Experts Say War With Russia Was Imminent “66 Times in Last 18 Months”

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 109 comments

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    For many, the Cold War tensions with Russia had become a distant memory… until, of course, NATO and Russia squared off over the Ukraine issue.

    Now, American-backed NATO forces have been brought back to the brink of World War III — an astounding 66 TIMES — just in the last year and a half.

    According to the UK Express:

    WAR between Russia and Nato forces has been imminent a terrifying 66 times over the last 18 months, according to experts.

    Recordings of the “close military encounters” have soared since March last year – with relations between the pair breaking down over the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.


    Director of ELN Ian Kearns said the war games “are contributing to a climate of mistrust” that have “on occasion become the focal point for some quite close encounters between the Nato and Russian militaries.”

    In a report published by the European Leadership Network (ELN), the ministers warned: “The situation is ripe with potential for either dangerous miscalculation or an accident that could trigger a worsening of the crisis or even a direct military confrontation.”

    Nato forces are planning approximately 270 exercises this year, according to an ELN study – while Russia has announced a staggering 4,000 drills.


    Russia’s foreign ministry claimed the drills are “a clear demonstration of NATO’s provocative policy to unequivocally support the policies of current Kiev authorities in eastern Ukraine”.

    From the contentious and highly questionable downing of flight MH370 to reports of Russian troops escalating on the border, relations between Putin and the West have reached an all-time high, so much so that World War III is at stake.

    Things have gotten so bad that Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s notorious power behind the throne, has warned the U.S. to stop “backing Kiev at all costs” and that “breaking” Russia was not a viable option.

    As Americans face the potential of WW3, President Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has done relatively little to address the issue, or to calm the flames threatening to engulf the planet. Instead, action from the West has been proxied through NATO and through the puppet leader in Kiev.

    Putin, for his part, has remained staunch despite sanctions and shaming by the West.

    Unfortunately, this crisis shows no signs of abatement even as tinder box stands ready to explode at any given moment.

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      1. So called Experts??? Or just ZOG paid shills on in the MSMedia, controlled by the ZOG. Go ahead and shoot both the message and the messenger.


        • Not going to happen anytime soon. Just saber rattling from all countries to show the PEZ is in charge of said country. Total psyops to keep populace in line with “security for safety.. just give up that freedom….”. But….. people will grow tired of this and finally some one will shoot….

          • These yo yo’s don’t seem to understand what war really is.

          • These yo yo’s don’t seem to understand what war really is.

        • Seems like a fair analysis. Probably the same people who say that there is nothing wrong with the economy and the Market isn’t going to crash.

        • Globalist (a$$)Kissinger can suck it.

        • Right on m8…couldn’t have said it any better…

        • Russkie propaganda – purpose to scare Americans into backing down.

          • Bring on the doom porn, bring on the fear, bring on the popcorn, bring on the beer.

          • BS. What this writer probably means is, the U.S. tried to provoke Russia 66 times in the last 18 months. If Russia wanted to go to war, we’d be hiding in our basements right now, and knocking nuclear fallout off of our boots on the porch.

            Scaremongering is just as bad as warmongering.

        • I really wish people would stop using the phrase “zog” – it obscures whos responsible. The other word that I dislike is “bankster” it *sounds* like cigar-twirling guy-fawksesque tinfoil material.

          Lets just say it how it is. Bankers are responsible for this shit. Bankers and politicians.

          Hang. Them. All.

      2. War with Russia or China is crazy, and no one wins.

        If we invade Russia or China there would be a war for 100 years. If Russia or China invades the USA there will be a war for 100 years. If you are old enough and you remember Star Trek. They had a show where this happened. The Yangs (Yankees) finally won.

        Remember to old saying WW3 will be fought with NUKES, and WW4 will be fought with STONES.

        If there was 66 times in 18 months. That is a lot. One day some one will shoot!!!


        • Sgt. Lol.. it was an Albert Einstein quote. Going from memory here.

