Biden “Warns” Putin To Not Use Cyber Attacks Against The United States

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    Can anyone guess what’s coming next in this war? Not only should we still be on the lookout for some kind of disastrous bioweapon unleashed by the rulers, but now we could be going through a grid down situation based on recent headlines.

    Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to not respond to sanctions on Russia with cyber attacks. “If Russia pursues cyberattacks against our companies, our critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond,” Biden said. “For months, we’ve been working closely with the private sector to harden our cyber defenses, sharpen our ability to respond to Russian cyberattacks as well.”

    So it looks like the plan is proceeding as they wanted. Russia will attack the U.S. and Biden will retaliate. Be prepared for literally anything at this point.

    Dr. Alexi Drew is the Defence and Security Research Group Senior Analyst with RAND Europe. Drew said that attacks on government or other rulers around the globe could result in more dislike of government, according to ABC7, a Los Angeles affiliate. Or, it could show the public how little they need tyrants running their lives. It’s up to us how we look at it, but it won’t make the ruling class happy if the slaves finally figure out they don’t need masters and enforcers.

    Dr. Drew said low-level operations like denial-of-service, or DOS attacks, were taking down government websites in Ukraine by flooding them with fake users. “It’s designed to try and discredit and undermine government to the point that, you know, people start to have less faith in its ability to operate because effectively it struggles to operate because these services have been taken offline,” Dr. Drew said. The next move, a malware operation deleting data and rendering computers useless. This sort of digital attack can go beyond its target.

    The CEO of the Knowledge and Intelligence Program Professionals, Hal Kempfer, said “the reality, is the Russian state kind of uses these gangs or criminal enterprises as sort of a cutout, if you will, to do things,” and added that the goal was to “impede U.S. commerce, or critical infrastructure, or financial infrastructure, to cause as much pain and disruption as possible in any way that would slow us down from what we’re doing over with Europe and NATO.”

    This looks like it’s been part of the plan from the beginning. They need to destroy the current financial system and somehow force us all into using a one-world digital dollar.

    WEF Warns Of Cyber Attack Leading To Systemic Collapse Of The Global Financial System


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      1. The first casualty of war is truth. I didn’t believe what these psychos in power were saying before, why should I start now?

        • Chicken neck basement boy Biden is Milktoast, like a frail scare crow cackling and twisting in the wind which all black Crows land on, to take their daily dump.

      2. The only thing I believe is what I see happening in person, and that is limited to what I really see, not what I’m told to see.

        Otherwise, I just figure that all reporting from all sides is distorted at best and likely just a fake as well (including printed, audio, and video reports).

        There is little truth reported in normal times, and no truth reported in war times.

        • You should head on over to the frontlines and see for yourself. Since I’m sure you live alone, I can come over and help draw the target on your back.

          • That’s not a very intelligent comment. it doesn’t even relate to what was said.

            If you don’t agree with my view you should point out why and give the reasoning behind it.

            • You said you only believe what you see with your own eyes. You don’t believe the reporting from the frontlines. So, go on over and see for yourself. What’s so hard to understand about that?

      3. Here comes a grid down false flag. BTW they are performing a grid out drill in August. Just sayin.

      4. Here comes a grid down false flag. BTW they are performing a grid out drill in August. Just sayin.

        • they are performing a grid out drill in August.

          And…would you care to share your source? Please?

      5. Grid down hmmm, That should be a hell of a party!

        • Yep, beer and weapons at any (off-grid) party is a hoot!

      6. I,m a cash kinda guy. I keep the minimum amount of cybersatans in the bank. Paper satans are harder for them to take. Might have to resort to Goldstien’s and Silverstien’s.

      7. Russia is being shown as the over-blown threat it always has been. Its military is a joke. They are making school boy mistakes and getting hammered by the Ukrainians.

        But let’s telescope out and see what is really happening. Both Russia and Ukraine are run by Jewish oligarchs. Both Russia and Ukraine are acknowledged world centres for organised crime and corruption. What we are seeing is a gang fight over who gets to control the income from the hookers, the money laundering, drugs, cyber crime etc.

        Trump, for example, works for Russian organised crime.

        It isn’t a fight over democracy and freedom versus tyranny. It is between Russian organised crime and Ukrainian organised crime.

        Ukraine is a tasty prize for its resources and food production as well as its people (some of the most beautiful women in the world). It’s harsh to think about it but the world economy at its most basic level is about theft. You steal resources and people and you then create products with it and sell those people and products into the hypothecated, financialised joke of a world economy.

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