Gerald Celente says It’s Beginning: Financial War is the First Stage of Global War

by | Feb 16, 2010 | Gerald Celente, Headline News | 13 comments

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    Gerald Celente on Russia Today February 13, 2010 discusses global stimulus, jobs, government failure and the beginnings of a global war.

    It’s going to be very difficult for China to unwind their positions without devaluing what they have. But there’s no question about it. A financial war is taking place right now.

    Again what’s going on in Europe.We’re trying to bail out Greece. So what if Germany and France come about and help Greece get bailed out. Then there’s Portugal, there’s Italy, there’s Spain, there’s Ireland.

    A global war is beginning. The first stages, of course, are the financial wars. And that’s what we’re seeing now. Of course the Chinese response was in response to the United States giving more military aid to Taiwan.

    The Chinese are in a very difficult position. They have all these US Treasuries that they’re holding and if they dump in the market they’re going to be the end losers.

    We’ve suggested on numerous occasions in the past that we are engaged in a global war. For now, engagements have been more or less limited to the economic and cyber battlefields. And as much as many people think that the US will completely collapse and China will be left to rule the world, we suggest that if the US collapses, China will not be left unscathed. The US knows this and China knows this.

    The Chinese and US defense agencies are certainly applying war game theory to tons of different scenarios, both hot and cold, as evidenced by the Pentagon preps for economic warfare:

    The Pentagon sponsored a first-of-its-kind war game last month focused not on bullets and bombs — but on how hostile nations might seek to cripple the U.S. economy, a scenario made all the more real by the global financial crisis.

    With China holding upwards of USD $1 Trillion in treasuries, the global race for control of mining and energy resources, decades long tensions in Taiwan, and a host of other problems, this may very well come to a head over the next decade. While the last thing any average citizen in China or the US wants is for this cold war to go hot, we suspect that things will warm up on several occasions going forward.

    When the SHTF in the economy, the leaders in both countries will be looking for scapegoats.

    Fingers (and missiles) will be pointing in both directions.

    Watch Gerald Celente on Russia Today February 13, 2010:


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      1. Gerald Celente scares the hell out of me !!    Not because he is wrong but  because he is right !  Pay attention to what this man says , He tells you whats going to happen .

      2. Gerald Celente has been right on. He has a perfect track record. This whole economic situation the world is in right now is quite scary. Its setting up the perfect scenario for a one world government, currency etc. It seems the prophecies of the Bible are actually coming to fruition! I have been storing food for the longterm, buckling down, hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst (which I think is inevitable). The economic numbers are just too bad and out of control.

      3. Tony,

        “…out of control.”

        That pretty much says it all and explains it all. The economy is out of control. Government spending is out of control. The more the better, I say! The quicker we can get this train to come off the rails, the quicker we can put the engineer in jail, get it back on the track and rolling again, leaving the false engineer in the hooscow to rot.

        The prophecies in the Bible are imprecise to us. We’ll look back on it one day and say, “Yes! There it is! I knew it… sort of.” Because of the complicated nature of prophecies they are difficult to see coming but are easy to see in the past. However, within 80 years of the creation of Israel, the movie is going to end. 1947 was the year. That makes 2017 70 years. (Some people argue one generation = 70, others argue 80) Sometime before 2028, the fat lady is scheduled to perform.

      4. What about the Christmas crash?  That never happened.

      5. Joe, regarding the Christmas Crash, if  memory serves, Celente specifically indicated in his interviews that it could be around Christmas, or be a result of poor Christmas retail numbers.

        Of course, up to this point, we have not yet seen a “crash” of the stock market, though it has been in a moderate correction.

        Hard to make specific date forecasts with so much government and media intervention.

        Nonetheless, my personal view is that rather than looking at short-term forecasts and specific dates, it is important to consider the long-term overall trend.

      6. Ranger – I thought it was 63. Get that big momma out on stage.

      7. I think it important to not read too much into precise predictions about the biblical “end times”.  While I am a Christian, this is about reality and consequences.  Not every bad situation needs to be a sign of impending biblical disaster.  We Christians have been incorrectly predicting the end of the world based on “solid” “biblical” “evidence” for 2000 years. 

