60 Percent Of Unvaxxed Americans Do NOT Trust Those Who Created Vaccines

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    In a recent survey, a slim majority of Americans last week said they are “optimistic” about the COVID-19 crisis getting “better” and expressed openness to receiving a vaccination. That slim majority obviously didn’t hear Dr. Anthony Fauci say they still have to wear masks and social distance because they can still get COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine.

    Fauci: Vaccinated People Can’t Dine Indoors Or Go To The Movies Still

    What Newsweek called a “sizeable chunk” of Americans do not trust the scientists who have been wrong too many times or the government, their master who thinks they own us all. Sixty percent of unvaccinated Americans who are skeptical about getting the shots said scientists and medical experts “have been wrong” too many times about the novel coronavirus and they can’t be convinced that a vaccine is safe.

    Politicians Say “Anti-Vaxxers” Are “Domestic Terrorists”

    Not to mention, the vaccine won’t be a ticket to a return to normal. It’ll be one more piece to the Great Reset and the New World Order agenda they continue to roll out right in front of us.  The vaccines (which are actually gene therapies) are just a small piece in this huge machine of a beast system that’s further chaining us into permanent bondage each and every day.

    The most common answer from unvaccinated people about why they haven’t, and perhaps never will, receive a shot is that “it’s still too untested—will wait and see.” –Newsweek

    What about the fact that this isn’t a vaccine even by the government’s legal definition of one? What about the reason they are telling us a vaccine when it’s a genetic therapy? (to escape liability in the event of a severe reaction up to and including death of the patient)

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Not to mention they keep telling us these new mutated versions of the coronavirus and the variant strains of it can possibly escape the “vaccines” rendering them useless as it mutates and even if you come in contact with someone who has COVID-19, you can still get it even after taking the vaccine. So what’s the point? There is one.  We can speculate all day, but it can’t be good.

    Joe Biden has also asked that we all suspend our critical thinking ad just submit to whatever arbitrary commands Fauci can come up with.  Although he’s flip-flopped repeatedly and is the highest-paid government employee, we should just obey without question and give up our free will so they can enslave us.

    This is where discernment and critical thinking come in.  We have to start thinking about what these tyrannical psychopaths are telling us, and what their ultimate goal is.  They already have all the money in the world; they can create it on demand.  What they desire is power. They want humanity to be a slave race and to make this an inescapable reality, and to be honest, they may be successful. Unless more people quickly start to see through this facade, we are in big trouble.


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      1. Saw this headline recently:
        “It’s Over”: As Far As Wall Street Is Concerned,COVID
        Is History

      2. Unfortunately,the other 40℅ bought into the vaccine lies and are no longer with us?

      3. Now these psychos are coming up with a “nasal spray” that Dr Creepy will very likely be pushing and endorsing in the near future.
        Whatever you do guys/gals – stay away from that too!!!

      4. As you mentioned,we can speculate all day as to what the real agenda/motive for this so called “vaccine” is ,but,one thing is for sure
        whatever it is isn’t good for any of us and it definitely is not for our well-being.?

      5. I think these liars/”experts” realize their “killer virus” narrative has fallen apart.The problem is they just won’t let go the control they have gained from this bullshit.
        They will continue their b.s. as long as possible.It is more than obvious there is NO pandemic.The very fact that we are all still here a year later talking about this “pandemic” proves that.
        I mean, shouldn’t we all be dead and buried by now?
        Of course,there also are NO piles of covid casualties in the streets.I don’t know anyone who’s died from this phantom menace.We all know this is all bullshit and is just a mammoth hoax.When you consider all of the lies these bastards have fed us – resisting these vaccines AKA
        gene therapy is of course the only correct course of action.

      6. The other 40 percent of very naive Americans replied to the survey while standing in line for their “life saving” and “beneficial” vaccines?

      7. Being the kind and generous soul that I am I have made the extremely difficult decision to donate any present day and future covid shots to anyone who wants them.While I realize it is a great sacrifice and the Boogeyman virus may get me, I am still willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to “save” others.Very welcome.

      8. Must

      9. Gee, I just don’t get it. That the vast majority of Americans don’t trust a vaccine coming from such trustworthy folks as Bill Gates and Big Pharma is something I will never understand – not ever!?

      10. It’s not the vaccine syringe itself which scares me.It is what’s inside the syringe however which absolutely terrifies me!!????

      11. Read this recently:
        35 DEAF
        25 BLIND
        Please don’t take it folks.

      12. The South and it’s ‘peculiar institution’ were Democrat, and there are still Democrat, social institutions, which control the movement of sweatshop labor.

        “Liberals” clearly observe some measure of racial, Fabian socialism, opening abortion mills, mostly in the “browns-villes”, putting social undesirables in the front lines of battle, into debt peonage, first, and to receive the eugenics shot, first.

        Cultural conservatives might welcome you with open arms, if they saw the living space you were providing.

      13. mRNA technology is too new and unproven as of yet. I will not get vaccinated until I see no bad side effects for at least a year.


        The MSM before the Vaccine, seemed everybody died of Corona to jack up the death numbers. Even if you get into a motorcycle accident. Yep he died of corona.
        Now after the Vaccine has been administered all those soon dying after they get jabbed, they all just some how all died for other reasons and certainly not from the jab.

        MSM thinks everybody is stupid, and will believe what ever they say. And so many are duped into taking the suicide Jab. Ya’ll better have your wills and affairs in place.

      15. The good thing, is that most Democrats are taking the Jab. lol Good riddance dumbasses. Most Conservatives are not taking the suicide jab.
        In the end Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the earth. Choose wisely and daily your future destiny.

      16. Their own patents prove these are not vaccines.

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