          Im not sure how Ww3 will be fought, but Ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

          Hows the 62 gr 556 rounds coming along? Nato gives it like 3200 fps. I use a 7:1 twist 16 ” barrel.


          • WWTI
            I’m going to load them with WW748, (My 2nd. powder is BL-C2), and a WW small rifle powder. I put together a couple and tested them. Very good groups, low flash, no recoil. (That I could feel.) Good grouping I could put a quarter over the holes at 100 yards.

            I shot some out of my Bushmaster 16″ barrel 1-8 twist. I haven’t Chronied it yet. I thinking around 2950 to 3050. I just put together a Harden Arms 7 1/2 AR pistol and they shot good AT 25 yards had had just under 1″ groups. I love this Pistol to carry with me in the squad car and when I go on trips.

            I have been doing some thing with this weapon and have found that this weapon would be a great Survival tool.

            My Harden Arm pistol goes great when I’m carrying my Bushmaster, and us it as a back up. It fits flat on my back. (I have found that Harden Arms has the VERY BEST customer service, It is 2nd. to none.) I don’t work for them!!!


            • No doubt SGT. AR pistols are bad ass. With a 60 round mag which weighs 2 lbs the Tot Wt is like 5 Lbs or less. Get a sling and wear it under your rain poncho. I put a laser light on it and laser bore sighted it like 75 yrds. I also added a flash supresser that only shoots forward. No side emissions. And it also kicks the noise foward saving you ears in a vehicle… Important cause for a vehicle gun you want the flames going out the window and not sideways into the back seat. Ha.

              I love the Hornady ammo. SST slugs, 12 G Red tip black shell case, ripping out at 2000 fps.

              Also the 30-06 Superformance balistics. Check out Hornandy Balistics charting. You can also calculate balistics co-efficients, windage charts. Good charts to keep with your rifle. I created a full table 100 to 800 yrds with windage for my ammo. Laminated it a stuck it in the butt stock ammo storage sleave. Good to go.


              • WWTI
                Got the sling already. Will look into the flash suppressor.

                Hornady makes some great ammo. I did have a problem using V-Max in my 6.8 on deer. Lost two and I know I hit them in the ribs just behind the shoulder. Went to Barnes TSX. 110gr. knocks them on there butts now. V-Max works great on Yoaties and Ground hogs!

                Hornady Superformance are some very good ammo. I roll my own and hunt with it. It is a form of, I like to do it myself from scouting to taking the Deer/Elk ECT. to making my own the Ammo to cleaning it to eating the game. Just me!


          • maybe you mean 1:7 twist
            Do you train regularly or are you just another person who owns a gun and thinks that is good enough and they are invincible.
            Just wondering.
            learn it, run it, know it, master it.
            In all weather conditions. don’t forget low light / no light training.
            I meet so many people who think just because they have a gun that they are good, but they rarely shoot them, train with them and run them.
            I am NOT SAYING YOU ARE one of these people. just a observation about some that really irks me. my own brothers and sisters included. my own family and they don’t get it either.
            Think perishable skill. train
            good Luck all.

            • Quest I just double checked it and it is a 1:7 twist like you thought. I do have another one that is 1:8. But it is my 18″ barrel.

              I’m a retired Cop and was a Sniper and a Medic on the SWAT team. I also trained with the guys with my M-4 doing entries. I train less than I did 20 years ago but I still go through some of the things I use to. Trained in Heat, Rain, Sleet, and Snow here in Illinois.

              • Good deal. from following your post on this site for a long while I think I can say that we need more police officers such as yourself. Some of the stuff you all see and half to deal with. Well lets say you are a better man than me.

                I was not trying to offend anyone here. I just know so many people with guns and they only fire them a few times and they think that they are some expert or Rambo or something. They have given themselves a dangerous false feeling of security.
                I have family members who think like this. Dangerous thinking for sure. Between you and me, I want the bad guys to have the inexperience and I want the good guys / women to have superior training and tactics.

                The more you train in peacetime, the less you bleed in combat / self defense.

