, no such attack actually occurred.

    The presence of a U.S. fleet off North Korea could only be intended to instigate further aggression, not defuse the situation.

    So, if war with North Korea is inevitable given the circumstances, what would such a war look like? Here are some elements I think are most important; elements that make the war almost unwinnable, if winning is even the purpose…

    North Korean Air Defense

    The North Koreans spent the better part of the last war with the U.S. being heavily battered by air bombardments. They have had plenty of time since then to consider this problem and prepare. Even the most gung-ho American military minds are forced to admit that using only air based attacks in North Korea is not practical. And where we have been spoiled by steady video streams of laser guided hell dropped on Iraqi and Afghani targets in the past, don’t expect things to go so easily in North Korea.

    While North Korea is still rife with economic problems (like every other communist and socialist nation), they still have an industrial base and produce many of their own arms. This includes and extensive missile net backed by a maze of radar systems. Their air force is by all accounts obsolete, but as I have mentioned in the past, advanced missile defense is the wave of the future. It’s cheaper and can render expensive enemy air force and naval units impotent.

    North Korea uses an indigenous built surface-to-air missile (SAM) system called the KN-06 which is as capable as some Russian SAM systems. They also field huge numbers of MANPAD (man-portable air defense) units against planes and helicopters attempting to dodge radar defenses at low altitudes. This is layered on top of a vast array of anti-aircraft artillery. And, most of this anti-air apparatus is either mobile or based underground.

    What this means is, a ground invasion is the ONLY way to attack North Korea effectively and make room for air units to strike interior targets.

    Underground Facilities

    The Pentagon estimates at least 6,000 to 8,000 underground military facilities in North Korea. New bases are being discovered all the time.  While “bunker buster” bombs can possibly damage these facilities, it is unlikely that they would be completely destroyed or rendered ineffective. There is also an estimated 84 large tunnels through mountains on the southern border which would allow an immediate invasion by North Korean ground forces into South Korea. Only four of these tunnels exits have been found and blocked by South Korea.

    It is important to remember that underground infrastructure has always been the bane of the modern western military. These facilities will not be taken by air. They will have to be taken the hard way — with ground troops.

    North Korean Infantry

    In 2013 the Department of Defense reported North Korean ground forces at around 950,000. This, of course, does not count their nearly 8 million infantry reserves. They also boast over 200,000 highly trained paramilitary soldiers. North Korea has no means whatsoever to project these forces overseas against the U.S. or anyone else other than South Korea. The only way they can do damage to U.S. forces is if we show up on their doorstep.

    Since a ground invasion is the only way to proceed with what will obviously be “regime change” in North Korea, U.S. forces will be facing an endless mire of mountain warfare worse than Afghanistan with limited air support options. If it comes down to a war of attrition rather than superior technology, victory will be impossible in North Korea.

    The Nuclear Option

    The consensus view among military analysts is that North Korea will never attempt to use nukes offensively because the resulting retaliation by the U.S. would be devastating.  But you often do not hear much discussion about NK using nukes defensively, and what that would mean for an invading army.

    I agree that though the mainstream media is bombarding us constantly with images of a psychotic dictatorship, North Korea is not insane enough to use nukes against the U.S. or its allies outright. If such an event did occur, I would immediately suspect the possibility of a false flag because there would be zero gain for North Korea. That said, in the event of a ground invasion into North Korea, the use of nuclear weapons becomes highly advantageous for Pyongyang.

    Consider this, with vast numbers of U.S. ground forces operating in the region, nuclear retaliation by the U.S. is simply not going to happen.  A pullout of most troops would have to take place. North Korea needs only one nuke strike to destroy a U.S. fleet or hit a large civilian target in South Korea killing potential millions or hit a U.S. troop base in South Korea killing tens of thousands of American soldiers.

    Once we commit ground troops into the region, we make a nuclear attack USEFUL to North Korea, when it never would have been useful before. This is why the preemptive strike rhetoric based on a rational of stopping a “more nuclear capable” North Korea is either pure stupidity or an engineered crisis in the making.

    The Chinese Question

    Is China’s strange shift in support of tougher actions against North Korea legitimate? Well, if it is, then I think this would support my longtime assertion that China is NOT anti-globalist at all, but just another branch of the globalist cabal. Perhaps Trump’s refusal to label them currency manipulators is also evidence of this. That is a discussion for another time, though.

