Get Ready! MSM Predictive Programming Calls This The “Calm Before The Storm”

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 5 comments

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    While the election riots were not widespread, some did occur and arrests were made. Mainstream media is saying this is the “calm before the storm,” and the longer the ruling class drags this out, the worse thing will end up.

    Concerns over widespread extremist violence failed to materialize, luckily. National security experts have also claimed that there was no widespread foreign meddling efforts in the cyber realm just yet.  But mainstream media outlet Time says in a headline that this is the “calm before the storm.”

    Votes are still being “counted” in several states and Americans are waiting to see who their next president will be. But even mainstream media admits that the problem now is trusting the government officials tallying the results. Tensions are expected to heighten in the days ahead amid a protracted vote-counting process and without a clear winner.

    “This, in some respects, may be the calm before the storm,” said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “We know that a big part of this election will be proper handling and counting of absentee ballots.”

    Expect however is deemed the winner to have their win contested by the loser.  Things could change and be swapped around too. For example, if they call it for Biden, Trump will contest the election results, demand recounts, and it could swing back to him. Just brace yourself.  This could get very ugly. The chaos that is coming will be nothing like we have ever seen and personally, I believe the rulers and elitists know this.

    This has been planned out well in advance. The following was written on October 8, 2020:

    National Guard Put On Standby For The Coming Preplanned Chaos

    Whatever will cause the greatest emotional response from the public is the way this thing will go. That’s pretty much what they have guaranteed.

    It was part of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s 10-day “preparedness plan,” which also included extra police and hundreds of heavy trucks ready to deploy around the city to protect neighborhood and business corridors in case of widespread violence. Chicago, like other cities around the nation, will continually re-evaluate security measures all the way to January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day.

    “We’re preparing for the worst,” Lightfoot said. “Win or lose, someone’s going to be unhappy.”

    Stay prepared, vigilant, and not overly emotionally invested. This chaos was preplanned. Do not participate in it.


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      1. I think that the Main Stream Media better bend over and get ready for the msm rocket that’s about to be launched right up their hangers. Elbulleheal

      2. On October 30, 2020 in a couple of my posts I laid out some outcomes based on which candidate wins the presidency.

        It appears that mass organizing is already underway by Republicans. Trump is garnering up financials support from supporters for legal initiatives as well as encouraging grass roots efforts to get out and show dissatisfaction with the way he seems to have been ripped off. Also, conservative organizations are coming together in efforts to do the same and support Trump. These organizations could be an constructive, peaceful and effective way for patriots to get involved with the goal of helping the cause. They could possibly volunteer or donate money or both. An article promoting them titled something like “All Hope Is Nor Lost” could possibly be written. I will post a link to the organizations in a follow up post on this blog.

      3. What a blob of retarded fucking jack asses! Seriously! It is like a cluster fuck orgy of jack asses running and ruining the show! Who wants to watch an orgy of jack asses?! Sickos! It’s why I cancelled my tv! Why wouldn’t some people be upset? What is any different in this election than any other election?!

        Andrea Iravani

        • What is any different in this election than any other election?

          THIS TIME, with that empty shell of a puppet Biden in the whitehouse… the communists win!

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