War Censorship: The Offical Narrative Is Already Crafted

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The official narrative has already been created, and anything that goes against that will be censored. Google and Meta have announced that they will be censoring Russian media outlets.

    The head of global affairs said on Monday that they will be restricting access to Russian media outlets, such as RT, Sputnik, and Tass. This will go into effect across the European Union. Only one side of the story will prevail, and the ruling classes have already decided what you are going to believe.

    Russian state-run media’s activity on social media platforms has emerged as a contentious issue for big tech companies. Moscow is calling their dealings in Ukraine a “special operation,” while the West and NATO-aligned countries continue to declare it as an “invasion.” Which one is true? It’s hard to say when access to information is straight-up propaganda and the other side is being heavily censored.

    Twitter said on Monday it would label and restrict the visibility of tweets containing content from Russian state-affiliated media outlets, in an expansion of its policy to label the state media accounts, according to a report by Reuters. 

     Russian authorities are also resorting to threatening certain media outlets for “misinformation”. Russia has threatened to fine or block 10 Russian independent media outlets if they do not delete publications about the war in Ukraine, Human Rights Watch reported. The authorities have interfered with access to Facebook and Twitter and have blocked access to another media website.

    “For the past decade, Russian authorities have used a web of vague laws and flimsy pretexts to intimidate and harass independent and dissenting voices,” said Hugh Williamson, Europe, and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “Now they are bluntly imposing censorship combined with a false narrative that they demand everyone must parrot.”

    That sounds eerily like what Facebook (Meta), Twitter, and Google are doing in the United States. Interesting…

    The censorship is coming from all sides, and there is a narrative that the rulers of this globe insist we all believe. Instead of allowing a free flow of information, and the human population of the globe to come to their own conclusions, the rulers are trying hard to make sure certain people only have access to limited information.  This is obviously not for the good of anyone but themselves.


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      1. Lotsa angst and “muh poor Ukrainians” and “Slavic man bad” on the teevee and social media (so I’m told). Not so much about Ukronazis or ethnic cleansing.

        Funny thing is, if you put a blank map in front of these people, 99% of them could not point out Ukraine. The brainwashing is complete.

        • JRS – All true, but there’s more, we are constantly being told we must help Ukraine because it is a democracy, it is not a democracy. Their president shut down TV and radio stations that were critical of him, he imprisoned the leader of the political party who came in second in the elections, and he arrested and jailed other political figures, the very same thing the US has accused Putin of doing. Another lie is that Russia attacked Ukraine unprovoked. Ukraine has been shelling Russian settlements in the Donbas unrelentingly with material supplied by the US and NATO for months and months; and then wonders why it wants to break away. Furthermore, the Ukrainian gov’t is so thoroughly corrupt it can barely function. Our gov’t is completely lying to the us about Ukraine and Russia, every single thing it says is a g*dd*m lie. The fact of the matter is there are lots of greasy American politicians that have nasty secrets about their connections to Ukraine to hide.

        • Most couldn’t find Europe, or Russia, which spans 11 time zones, 10 of them contiguous.

          • Most people can’t locate the majority of states in America without looking at their phone.
            Most people can’t travel without their phone giving them detailed,turn by turn directions.
            Multiple generations are being controlled by their phone.

      2. News media is still relatively free in North America.

        The legacy media is free to lie and be ignored, the alternative media free to set the record straight and be read.

        Europe is where most of the narrative angst is. In the US, broken narratives are just normal. Only Blue States care about that.

        Were it not for COVID restrictions, the US economy would be weathering this crisis just fine.

        Nuclear war may worry some, but the US would have to attack Russia for that to happen.

        Not having a job and an income is a far more real problem.

      3. So much in the world today that is happening seriously begs the question: If you were to die tonight, where would you go?

        Without the saving blood of Jesus Christ, Heaven will not be where you spend eternity. The only other option is hell. I do not want you to go there. The only one who does is the devil.
        Please open your eyes and see that Jesus died for you, and is offering His free gift of Salvation. He died on the cross, and He Himself spent 3 days in hell so that you would not have to do so. He then raised Himself from the dead, to show that He would also raise those who DO believe in Him. God created you. He is NOT myth. Please do not believe the lies this world system would have you believe. Regardless of what you have heard, read, or learned, JESUS is the ONLY WAY to Heaven.

        John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world (You who is reading this), that He gave His ONLY Begotten Son (Jesus), that Whosoever Believes on Him, will not Perish, but will have everlasting life.”

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        I Corinthians 7:29 But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that both they that have wives be as though they had none; 7:30And they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they possessed not;

      4. Here is an excellent video posted by a Russian guy
        who tells the TRUTH about what is going on between
        Russia and Ukraine and he also provides undeniable facts as to who are the bad guys and who are the good guys in this crisis situation:

        Save a copy of the video, because I doubt it will stay up for very long.

        The story of Russia and Ukraine and the cause of the military operation


        • How do we discern if anything coming out of a war by either side is actually and fully true or not?

          I know of no way of doing this, those in high places are the ones that present it for the consumption of us in low places, and it is most likely aimed at gaining support for their side.

      5. Hey, Mac! Say “Hi” to Vlad for me. I’m sure he’s thankful for you picking up for RT and Sputnik. Congrats, traitor. ?

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