    China’s sudden softening of stance against U.S. pressures on North Korea seems to me to be the most blatant signal that an actual war is coming. If China refuses to present military or economic repercussions to act as a deterrent to invasion, then an invasion is likely to happen.  This does not mean, though, that a future crisis between the U.S. and China is not scheduled.

    In fact, an invasion by America into North Korea opens numerous doors to all kinds of crisis events the establishment can exploit. For example, how many people are naive enough to expect that U.S. air maneuvers will respect Chinese air space restrictions? I hope not many.  Having American military units in a war stance so close to the Chinese border is a recipe for disaster, and I am not necessarily referring to military disaster.

    War, contrary to popular belief, is not good for the economy. In fact, war is the perfect poison for economic trade and production. The U.S. in particular is utterly dependent on the international use of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Without this status, the American economy is dead in the water. China is a central pillar in global trade and could, with the help of a few other nations, kill the dollar’s reserve status very quickly.

    If you are curious as to why international financiers would be interested in undermining the U.S. economy in such a way, I suggest you read my article The Economic End Game Explained. The greater point is this — a war with North Korea would have nothing to do with North Korea. It would only be a means to a greater end. There are those people out there who claim to be “conservative” that always weasel out of the woodwork in times like these to pound the war fever drum.  But if you think that forced regime change overseas is America’s job or duty you are not a conservative, you are a statist.

    I also cringe at the crowd of dupes that constantly bubbles to the surface claiming this time around, the invasion will be “easy”, parroting the party line.  “Done in two months!”, they say.  The delusion inherent in this thinking is astounding, and comes from the old-guard Republican/Neo-Con ideology.  Remember how quick and cheap they said Iraq and Afghanistan would be?  At bottom, there is little or nothing to be gained by Americans in this kind of conflagration.  So we should be asking ourselves, who actually would gain from it?

    This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.


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      1. you are nutty as hell a ground invasion in north korea would be a disaster for us.

        • Kim Dong Poon, we’re coming for you next.

        • Brandon,
          “The presence of a U.S. fleet off North Korea could only be intended to instigate further aggression”

          This has been denied by the Pentagon, and is not an accurate report. I suggest you STFU. You go from a self proclaimed economic guru to a military strategist in the stroke of a keyboard. Your ignorance is beyond belief. A ground invasion????? you are an ignorant fool.

          • He got lucky with his forecast of Brexit and Trump’s presidential victory, and now he seems to act like he’s a guru. Having said that, this might actually be the first time he has inched towards a kind of pseudo WW3 scenario, as opposed to his favoured economic collapse prediction. Maybe he’s starting to get what the globalists are really planning.

            • Been following Smith for years since the Neithercorp days. He is almost always right. Dozens of predictions all correct. I know he was dead on with Brexit, Trump, Syria, and the Fed interest rates. He’s not a guru, but you can’t argue with the fact that he is usually right.

            • Maybe NOT, back on April 12 Brandon said, here on SHTF,

              Brandon Smith: The Next World War “Will Be Economic… Not Nuclear

              I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know much of what he writes.

              • A First Strike by the USA on N korea will not start a “World War”. It makes World War less likely for the major players.

                Kim has over stepped his bounds and has made the world a much more dangerous place for everyone in it; Russia and China included.

                He is now expendable and has out lived his usefulness. 🙂

          • jasmine you saying the US fleet of N Korea is not provocative? what if a Russian fleet was 30 miles from NYC? what would we say?

          • Brandon, another good article, but I must respectively disagree about a ground invasion being the way to go. Like Charlie said, a ground invasion would be a disaster, not to mention we don’t have the manpower for such a venture. I say it’s best left to China to deal with NK.

            • Braveheart, he said a ground war would be almost unwinnable. I sometimes think the people here don’t read the articles at all and just use this site more like a reddit forum!

            • Brave
              I have to agree with you my father fought those little yellow bastards in 1951,52 before they almost killed him.

              No luck in Tenn. on the land hunt last week end. But when I got home my new M1 carbine was in. 1St generation Universal Deluxe, Serial #29xx4. All military parts. Never been fired.


              • Hey buddy, force any kids in Tennessee to any strip searches?

          • +Jasmin That’s not what he said, moron. He said IF a carrier group is being sent, which Pence today claimed it is, then it would only cause a confrontation. He also said basically a ground war would be a disaster and almost unwinnable. You are so stupid you didn’t even read the article before ranting, lol!

