Food Shortages In Israel As Citizens Stock Up On Food

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Headline News

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    Israelis rushed to their supermarkets to stock up on food and water. Israelis were encouraged by Israel Home Front Command to store 72 hours’ worth of both food and water in their homes as the war continued to advance.

    The unexpected surge in panic buying left some supermarket shelves bare and led to long queues of anxious shoppers trying to secure essential supplies as their government recommended. At least Israelis are getting food and water. In the United States, the bleating sheep stocked up on toilet paper instead.

    The Fear-Stricken Sheep Are Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Once Again

    The Home Front Command later clarified that this recommendation was not related to any anticipated shortages resulting from the ongoing war, but by the time that announcement was made, the damage to the food supply was already done.

    Yossi, a resident of Israel’s Sharon coastal plain region, went to his local supermarket to buy groceries. To his surprise, he found that some shelves in the store had not been restocked since the previous day’s rush. Many items were completely sold out, including water, toilet paper and prepackaged snacks like chips. -Natural News

    It isn’t just the recommendation from Home Front Command that has the civilian population uncomfortable. Growing tensions along the Lebanese-Israeli border are fueling concerns of a potential second front opening, further contributing to the prevailing sense of unease.

    Watch this video about panic buying. This video is from the World Alternative Media channel on


    While the nation of Israel prepares for potential attacks amid the ongoing war, and its populace rushes to secure essential goods, the repercussions are already reverberating throughout its economy and society. Food shortages could become a concern if this war goes on for an extended period of time or elevates.


    There are signs that this war could expand anytime. Even as the United States sends troops to Israel, the ruling class continues to declare that they are not getting involved in a “hot war.”









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