Germany Is Set To Trash $4.5 Billion Worth of COVID “Vaccines”

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Headline News

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    Germany is scheduled to discard up to 120 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, costing around €4 billion ($4.5 billion), as the number of people willing to get the shots and “boosters” has dropped. The country had already thrown away 54 million doses by the end of 2022 and discarded an additional 29 million doses in the first quarter of 2023.

    Germany currently has an additional 120 million vaccine doses in this stock, but it appears that those will also be thrown away. The country has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe at 228.68 doses per 100 people. Germans willing to get COVID-19 boosters have dropped to a low 268 per week, with no signs of that number increasing, according to a report by Natural News. 

    China Started Development of COVID Vaccines BEFORE The Outbreak

    “While vaccination rates are likely to pick up in the fall as health systems brace for seasonal infections, this is unlikely to make a dent in the 120 million vaccines sitting unused,” Politico noted. “The cost of this waste is almost certain to run into the billions of euros.”

    The mainstream media and the “experts” believe that vaccination rates will pick up again in the fall.

    While vaccination rates are likely to pick up in the fall as health systems brace for seasonal infections, this is unlikely to make a dent in the 120 million vaccines sitting unused.Germany has a population of 83 million people and has administered a total of 192 million jabs over the course of the whole pandemic. –Politico

    Rulers Push For mRNA Vaccine Patches To Be Mailed Directly To Homes

    There has not been a pause to the relentless pushing of vaccines on everyone either. The rulers still insist that everyone needs mRNA technology in their veins.

    Who Is At Fault When Americans Distrust COVID “Vaccines?” Russia, Of Course!

    Germany isn’t the only country to assume more people wanted to be injected. In October of 2022, Reuters reported that Switzerland would discard nine million expired Moderna mRNA vaccine doses, with an additional 5.1 million being destroyed in February 2023.

    According to Reuters, the wastage reflects the Swiss strategy of ordering more vaccines than it needed to ensure its population of around 8.7 million would get sufficient supplies, even in the event of supply bottlenecks or quality issues.

    Quality issues such as…

    Uncovering The Truth: Examining The Fatal Link Between COVID Vaccines And A New Form of AIDS









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