            • Charlie, you are right. A ground invasion would be a disaster. Does anyone think that by the time we got enough troops in place to invade, and that is if we could get that many troops and equipment to do this that little Kim is just going to set there. He does not have to use nukes. I was in Korea 65and 66. Every Saturday we would have briefings on the subject of the north coming across the line to the south. Eighty percent casualties to Seoul in two weeks. You see the number of troops the north has, we have reduced the size of are troops. Even with south Koreas troops it would be a blood bath. Then once they have invaded the hole country. I do not believe we have the troops and equipment and the industrial might to mount a invasion. It would mean beach assaults and all that relly bloody stuf.


        • I think we will be alone on this one.
          Other countries are still pissed off at us over IRAQ.

          So much for N.A.T.O.

        • You got that right Charlie. Brandon’s “analysis” is a great example of a “strategist” whose experience is based upon playing “army” and “cowboys and indians” in his mother’s back yard.


          “What this means is, a ground invasion is the ONLY way to attack North Korea effectively and make room for air units to strike interior targets.”

          Stupid. No ground invasion is necessary AT ALL. Seal Teams will be dropped behind lines to paint N Korean targets.

          N korea’s air force AND air defense is PRIMITIVE compared to US technology. In a First Strike, from three US Carriers and a number of submarines; the US could EASILY take out Kim’s command and control centers, eliminate ALL nuclear weapons, and let the B-52’s carpet bomb NK artillery positions, suppressing and minimizing the damage to S Korea. Russia is not the only nation with a localized emp weapon.

          That is just the first wave of “shock and awe”.

          Kim has killed most of his top commanders and NO ONE makes a decision without his ok. Communications will be cut and there will be no direction from Kim or his remaining closest generals.

          The Fat Kid will be dead.

          The US will continue to bomb and eliminate the N korean MIC and S korea will move to reunify Korea with whatever remaining authority is left in the North.

          If Kim attacks first, S korea is well within its right to invade and take over the North after the US Air Force and Navy eliminate N korea’s MIC. N Korea will be NO MATCH for S korean Troops supported by American air power.

          After the smoke clears there will be a MASSIVE humanitarian effort led by China and the UN to feed, clothe, and shelter the survivors of SHTF Korean Style before Winter, in Korea.

          After the First Strike, I give this POLICE ACTION about 30 days; 60 MAX !!!

          BTW TRUMP is not going to put 50,000 troops on the ground in Syria. That’s a crazy idea. 🙁

          • +Durango Yet another garbage analysis from durango who always talks about credentials but has none, and his predictions which he can never produce any proof of, lol!

            • Check the archives, asshat. My analyses have been spot on. You are invited to pick ANY specific “prediction” and debunk it …. if you can.

              Be specific. 🙂

              • LMAO! Classic Durango, never supplies evidence to anything! Show me TWO examples of predictions you’ve made here that were proven correct. Just two, with links. I repeat – I want direct quotes by you and links to those quotes. If you are as fantastic as you’re always bragging then this should be easy. I’ll wait. But I know you won’t show any links, because you are the biggest fraud on this site, Kid.

                • YOU are the one claiming that I don’t know what I am talking about. YOU find just ONE !!!

                  Can’t. 🙂

                  • No, I said you’re a fraud that never comes up with any links or evidence proving that you have ever been right or made a correct prediction, and you are making my point right now. Where’s those links and quotes I asked for, Durango? I only asked for TWO and you can’t even provide that! LOL! What a loser! All you can do is demand that other people should have to go sifting through the “archives” for your predictions. Well I’m demanding that you PROVE that you’ve made two correct predictions here on SHTF, since you are always saying you make great predictions all the time. Can you do that or not? It’s a simple question. It’s not my job to prove you know what you’re talking about, it’s your job.

                    • The onus is on YOU to debunk me and prove I am a fraud to back up your claim. You can’t. That’s the way the adversarial process works in America, dumb shit !!!

                      Even in Utah.. 🙂

          • Let me be obnoxious here…can you Yanks honestly say that yr wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a success. ..look at the places..total chaos,fractured and a hot bed for radicalism. As for The Koreas, just how successful will the United Korea experiment turn out. Japanese troops in Korea? How will that go down with the Korean Citizens? NK has massive manpower,no amount of technology can effectively deal with a guerilla war on that scale..because after the first initial strike that’s what the war will evolve into..think Vietnam on a massive scale. China will need to maintain a buffer for herself at all costs…an American controlled Korea with Japanese troops will not be entertained .By the way,didn’t the Yanks have a go there before?? How did that turn out? Underestimate yr enemy and pay the price…in the blood of yr young people.

