Who Is At Fault When Americans Distrust COVID “Vaccines?” Russia, Of Course!

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Who are the ruling class and the mainstream media blaming for Americans’ refusal to take an experimental gene therapy with side effects for a disease that is rarely symptomatic? Russia, of course.

    Russian’s “disinformation” campaign is the reason Americans are hesitant to take the Big Pharma “vaccines”. It couldn’t be that some people have actually applied critical thinking to the situation and made the decision for themselves that experimental gene therapy is more likely to cause them harm than a virus with a 99.98% survival rate, even if the government’s own bloated numbers are to be trusted.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    But those surveyed say that it isn’t Russia who they distrust, it’s Big Pharma.

    60 Percent Of Unvaxxed Americans Do NOT Trust Those Who Created

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, during much-anticipated public remarks following meetings with NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken doubled down on the US charge that the Kremlin is spreading “disinformation” related to coronavirus vaccines.

    He outlined both military and non-military threats from “autocratic states”. As expected, much of his focus was on China and Russia, and this is where he called out interference whether in elections or alleged propaganda against vaccines:

    “These include the use of disinformation campaigns and weaponized corruption to fuel distrust on our democracies and cyber attacks that target our critical infrastructure and steal intellectual property – from China’s blatant economic coercion of Australia to Russia’s use of disinformation to erode confidence in elections and in safe effective vaccines,” Blinken stated.

    The Kremlin fired back, calling the vaccine accusations of Blinken and other US officials of late “non-sensical” while pointing out there’s actually a concerted effort to combat accessibility to the Sputnik V vaccine in places like Europe and South America, despite the emerging scientific consensus that’s found it to be at least 91% effectivewhile further preventing inoculated persons from becoming severely ill. ZeroHedge

    It is absolutely astonishing that people still tune in to listen to the tyrants who think they own us. They know some of us aren’t taking the vaccine because we don’t want to and it has nothing to do with Russian “disinformation” and everything to do with American lies.

    These people treat us like slaves because we act like slaves. We willingly obey and accept everything they say without question while they steal our money and laugh about it with their wealthy friends.  It’s past time to wake up to what they are doing to us, and it couldn’t be more clear at this point.  This is an agenda of control.


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      1. If it wasn’t for my son and daughter in law insisting that I have / or get the corvid shot, I would have never got it. Why, you ask? that way I could be with my wife a lot sooner. She passed away from a brain tumor almost 5 yrs ago.

      2. Yeah,it’s all Russia’s fault.
        The vaccine hesitation couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this having absolutely nothing to do with health,with this being a DNA altering gene therapy,
        with Big Pharma having zero liability,with trying to inject us with this thing for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate,
        with seeing people having very serious side effects and in many,many cases dying!!
        No,of course it couldn’t be any of that. No, apparently
        it’s all Russia’s fault!?

      3. Regarding the alleged vaccine “disinformation” When looking at the way we are being treated here in the
        U.S. at this time, I would trust the so called vaccine “disinformation” from my Russian comrades anytime
        before I would EVER trust any fucking vaccine coming via Big Pharma and Bill Gates from hell!!

      4. The neither all-good, nor all-bad, parallel dimension of Russia had it’s own quarantine regimists and invested national pride in it’s own vaccine.

        Calling it Sputnik was probably intended as a jab.

        But, at least, the novichok name has fallen out of vogue.

      5. Sars-CoV2 has never been isolated because it’s a hoax. It’s all influenza

      6. Read this recently. Thought you guys/gals would find it quite interesting. It’s a word translation in Hindu on one of the vaccine companies.
        Translates as follows:
        weapon that kills

      7. People just don’t want it.

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      8. Next up for the cancel culture: Those who refuse to get the shot! I am already seeing it.

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