Rulers Push For mRNA Vaccine Patches To Be Mailed Directly To Homes

by | Jul 16, 2023 | Headline News

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    The World Health Organization, along with Bill Gates and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are pushing for vaccine patches to be mailed directly to people’s homes. The rulers will stop at nothing to ensure as many humans as possible are injected with mRNA technology and use Big Pharma and its drugs.

    None of this is about health, and it never has been. Since COVID-19 was a scam and a hoax of epic proportions, there was never a need for a “vaccine” and there’s enough evidence that it isn’t safe that we should have our eyes fully opened by now. However, the ruling class refuses to give up.  Gates is interested in just two things: making money and genocide (depopulation). And his new Big Pharma proposal for microneedle peel-and-stick vaccines through the mail will advance that agenda by leaps and bounds if enough people end up complying with it.

    Queensland Opens Needle-Free Vaccine Skin Patch Manufacturing Factory

    Clinical Trial of Bill Gates-Funded “Microneedle” Vaccine Patch Is “Successful”

    Big Pharma To Begin 3D Printing Microneedle Patch “Vaccines” For Injections On Demand

    The mRNA gene therapy technology can be implemented into these patches, which can theoretically be mailed through the United States Postal Service (USPS) to every household in the country.

    Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the WHO, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and various other globalist groups are all pushing for this technology because, admittedly, it will allow their vaccines to reach “the most remote locations” throughout the world.

    By reaching the most remote locations, Gates et al. will be able to rake in more cash while killing millions of additional people. This culling of the herd combined with the consolidation of wealth is a globalist dream come true, which is why globalists everywhere are calling the technology “groundbreaking” and a “game changer.” –Natural News

    “Whether it is delivered by a needle or a patch, a VMAP is a biological product that atypically manipulates the immune system to provoke strong inflammatory responses that can lead to injury or death for some who receive it,” warns National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher about the technology. “If you look at the medical literature describing microneedle vaccine patches, what you see is a lot of hype about how much easier it will be for the vaccinators to slap a patch on a child’s skin instead of using a needle, and how the ‘painless’ patch can reduce vaccine hesitancy.”

    Since the onslaught of the COVID-19 hoax, the goal has always been a vaccine ID, forcing people to get injected upon command, making sure the slave class follows orders, and tying it all to a digital ID and central bank digital currency (CBDC) to ensure permanent compliance.

    The Biggest Lie Most People STILL Believe



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