Biden Warns Putin “Will Pay A Continuing High Price” For The “Invasion” Of Ukraine

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    During the State of the Union address yesterday, Joe Biden warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will pay a continuing high price” for his “invasion” of Ukraine. The United States has already decided on the official narrative and the rulers are now demanding we choose sides.

    War Censorship: The Offical Narrative Is Already Crafted

    Biden specifically singled out Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US Oksana Markarova, who was seen sitting with first lady Jill Biden, for a long round of standing applause as he praised the resolve of the Ukrainian people. “[Putin] thought he could roll into Ukraine and the world would rollover. Instead, he met a wall of strength he never imagined,” Biden continued.

    Biden did say the U.S. would not be sending troops to meet Russian troops on the ground, however, the tax slaves will be providing financial and military aid, nonetheless.  “We have mobilized American ground forces, air squadrons, ship deployments to protect NATO countries including Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia… And as I’ve made crystal clear, the United States and our allies will defend every inch of territory, that is NATO territory, with the full force of our collective power,” Biden said to another round of applause.

    There is no end to the warmongering, and it’s hard to believe that at some point, the U.S. will not be heavily involved in this “invasion.” Biden did not announce anything new as far as major actions to be taken against Russia.

    Biden “Warns” Putin To Not Use Cyber Attacks Against The United States

    An article from 2017 appears to be possibly prophetic:

    NATO Secretary-General Warns Future Cyber Attacks Could Spark A War

    There is every possibility that the rulers of the U.S. could unleash a cyber attack on the U.S. and blame it on Russia to justify an actual full-scale war. If they want a war, they will propagate and use all the false flags they can to justify it.


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      1. Biden and Trump both let loose the death vaccines to kill people and to think Biden and his puppeteers would cyber attack his own country to kill more people in that chaos is reasonable.

        Biden is leading an upside down environment so anything he says or does will ALWAYS hurt the country as his history shows in the past 14 months, all for the Great Reset and the destruction of our economy.

        Preparing involves knowing what these evil doers will do, so stay well informed, be your own central bank, pay off debts, buy gold and silver to pay bills and preserve wealth, get food and ammo supplies for years to come, grow a garden, get a non-grid power generator, develop a community to live outside the system, and get out of the cities. May God help you in your indeavors.

        • People should have done all that long ago. Instead they had the newest phone, truck, car, house, toys, you name it. In the greatest information age in history people choose to be as stupid as fkkn possible. The cows are coming home and the pain is just beginning. There isn’t time for the sheep to get out of debt let alone any other prepping. They will just go crazy or die from the vax. Sux to be an idiot, like John Wayne quoted.. “life is hard, it’s even harder if your stupid”. I feel the time to do the bugout plan will be happening before long. People around here are not buying hardly any solar stuff to be more prepped, they are still buying a bunch of overpriced shit they don’t need. Maybe sell the house this spring/summer and GTFOOH. Pay attention and don’t make your move too late…..

          • If you live in a city you better be prepared for the unleashing of the niqqers and junkies. If you don’t have bugout property beware and don’t think you will be welcomed in the country. I don’t know anyone who will welcome poor stupid refugees from the city. In fact there’s a real good chance you will be shot. I would never invite strangers into my off grid bugout. Nobody else I know will either and if they persist then they could disappear. Better to stay put and fight off the scumbags.

            • Don’t worry, by the time the devil worshipping masses realize they’re standing neck deep in shit, the electric is off, the water isn’t flowing, the phones aren’t tweeting, twittering and twatering, and the trucks aren’t roaring up and down the highways and byways of psycholand USA, the dead and dying after 14 days will be absolutely stupefying. After 30 days the entire planet will be writhing in its death throes as the hundreds of NPP go up in smoke, with gamma shine and neutron bursts erupting uncontrollably, sterilizing the planet for eternity. This is what the power brokers know and understand.

              • Don’t be scared.

            • Why substitute “qq” for “gg”? I guarantee you use that word numerous times a day in front of your other racist, shithead friends. What’s the matter, leave your balls in your wife’s purse? LOL, just kidding. I’m sure you’re probably single and you’re apt to stay that way.

              I’d LOVE to be there to hear to call a group of African Americans that word. I would LOVE it. ?????

              Go fuck yourself.

      2. The Russian have the largest (remaining) reserve of natural resources on planet earth. They intend to maintain custody of those resources for Russian people and their nation.

        The people of the US have squandered our resources (especially energy) because we all want to drive a 7500 pound stupidmobile with 500 horsepower and 7 miles to the gallon.

        I have been predicting for months now $280 per barrel oil by May. That’s another way of saying “hey soccer mom, you aren’t driving your Chevy tank around after May”. Whatcha gonna be eating? Nothing!! People that have starved to death don’t need to eat!

        Biden is a FRAUD.
        The cuntgress is a FRAUD.
        The banksters are FRAUD.
        Corporate whores FRAUD.
        Equities ponzi FRAUD.
        Hedge fund whores FRAUD.
        God bless America? Really? Whom would assume God would bless a people where the women have murdered tens of millions of babies in the womb, and then apply cosmetics (made with murdered babies) to the devils faces? Holy crap. Insanity.
        Evil incarnate..

        • Stupordave, Sir well said!! This nation is going to pay for all the butchered children? How anyone can condone killing little baby’s in the womb, and claim to be Christian or believe in God? Is beyond me?? Its nothing but pure evil at it’s finest!!!

        • Ooh, ooh, I wanna play!

