Germany May Use Internal Army to Combat Terrorism As Europeans Told to “Expect Attacks” On a Daily Basis

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    “Suicide bombing.” “Axe attack on a train.” “Fatal machete attack.” “Priest’s throat cut.” “Mall shooting rampage.”

    All that just since a vehicle plowed through hundreds of people on the streets in Nice, France. Is there any end to the madness?

    No one came to the aid the European people as they cried out about the obscene way in which Middle East refugees were being allowed to storm into the country, as countless women were raped and culture clashes reached fever pitch and many areas became too dangerous to go to anymore.

    Now, Muslim radicals, ISIS thugs and lone wolf sympathizers are striking out all across Europe. And it is happening so quickly that the media can’t even cover it all; people have little sense of how far the violence is spreading.

    Mass murder and shocking acts of terrorism have become commonplace – and are happening on a daily basis now. The EU is facing an all-out war against foreign invaders who are picking off random targets and fueling chaos, and they are ready to institute a police state in desperate attempt to control it.

    via Heat Street:

    Terrorist savages have struck Europe again… Indeed, it is especially horrific – a Catholic priest had his throat cut in the middle of Mass.

    But attack after attack strains everybody’s ability to respond with the levels of emotion such atrocities demand.

    Earlier today a doctor was shot dead by a patient in a German clinic, but attention was dragged elsewhere by events in Normandy almost immediately.

    In the previous week in Germany alone there has been a fatal machete attack, an axe attack on a train, a suicide bombing and a shooting rampage in a shopping mall.

    The latest reports are drowned out in a deluge of bloody violence – there are more deadly attacks than anyone can really keep track of, and no one feels secure in the idea that it won’t soon happen again.


    So intently has Europe been bombarded with attacks, that officials are literally warning citizens in France, Germany and other nations to expect attacks:

    Germany’s interior minister told his citizens to “expect attacks”. Manuel Valls, the French president, said his nation should “learn to live” with random mass murders.

    RT included a more detailed statement:

    “The entire EU, with Germany its focal point, is the target of international terrorism. Therefore I’ve been saying for some time now that we’re in a serious situation and we have to expect attacks by small groups of radicalized lone operators in Germany,” de Maiziere said.

    Germany, which voted last year for the authorization to do so, is preparing to use their internal army, as well as increased police forces, in the event of a large scale terror attack.

    Things are getting quite serious.

    As RT reported:

    During Tuesday’s press conference, Seehofer said Germany is facing “a new dimension of terror,” while Bavaria’s interior minister announced that the state’s police ranks would be increased. Hermann also suggested that Germany’s army (Bundeswehr) could be used to aid police in dealing with major terror threats. The debate over whether to deploy the Bundeswehr domestically should not wait “until the next attack happens,” he stressed, as quoted by General-Anzeiger. Lawmakers in Berlin are also discussing the possibility of establishing “troops of reservists” to aid police during internal crisis situations, German media outlet Bild reported, citing its own sources.

    In July, Germany approved its new military roadmap, the White Paper, which allows for the use of the German army inside the country in cases of large-scale terror attacks.

    Officials in Germany are now also pushing for greater controls and screenings for asylum seekers. “We need to know who is in our country,” Seehofer said on Tuesday, insisting that the authorities should now consider various ways dealing with refugees that commit crimes.

    “You have to seriously consider how such people should be treated if they violate laws or pose a threat,” he told Suddeutsche Zeitung, adding that the country cannot retreat from terror out of a sense of “prudence.”

    Officials in Germany are considering deploying the army inside the country in the wake of multiple attacks, while the governor of Bavaria says Islamic terror has already “arrived.”

    Doing so will come at a cost, venturing into martial law territory. Every major public arena could be crawling with troops, even as government can do little to stop random terror attacks from individuals motivated by distorted ideologies.

    Europe is about to be a much different place, and this contagion may well spread to the United States as well.

    Read more:

    Migrant Crisis Has Europe Shaking On Its Foundations: “Only Alternative To EU Is War”

    Sweden Covered-Up Systematic Rape During Festival Because Migrants “Awkward to Write About”

    Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”

    Sweden: “No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without A Gun”

    Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”


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      1. The first thing the German military should do is arrest Merkel, all of her allies, give them drumhead trials for treason, and then hang them all.

        • Really funny little story at Dmitry Orlov’s website on the power of the Russian word, “nyet”… he,he,he!! 🙂

        • When EU/NATO nations stop following U.S. orders to wreak Muslim nations, genocide their citizens & plunder their Oil & Gas, European terror events will stop.
          Enraged Muslims are tired of the U.S & its European cohorts destroying them, their cities, jobs and families.

