Why All These New “Scariants?” It’s Simple. They Need You To Get The Shots

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    It is more than painfully obvious at this point that the entire global slavery agenda cannot go forward without these COVID-19 “vaccines.” Every single story the mainstream media comes up with and all of the variants have the same solution from the masters: get more slaves “vaccinated.”

    It’s almost to the point of pitying those who have already bowed down and taken the shots because this is so obvious if you know anything about propaganda and the slave planet we were born into. We were never free, and that illusion is crashing. This is desperation on their part, but it’s still sad to see so many falling for it.

    The director of the National Institutes of Health stressed Sunday that a newly emerged coronavirus variant they decided to call “omicron,” “ought to redouble” vaccination efforts and other mitigation strategies, saying that while much is unknown about the variant, action should be taken now to avoid “a situation that makes this worse.”

    “It’s certainly not good news. We don’t know yet how much of an impact this will have. It ought to redouble our efforts to use the tools that we have, which are vaccinations and boosters, and to be sure we’re getting those to the rest of the world, too, which the US is doing more than any other country,” NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” referring to the new variant, named Omicron

    “It also means we need to pay attention to those mitigation strategies that people are just really sick of, like wearing masks while indoors with other people who might not be vaccinated and keeping that social distance issue,” he added. “We have to use every kind of tool in our toolbox to keep (Omicron) from getting in a situation that makes this worse.”

    Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Be they one thing or another, the vaccines are a part of this agenda. That’s why we hear constantly about these “mutations” and our need to take shots for a cold that we have never needed before. In fact, Omicron in Botswana was first detected in a “fully vaccinated” person. Yet the constant propaganda trying to convince people to get these shots is ongoing.

    There is something about these shots they need, but don’t expect this scam to stop at omicron. The chances that they release something that could do real harm to the human body is increasing as too many wake up to the slave planet we were born into and the illusion of freedom is further stripped. Never put it past those who seek power and to rule to say something like “you should have listened” after releasing something that is going to name many more than a common cold virus ever could.

    Be ready for anything. This agenda has just been kicked into overdrive. And of all of the supply chain problems globally, there is no effect on the “vaccines” of any kind. You will never be unable to get this shot. If you cannot see the illusion of freedom and the slave planet you were born onto by now, you probably never will. Best of luck when things get really tough.

    We need to be on our guard, however. While this scariant, for all intents and purposes, looks fabricated right now, do not believe they won’t try to release a horrific pathogen that they will call another variant (or maybe even call it omicron). It’s hard to say how they will play this at this point, but we are ready. And we will not accept slavery any longer.


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      1. Remember folks, we must
        all do our part and get
        “vaccinated” as soon as
        humanly possible.
        After all, we are talking
        about a “virus” that only has a 99.985% survival rate.?

      2. As you correctly mentioned,
        isn’t it absolutely amazing
        how with all of the supply chain shortages – these
        “vaccines” are yet always available at anytime?
        Funny that, isn’t it??

      3. All Americans need to get down on their knees and thank our genius founders for our 2nd amendment. We could be like other countries that are arresting and jabbing folks under duress. This scam will work because a lot of Americans are sheeple. They have the normalcy syndrome – The Government and the medical establishment would not lie to me in America!!

        Zero critical thinking

      4. The rulers of the world seem urgently intent on getting everyone vaccinated with no respect to nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc,

        Just everybody, no exceptions.

        And the reason isn’t Covid, I’m pretty sure of that.

        So what’s the real reason?

        Only Q and the rulers know, and neither is talking.

        So guess away, as for me the only thing I’ve convinced myself of is that the real reason, whatever it may turn out to be, isn’t even slightly benign.

      5. It ALL boils down to what they are hiding in the vaccines. Those of us who watched the virologist grow the 30 inch monster from the vial know what it is. When it is activated to begin to grow and you will die from it a normal autopsy will not show it,

      6. Death by vaxecution.

        Global depopulation.

      7. Remember Satan is a liar.

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