Greg Mannarino: “We Are In Economic Collapse!”

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    We have reached the point of no return. The meltdown of the United States economy is continuing and rapidly accelerating says market analyst, Greg Mannarino.

    Greg Mannarino: It’s Time To “Wake Up” Because “You haven’t Seen ANYTHING Yet!”

    Mannarino begins by explaining the jobless numbers that came in last week (885,000) are a telltale sign of the destruction caused by governments over the samdemic. “We are in an economic collapse! Full on, Great Depression-era with regard to unemployment numbers.”  And all of this is happening as the stock market climbs higher on the creation of new fiat currency, or debt.

    We are going to go through a massive debt crisis, Mannarino continues.

    “We’re gonna run into a crisis of the debt, okay, that you cannot possibly fathom! A shutdown of the global economy way worse than what we’re seeing now. Because economic activity is going to be deliberately STOPPED. Just…it’s gonna stop. No cash in the bank. No cash out of the ATMs. No transactions.” -Greg Mannarino

    The federal reserve is buying everything. “This is it. We are there right now,” says Mannarino. “Some people out here are hurting a lot worse than others are. And with this epic number, 885,000 initial jobless claims, I mean, you don’t…I’m speechless. I am speechless here! We have never seen in the hisory of our country, more people falling into poverty at a faster rate than we are seeing now. We’re worse, way worse than the Great Depression, but you’re not supposed to know that. You’re not allowed to know this stuff…only a liar of the highest order could put a message [that we’re in a V-shaped recovery] to the American people.”

    Greg Mannarino: “They Want People Desperate. People Aren’t Desperate Enough”

    Greg Mannarino: The Economic Collapse Is Here


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