Get Ready For “Stealth Omicron!” Another Variant To Stoke The Fear

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Headline News | 24 comments

Another variant has allegedly been discovered. This one is called “stealth omicron” for now, however, some “experts” demand it gets its own Greek letter.

The Omicron subvariant BA.2, nicknamed the “stealth Omicron,” appears to be outpacing other substrains of Omicron in some regions of the world, according to many mainstream media outlets. They are attempting to raise fears that the even more transmissible version of Omicron could spark larger COVID-19 waves globally. All of the vaccines injected into people in the previous months and year appear to be ineffective at stopping these new mutations from infecting people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that Omicron, which is also referred to as B.1.1.529, has three main substrains: BA.1, BA.2, and BA.3. As of Dec. 23, the WHO reported that over 99% of the cases it sequenced were BA.1. But now the rise of BA.2 in Denmark and elsewhere suggests that BA.2 may outcompete BA.1.

On Thursday, Denmark reported that the BA.2 substrain of Omicron accounts for almost half of the country’s cases and is quickly displacing BA.1, the original Omicron strain. Denmark reported that in the two weeks from late December to mid-January, BA.2 has gone from accounting for 20% of Denmark’s COVID-19 infections to making up 45%. Over that same period, Denmark’s COVID infections have shot to record highs. Denmark is recording over 30,000 new cases per day this week, 10 times more cases than peaks in previous waves. -Fortune

Denmark’s government also said the strain is spreading quickly in countries like the U.K., Norway, and Sweden.  All of these countries have exceptionally high vaccination rates too. (the U.K. is 71.6% fully vaccinated, Norway is 73.8% fully vaccinated, and Sweden is 72.6% fully vaccinated.) Meanwhile, scientists in places like France and India warn that the BA.2 variant is quickly spreading and may outpace other Omicron strains.

All of this as the ruling classes rush to get booster shots in people after admitting that the shots no longer stop transmission.

CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

In Spite Of Mass Vaccination, COVID Cases Are Up 18%

Denmark says it is too early to tell what BA.2’s mutations mean. “Such differences can lead to different properties, for instance, concerning infectiousness, vaccine efficiency, or severity. So far there is no information as to whether BA.1 and BA.2 have different properties,” the Statens Serum Institut said.

We know what it means, however. Another excuse to promote fear and panic in the public and to attempt to push compliance with the ruling class’s demands we all take an mRNA injection. Or two. Or three. Possibly four. Whatever they decide. They have already told us when this ends:

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

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    1. Anonymous

      I finally know someone that caught Covid, a friend of mine that has been fully vaccinated since the beginning (work required).

      He said he felt run down for a while and then developed a fever while feeling pretty bad for a few days, was tested and found positive but didn’t go to a doctor over it.

      Interestingly, his daughter, whom I don’t know, is also fully vaccinated and caught it too, or at least was confirmed positive for it after going to a doctor for a different problem.

      This is some bad stuff we’re facing, really bad stuff.

      I’m unvaccinated for anything and never catch anything, including flu or Covid, so maybe I should go get vaccinated and catch it so I can join the in crowd instead of being left out and feeling lonely because I’m perfectly healthy?

    2. Reprint

      We have to trust that every time the vaccine makers say there’s a new variant and we need to buy more of their vaccines, they’re telling the truth. What would they gain by lying to us?

      The government, the military, the media, scientists, and billionaires are all working around the clock for us, the common folk, because they find happiness in serving us.

      We are very lucky to have so many selfless geniuses serving us.

      Recently read this:

      “The unvaccinated are not
      a threat to society ~ they
      are a threat to authority”

      “If you allow the government
      to strip you of your rights and
      break the law because of an
      emergency ~ then they will
      always create an emergency”

      • Genius

        I see a couple of new T-shirts in my future lol.

      • Marty

        The unvaccinated are definitely a threat to authority…
        That’s the way I like it! Refractory is forever.

    3. Sarcastic Tone

      Just a “coincidence” that
      this new alleged “variant”
      is found just when many
      countries/places are dropping covid restrictions.
      Couldn’t possibly have
      anything to do with that.

      • FoxC56

        Maybe the answer is what contagious new stealth monster was released by those escaped quarantine bound monkeys.

    4. Jiminva

      YAWN….too late to be believed…ignore it.

    5. Reprint

      One must never underestimate the power
      of our government…..
      to make things even worse.

    6. Jiminva

      Yawn…too little too late..ignore it.

    7. Yep

      The BA.2 subvariant ?
      They should’ve just named
      it the BS 2 subvariant as this
      is just more bull ?.

    8. hmm...

      How is it that according to
      the “experts” you can
      have the COVID – 19 virus,
      recover but NOT be
      immune. Yet a “vaccine” ,
      with that same alleged virus, one they still don’t understand, IS
      going to give you immunity?
      How TF does this make

    9. wise words

      For anyone out who
      may still be scared
      of phony 19
      and “variants”:


    10. CAMARO


      THREADS 1984

    11. Anonymous

      “This one is called “stealth omicron” for now, however, some “experts” demand it gets its own Greek letter.”

      I just think of them all as Omnicron, “Omni” is pretty much all inclusive and it saves time trying to figure out which is which and learn the new Geek letters.

    12. Yummy

      Still waiting for the
      assorted flavors omicron.

    13. NoVaxCidentForMe

      OMG We are all gonna die!!!!! I need a booster a week; 3 face masks, a face shield, bio level 4 suit and a plastic bubble to live in for the rest of my days! GTFOH, Big Pharma, Big Government and the MIC have lost all credibility and can never be trusted again.

      There is something called cross-immunity with the FLU and carona variants and your immune system will remember if it’s not been gene edited with spike proteins for lunch!
      I shall never comply! Let’s go Brandon and Obammy!

    14. clear haze

      Does anyone out there
      know if we’ve reached
      those 2 weeks to
      flatten the curve yet?
      I know time can pass
      slowly but still…..

    15. Marty

      I just want to add my two cents and actually see it posted here, for once….

    16. Marty

      The new OmiCON will get more people out to get their booster for sure now. I think I’ll wait, forever.

    17. Together we stand

      Ruling Class, that is an oxymoron…oh wait, and their vaccine is “moronic” makes sense.

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