Fully Vaccinated & Boosted Hillary Clinton Tests Positive For COVID-19

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Headline News | 29 comments


Hillary Clinton has tested positive for COVID-19, she tweeted Tuesday. The 74-year-old former secretary of state said that she is experiencing “some mild cold symptoms” but said she is “feeling fine.” It’s a good thing they keep telling people to get vaccinated and boosted so they don’t get sick!

Clinton is the latest of several ruling class elitists to have recently tested positive for the virus. This propaganda push to try to convince people to be vaccinated when it’s becoming quite obvious that those “vaccines” do nothing is ramping up once again.  Last week, former President Barack Obama announced that he had tested positive as well. He said at the time that he was “feeling fine” other than a scratchy throat.

Fully “Vaccinated” And Boosted Obama Gets COVID

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced a positive test. In a statement, Psaki said she had two “socially-distanced” meetings with President Biden one day earlier, but said he is not considered a close contact based on CDC guidelines. Mr. Biden tested negative on Tuesday, Psaki said. This is the press secretary’s second bout with COVID-19, having announced a positive test back in October 2021. –CBS News

COVID-19 cases in the U.S. have fallen sharply over the past two months but they seem to be going after the rulers and propagandists who continue to push the shots.  There is also the new scariant being shoved down the slaves’ throats:

Fauci Returns To Panic The Masses About COVID Again

Not enough people have taken these shots and the propaganda has begun to wear thin.

They Are ALL IN ON IT! Republican Governors Try To Convince Followers To Take The Shot

Why All These New “Scariants?” It’s Simple. They Need You To Get The Shots

Stay alert. Be ready. The push to get “vaccinated” will not stop. They’ve told us the ultimate goal:

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

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    1. Back Satan!!

      So Killary caught it?
      Hard to tell since that
      evil witch always
      looks so sick.

    2. Suggestion

      Get this woman on a
      ventilator asap!!!!!
      It’s for her own good!!!!

    3. Ha!!

      Wonder if Bill caught covid
      from Hillary? Probably not,
      I’m sure he doesn’t go near
      that anymore.

    4. Uh huh

      “I’ve got some mild cold symptoms but am feeling fine.”

      Um, that’s because that’s all
      covid is THE COMMON COLD

    5. just one more

      She should probably get
      27 more boosters just to
      be careful. You can never
      be too “safe”.

    6. Thanks

      It’s a good thing they keep telling people to get vaccinated and boosted so they don’t get sick!

      You are so right!
      Thanks for the article.

      • Anonymous

        And when they get sick anyway, tell them how lucky they are to have been vaccinated because it would have been so much worse if they hadn’t been.

    7. Immune

      Hillary sick? As powerful
      as phony 19 is – even it
      wouldn’t make it past the
      layers of evil surrounding
      this satanic woman.

    8. Anonymous

      The “vaccine” doesn’t stop you from catching or spreading it and I’m starting to suspect it may actually prevent developing a natural immunity when you do catch it if you have been vaccinated.

      Just aren’t enough studies being done to know anything for sure, certainly not enough to make any claims about it.

    9. hater

      Good for her; hopefully, she dies.

    10. alfie

      Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo, poor baby ( yeah right )

      • Dark Humor

        @Alfie, I know how you
        feel. I just can’t stop
        myself from worrying
        about Hillary – NOT!!!!!!

        • aMongoose

          I feel sorry for that unfortunate bug.

    11. Brockland A.T.

      No doubt vaxxed and boosted with the COVID saline placebo shot.

    12. Mr. Darwin

      Ah, more fodder for the tiny little brains here. LOCK HER UP! There, did that get yer little peckers hard? I’m sure it did. You people are fucktards.

      • Anonymous

        You exhibit too low an IQ to be calling anyone derogatory names for the content of their posts.

        Try posting with some degree of thoughtful content instead of slander.

        • Anonymous

          One word;

          • Mr. Darwin


        • Mr. Darwin

          I shit and flush turds smarter than you daily. Go fuck yourself and your inbred mother.

        • Mr. Darwin

          Oh, and I’m sure you’re going to chastise everyone else here for their slanderous remarks about Hilary, right? Sure you are…?

      • Hard rock

        Honestly , Darwin you are a very sick individual!!! Go to the doctor and try and see if you can get some help? Or just try and take off our mask, maybe you just need some oxygen to whatever brain cells you have left? Stop blaming others for your lack of knowledge, it’s really sad!!!

        • Anonymous

          Look up the mental condition “Narcissistic Personality disorder” and notice the striking similarities.

        • Mr. Darwin

          ????????? I hope Covid takes good care of you.

    13. Spider25

      Killery Arkancide caught the convid cold?
      I have to wonder if someone thats worth hundreds of millions could actually be that dumb to take an experimental shot that has not been studied long enough.
      Why are there no drug company commercials listing the vax ? Cominarty not available in the USA and liability becomes numero uno if you advertise directly. Nine pages of side effects big scama is looking for, try listing that on a commercial.

    14. Grandma of 12

      Hillary and all of the leftists in power did not get the “vaccine”, they were injected with saline if anything. Can’t risk the death of an influential one world government proponent.

      • Mr. Darwin

        It’s a shame you ever procreated. I certainly hope your offspring are educated, thoughtful people, unlike yourself. It saddens me that so many of my fellow Americans are so fucking stupid.

        • Spider25

          Get in line for shot five moron and shut up!

    15. Menzoberranzan

      Hopefully she has multiple comorbidities that will kill her

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