        • According to official Red Cross documents and after examination of meticulously maintained documentation, the actual number of J*wish deaths from all causes is 271,301.

          • All deaths in all the concentration camps combined. This is official WW2 casualties from all causes. The most common cause of death was Typhus.

            The numerous bodies seen in films were mostly Germans who died of hunger and typhus.
            Americans, Europeans, and common J*wish people have all been deceived by elitist Zionists who perpetrated fraud in order to benefit financially and politically.

            • Using the holo hoax as guilt mind control, genocidal J*ws have usurped power and control the minds of most Europeans and Ameticans. Their request/instruction to accept daily murder is part of a diabolical plot to breed fear and to breed a mongrel race which will live to serve the whims of these killer J*ws who rule over the people in Europe and also in America.

      2. I get it now. State supported terrorism to convince the German people that they need protection at any cost. Including individual rights. Come to think of it, this sounds familiar elsewhere somehow…

      3. hmmmm
        seems that Seehofer is Germany’s version of Rudy Ghouliani

        “we must have a police state or we all gonna die !!! ”

        his hysterical rant at the Republican convention was priceless

        • This entire world mess can be solved with one Nuke Bomb on the Occupied land of Palestine by the Israelis. Flatten the chaos makers into oblivion.

          Here in the US, round up all the Zionists, and kick them and the Muslims out. However that would shut down 3/4th of the Circle K’s that sell Gas. So shoot wisely.


          • You know, satan hated those nasty jews too, and so did hitler….so which one are you a follower of? I feel sorry for your soul. Israel is mentioned over a thousand times in our bible. So how important is Israel and the jews to God? Leave the jews alone, and think how evil your OWN government is…THERE the ones you need to worry about!!

            • Joan C

              The J ws are the chosen people of God. I’ll give you that one.

              One way or another they are entwined in every bad event in the world. Dig deep enough and they have control of the world’s finances, diamond market and commerce. you name it. Politics?

              The Muslims don’t like the Infidel. I have a hold on that point. Yet the J ws
              regard us as cattle. So why do I side with a people who dislike me in the first place. No better than the Muslim. Muslin first, J ws first then Gentile. Not equals. Also why would God want me to help a people who dislike me.

              God has a plan for me. Sure.

              • The Jews WERE the chosen ones, but for now have rejected Christ and stand in condemnation. However, when the time of the Gentiles ends, the Jews all over the world will embrace Christ and it will usher in a new golden era for the planet. It’s all in Romans 11.

            • The current “state” of Israel is not the same as the people of Israel in the Bible. We have no more obligation to that country than to any other.

              It would be like worshiping every Mexican you see named Jesus.

              • Archivist

                The J-ws hold on to the Holocaust
                The Arab holds on to the Crusades
                The Blacks hold on to Slavery.
                And the rest of Americans have no idea what to hold on to. Their cell phones?

                • Archivest: Good answer and description you gave!

                  Biggest problem that causes so much of todays mass confusion regarding jewry and state of israel etc is this..

                  Most evangelicals, and even most non christians in usa today and for past 100 or so yrs have made the huge mistake of, everywheres they see the word of “israel” in the bible books…They turn that israel word into the word of “jews” as if both words means same exact thing and ergo are interchangeable.

                  but thats not true at all…Even in at least several eras of judaisms “jewish Almanac’s” such as almanac of 1870’s or 1850’s, 1920’s, 1980’s etc ALL state as jewish fact that (im paraphraseing here but its close)..

                  “to call modern day jews, hebrews and/Or Israelites is wrong…And to call anchient old testment bible Israelites and hebrews a “jew” or “jewish” also is equally wrong.

                  For they are Not the same entities, and Edom has Become modern day jewry….Their Own almanacs that are akin to Encylopedia Britanica of every issue jewish should Know whats the real true deal no?

                  Trouble comes from: “but But Pastor Sez!” blah blah blah.

                  Forget pastor sez and research a bible yourself eh.

                  Look very closely and find that in every KJV bible, you CANNOT Locate the very word of “jew” untill you get Passed aprox just less than 500 pages after page one genisis book aka “in the begining”!! FACT see for Yourself! Easy to do if own a bible eh!

                  Just under 500 pages before word jew can be found.

                  Because that word never applied to Moses and abraham and isaac and jacob…much More facts details on the word jew is avail also…But many folks cannot handel such solid fact truth as it upsets their jewish apple carts to badly.

                  So they just let that bad apple remain and soon end with a entire bushel basket spoiled jewdeoapples.

