Greg Mannarino: It’s Time To “Wake Up” Because “You haven’t Seen ANYTHING Yet!”

by | Oct 11, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 11 comments

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    Market analyst Gregory Mannarino has been spot on in his assessment of the economic situation we’ve found ourselves in this year. He says it’s time to “wake up.” Because “you haven’t seen anything yet.”

    Mannarino understands that this was all a plan designed to go this way to eliminate the middle class and transfer power to the New World Order, who has long since taken over the governments of the world. In a short amount of time, we will all really start to see big things especially with regards to what’s left of our economy.

    “We are not adding a single job, despite what came out of the mouth of Mike Pence yesterday, he’s a liar to the highest order,” Mannarino says.

    Mannarino is attempting to wake people up who still somehow think the government has their best interest in mind. He starts by quoting famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who said: “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” But, as Mannarino accurately points out, still continuing Nietzsche’s quote, that the government lives off the expense of the people. They exist by convincing people they have the right to rule them, they live off the backs of people whose lives have been destroyed by the government.  The government are the masters, we are the slaves, and the sooner we stand together in the realization that we are not obligated to be their slaves, the better things will et for humanity.  If not, “we haven’t seen anything yet.”

    “People, I don’t know another way to put this, especially today here in America. Uh…I did an interview with Lynette Zang…one of the things we spoke about was this hideous merger between this new American government and these corporations…we are in an economic freefall. An economic collapse! The middle class is being decimated! There’s just no other way to look at it unless you’re deluded or demented.”

    “We are DONE!” Mannarino continues. “The middle class is being phased out by design. None of what you’re seeing is by accident! Once you wake up to the fact that you are being strung along into an agenda that has been going on for a very long time, maybe you’ll start to get afraid, because you haven’t seen anything yet, and I mean NOTHING!”

    Brace yourselves. Prepare. Stay vigilant. And most of all, please wake up. Please look at things critically as opposed to along party lines.



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      1. In excess of 200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities by an out-of-control federal govt., what could possibly go wrong?

        10/11/2020 and Governor Whitmer (Dim Wit) wants Americans to ignore the DEMONRATS in the Senate that ignored the truth in the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. She wants us to deny the news reports we watched all summer of Demonrat sponsored Antifa & BLM RIOTING to burn down Demonrat-run cities in our country. She claims the RIGHT (law-abiding, tax-paying, condemners of radicals including KKKers) is the major problem in the USA. Denial of reality is required to accept the Demonrat world view.

      2. We are all gonna die I tell ya!
        I have been saying for years the NWO is slowly taking over.
        They’re friends the democratic party and MSM are pushing hard now. For some reason they think they can pull it off soon rather than just let it come in its own time. The left have been after our guns for years Most country’s have taken control of their citizens guns. Obviously never ever give up your guns – NEVER!
        We have been on the edge of multiple crisis converging to bring us down. The most odious is the world economic collapse.
        The election of the empty suit Biden – will only hasten our demise

      3. Could COVID-19 be the catalyst for the collapse of the western world’s financial system? Is this the grand scheme to eliminate the industrialized world’s middle class? The small business owner and all of the professionals and contractors who are employed or in business because of these small business owners? Why is the idea of removing cash from circulation and replacing it with digital “currency” being pushed so hard in this COVID-19 relief bill? Will this financial collapse and “reset” be the open door for all of the progressive agendas? Mass panic takes away reason from the reasonable and certainly their rights. Are the true goals of this and future pandemics primarily two-fold? To reduce global populations (specifically the elderly who cost the most in the health care) and eliminate the middle class of the western world?​

        This would then leave the two classes that have always existed prior to the birth of America. The 1% elite, ruling class and the 99% poor and dependent class. Effectively ending the great American experiment.

        The leftist billionaires demand a ruling class consisting of them and their political minions. Everyone else will be the peasant class to serve them, this is what socialism has always been about. Never in the history of man has a nation granted such freedom to the common people as America has. Well, folks “the Great American Experiment” is over. The elitists have had enough and it is time to put us BACK IN OUR PLACE. Cleverly they are doing it through manipulation and their brainwashed minions (useful idiots) are helping them. That is what liberalism has always been about. Can you see the formula? Liberalism plus Socialism leads to Globalism (a one-world government run by guess who? That’s right = the beast).

      4. A student named Sarah Sams quit the renaming department at Cal-Tec for refusing to remove the name Millkian from the school because of his Eugenics studies and policies.

        I am glad that they did not change the name Millkian from buildings, organizations, and Cal-tech.

        Eugenics and what it was used for, and the way that Eugenics was carried out, were sick, evil, sadistic, Nazi junk science and crimes against humanity.

        It stands as a testimony to the evil history of the universities in America, which have glorified, profitteered  from,  and have led the way to the majority of America’s most heinous crimes against humanity.