            • There will not be any Japanese troops on Korean soil. Neither will there be any occupying American presence. TRUMP will eliminate the nuclear threat to America and withdraw.

              The US, China, and Russia will cooperate to stabilize the Korean peninsula and pacify it, like they have done with Japan. A nuclear NK would justify a nuclear Japan. None of them want that.

              Chinese, and South Korean factories will be built in NK and the slaves in North Korea will come to believe that “wealth is glorious” when they start making a dollar a day. Globalism, alive and well.

              Yeah, it could happen. 🙂

        • Sorry Charlie.
          Time to go.

          Make Peace. Not War. Be kind to each other. Help one another. Stand up for each other.

          Chickens, rabbits, goats, seeds, food, medical goods, tools, building supplies, are MUCH better investments than gold or guns. You can’t eat gold.
          More food is good idea. Women and children like to eat.

          Leave the cities. Leave the US. Police state is here. So we go.
          Best to you all.

        • 50,000 troops against a million dug in North Korean’s living in extensive tunnels systems that will fight a guerilla war. Good luck with that. Then they want to ‘do’ Iran who would also fight a bloody guerilla war.

          • My point exactly!

        • CIA TROLL.

      2. Smoke, it is all smoke! A ground invasion would be a disaster.

        Louisiana Eagle

      3. Technology post computer chip has increased virtually exponential. If a nations military is a decade behind its extremely significant, two or more a wash. This assumes that you don’t fight “their war” and foolishly go, ‘manno to manno”.

        1. air superiority immediately

        2. air supremacy within less than a week
        a. ground forces cannot be resupplied

        3. if we know it exists it’s effectively bombed

        The reality is its only the nuclear weapons delivery that matters. Those sites are toast.

        The US or any highly technological power have far more difficulty with the guerrilla with an IED than a major military force unless it has technical parity such as Russia.

      4. Charlie, Did you understand the article?

      5. are you people nuts…attacking north korea is stupid…..they have a 1,3 million man army to start….and never mind the jihad soldiers they have….you mess with north korea you are messing with a hornets nest….and the result will not be pretty….also what about south korea….you fu*k with north korea , they will be fu*king up the south….DO NOT ATTACK NORTH KOREA …bargin with north korea…hey trump isn’t that what you do ???

        • If the balloon goes up S.Korea/ SOUL will be a parking lot in less then 24hrs.

          All of N.Korea’s guns will come out of the mountains.

          • L.A. or Seattle could also be a parking lot if they get a sub close enough with some SLBM’s.

        • Yep, welcome aboard and you make some good points. Let China deal with them.

        • Read the article before commenting.

      6. There is no US Fleet off the NK Coast.
        The alleged fleet is steaming towards the India Ocean

        • Another head fake from the Trump administration. The armada took a detour somewhere.
          Could it be they had to pick up some spare parts? Leads me to think Delta Force and the
          Seal teams are not in theater as well. No doubt some additional planning was needed.
          Lets see. If the Pentagon estimates 6,000 to 8,000 underground targets, thats a whole
          bunch of Tomahawks and MOAB’s needed to get things started. Plus it would be prudent to take out all the ballistic missile launch sites. All the artillery lined up along the DMZ.
          All the radar and SAM launchers. All air bases. Naval bases. Ammo dumps. Army bases.
          Holy Tapdancing Shit. Trump’s thinking we will now need the entire Pacific Fleet plus build
          a coalition because Tomahawks cost 1 million smackers a pop. That and only 7 out of every
          10 Navy aircraft are fully functional. I’ll bet Domino’s is delivering a lot of late night pizzas
          to the Pentagon. If they wanted to get the most bang for our buck, I say use neutron bombs
          on the nuke sites and save the other ordinance for everything else. Don’t see how we can
          EMP the NK’s without South Korea being affected. Well Donald Trump, you wanted to be
          president. Still want to do this? It’s a good thing he’s not a drinking man.

          • We can emp N Korea without S Korea being affected. Boeing has a cruise missile that can emp a single building.