                  Many informative reply postings has been posted up here over past 5 yrs or so…Zero excuse to not yet..Get it, on jew issues etc.

                  • I’ve met very few self-described “Christians” that have ever read The Bible from cover to cover. They’ve attended “Bible studies”,which jump from one chapter and verse in one book to another, to another, to another. Because I’ve read the entire Bible since my heart attack a couple of years ago, I found it necessary to leave the church I’d been baptized in and attended for years. They teach a doctrine (7th Day Adventist) that contradicts The Bible in many major ways, and relies on the ravings of Ellen White, whom they call a “prophet”. She–in her numerous writings–contradicts not only The Bible, but herself,as well. She offered prophecies that claimed the world would end in 1844–then explained that God”…placed his hand…”over the numbers on one of her sheets of paper, thus ruining her calculations because He wanted her “prophecy” to be wrong. Perhaps as a practical joke, I guess. She prophecied that the North would lose the Civil War,that England would then seize the US in the aftermath of that loss, and that slavery would be re-instituted in the South. She further prophecied that she and a handful of people that she liked at the “Conference” who saw”…the little black cloud…” would be alive to see the return of Jesus, and that everyone else in the church–that she apparently held in low esteem–would be “…food for worms…”. I’m not going to argue about who is feeding worms and who isn’t, I will point out here, that Ellen White has been dead for about 101 years now,and Jesus hasn’t yet returned. Still, SDA calls her a “prophet”, they print and distribute her books worldwide, and like White, they DON’T read the King James Bible–though their official slogan is “Sola Scriptura.

            • Joan C said: Leave the jews alone, and think how evil your OWN government is…THERE the ones you need to worry about!!

              Well Gee Joan C…USA Fed Govnt IS Owned,Run,Kontroled by those very same folks! ZOG stands for “Zionist Occupied Govnt”!…Since 1968 Fed ATF Gun Control Act Law, that 1968 Laws along with EVERY antigun Law ever since 1968 has been, Written by chozen peoples, sponcored and promotd by chozen peoples, passed into law by chozen peoples, and still today and since 1968 Most EVERY New Cry for More antigun laws to get passed and made law come from, with for it Joan C…..Chozen peoples aka jews.

              Thats just One issue! Litterally Every messed up bad fed law and crooked run fed govnt and prez admin since at least 1912 Wilson’s admin has been Hyjacked and corrupted by chozen peoples aka jews.

              So if we folow Joan C’s advice?…Then Yes indeed americas absolute worst trouble maker problems are in fact caused by, chozen peoples aka jews.

              What do You suggest we do now Joan C?…Hows about we “make America Nation #110 and never again” eh?

              #110 is in reference to the Prior 109 Nations that used to be the “Host” nation infiltrated and hyjacked by chozen peoples aja jews…But all 109 finally Booted them Out and Fixed their national woes and troubles, and many fixed it all asap quick once the nation wreckers were all gone…Any good Plan ideas as to how we go about it this time around? Lord Knows america needs a real good fix eh.

              • Them Guys:

                Posting a full plan on this site would be suicidal. Once things get started, those shy folks jump on board. People disseminate truth. There will be disinformation to sort thru. I advocate removing television from the home. It is perversion and lies. More importantly it is psychologically dangerous. The same for movies and music with words and radio. I believe in teaching young people how to make films and develop photographs. The youth are the future. Teach them well. I believe mothers of white European decent should be treated with the utmost respect by their husbands. I believe removing women from their traditional role as homemaker and mother destroyed them and their children. Therefore, I advocate for a self decision by women who have children to stay with them and not be pressured into the workforce. I believe Europeans have been systematically genocidally reduced in number. Therefore a goal of at least twelve children is required to continue the race for at least two generations then a goal of six for two generations followed by a replacement goal of three to four afterwards for all time or at least five hundred years.
                Ham radio in every home so we can communicate. Classical music taught and instrumental expertise required. Modest dress and etiquette taught and an end to out of wedlock affairs as normal conduct. Children should be encouraged to protect their reputations. Photos of scantly dressed women are not helpful if you or your husband is seeking political office. Every child should be taught true history and Law and be encouraged to participate in the political system.

                Change is not immediate. In most cases it is over generations..

            • Joan, clear your head of the nonsense. The Babble is fiction, and do you believe everything you read? Chosen what? Land Thieves, genocidal psychopaths? Zionist parasites destroying every country they occupy? I bet you watch MSM for your Low Information IQ status. Who do you think owns the Main Stream Media, filling heads with BS propaganda?