        It is better to keep the name and serve as a reminder to the students, America, and the world what sick disgusting evil monsters of a Frankenstein nature fill the lecture stands and run the labs in American universities.

        It serves as a warning to distrust everything that they are being told by the professors and it also serves as a warning not to trust the professors at all be ause they have had over 100 years of leading the way not only in Eugenics, but in radiation experiments on pregnant women and new borns, other sick and sadistic human experimentation including MKULTRA and the bad blood experiment, animal torture experimention, development of sick and sadistic mind raping technolgy, as well as developing WMDs.

        Maybe the students of Universities will wake up. The universities are thieves as well as debt enslavers and enslavers that somehow convince their victims that they really depend on them for the future of their survival, and charge them obscene tuition and then get the students to work for the universities which keep the patents in the universities names and sell to corporations for obscene profits.

        The universities have convinced the students and their parents to have the students or their parents pay obscene fees to work for the universities.

        Let everyone see what evil shysters and monsters they are! Maybe the students will wake up and realize how much the university research labs are profiteering off of covid research testing, vaxes, and treatments and that is all complete fraud since covid has not been isolated and that the tests are identifying any virus as covid because of the PCR tests.

        They are totally evil. I would throw the evil bums in prison if I had the ability to. The university professors are the Big Bad Wolves dressed in either sheeps clothing or often disguised as kind grandparent type figures that care about the future, the young, and  America. Yeah, they pretend to care pretty damned well! Actions speak louder than words! If you have to pay them to care, that means that they do not care! It’s part of the salespitch! They do it because they care! Bullshit! They do it for the money!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Eugenics, like social promotions and vaccine injuries, are primarily intended to downgrade people of high physical drives and intellectual energies — to tame or domesticate bipedal livestock.

          Otherwise, there is plainly a Mudsill Class and natural elite, in every social interaction and in every in-group. No political, religious biases or racism are required, in order to see that, because it can happen in your own families or clubs.

        • Correction

          Spelled Millikan, not Millkian.

          Andrea Iravani

      5. If you look at the reported data on ICU admissions and hospital admissions plus deaths for covid, you will find they admit 37% plus are black or minority ethnic, which tends to mean Muslim. The rest are 80 plus in age with many co-morbidities to go with the covid.

        So, in short, most of those who are getting very ill are either black/Muslims, really old (80 plus), or already sick with cancer etc.

        The mass migration of low vitamin D people from the third world to replace the existing European origin workforce overlooked a big problem: low vitamin D makes them prone to many diseases and viruses. That means they are not physically able to fully function or live long, healthy lives in the West (thus pay into the tax/pension system, create intergenerational wealth). As somebody pointed out, look around a prostate cancer ward and it is all white men. That’s because the black men died long before getting anywhere near treatment.

        The demographers had a shock: the black and brown people they were using to wipe out the middle classes came with a very short working life attached. And they came with very high social costs; much more than they ever make back. So now the demographers realise they had to hit the accelerator to human 2.0 and the robots/AI because the workforce is going to shrink quickly.

      6. The gullibility of most people in accepting being a slave to sociopaths who feign benevolence and to be interested in facts and science, well, it’s already too late. The planned global totalitarian depopulation state is almost complete and then it will be hell until something causes it to collapse.

        Most people are fully complicit in the cult they’ve created, fully believe in it and will defend it to the death.

      7. Good article, but two points. Mac, you need to correct (a.)

        a.) That quote is not Nietzsche, but Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850. How they came up with Nietzsche is beyond me. The alternate translation is “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.”. In his essay on “The State”, which Frédéric Bastiat wrote during the revolutionary year of 1848 when socialist governments were promising the moon to French citizens, he sarcastically offered his own definition of what the state was:

        “As, on the one hand, it is certain that we all address some such request to the state, and, on the other hand, it is a well-established fact that the state cannot procure satisfaction for some without adding to the labor of others, while awaiting another definition of the state, I believe myself entitled to give my own here. Who knows if it will not carry off the prize? Here it is: The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else.”

        b.) Interview with Lynette Zang…one of the things we spoke about was this hideous merger betwee government and these corporations… That is know as fascism, the merger of the socialist state and co-opted, crony business. Just google (or better, use Startpage, SwissCows or DuckDuckGo, using the new Brave browser) and look up Mussolini (the founder of fascism) quotes and verify yourself

        • No. Fascism is the use of force to ensure compliance government. The corporation is always merged with the government, because government grants corporate status. The notion that fascism is the merger is just to fool the people who don’t understand logic and stay trapped in the distraction. Mussolini did not create fascism. It was around for well over a thousand years, and Mussolini called his concept ‘corporatism’, saying it was not fascism. Facism is use of the fasci, and has nothing to do with corporate status.

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