            The first rounds of the First Strike will probably be these missiles turning N Korea “DARK” following and/or in conjunction with a cyber attack, shutting the country down.

            Don’t think the DOD hasn’t planned this attack out and simulated it many, many, times. That’s what they do. 🙂

            • Ok,so give them an EMP blast. Immediate old school guerilla warfare mode….you would have to shoot every civilian you came across because you wouldn’t know who they were….until it is too late and you have an old school 7.62 short round in yr head. Have a chat with a Vietnam vet,very educational.

              • I am a Vietnam Vet. No, you don’t have to shoot every civilian you come across. You shoot those who are armed.

                The peasants in NK are not armed. They were not armed in Vietnam either, but the Viet Cong were. 🙂

                • Another lie from Durangokidd. He’s no Vietnam Vet, he’s a poser fraud. He never shows proof of anything he claims. Don’t listen to this guy, he’s a joke. His life is posting lies and self promotion on SHTF.

                  • LMFAO !!! I served honorably, proudly, and with distinction…. according to the citations on my official records. My birthday was the last to be drafted that year and the government said I was essential to the war effort.

                    I had two choices: I could let them draft me and turn me into cannon fodder for the army, or move to Canada and pledge allegiance to the Queen.

                    I fooled them. I joined the Marine Corp instead. My DNA is ALL AMERICAN !!! 🙂

                    • LOL! More stolen valor from the fake, Durango! You’ve never set foot outside this country let alone fought in Vietnam, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

        • Pence just today said they are sending a fleet, the timetable is secret.

          • The amount of ordinance needed for this would probably deplete most of what we have.
            Think about this. 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to take out ONE airfield in Syria. The runway
            WAS STILL INTACT. The two destroyers moved out of the area with only about 10 to 12
            unfired missiles left between them. They had to keep a few unfired missiles for tactical
            reasons. Such as the possibility of being challenged by other ships. Etc. The NK’s have
            many hardened sites that will require multiple hits. Along the DMZ the NK’s have some
            huge artillery pieces inside hardened sites, inside mountains. It will not be easy trying to
            disable those positions. It will require a tremendous amount of ordinance. Those positions
            have to be eliminated ASAP or Seoul will be vaporized. This would have to be a precision
            bombing barrage like the world has never seen. Hundreds, if not thousands of cruise
            missiles would have to be launched within a few minutes. B-52’s cannot fly over NK airspace to “carpet bomb” until all air defenses have been neutralized. B-52’s can launch
            cruise missiles without flying directly over NK airspace. Billions of dollars worth of precision
            guided bombs will be fired. After the opening barrages of cruise missiles it will be 24/ 7
            aircraft sorties. A special concern will be NK subs and trying to hunt them down. That will
            be a major headache in itself. NK SOF teams practice insertion by submarines. They will try
            to get commando teams inside South Korea to go after key targets in efforts to disrupt and
            disable things. North Korean SLBM’s are a dangerous wildcard. Launched from sea they can take out US and South Korean bases and cities. Many factors and no easy options.
            THAAD and Patriot missile batteries will try to eliminate the NK ballistic missiles before
            they inflict damage. This is war on a scale not seen in decades.

          • Obola the ex-chimp-in-chief would have divulged the complete timeline weeks or months in advance.

      7. History proves different. During WWII the ground invasion of the pacific islands was painfully slow and cost too many lives. The bombs dropped on Japan worked very quickly.

        • Old Guy

          Hiroshima and Nagasaki was making Japan fight our war, Iwo Jima and Okinawa theirs.

          In the technical war arena North Korea isn’t a player.

        • No one’s going to be dropping bombs on Korea until they clear out all those underground radar and anti-aircraft missile batteries. You need guys on the ground for that, and like Smith says, ground invasion is almost unwinnable in North Korea.

          • RADAR? You don’t find it, it announces where it is. Anti Aircraft Missiles are blind, as are their RADAR to stealth.

            An air attack upon North Korea is barely above a training exercise.

            Even with the above I wouldn’t want to be in artillery range of the DMZ in the first week or so. Ground attack into South Korea? They would get decimated. Control the air you control the conventional ground. Do not step foot into North Korea however. You then fight their war.

            • In the daytime aircraft are visible and could be subject mass flak. Stealth is useful at night.

              Air cover and bombing is not much use in urban areas. Bombing turns the rubble into killing zones. Apparently there are hundreds of tunnels so the NK’s can emerge anywhere.