              ~WWTI… You seem to be in the Minority here with your viewpoint. As soon as you start doing your research, and connection the dots, you too will see the light. I don’t blame you for your ignorance of the facts, stick around and you will catch on and feel more enlightened. ZOG means Zionist Occupation Government. Who do you think runs our Hijacked Government? Ever do a Last name word search? Do you think having a dual Israeli citizen such as Michael Chertoff running Home Land Security was a good thing for Americans security? Really? That is our Hijacked government, ZOG.

            • Wasting your time with this moron, he hates Jews and Israel with a vengeance

        • Dumbass

      4. If you’re just going to deploy your army internally to stand on the street corners and guard Oktoberfests, it’s not going to work.

        They need to be proactive and use their manpower to isolate the enemy and round them up for deportation.

        • Smokey, the Germans don’t have the manpower for what the article is calling for. Germany is just like all the other EU states. Their military is at the bottom of the list in their annual budget. Everyone else gets a slice of the pie and their military gets nothing more than the crumbs that are leftover. Same situation all over the EU. They’re all doomed because of their own insanity.

          • Braveheart the US is planning to sell billions of dollars worth military equipment to Poland and other countries “to fight the dangerous Russians”… things are changing. (see PCR website for details)

            • Anonymous, I’ve seen that report. Strange thing is that we only have a fraction of the troop strength in Europe now that we had at the time of the Berlin Wall coming down and the demise of the USSR. When Germany was divided, we had 300,000+ in West Germany and the Russians had 500,000 in East Germany ALONE, not counting the troops they had in all the other Warsaw Pact countries.

      5. Still don’t even have my comments posted 4 articles back. Is somebody on vacation? And why the comments posted are still in single and low double digits probably.

        Why post anything, if they are not published? Kind of like watching the MSM, with the Usual Sacred Cows Yakking nonsense. Mooo Moooo, Bahhh Bahhh..


        • Can’t take a hint???

        • Holy cow!

          • Leonard, wwti is NOT holy, or Buddist, that is certain. Athiest to the core.
            Nutria (swamp rat) needs a few holes.
            He is so full of bovine excrement, his eyes are brown.
            Consistant liar also.
            And he wonders why he is on a short leash.
            If he died tonight, and never posted again, it would make this site so much better.
            Anyone guess how many lies he has told here???
            Two ex wives has cleaned his clock….

            • At least you are aware of this moron and his antics, most are blind to his hatred

      6. The Time for Combating the Islamic Threat is Over Round those Animals Up And Ship them Home.

      7. Take these Muslims and deport them all to a Muslim nation

        Take your own laws and culture bad. Throw them out and keep them out.

        Let them kill each other in their nations. They been doing this for centuries and they are rising again to try al over throw all government

      8. Hey folks trying another page.You people who are smarter then me.HAM operators is there a channel on a CB that crosses over?What channel,upper or lower SB.Thanks

        Maniac –out

        • LaManiac,
          Don’t know if this helps, but in a normal transmission like old fashioned 23 Chanel CB each channel had to be wide enough to hold all the information then between channels there had to be enough empty air that signals would not bleed together.

          Single sideband uses a compression method to fold a signal over on itself, so it could be carried in a fraction of the bandwidth previously used, at the other end it is unfolded and full audio restored.

          Single Sideband CB radio was born. The could now pack three separate channels where there used to be one, but both parties needed single sideband equipped radios. The FCC helped by banning the sale of the old CBs.

          • PTPO,Thanks,just curious if I communicate with HAM radios
            Maniac –out

      9. The answer is NOT a Police State. Arm German people! When was the last time militants attacked a gun range?

        Call any government group for help and you will die. When minutes count, the police are an hour away.

        • Diane,here in Tucson,when you call the cops,they’re days away. No shit

      10. No one in Germany is going to a damn thing except take it like they currently are until they’re overrun. And then they’ll take it some more.

      11. You of course know what to do.

        I wonder how long you’ll put up with this shit before you grow the balls to do it. 50% of you going to have to die before you get it?

        Book of Numbers in the Old Testament. I’m just saying. There was a reason for that too, and you’re experiencing it.

      12. Get rid of them now…won’t be possible later. We need to do it in the states before it gets out of hand. Do it while we are armed!

      13. Your Papers please?

        • May i remind you of the Constitution, SIR.

          Amendment #4 Search and Seizure ratified 12/15/1791

          The right of the people to be SECURE in their
          and effects
          against unreasonable searches and seizures

          and NO warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things (this includes those papers) to be seized.

