French President Says We Should Be “Preparing For The Worst” When It Comes To The Ukraine Conflict

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    French President Emmanuel Macron said France is “preparing for the worst” with regards to the Ukraine and Russia conflict.  After Macron had a third phone call with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the warning came out.

    A statement from Macron’s office said the call was about 90-minutes long, but by all accounts didn’t go well in terms of any prospects for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. A Macron aide later told the Associated Free Press that the French leader “then called President Volodymyr Zelensky” in Kyiv after the lengthy talk with Putin.

    “There was nothing that Putin said that reassured us,” a source in Macron’s office was cited as saying. Macron reportedly told Putin: “you are lying to yourself” while explaining that the continued invasion will only “cost Russia dearly” and lead to international isolation, as well as an economy “weakened under sanctions for a very long time”.

    This warning to be prepared comes as Joe Biden warns Russia “will pay a price” for their “invasion” of Ukraine.

    Biden Warns Putin “Will Pay A Continuing High Price” For The “Invasion” Of Ukraine

    Putin had repeatedly stated that Moscow’s demands are that Ukraine enters a state of “neutralization and disarmament”. Putin stressed that this can either happen diplomatically or through the continuation of military operations. Details of the call went public just as the Russian and Ukrainian delegations sat down at a neutral location on the Belarus-Poland border.

    War Censorship: The Offical Narrative Is Already Crafted

    According to a report by ZeroHedge, Macron said that Putin showed “determination to carry on operations” – according to a French official commenting on the call. Macron further retorted when Putin described a war against a “neo-Nazi regime” that the Russian leader was “deluding” himself. With the ever-heightening rhetoric,  Russia’s foreign ministry and even Moscow’s ally China have continued to blame NATO for what’s happening in Ukraine.

    Putin and other Russian top officials have been warning NATO for months and have made it clear what their “red lines” were for the same amount of time. Yet the NATO military expansion into Ukraine continued.


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      1. Maybe the best preparation would consist of leaving NATO.

        • Maybe you’re a fucking moron. Yep, I think that’s it!

          • Have you ever said anything intelligent?

            • Take a look back at ALL of my past posts, and then go fuck yourself ???

      2. When WEF-fen SS leader Klaus Schwab said “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, he was referring to us peasants.

        Jumped-up technocrats like himself and the elite Western European-dominated oligarchy he serves intended to own our stuff.

        That’s Western European imperialism in a nutshell, owning other people’s stuff, whether the raw resources of Africa or overwhelming firepower of the US military.

        The Russian Ruble may be artificially crashed but the Russians still own Russia and the Ruble backed by considerable Russian goods and services

        Not all of that can be replaced for long with smoke and mirrors and hubris from the NATO-sphere.

        • You might take a look at the Chinese and what they are ding in Africa before you blame it exclusively on “Western European imperialism”.

          It’s more like a developing global Neofeudalist society, a modernized implementation of the ancient Feudal system of government on a worldwide basis, than it is Western Imperialism.

          At least it seems that way to me.

          • The Chinese have zero force projection that isn’t aimed at Taiwan.

            • I’ve heard other people, other reports about their military development, saying differently, Who knows which of them know what they are talking about or which are true.

              Maybe we’ll be finding out soon courtesy of Biden, and maybe we’ll live through it too.

      3. You would think every country in Europe would be rushing to Ukraine to stop Russia, yet none are, which bodes badly for Europe in the long run. Lip service will do nothing.

      4. When Western political leaders start saying things like “we should be be preparing for the worst” what that really means is they know the conflict is going to be ratcheted up. The “Reset” has been stymied a bit because it petered out too soon due to people realizing it was a great scam for a power grab and besides, it didn’t have the massive impact they were hoping for. Now this Ukraine mess is being used as a contrived catalyst to effect the changes the Reset crowd wants. Macron, as others, are on board with all this; which includes not only conflict, but facilitating more massive 3rd world immigration in their countries, more heavy-handed restrictions, especially on free speech and press, and openly promoting anti-Christian culture. It’s all from the same playbook. You can believe things will get worse in Ukraine. Western powers putting boots on the ground in Ukraine will be a desperation move and an indication the West has last lost the geo-political edge there, and the Reset people don’t want another setback in getting their NWO established. All the Western political leaders show themselves to be nothing more than obsequious and servile minions to their globalist masters, and against the interests of their own countries.

      5. The NEWS everywhere (main stream that is) is NOTHING but a mix of lies and more lies with just enough truth to try to make Putin into a horrible person when in FACT it is people like Biden and Pelosi who ARE the F— scumbags. Do I like Putin NOPE, but he is far BETTER than the scum we have running our country they are sick pedo’s and corrupt beyond belief, FACT!
        I know this won’t be allowed to be posted which just shows more of how corrupt everything is, places like this site as well!

        • In war there is only propaganda, and in propaganda there is no truth.

          It’s impressive, in a sad sort of way, the number of people that have no idea how to tell the difference between propaganda and real news.

          • “how fortunate for politicians most people don’t think” – Adolf Hitler
            The only truth left is that we will deeply miss freedom.

        • Get the FUCK out of my country, traitor. ??

      6. France should build a underwater city to retreat too when WW3 breaks out. Because that’s all they know how to do!

      7. “how fortunate for politicians most people don’t think” – Adolf Hitler
        The only truth left is that we will deeply miss freedom.

        • Twice-impeached, defeated, humiliated former president trump did say he loves the poorly educated. And that explains a lot (i.e. everything) about the morons who regularly show their ass here. You’re nothing but a bunch of dumbfucks.

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