                I know that you know the term perishable skill. especially when our age increases but our eyes and reflexes do not.
                Thanks Sgt.

                adjust, adapt, and overcome. Apply s to us aging folks also.
                Not saying you are old, but I am getting there and the pain in my body reminds me constantly. But I guess the pain lets me know that I am still alive…lol

        • @Sgt Dale

          China doesn’t have the capacity to invade the US. Russia even less. They have a dwindling military and have to rely on their nukes as a deterrent.

          • MR. A
            I hope and pray that you are RIGHT!
            All I was saying if it did happen how long the war would last.

            • China has already invaded the US. Been to Seattle lately?

          • Don’t be deceived Mr Anonymous

            China could over run America, just with their population holding sticks.

            Believing that Russia has an inferior Military says to me that you are buying into the MSM narrative.

            You are underestimating these so called enemies.
            Which is in direct violation of Rule #1 when it comes to battle.

            • “China could over run America, just with their population holding sticks.”

              Only if they had a way to get here, which they don’t.

        • You’re underestimating the situation.

          WW4 would be fought between radioactive cockroaches.

          Let’s recall back when nukes were “viable” (circa 50’s and 60’s) we didn’t have over 300 Fukushimas all set to pop at the slightest disturbance.

          In my opinion they haven’t been a viable option since Carter, just nobody said anything.

          That “doomsday device” from Dr. Strangelove? Oh yeah. Yeah it’s true. We got that. It’s masquerading as power producing facilities but what’s your point?

        • Sarge, we don’t have enough troops to invade the US, let alone anywhere else. spread out in 700 bases around the globe.

        • Love the Star Trek reference, Sgt.! I remember that episode as a kid: “E Plebnista” = ” We The People”. Yangs & Comms. Love it!


        • The war will last 100 minutes Sge.
          I00 years from then, all babies will be born grotesquely deformed…..if at all.
          Hey……we did it all for $$$$$$$$$$$$
          We should be proud.
          Actually, we should be wiped off the planet……the planet might have a chance then.

          • A whole planet full of Hillarys and Michael Moores?

            Can’t imagine such horror!

      3. Uh that would be MH17 not MH-370. And there is no question what shot the plane down in eastern Ukraine. Reports already point to an Israeli Python air to air missle. Nothing Russia uses. Begining to sound like the MSM disinfo crew here. Just saying.

        • Mac, if you want to discuss MH-370 Missing, go check out this Info on various websites. The last place the MH370 plane serials numbers were registered where at a airplane hanger in Cabal ZOG Israel.

          Also Dahboo77 on YTube lays this out really well the tracking of where MH370 plane is/or was.

          If this link does not come up just google mh370 plane serial numbers in Israeli hanger.

          The murder tribe is getting really sloppy in their hits lately. Signs of despiration for their failures and scams.


        • Just for the record, independent investigators found pieces of a Russian BUK in the debris field. Explain that.

          • Old Coach, we are comparing actual emplosion hits to the plane vs. your propaganda debris field finds placements miles away. Accept he facts. Zog is guilty as shit. 280 + PEOPLE DEAD all to Blame Russia. Wake up sheeple.


            • Emplosion hits? We are making up new words now?

              • Just like the make believe proof of who was responsible for the downing of the plane.

                Let’s make up a few proofs, and post them on the internet, so we can get idiots to believe them.

                I believe nothing about what the stories say, but i do think it was something to do with all the experts on AIDS, that were on the flight. Big Pharma has no conscious.

      4. NOBODY wins in a nuclear exchange, and that is exactly what would happen, as the side that perceived itself to be losing, would fire nukes in desperation.

        Our so-called leaders are insane imbecilic criminals that need to be tried for treason, then hung by the neck until dead when found guilty! They are running a bluff at best, that they cannot prevail in. At worst, are provoking Russia into a war in which preemptive strikes would be futile.