          Really, that’s all you have to say. Hand them the pocket Constitution (don’t leave home w/o several) and then tell them


      14. So possible “consequences,” a/k/a what do the globalists gain, from allowing these Muslim invaders and their attacks? The population demanding:
        1) Constant military presence “to feel safe.”
        2) Biometric identification.
        3) Outlawing cash to prohibit “funding of extremism.”

        Allowing these Muslim invaders ONLY makes sense from a globalist “power play” perspective.

        (Biometric identification is no different than tagging cattle.)

        • Yep , PWF ,Your exactly right .
          But these people are stupid , what was the old fable ? A king had too many elephants so he got mice , then needed cats to get rid of the mice ? etc
          Well all these sand dwellers wont ever quit killin and raisin hell so the stupid globalist have shot themselves in the foot.
          It will take some time , but then they will need the po folk to fix it again .
          People can be oppressed , but not forever .

          • Very true about being branded like a commodity. Reminds me of the movie “Demolition man” with sylvester stallone.

            Quotes from the movie…

            “Unfortunately Simon Phoenix
            was not coded.
            While you were sleeping
            a code was installed on everyone.
            It was a brilliant idea by Dr. Cocteau.
            An organic microchip…
            …is sewn into the skin.
            Sensors all over the city
            can zero in on anyone at any time.
            I can’t even conceive of what
            police officers did before it was developed.
            We worked. This fascist crap
            makes me want to puke.
            What do you think you’re scratching?
            You really think we’d let you go
            without control?
            Your code was implanted
            when you were thawed.
            Why not just shove a leash up my ass?”

            “Dr. Cocteau is the most important man
            in town.
            He practically created our whole way
            of life…
            He can have it.
            Phoenix could be anywhere…
            …but not being coded can limit him.
            Correct. Money is outmoded.
            All transactions are through codes.
            So he can’t buy food
            or a place to stay for the night.
            It’d be a waste of time to mug someone.
            Unless he rips off someone’s hand.”

        • So Just WHO is Really Behind this EU, Muslim Invasion anyways?….Keep Reading!

          A conference that took place in Israel on May 7, 2013, called the “Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project.”

          It is comprised of transcripts of the talks given by the various Jews and European representatives who were at the conference, which was sponsored by Germany’s Konrad Adenhauer Foundation.

          Dr. Sharon Pardo, in his “welcoming remarks,” begins the conference with a deluge of sickening praise for the Jews as “Europe’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Europeaness.”

          An example of a reason given for this praise is that “the Jews in the twentieth century were the principal cosmopolitan, integrating element in central Europe: They were its intellectual cement, a condensed version of its spirit, creators of its spiritual unity,” but mostly it is predicated on the fact that they are and have been the main promoters and instigators of the ‘multiculturalizing’ of Europe – i.e. the forced integration and destruction of the identity, culture, and traditions of the indigenous White Europeans, who are now, thanks to this multiculturalism, likely to be replaced by an Islamic caliphate that will, in all probability, be defined by crime-ridden slums, terrorism, mass rape and brutal, long term internecine warfare.

          “Europe must be mixed and mongrelized with third world savages in order for Whites to atone for the unforgivable sin of allowing God’s Chosen to be harmed.”

          This mongrelization and deliberate destruction of European identity and the White race has always been the goal of the EU. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, whose ideas were inspiration for the EU and the European “integration project,” wrote in his book Practical Idealism that

          The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

          Kalergi referred to the Jews as “a spiritual nobility of Europe,” and claimed that emancipation from their ghettos was a gift from Providence that “provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit.”

          The speech transcripts provided therein give the typical kvetching over the threat of anti-Semitism you would expect out of such a conference, as well as some history of important Jews who have been instrumental in making the EU’s “integration project” a reality, such as Walter Rathenau, and Fritz Bauer.

          Bauer is praised for his role as prosecutor in the second Aushwitz Trial of 1963-65 where he successfully transferred guilt for the alleged genocide of the Jews from the NSDAP leadership onto not just Germans, but all Europeans collectively. That is, of course, a much more beneficial outcome for the Jews, as it helps to place them above reproach and at the same time morally disarms their European competitors, and so that is why Bauer is celebrated, specifically:

          NOTE!! Theres Lots More in rest of article! Such as Official EU and jews Planned eu Law to BAN voteing if necessary to stop right winger euro folks from electing anti jew parliments etc etc!!

          ARTICLE and Info from.. By Benjamin Garland at Renegade Broadcasting website.

          I Found it Posted up at incogman dot net at aprox date of, November, 2015 do a website search at incogman’s if need to do so.

