COVID Panic And Fear Wanes, Now Comes EBOLA!

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    As the COVID-19 panic wanes and people tire of the relentless fear-mongering in the mainstream media, a new scare tactic is being used, but this time, it could be serious.  Ebola is back and the United States is officially monitoring at least 86 people for Ebola.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste? Or is this another false plandemic disguised as something actually deadly? Or is it real and people are going to be going through a sinister disease? It’s hard to say right now. All we know is that ebola is back in the mainstream media, along with scary news headlines designed to make us all afraid.

    Either way, people will get on their knees and worship the state in exchange for the false safety they will not provide. However, no disease “illicit fear and panic in a country’s population the way Ebola does, says Nancy Morgan Hart of Headlines with a Voice.“Fear is a powerful means to control and manipulate people. John Adams wrote ‘fear is the foundation of most governments,'” Hart adds.

    “As more and more Americans question the government-approved narrative behind the current pandemic, the powers that be sense that they’re losing control over the people that that narrative was designed to subjugate. Enter Ebola!” Hart says.

    A few states are monitoring people who have traveled to African countries where infection rates have spiked in recent months. Ebola is being to really have an effect on Africa. Ebola is far deadly than the current hoax scamdemic. It actually can kill people and cause hemorrhaging from their bodily orifices.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Ebola Information Page. 

    So far, most of those being monitored are said to be at a “low risk” of contracting Ebola.  If this is serious, then why haven’t flights to ebola-stricken areas of Africa stopped? Travel restrictions are still in place for COVID, but not Ebola?

    Some things make little sense right now.  In the coming days and weeks, we should begin to see if this Ebola is a scare tactic, a real threat, and how much of it was “artificially initiated” by those seeking the complete totalitarian enslavement of humanity.



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      1. Bleeding from my orifices would be a picnic compared to “killer covid” because as we have all been conditioned to believe without question:

      2. Now that the blatant phony 19 lies are beyond obvious and wearing quite thin – the evil psychos will perhaps be playing the Ebola card – have to keep the masked sheep living in fear and under control somehow.?

      3. I still remember when they tried scaring us with Ebola when Obummer was prez.
        Didn’t work out too well because the “victims” were so totally fake.Just a few of the highlights I recall: NYC cops caught on video dumping their protective gloves when entering an apartment with an Ebola
        victim because they knew it was total b.s. Patients being loaded on ambulances where it was obvious noone was actually there – as in no body.
        Father caught on video receiving cash payment after saying his son was “suffering” from Ebola. Small child dancing all over the place,then laying down pretending to be in pain from ebola as soon as media arrived. People in Africa calling family members living here in America warning them not to believe Ebola was raging in Africa because they lived in Africa and saw none of this taking place.
        Huge signs put up in Africa which said EBOLA IS REAL
        which would be unnecessary if it was actually occurring and raging out of control.
        Also, Red Cross doctors began to get attacked in Africa because people began getting sick only AFTER the Red Cross began to “help”. The list goes on and on. I don’t know how many of you still remember the last time they tried the Ebola scare tactics here ,but, it’s definitely
        something I will never forget.

      4. More fear mongering from the “experts”. I myself am not afraid because as you all know by now I am a badass who will eat the Ebola for breakfast,lunch,and dinner and the occasional light snack as well.
        Yours truly, Covid 19

      5. I guess they wouldn’t need a swab test to check for Ebola cause that whole “bleeding from my orifices” thing would be pretty apparent ?

      6. One possible reason for this new fear tactic:
        Living life
        Again ?

      7. Doctor: Sir I’m sorry to have to inform you that you have contracted Ebola.
        Patient: Oh thank goodness,
        I thought you were going to tell me I had Covid 19 which according to everyone is much,much,much worse?

      8. Miracle cures against Ebola and the Black Death have been reported, based on overall stamina and common, household ingredients.

        But, genetic modifications, related to DRACO and PANACEA were supposed to prevent against a broad spectrum of viruses.

        FUNVAX, against radicalism. (Patriarchy and Biblical govt are radical).

        (Their caps).

        fun with homonyms —

      9. Who holds the patent for ebola? Cdc wants it’s share of the counterfeit profits. So continues the fraud organization.

      10. Seattle is Dying | A KOMO News Documentary

        What were vectors of disease, in the Middle Ages. (Before injection drugs.)

        imhblo, a secular justification for eugenics is that it will happen. It will happen, regardless of whether it is administered in a controlled fashion or by blind forces of nature.

        If you are found by fabian socialists, or in any random emergency, or by aliens, what kind of person should you want them to find? Be fit, successful, pious, and pest-proof everything, remedially.

      11. Ebola is no joke.
        I have been telling my wife for over a year now that we are one mutation away from the apocalypse I said all we need is to have covid19 (very contagious) marry a deadly virus like ebola
        And folk – there you have it

      12. How the hell was anyone allowed to travel to or from Congo during a Covid lockdown ??!??

      13. Another fake pandemic…..whatever it takes to maintain control….

      14. Could be that people will actually want to limit going to grocery store….

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      15. I had to laugh at several recent “news stories” that were found on pages 3 and 4 in a number of Pacific NW newspapers.
        Ebola Zaire has a 90% mortality rate, and there is currently an epidemic in the DRC and Guinea in Africa. The Powers That Be however, have said that returning missionaries from these Ebola stricken nations, need NOT be quarantined, as Ebola is not an airborne virus like Covid.
        Well thank goodness!
        So, I could contract the “deadly” Covid virus that has a mortality rate of 2/10ths of 1 percent to 3/10ths of 1 percent, and for this “pandemic” the healthy had to be quarantined, and the world’s economy had to be shut down; but a “harmless virus” like Ebola, that has a death rate of anywhere from 50 to 90 percent (depending on the strain of the virus), NO ONE needs to be quarantined in the US, and it’s business as usual.
        Gee, makes you wonder…

      16. Look at that map: where is all this virus stuff coming from? The third world (China, Africa). Why do these countries continue to produce virulent viruses? Because of the mistreatment of animals (live wet markets, eating jungle meat, f#cking animals, etc.).

        Why do we in the West see these viruses travel? People on planes. If we didn’t have the huge volume of people travelling from the third world (barely anyone did three decades ago apart from Peace Corps dudes), we would not have this problem. Now imagine these ‘folks’ on planes: the Indians who stand on plane toilet seats to crap, the nose picking Africans swiping on the TV screen, the respiratory coughing Chinese from one of their polluted cities. All sneezing, coughing and boogering on your seat before you get on the plane.

      17. Globalism are a nightmare. Always trying to murder others.

        • I meant globalists,

      18. Of course Ebola is entering the US. All those refugees, migrants etc. coming in with all sorts of diseases. Biden is powerless to stop them from entering. Migrants are like starving, useless ants, coming in to feed and invade. They don’t like to work. Just live like parasites off others.

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        • I agree. There are people on here who know what they’re talking about and it needs to get out there.

      20. All these viruses are man made. Not God made.

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