        • MADNESS



        This was immiment. Operation Detain McCain- paid shill

        Good article: Also outlines how John McCains Daddy Admiral of the 6th Fleet in which the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel. His Daddy did his best to hide the facts and info for this Israeli false flag to drag the US into another conflict and war. McCain family is like the Bush Family. Littered with Traitors to America.

        Hang all them war criminals.


        • Pete Santilli lol. He’s about as nutty as Alex Jones.

          • Yes, Pete Santtilli is a disinfo agent like Alex Jones … but the Story on the USS Liberty is absolutely correct.

            • You guys and the “dis-info agent” statements are hilarious. It sounds crazier than saying Alex Jones is crazy. Really. Alex has done more for waking people up than any other single source… by far. But, to each their own.

              • Some people would rather be fed Nostradamus gibberish than accurate predictions, hyper.

      6. Milwaukee County Sheriff Challenges Obama: ‘Forego Your Secret Service Protection’

        “I am done asking people in my community to outsource their personal safety to the government,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Thursday night.

        The sheriff accuses Democrats of “exploiting misery and tragedy” to pursue a political, anti-gun agenda.

        “But here’s my challenge to the president of the United States, you think this is so easy. Forego your Secret Service protection, for you, for the first lady, and your children, and see what it is like to have to fend yourself.

        “And then we’ll sit down and have a conversation so you know what we here at ground level have to deal with on a daily base in terms of self-defense.”

        • Clark is black & conservative & a real good talker. Obama should be sent to Milwaukee and fend for himself. 106 homicides so far compared to 85 all last year. I’d like to take up a collection for guns & ammo & send it to the blacks in Milwaukee.
          molon labe

          • WI
            Clark for Prez!!!!!!
            I love this guy. Someone with some sense!!!!!!
            When or if Obullshit goes to Milwaukee I would love to see him tell Obullshit we are not going to cover your ass you are on your own.


            • right on

              they can say what ever they want but those stuffed suits never been out side the gate to play in the land we have to survive in so as far as anything they gotta say about my rights fall on deaf ears
              I come from a long line of blood line that aint gonna change and sure as hell aint gonna be giving up shit when we’ve done gave up enough already

              want my guns , come and take em im done with the games

              • NMFW, AMEN! I’m the same way.

        • OH. HELL. YES.

          It’s about damned time somebody straight up said it.

          And I’ve had to spend extended periods in part of LA where you’d have to be out of your mind to be unarmed.

          Trust me it’s no fun waking up at 3AM to the sounds of weird shit being done to your car outside (and in some cases, your door and window) while there’s a cop helicopter circling around, but just utterly missing the point by about a block and a half.

      7. War with Russia. In many different forms. First currency, energy, sanctions, and surrogates. Then maybe the real thing.

      8. If war between Russia and the US comes to pass who should we back? The White country or the violent third world country?

        • Where is this White country you speak of? Because America is quickly losing it’s “White Status”!

          • bet the “white country’ is Russia


            the “violent third world country” be U.S.A.

            • Ten four.

      9. Makes you wonder when it will stop. 66 times? Sooner or later someone will make a mistake.

      10. Don’t even get me started about russians in my city.. Russians are in Texas. Austin cops just arrested a platoon in the city area. Looks like cornel Lateriora..aka listerine’s boys, according to Hawk, just to experience e wight this Russians is that they are very aggressive and rude to people and I had a near miss possible deadly confrontation with one of them on 2013 right in the Galleria area of Houston. In fact I will be letting one my swat team cop friend at the gym know about this.

        As for the Milwaukee sheriff who just took that stance. I have the out most respect for you boss. When cops start disobeying crap laws like that shows us that hope, and that type of change is what we can believe in.

        Let me brace myself for the agency ass clown attacks any minute now.



        F….k russian and fu….k china.

        • HCKS
          No Ruskies here, just Chinese & Latinos moving in.

          • Plenty of Russians around where I am. Always polite. I have to wonder where the attitude originates—you, or them, HCKS. If you act like you sound, I’ll bet they can see your contempt for them a mile away. What kind of reaction did you expect? Kisses and apologies?