          Much More article and info with many/several Good photos of actual Perps at conference in Israel and if I recall correct also a Vidoe link of conference(?). And Links to actual Transcripts of speech’s etc as stated in this portion here.

          It has ALL Been LONG Pre Planned Folks! by the Usual suspects too!

      15. “Military in the streets”— exactly! Problem; solution. And what is the solution? Why, of course! Police state!! 🙂

      16. BASICALLY, pwypreach, what it all comes down to is the grand solution of a NWO because us little kids just can’t take care of ourselves… we need Big Brother.

      17. Read Paul Craig Roberts articles… According to him (and he has ample proof!) the Nice attack was a false flag… I imagine most of the others were also.

      18. Another case of violent murder without blood

        A reader sent me this article from the Daily Mail in the UK about the Syrian refugee who reportedly went on a machete rampage in Germany, killiing one person and injuring two. There are many photos in the story, but only one tells us anything. Scroll down until you see the machete lying where it was dropped. This is allegedly a machete that has just killed one person and hacked two others. Where is the blood? How can a weapon used to cut up three people be so squeaky clean?

        • Full of shit,as usual anon. I was on the same site and saw the bloody machete. Go back to your cave

          • I didn’t see even a trace of blood either – and I just rechecked and still, there’s zero blood on the machete they show a photo of…

            How’s anon full of poop?

          • There were two photos of the machete, one with a red circle drawn around it and another with a chalk line drawn around it on the pavement. The machete was clean in both photos.

            • I Forgot to Mention in my Prior Post on whos responsible for EU, muslim invasion etc, That…

              NOTE How everything that Dr. Pardo Guy is quoted as saying about how modern Europe is the handy work job entirely of jewish folk and jewdeo brains etc etc etc…

              NOTE that is a Prime Example of how Globalist and Kommies always Change actual Historic Facts on a nations, or here the entire Europe’s Foundings, and Destroy and Erase the actual factual founding info, and switch it Out so to replace themselves as the Great Ones that without them europe would never have existed!

              Any grade school kid wized up on European history Knows that europe much akin to america was really Founded BY White euro folks and based mainly upon Christ Centered Christianity/freedoms/policy/Laws etc etc…Never was europe nor the usa founded on any such jewdeo spiritual greatness nor jewdeo talmudic Laws etc.

              And America Is Next for these nefarious globalistic nation wreckers and that mainly referes to You Whitey american folks! So Read it again from this perspective folks…Its no coincidence EU is being invaded by violent savage muslims and african muslims now.

              The folks behind this are also outlined and admitted to in a yutube video others have, several of them, several Times now Posted Up here at shtf…That yutube video by Barbara Spector where she, a jew, admits it is a ziojewry Plan of EU invasion by muslims and EU whiteys MUST simply accept it or else etc!

              How much proof does anybody need before they finally believe this that we posted and videos like Barbara Spectors are Real and Facts based proof solid as to whoms behind it all eh? WAKE UP already! Stop defending them due to their birth dna is jewish. That dna aint any type shield of they cannot do wrong ya know. Know Truth or Perish with continued Lies.


        Another case of violent murder without blood

        A reader sent me this article from the Daily Mail in the UK about the Syrian refugee who reportedly went on a machete rampage in Germany, killiing one person and injuring two. There are many photos in the story, but only one tells us anything. Scroll down until you see the machete lying where it was dropped. This is allegedly a machete that has just killed one person and hacked two others. Where is the blood? How can a weapon used to cut up three people be so squeaky clean?

      20. Diane is correct. I believe that the reason we have not seen all the killings here,is that we have an armed citizenry. At least in the South,West,and mid-West. There will be mayhem in the predomitley liberal states. Look what happened in Iowa with that little girl who was attacked.Just yesterday in Washington State,a pre-schooler was raped by a ‘refugee’,who instead of being held without bail was released on his own reconiginance.He skipped out and flew to Algeria. So,it IS happening here.

      21. “INTERNAL” army?! Drive the Refujihadi Invaders OUT and put the Army on the border to kill any more INVADERS that attempt to get in.

        Politicians and Priests that open “the Gates of the City” to raping pillaging INVADERS, should be PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they cause. Get it into the heads of People injured by the INVADERS, that the deep-pocket Politicians & Priests OWE THEM MONEY. Then see what happens. Get some hungry LAWYERS after the assets of the churches and politicians……. Quit letting the Politicians & Priests create chaos and bloodshed and walk away.
        TAKE all their possessions to pay REPARATIONS to the VICTIMS of the Refujihadis THEY let in..