            • The department of defense papers on North Korean air defense say otherwise. I’ll take what they say over some nobody keyboard warrior living with his parents any day.

          • Just drop a few MOAB’s and that will clear out everything underground. A pox on anyone who advocates using out young folks for cannon fodder.

      8. The US will have a worse result than the last time they got their ass kicked there. Those boy are pitted in and don’t think China and Russia won’t help NK. If it gets too carried away New York and LA will be turned to glass. Throw these neocons in a rubber room and throw away the key.

        • Russia needs Syria and the Ukraine due to natural gas. North Korea is a friend from the Stalin era. China doesn’t want the refugee crisis.

          The cold war is over. Its now all about resources and market share not ideology. They’re all fascists today regardless what title they call themselves.

          • Russia does not need the Ukraine – Nord Stream 2 will enable the Ukraine gas grid to be bypassed and gas passed into the German and Euro gas network. Turning the whole Ukraine gas grid into scrap value.

            Syria is as as you intimate a competition and a battle of competing pipelines – Russia/Iran/Syria versus Saudi/Qatar/US/Israel

            China does not want the West on its border.

            • “Turning the whole Ukraine gas grid into scrap value.”

              There are oil & gas shale plays in Ukraine to be developed which will utilize the gas network …. for Ukraine. 🙂

        • The US lost the ground war in Asia during the Korean War because China sent dozens of DIVISIONS of fresh Chinese troops across the Yalu River when it became clear that N Korea would lose the ground war against US and UN troops.

          MacArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons on China to win that war. Truman declined. The result today is the DMZ. 🙂

          • BTW, at the time, Russian Migs used by Chinese and Russian pilots flying for N Korea were equal to or better than the F-86 Sabre. So the US did not have air superiority then.

            We will this time. 🙂

      9. This dupe obviously doesn’t know the capabilities of our deep penetration arsenal. NK underground bases would be toast! We have literally warehouse after warehouse packed to the ceiling with the things ready to go. The problem is to keep fat face from attacking SK. Or setting off all the firecrackers he has in ground bursts in a last FU gesture as he is taken out. (clouds and clouds of radiation into China) Best to let China handle this and back them if they need it. Absolutely no US troop invasion.

      10. Drones,,,, thousands of drones, EMP, then drone em

        • EMP what. They have old tech.

      11. This will be the first non-white war. After eight years of a black president and the creation of a geopolitical landscape shaped by a black man and the priorities of black America, it seems fitting that black Americans need to be the first to go into North Korea in the land invasion. They should also be joined by Muslims and Hispanics in a grand coalition to bring freedom to North Korea.

        The fighting will be tough and involve ejecting the Koreans from their mountain hideaways. That black ghetto toughness will prove critical to getting the job done. It is time white Americans took a breather and left the fighting to black, gay, lesbian, transsexual and non-white soldiers to get the job done. Diversity is strength!!

        • C’mon Frankie!!! You know the brothas will say it’s another white man’s war because “that
          mofo Trump started it.” They will show up in front of the draft board foaming at the mouth
          with peanut butter smeared all over their asscracks. They will steal that old Muhammad Ali
          line and rephrase it. ” Ain’t no North Korean ever called me a n- gg-r! ” It’s bad enough we
          now have openly gay drill sergeants saying, ” O-kay, you silly little savages, drop and give
          me 20 pushups and then lick my boots! ” And speaking of Trans-testicles or whatever they
          call them, would you really want to take a shower with something that has two boobs and a
          male appendage dangling. If diversity is strength, I’ll be a monkeys uncle. We should sue for peace now before Obolas sad experiment of a military loses WW3 before it starts.

          • Give the war a cool name that is down with the ghetto bros, push the line that North Korea is a gay haven that needs to be liberated so “men can be with men in peace”, and have Obama front a series of recruiting commercials talking about the nobility of black service in the military and have Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Michelle Obama do some slightly racist dance routines showing black folks stomping on geeky gooks. They would be running to the induction centers.

            I would definitely make the war a big ol LGBT/black/Muslim thing: make the war the most politcally correct thing you can and then the left will love it.

        • Let the homos take their rainbow battle flags to make them feel proud.

          Give the tranny’s soylent-green high-heals too.

        • Dude, black people shoot like Stormtroopers from Star Wars. Never hit shit.