            My mom used to tell us, “If you act like you hate everybody, they’ll believe it by the look on your face.” You don’t even have to say a word…not that you’d ever be rude to anyone without just cause, right?

        • hey hcks, how can we attack you when you’ve banned us from posting on this site an article back? duh!

        • HCKS, I know the feeling. The same type tried to give me a battering in that article on the 2 reporters being shot and videoed, but I’m still here and not going anywhere.

          • They come near ne and my ventilation team will fill them full of hot lead.

          • No braindead, they didn’t try, they DID! You proved once and for all that your firearms ” expertise” as well as your ability to spot a ” fake” video were what has been suspected since you started posting here, nothing but the delusions of a lonely old man with a persecution complex. Yes, it’s no coincidence that you and hcks bond well together.

            • Anon, I’ll take anyone else here over you or your partner john w. anytime. I’ve never claimed any ‘expertise’ concerning firearms. other people here do have more knowledge than I have and I read their posts with interest. When I see good people out here being persecuted by the PC crowd, MSM, minority groups, etc., that’s not a f#$%ing delusion, it’s real. I’m sure that’s the kind of people you see as your heros. Well, I have nothing but contempt for such people who have some of the worst intentions imaginable for this nation and all the GOOD white people who are still around and I will challenge the evildoers when the time comes.

              • Braindead, every time you open your mouth it only serves to reinforce the fact that you’re the stupidest poster ever. You couldn’t wait to shoot your stupid mouth off about the two people being shot to death with your moronic ” false flag” bullshit. You really made an ass of yourself, and then you try to change the subject instead of simply admitting that you were wrong about the whole thing to begin with. Had you been honest enough to admit it, you MIGHT have been able to salvage some dignity while at least being honest about it, but you didn’t.

          • Hey cuz… You say you aint going anywhere… Well that’s just fine and dandy with us over here at the bol. Getting kinda tired of you opening cans with your twelve gauge. We’re still cleaning the friggin beans offa the dowgs.

      11. Ukraine is on Russia’s doorstep. From the perspective of Russia this is about as provocative as the Cuban Missile Crisis. What prize, what victory, what goal could be so important to risk WWIII over?

        When you been getting your way for so long you get clouded judgement. If there is anything that nations should be crystal clear on is the survival of the world.

      12. I have to admit reluctant admiration for one who kicked the Rothschild banking cartel out of his country. That fact helps to explain the present animosity.

        • Absolutely, but why be reluctant? Just stand up and own your god-given right to think for yourself.



        I herby accuse you of agency ass clownry, GUILTY. Don not post on this site ever again, you ass clown. I know, China and russian cant invade or do crap. Why would they need to. The administration flew them in are massing 100,000’s in the country, almost 500k of these rat bastards. Why would they need to use nukes, they are just waiting to roll out the tanks. Did the tanks and equipment not get rolled in for the past 3 months. YOUR ARE ASS CLOWN FOOL.


        Sarge, Yep, they are allies in Mexico for certain. Now they have teamed up with isis. I fell like i am living in the fricking twilight zone. Ever since that retiree told me what another retiree told him about central America, it’s changed my outlook. We will be invaded. I also reminded him that just the next shopping center over from our gym that a mini mosk is in there with muslims bowing down to allah right in the middle of Cypress North Houston, wtf?? yep, i walked into a resturant and heard the worshipping going on next, door the usual allabballahanlhannnn, crap. This is way too close for comfort. We have a mosk, less than two miles from my condo. This is getting scary. The future is looking really grim.



        • hcks,

          Don’t worry about sarge having to book Mr. Anonymous. He has already been dispatched via the secret alien spacecraft known only to Dave Hodges and the scientist friend to the dark side of the moon at our secret base. Don’t worry, he won’t be talking to anybody soon. It’s a good thing you caught on to him when you did, he was almost a sure bet to leak our plans about our new secret mind control ray we need to defeat the dreadlock zombie brain eating invasion, closely timed with the arrival of Niburu in April and the surprise EMP attack on the Houston area. Yes indeed hcks, it’s uncanny how you ferret out those who would take over all the Mexican restaurants in the greater Houston area. Keep up the good work, and remember, all they need to do is control just ONE Mexican restaurant and we’re all doomed for real!