      22. Germany is still an occupied nation since WW2. Occupied by the Zionists they continue to pay reparations to and the US who still call the shots there. All of the murderous false flags going on throughout the world can be directly laid at the US-Zionist feet. The muslim influx is their plan to sow discord and maintain their evil control.

        • Alijamo:

          I concur. You are 100% correct.


        • Modern day Operation Gladio. That was to get all the European countries on board for the “fight against the Commies”.

          There is an agenda there in today’s Operation Gladio, but I’m not sure what it is. It could be that it is a roll out of the police state because they want to crush any backlash from the coming collapse.

          I wonder what name the spooks gave to this new operation.

      23. that’s probably similar how o’bama would love to bring in the UN “forces” to protect us after he declares Martial Law

      24. Obama’s going to have to step up his false flag terror attacks in the US to catch up with Germany’s militarization efforts.

        Obama’s going to have to arm a lot more poeple and tamper with their meds to get this job done.

        • Or just keep on flooding America with more and more Muslims… These pricks cant help but cause grief.
          There’s been a massive power struggle between Judeo-Christian westerners and Muslim immigrants going on within Europe for many decades, judging by the amount of Muslim men TPTB have ushered in recently they appear to have chosen what side best suits their cause!
          Be well.

      25. It’s a great thing that Senator Palpatine has been building a secret clone army for the EU.

      26. Anyone know the name of these internal police? I didn’t see it in the article. Was it STASI? Gestapo?

      27. Stasi Police were jewdeobolshevik Kommies. Merkel when a kid/teen.young adult worked in secret for east german jewish stasi police and govnt. Merkel can be seen on a 20 minuet yutube video as she gave a Key Note Speech to the folks in Israel, and every word merkel spoke was spoken in Flawless Fluent Hebrew! She also early in speech Profusly thanks israeli jewish folk for inviting her and that they gave her the chance to once again speak in her NATIVE Language she used when Younger!

        That should leave zero doubts that between her flawless fluent Hebrew speak, and early life East german kommie stasi jewdeo bolshevik life experiences makes Angela merkel also jewish. And a Kommie to boot!

        Like general george Pattons own personal Diary states in a diary entry shortly after WWII ended..”We Americans fought the Wrong People/enemys! We should have joined forces with germans and put to a fast end every last soviet jewdeo Kommie bolshevik period….I Now Fear that we shall have to again fight against communists, only the Next time it will likley be a war we fight on USA SOIL! Due to american Top leadership army command etc Rejecting My plans to Finish the job and eradicate every last Bolsehivk since we are alreday Here in europe and can get the job done”.

        Once Patton started to speak openly and honestly to European and USA Newspaper medias, and he also named jewdeo kommie bolsheviks as enemy number One etc…Patton was Assainated not long after on the very Day he was to return home to america!…His Diary and Letters home to his wife and ex military pals in usa then, reveal his deep concerns that he will get whacked for being truthfull and nameing the big Taboo subject of jewry kommies.

        Like todays Trump, Patton also had every usa politition and zio bankster very very scared, as they all greatly Feared he’d run for usa Prez and be an easy win shoe in as next prez of usa!…Then he’d go after every last criminal politition and jewish banksters ruining america.

        Too Bad since he was The greatest general of all during WWII events bar None.

        • My understanding is that almost no one but the rabbis in Israel speak Hebrew–the Ashkenazis’ origins is the Caucasus Mountains, where no one speaks Hebrew. Merkel is on video speaking Yiddish–aka “high German”. This would be Merkel’s native language. It is also the “native” language of everyone from East or West Germany…

      28. Fear not folks, good ol’ Momma Merkel is in full control!
        Tis all part of the grand plan of open borders, free movement of persons and the eventual elimination of white European races “white genocide” bringing about their Eurasian-Negroid bastard race.
        Many of the crimes the Muslim scum commit are being suppressed by governments and their msm lackeys in the interest of “social cohesion”.
        This plan is for the west… I’m thinking only Mr Trump would stop this coming to your shores.

      29. UPDATE…
        French media to stop publishing photos and names of Islamic terrorists.
        Le Monde and La Croix two of Frances main newspapers falling foul of censorship.
        Sacrebleu!!! Thank goodness for SHTF.

      30. Time to reopen those NAZI vacation camps to these muslim vermin,
        the new SS and Gestapo should be created to deal with these subhuman foreign invaders of Germany.

      31. Europe is under attack and it’s pay-back for all the wars in the middle east thanks to our american friends who need to look in the mirror before trying to tell the rest of the world what democracy is all about.

        Next our american guests will take us to war with Russia and it’s high time that we sent the US occupation force that is spread all over Europe packing and back home.