      12. They called it the “Korean Conflict” last time.
        I wonder what they’ll name it this time around.
        The Korean Calamity?
        How about the Korean Contention.
        The Korean Cataclysm?
        Oh, I got it. The Korean Catastrophe.
        Anywho, before they get on with the Clash in Korea, they really need to start ramping up the rhetoric about how the poor North Koreans are starving and enslaved and that we need to bring them Democracy in order to set them free.
        (I know. I’m laughing about that last part too.)

      13. lest not forget…..a single bullet from an assassins gun started WW1. All that it would take to ignite the flame of WWIII is a single bullet, drone strike, cruise missile, or cyber attack. The difference between then and now is simply that in the nuclear age, “war itself is the enemy”. Escalation into a strategic nuclear exchange between superpowers would usher in the end of life on this planet. A very dangerous and provocative situation indeed.!

      14. South Korea has to be begging for Trump to cut this shit out. North Korea would run through South Korea in two days if they wanted to kick off a battle. Many books written by military historians will tell you the North can run over the South with 2nd ID being a speed bump.

        Too many internet tough guys who would shit their pants when the first bullet snapped past them. Most combat veterans would tell you first three months in combat eyes wide open, adrenaline pumping every time you leave the wire. After that period, you look at your time in country as a roll of the dice and when you crap out, your time is up.

      15. It’s just incredibly stupid, that means it has a good chance of happening. The assholes controlling the show are pure evil. Line em up, shove a small missile up the chute and light all those firecrackers ablaze.

      16. China could take out the head screwball and save us lives and time. He is a burr in their saddle and could benefit everyone by doing the job.

      17. As long as everyone leaves the yakimandu alone…

      18. Look at the article PIC and tell me why DJT would waste his time with NK?

      19. Expect status quo with endless bickering until NK finally kills/destroys Americans or US Ally. The world central banksters are eager to get in to NK and begin to plunder. The prize for the west and the central banksters when they defeat Korth Norea using American soldiers is the $6 trillion worth of rare earth metals, and a population of 24 million with clean credit records… FRESH SACKS OF MEAT TO PUT INTO DEBT SLAVERY.

        • Bert:

          I agree.


      20. Question, Brandon: You wrote “Once we commit ground troops into the region, we make a nuclear attack USEFUL to North Korea, when it never would have been useful before. This is why the preemptive strike rhetoric based on a rational of stopping a “more nuclear capable” North Korea is either pure stupidity or an engineered crisis in the making.”

        But there is a scenario where an nuke attack IS useful to NK, barring an attack on them. And that is if there is an endemic collapse within NK, where the system collapses on its own dime, a la the USSR, and not precipitated externally. Then, if Mentally Il Kim Jong is going down, why not take the rest of country, like National SOCIALIST Adolf Hitler, down around him? Meanwhile, he holds Guam, Hawaii, Seattle, LA etc. hostage.

        Would love to hear your response to this.

      21. that’s the simple solution. Tell China they can have every bit of Korea the north and south. We shouldn’t have a dog in that hunt.

      22. I’m tired of trying to speculate “what” is going to happen or not happen. Either it will or it won’t happen. All I can do is take care of me and mine to the best of my ability. War, any war, is wrong for man kind, and TPTB(the elite NWO) will do what they want. If the people who decide on war had to participate by being on the front lines I don’t think any of them would be so eager to declare war. I rely on Jehovah God to mete out the judgment and punishment in the end. I will defend myself if necessary, I will not become a slave to the unholy devils that are now ruling this planet. I still have an uncle who became MIA in Korea at age 18 . His twin brother made it back. And those bastards made my grandmother wait seven years to collect his military life insurance. I guess the US Govmt. thought he was coming back. We’re still waiting to hear anything…..that is, the ones who are still alive at this time.

      23. Im sorry,, but i dont give a shit and wish DTrumpster would bomb the shit out of this fat little fuck, im tired of hearing about north korean threats to nuke us,,, i say take the fat little prick out once and for all and stand over the smoking ruins saying whos next!