          Trump Steaks – FRUAD
          Trump Vodka – FRAUD
          Trump Airlines – FRAUD
          Trump Taj Mahal – FRAUD
          Trump University – FRAUD
          Trump PAC – FRAUD
          Trump Organization – FRAUD
          Trump Hotel D.C. – FRAUD
          Trump’s involvement with Russia during the 2016 election – FRAUD
          Trump’s hundreds of days spent golfing as president instead of working – FRAUD
          Trump’s call to Zelinsky – FRAUD
          Trump’s stolen election claims – FRAUD
          Trump’s call to Georgia – FRAUD
          Trump’s slates of alternate electors – FRAUDS
          Trump’s adult children – FRAUDS
          Trump’s daughter’s in-laws – FRAUDS
          Trump’s AGs – FRAUDS
          Trump’s entire cabinet – FRAUDS
          Trump’s lawyers – FRAUDS
          Trump’s bootlicking, right-wing media enablers/apologists – FRAUDS
          Trump presidency – FRAUD
          Trump – FRAUD

          I know there are plenty more, but I’m too tired. Did I win!?

      3. $280 per barrel oil by May. Meaning – no oil for you (or me) to fuel my TT! Got food?

        • Yes and gas too. And oil and parts and on and on and on.

        • This could hurt the economy, at least until the American people and industries wise up and buy electric vehicles.

          • How will you power that piece of shit?

            • Wise up? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week!

              • They’ve already been said by various of our rulers that gasoline prices are being used to force electric vehicles on the public.

                When you have no other financial option than to buy one or use public transportation, what they intend for you, will it still be stupid then?

                Denying the obvious doesn’t change reality, in fact it encourages it.

      4. I have lived for more than 2 decades way below my means. Trailers, cheap apartments etc. I had a great job paying very well and sunk my money into off grid place and land. Preps up the wazoo. Never bought new anything, drove used cheap trucks, the whole deal. 25 years later I’m retired and have everything paid for, 0-debt, still have my cheap flip phone with no text and drive a 2002 truck lol. My cabin I designed and built is badass and my wife bought our house here for cash. I upgraded everything here for backup power etc. and were set. Too bad for the got to look good morons who live at and beyond their means… 😛

        • And the people that had kids they have to pay for forever and ever and ever just so they can have 0 future in the NWO that is about to crush us…

        • Genius

          ” my wife bought our house here for cash”.

          Having a wife that is on board rowing with you and not against you is your greatest asset.

          • I’m guessing “Genius” is the type of “man” that takes “no” from his wife as an opportunity to correct her. I bet Mrs. Genius has an extensive collection of dollar store sunglasses.

      5. What would be the best state to move to for protecting against nuke attacks?

        • I read every state has a target, whether it be missle silos, government centers, financial areas and power plants. But taking them all out with nuke bombs is ridiculous and would kill those who do it with the fallout that goes around the world. If anything, the enemy would release an EMP above the earth or cyber attacks on the grid which eventually would wipe out populations without polluting the land for centuries.

          I would look for an area with plenty of natural resources for your survival, (water, land for farming, wildlife, and wood fuel sources) 200 miles away from cities, missle silos, large populations and nuclear power plants.

      6. I have news for you: Trump is not coming back. He is also not working with some secret ‘Marvel Comics’ super force of avengers making the world good again.

        Trump is a crook and is heavily compromised by the monies sent to him by Russian gangsters in the 1990s. His beautiful daughter would work to facilitate these transfers from within the Kremlin. He is owned by Russia.

        The Pentagon has had a plan to dominate the planet since the 1980s. It has been quietly deploying bases across the world and encircling Russia and China (the only two countries strong enough to oppose them). This conflict in Ukraine is ‘game on’ for the final phase of this plan. This is about bringing Russia down and then China afterwards. We are already involved in this war, with special forces already there. At some point the Russians will capture one and you will see them on TV and Biden going bananas about it. And then the no-fly zone and shit getting real.

        • The US may bring Russia down by weaponizing the dollar, but an army runs on fuel. NATO has no spare fuel to wage a war. Russia does.

        • Brooklynsez

          Very True Trump is not coming back, Thanos and Galacticus are not going to elevate Trump back into the presidency. Get over it, just like those who wish for Jim Crow to come back….it…aint …gonna…happen…if people here think that the days of hurting/killing people who dont look like you wake up and smell the coffee it aint gonna happen. As for Pukin he’s desperate and dangerous like a cornered Rat and No he is not going to win against us as much as you commie lovers want. I predict his own people will take him down in 3 years.

          • Holy shit, someone else with a brain here! Congratulations and welcome! Btw, there’s only 2 (maybe 3) of us here…

      7. Russia is at war with the Straussians.

      8. Russia said it would target Western banking interests, in kind, also using the term “New World Order” to describe us, and noting our failure to grasp natural law, saying they have nothing to fear from this morally and financially bankrupt country.

        Ezekiel 38-39

      9. Brooklynsez:
        I am not sure but it seems there are many on this site who have serious mental disorders first of all the guy who has his preps all in order, and thinks that black/brown folks are the N word, that squarely tells me what you are and what you stand for. if people here think for a nanosecond that the end times are nigh the “grid” is going down and the cities will empty and YOU with your copious preps are going to ride it out all the while shooting (insert your favorite racist slang word for your minority of choice) you are very sadly mistaken, yea yea i know if someone comes near you and yours etc your going to shoot them etc etc etc thats a fantasy of alot of preppers have it is just that a fantasy. As for this war Pukin is going to go down, not now, but later on down the road he will be out of power or swinging from a lampost. As much as alot of folks in the U.S.A. admire a strong man, strongmen always lose….always…..remember history is littered with their bones.

        • So let them stay with you and see what happens ok. Oh and report back, if your not dead…

          • Drop dead, you racist piece-of-shit. ???

        • ?

      10. 20 percent this time for the Big Guy and it’s all good!

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