Fauci: Unvaccinated Kids Have To Wear Masks When Playing Together

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Wasn’t it this same “doctor” that also told vaccinated adults that they still had to wear masks and practice social distancing after getting the vaccine? Yes, it was. So basically, everyone still has to wear a mask and submit to the ruling class; vaccinated or not.

    Fauci: Vaccinated People Can’t Dine Indoors Or Go To The Movies Still

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    When will all of this end? When either we as humanity wake up to what is being done to us, or when “the whole world is vaccinated,” aka, enslaved to the rulers.

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    Even though this hoax pandemic doesn’t affect children in any meaningful way, Fauci wants them masked up when they play together. “When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks when they’re interacting with groups or multiple households,” Fauci told CBS on Sunday, warning that “children can clearly wind up getting infected” even if the various households have been vaccinated against the virus.

    Fauci is doing his best to keep the COVID fear high, but the public is tiring of it. So they have another trick up their sleeve to try to bring down and demoralize the public:

    COVID Panic And Fear Wanes, Now Comes EBOLA!

    As more and more Americans continue to willingly line up and get “vaccinated” with the experimental gene therapy that they’ve admitted may not protect against the virus, various states have moved away from lockdown measures. Others have removed mask mandates and the fear over the scamdemic is waning.

    But not if Fauci has anything to say about it.  We should all wear the muzzle no matter what if we can believe anything this tyrant says. The question of mask mandates and usefulness has once again become a heated one. Fauci has continued to urge people to keep symbolically muzzling themselves to protect themselves from the virus. The health official even got into a heated exchange recently with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) after the senator questioned the logic of masks for people who are immune or have gotten a vaccine, calling the act “theater. Fauci argued variants are now what people should be worried about.

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    The variants and the “vaccines” are both a huge concern.  Because we still don’t know which one will be blamed by the rulers for COVID-21.



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      1. Fauci: take the face diapers and shove then you know where. You know tthat face diapers protect you from NOTHING

        • Darkwing is correct, and in fact we will find out the hard way that a dust mask is utterly useless in protecting oneself from dangerous deadly pathogens, like Ebola for instance. In fact the bulk of the population now believe that dust masks have a high degree of efficacy in keeping one safe from airborne pathogens, and will go right on to commit suicide when it’s announced “some other deadly virus” is now present. When we do see people dropping dead all over the place, you will know the citizenry have been attacked in earnest. From within. By the likes of Master Gates and Fauci; it’s long over due to go to the mat. These murderous mofo’s need to be gotten under control NOW!

      2. Shit is getting serious.
        I’m scared.
        I mean, there’s only like
        99.8% of people this beast of a virus hasn’t taken out.
        Only 99.8% of us are left.
        Run!Run for your lives??!!

      3. Fauxi is the virus. Good news
        is we’ve been exposed more than enough to this idiot that we’ve developed a natural immunity to his endless lies.

      4. Faulty

      5. By now, I was hoping the vax “Dr” Fauci had taken would be having it’s intended side effects but of course we all know the cocktail he took was harmless unlike the one given to the sheep.

      6. Doesn’t this malicious tyrant ever shut the hell up?
        Rhetorical question.

      7. The depths that these people will sink to in order to accomplish their sick goals truly has no limit.
        What’s next? Will toddlers also be required to have those bullshit covid ID cards just to play together? I’ve been reading various reports of people snapping and losing control and as this shit continues – those types of situations will only increase. I think most of us are tired of this shit already.
        This entire covid scamdemic
        ceased being funny long ago.
        Not that any of the horrible, dehumanizing things all of us have been through were ever humorous in the first place.

        • It ends when you allow it to end.

          We went to several different playgrounds the other day.

          Kids in masks were on the sidelines, lack of self confidence and missing that feeling of fitting in.

          Because every kid having a good time was not wearing masks, and neither were most parents.

          If you want to cure the worst virus in history, kill your television.

          Here, try my brand.

      8. Fauchi….. time to retire. You keep moving the goal posts! You are starting to sound like Joe.

      9. “Resistance
        Borg transgender queen

      10. More fear mongering.
        Recent headline:
        “Right now I’m scared”
        CDC Director
        “Chokes Back Tears”
        As She Fearmongers
        “Impending Doom”

      11. Texas (seven day)phony 19 positivity rates have fallen to an all time low of 5.27% since the state reopened and lifted mandates. Go figure?

      12. Mac Slavo is O’Brien.

      13. Question: About how many “viruses” are you gals/guys aware of that last for a full years length of time??

      14. A little off topic but I just
        read this headline:
        TO ENTER

      15. Fauci, must have everybody blackmailed to keep his scam position, He lies about everything, and is the insider who helped create this virus and plandemic scam. WTF???? POS should be facing treason charges. Why is Bill Gates still alive ready to poison the sky’s in June with poison dust, or Killery or that fat a$$ $oros burning down America funding BLM? Get rid of all of them and it will stop 85% of the chaos in the world. The US Military could round them all up in a week. DO your Job US Military with Tribunals.

      16. Those who Take the Jab are actually now spreading the Jab virus to others. WTF? Some Masks contain nano plastic particles, choking out your lungs. Do not buy into any of this Scamdemic BS. Go rural off their grid and enjoy life. Shut off all MSM lie TV for starters. Why pay for cable Lie TV to be lied to? Stupid is. Or a Cell phone to track you. I ditched my cell phone a year ago. No more GPS tracking of me. Once you get rid of your cell phone you become normal again. Get rid of the tracking device that rats you out and listens to all your conversations and puts all that data in the DHS fusion center data base to find you when the Big FEMA Camp round up begins.

      17. It’s clear as a bell fellow citizens, we are under attack from within, under attack by the slimiest, sleaziest, most degenerate SUB-WHALESHIT SUBHUMAN SCUMBAGS the world has ever known. Yes they have names. OF COURSE THEY HAVE NAMES!! I’m not afraid to call these SOS out by name. Fauci. Gates. Clinton. Pelosi. McConnel. Graham. Schiff. These are the LOWBROW SCUMBAGS on the totem pole. There are 100’s of thousands of these shitbags that need rounded up. The utter collapse and mass die off (human) that is now well along cannot be averted. Our chances of survival individually are slim to none (that includes all the fabulously prepped). All for nought if we continue to ignore the criminally insane shit bags that seem to think they are in charge and have this cat by the tail.

      18. He is right, we should keep wearing masks, we cannot allow vaccinated people to have more rights than non vaccinated ones.
        We are either all free or all slaves!

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