        • “N”

      24. Why are we worring anout these idiots
        Main reason they keep threatening the US is because we are babysitting South Korea, time to cut bait, tell South Korea to stand up for themselves, with draw our troops.
        Send a delegation to North Korea with instructions to inform them that we are not interested in going to war with them, but if they continue to stir it up we will react by treating them as a nuclear adversary with a policy of 100 for 1 – (thermonuclear warheads). our big stick is way out of their little twig class

      25. [img]http://i.imgur.com/PAmPDaq.png[/img]

      26. I agree a ground invasion is an excellent idea—Send all democrats and liberals as a first strike force!!!!!!! Then call it off!!!!!!

      27. I’ll guarantee Nk would have zero aggression against anyone if they aren’t provoked. Is there any country left the that the Central bankers don’t want to rape and pillage? Not many left. If they didn’t have nukes they would have been screwed long ago.

      28. Let’s hope SKorea feels obligated to get involved. Why should we do all the heavy lifting? Send the planes and bombs and let Japan/SK go in and mop up.
        I don’t want our finest to have to do the dirty work and hand over the country.
        This is actually the only war in quite a few decades where it truly is a humanitarian mission to release the people from the death camps.

      29. Germany is like N.-Korea!
        Please check this video and share:
        Horst Mahler April 19, 2017 Public statement regarding the conditions for his imprisonment

      30. Funny comment..’While North Korea is still rife with economic problems (like every other communist and socialist nation)’…so we have no problems in the West. What a plonker.

      31. Kim is not all over the world attacking people but the yanks are and i hope he gives them a bloody nose and sorts out the south for allowing themselves to live with a puppet government all these years.

        No one bombs Isreal when it does missile tests and do save the shot about caring for the people of North Korea because that would be the same as you care about Libya or Iraq now you have blown them to bits.

        Kim hit them, hit them hard and go out as an hero to the world who are sick and tired of US agression

      32. Hey mods why the censorship here given i have been using the same emails address and name for years.

        Whats up am i not suking the bankers cocks hard enough for you here like all americans do after not htting back after 9/11

        • Smith you’re a worthless piece of crap with your drive-by rants. You never answer any poster.
          Remember what I said about those who rule us?
          That they rule you also?
          Hint: you actually named the country.
          Pin a medal on your little chestie. Now STFU.

      33. Send in the ground forces, use Dennis Rodman as a human shield.

      34. Do you know how to defeat the Entire united States?

        Deny them the use of their cellphones and internet (the most common technological crutch they cannot live without) and electricity. the population will fall upon itself in cannibalistic frenzy if they are denied both for two weeks*.


        The technology dependent freaks (99%) will go nuts and will destroy everything faster than Ferguson riot. They wont care if they have working cars or not. Cut them off of their electronic opium (especially the ANTIFA scum)and they will kill each other from being cut off from the hive mind they cannot live without. Who will survive it?

        Those who don’t use or have that smart phone link and its dependency… That’s it, that’s all.

        Try taking a phone away from a millennial and see for your self. try taking the electronic gadgets away from small children these days…more vicious than rabid animals. FACT. TRY IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

        • Never mind the kids going feral without their electronic opium, see the parents reaction when their kids go nuts over their drug of choice being cut off. the PARENTS ALONE WILL MURDER to get their kids back intravenously hooked up to their technological brainwashing babysitter and “parent”…just like the TELEVISION SETS OF THE 80’s!!!!

        • No ground invasion necessary, no bullets need be fired to be the USA… Now Korea on the other hand, they already don’t have those kinds of weaknesses, they will get down and scrap in the dirt because its all they have and their DEAR LEADER TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH….They have all the incentive they need to fight like Tasmanian devils. you wont find that kind of motivated population probably anywhere else..Not even ISIS.

        • That would be the one good thing that would come from an EMP covering the US.

      35. Now Russia and China in place on the borders. Just waiting. Trump & Tillerson will (I hope) MOAB and neutron bomb the bejabbers out of north Korea. And let Russia and China decide how to divide it up. Not one troop on the ground. Simple solution. North korea will not do anything no more trouble from there. Never have to worry about North Korea again. And then Go after the next Despot who needs a additude adjustment. Clean up one mess at a time. Do a thouough job. And move on to the next. Im proubdly wearing my Make America Great again Red Hat. Loose Cannon Trump best President ever! Yay Go Trump!

      36. Ohhh, BS (Why do they always have these initials? Is a war-mongering MORON.

        If you disagree with him on his website you will get DELETED. You must praise him and one gets the feeling if you ever meet him you’d BETTER BOW!!

        If you notice in his article he skirts the issue just enough to say, SEE I told YA SO!!!

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