        Maybe the “end times” play out soon.   Maybe not.  Bad times are surely coming, I think.  The tendency to link every disaster and calamity to the impending biblical “end” is silly.  Weimar Germany was bad.  Not the end.  WW1 and WW2 were bad.  Again, not the end.  What is coming is bad.  The end?  I don’t know and neither do you.  What I do know is that as soon as you start pointing at a time, you have discredited yourself.  No man knows the time.  Thief in the night and all that.

        This is about bad financial systems and decisions dating back over the past hundred years or so.  This is about consequences.  The end?  Maybe.  One thing is sure, the consequences will be bad enough, Apocalypse or not.

      8. I think the Bible says that the generation that witness Israel’s return to the promise land would not pass away before the end time. Many people who were alive in 1948 are still with us.

      9. While China may be in a tricky position with regards to their massive holdings(2 trillion in total with other currencies) of US treasuries,we in the US are in a much worse position.
        WE ARE BROKE!
        We also need other nations to fund our daily expenses of bread and SS to keep the parasites from rioting.
        So in the end,China can accept a devalued currency,but they still have boat loads of it,while we will have a devastated currency and nobody will show up to fund our bloated lifestyle.
        China has manufacturing
        China sells more to the EU than to the US
        China has nukes on ICBM’s that can destroy hundreds of US cities(I’ll bet that you didn’t know that)
        The Chinese are tough,they could lose all electric and heat their morning tea by burning used toilet paper,we in the US would riot is we lost our cable TV.
        Don’t be fooled,China is in a much better position than we are.

      10. I love Celente. I first heard him speak about 10 years ago on a television interview. Even then he was calling for rough times and was recommending gold as a safe haven. If only I had listened – well, didn’t have that much money back then.

        I went out and bought his book Trends 2000 after that interview and it changed my way of thinking about things, mainly that you can’t believe anything that comes out of people’s mouths on TV. He’s been right about many things, and I feel that he will ultimately be right about the coming collapse, but he will have to suffer through a period of indignation by seeing the markets and employment numbers get better (I should say appear to get better). He just needs to keep hammering because eventually he will be proven right.

      11. Comments…..i bought a house  L, b   calf,,,2000, sold in -2006  good timeing…move to argentina  with my argentina wife…with the gains from the sale …bought a house on the water and three shops i rent,   i retire at 43……it was scary at first , butt now in fully adapted here. and glad i did it.  my old job went belly up in 2008.  i read a lot back then . and did beleave this bad turn would happen.   wow   i was right….from what i read its been tuff there,  .hope the best for you all in usa…..i love my old home…..butt like i say live for the day, and keep your heads hi, maybe you get lucky  and it will all fly buy,,,,,aaaaaaoooooooo bob marley……and dont be … all shock up   …  elvis                    be happy  if  your alive and have a roof and food…..then all you need is love …love     love is all need…come on girls   shack that thing……yaaahooooo jimmy love  … chow…

      12. Who knows how it will play out.
        However, for those saying in effect…”let’s get on with the collaspe ’cause it will likely result in a much needed ‘reset’ of the system”.  I don’t see that.

        The Powers that Be seem  well placed to end up even more firmly in control as things unravel …. as in one world currency/one central bank control.

        We need a ‘John Connor’ to lead ……and instead we get “Sarah Palin”.

        It’s not looking good.

      13. All the variables out there… all the possiblities… such uncertainty we face until whatever happens will happen.  My mindset anymore is to make preparations to be as self sufficient & sustainable as possible and stock up on commodities to barter with.  Items such as salt, drinkable water & vitamins will be very valuable commodities to stockpile as a reserve currency.  All three items listed are basic essentials for human survival.  I think many people aren’t aware of the value of salt’s multipurposes,  Obviously stock up on non-perishables and build up somewhat of a silver stockpile and/or a foreign currency swiss francs… 

        The devaluation of the dollar is inevitable, but I hope inevitability will hold off for a few years so we can all be better prepared for what’s coming after it happens. 

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