        Our leaders are traitors and are just puppets for the Americans and the bankers who control the USA via bribes to Congress.

      32. I write these words, not for the old geezers out there, but for the young who do not know better. Europe up until 15 years ago was a great place to live and travel within. The level of peace, culture and prosperity was unprecedented in human history. The barbarity and bad behavior people are being told to accept as normal was never commonplace 15 years ago.

        So, what has changed in the past 15 years? The population has changed dramatically and in a revolutionary way in the past 3 years alone. The continent has been swamped with people from a single faith group, a group that is engaged in a war within itself as well as with the developed West. These individuals rank as the ‘worst refugees/immigrants’ in the history of immigrants/refugees. Check your history books: you will not find a similar account of immigrants carrying out these many atrocities against the host group or country they have moved into since the Medieval ages.

        What we are seeing is a mindset that is ancient and not of our time. It does not value human life as we know it. It sees good behavior as weakness; generosity as foolishness; bold women as harlots; children and young women as sex and rape toys; other faiths and ways of living as heretical and needing to be crushed. In short, it rejects everything that is foundational to our societies and civilizations.

        This group wish to import the chaos and bloodshed they are bathed in in their origin countries.

        • Islam is the great Beast we are warned of in Daniel and Revelation, for those into Bible prophesy. The Beast once slain by a wound to the head (at the battle of Tours), has had new life breathed into it by oil money. They fight among themselves for the moment, until a new head/leader emerges.

          Islam will find a leader to unify the factions, that is inevitable. With Islam unified and their hatred of the West intensified and a flood of weapons from all sides arming every faction in the Muslim world, a world war is going to be inevitable.

          Make no mistake Islam will promulgate the greatest, bloodiest world war mankind has ever seen. There is no force that can stop it now, the Beast is come back to life. Already we see the armies of Islam coming into the un-walled nations and cities of the world. They establish strong holds and are stockpiling weapons in those strongholds that countries like the US have been shipping to the Middle East. The fast and furious weapons the Obama admin intended for drug lords in Mexico, at least one found its way to France for use by Jihadists in a bloody attack in Paris. Incredible!

          • You are right: Islam is the new fascism. While your friendly neighborhood Neo Nazi couldn’t fight their way out of a wet bag, the Muslims sure can. Many of the youth are battle trained and have committed the most heinous acts: mass rapes, beheadings, torture, etc.

            They worship an increasingly monolithic doctrine that has been crafted by the Wahabists to be totally violent and totally intolerant of others.

            They also have a plan: a Big Plan. And it means bringing the West down, hard. And it means ALL the women and girls are the candy, the reward for this: make no mistake about that. And they have already started collecting on their ‘candy’.

            This, I am afraid, is some very serious sh#t and our youth need to get their heads out of Pokemon and wake up to what is coming. Because it will be those youth who will be drafted and have to fight that war. I get to watch it on CNN and eat popcorn; they get to fight it and it will be brutal urban combat: car bombs, IEDs, torture, NBC weapons etc. They will come to regret all the time wasted on Pokemon.

      33. In our own country, this legal precedent has already been set by the Obama administration.

      34. Great comments by Dusty Fae, Frank, plan twice prep once, and so many others.

        If only there were a way to inform every citizen in the West about what it says in the Koran about us infidels, and about the history of Islamic takeover all over the world, and their attempted takeover of Europe for hundreds of years. Many would still resist reality because that’s what they do but surely plenty of good people are simply lacking the right information, as I used to. Just lay the objective facts in front of everyone. Except of course that would be considered “hate speech” nowadays. How ironic that virtually all our western leaders are behaving as they are because the Saudis are paying them off – with oil wealth that originated largely from the west.

        I’m worried about my son in Berlin who has to stay there until September 2017 to complete his work. At least he is in great physical shape, and took a self defense class a few years ago. As far as his likely risk factors, he’s not in the habit of attending large events, but he does ride the trains every work day, and sometimes rides around the city on his bike. Once he biked to Templehof airport, which I think was an isolated and abandoned place when he went there, so potentially risky for kidnapping to my mind. He also likes to travel to beautiful mountain areas to hike, I’m hoping that’s a less risky activity because the scumbags are keeping to the towns and villages.

        Stay safe all.

      35. The Europeans have pretty much always been a mess. Start wars, can’t win a war, can’t defend themselves etc, ad nauseum. But I must say I am surprised the Germans cannot get a grip on the SH*tstorm Meckel has unleashed on them.

        I am surprised she is not in prison or hanging from a streetlamp! The German people have changed–they are as lazy and complacent as Americans now.

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