          The Agency Azz Clowns

          Continuing to post here somehow despite hcks banning us.

          Don’t you just love it, wtf?

      14. Like copperhead said many times look to the north for the coming threat. EMP and knock out commo.+ and it will be a very different game then. Commo = intel and you need all you can get. Again the threat is coming from the north. All IMHO.

        • your ass sucks buttermilk. They have been invading from the south for 2 years now, compliments of ICE. They try anything with Anonymous, and they will get a green card full f hot lead from my ventilation team.

          • Anon will suck their **** till their knees give out, then he’s got ’em!

      15. Sorry if this a a repost..
        Any President who Truely Represents the people has no fear of the public or needs much of any security, since the public loves him or her back. Only pricks need security,.. like Bloomberg. Oh but be a anti-gun ho..

        ~WWTI – Let er’ Rip!!! W/ Lots of Ammo….. DO NOT LET UP
        .. STOCK UP!! See you there!!


      16. Any war with the U.S., Russia and China will be Three types electronic war.
        The biggest one will be an EMP between the three countries. Then we all get to go back to the late 1800’s. That might not be a bad place to go for some of us.
        Then the other type of war would be economical. The fight over which country came financially ruin the other one. Which is happening today.
        Then computer data hacking war, which are going on right now all across the world, not just the U.S., Russia and China.
        So technically we are playing war right now.
        No one wins if the Nukes go off and all that is left is glass, ash, bed bugs and cock roaches.
        AH!!! WW4 bed bugs VS. Cock roaches…
        The military of Russia does not have the man power to invade the U.S., but they have technology to wage war,
        China has the man power and are working on technology but don’t have it yet.
        If you think that Russia and China will double team the U.S., Highly doubtful because that when we will start us to glow at night. The U.S. WOULD use NUKES and that would be the end game, no one would win.
        The same thing would happen if the U.S and China tried to take out Russia or the U.S. and Russia tried to take out China.
        N. Reb.

        • Well then I am taking my football and am going home. Games over, blow up the stadium. Most times Putin seems to me to be the only adult in the room.

          • I agree GrandpSpeaks, you may want to inform “The Old Guy” of your great wisdom. The Old Guy is still stuck in the “cold war” days, thinking that Russia hasn’t changed it’s ways.

            Sad thing is, America is looking more and more like 1960’s Soviet Era with a 1940’s German Nazi Salute.

            • CORRECTION: The Old Coach … oops!

          • Granpa:
            Stick around, from one grandpa to another grandpa. We can play catch. I’m not going to be running around much and getting tackled
            N. Reb

        • Agreed.

      17. No, Russia and Nato weren’t on the edge of war 66 times. Too much money would be lost. No big powers are going to war with each other. They will fight proxy wars for the fun of it, and to keep defense budgets high. That is about it.

        • Kissinger already told obungler to back off of Ukraine (at all costs), because the NWO elites don’t want to rule over a dead, totally decimated planet…where’s the profit and satisfaction in that? They basically acknowledged that Russia will not back down.

          Now we wait for the globalists to trot out yet ANOTHER bad guy to hate…I’ll bet it will be back to the middle east next time. That’s a target-rich environment.

      18. The UK Express is as credible as the National Enquirer. The Times of London it is not.
        It’s rife with internet savvy cubicle rats and rush-it-into-print can’t be bothered to check facts journalistic second-raters.

        This is more warmonger propaganda dressed up as “news.” Are we to believe that every 8 days on average Russia almost attacked the pristine, guileless US/NATO warmonger machine? Poppycock.

        Skimming your post carefully, Mac, it’s worded in such a way that those who don’t read critically, and have no knowledge of history other than what the militarist propaganda machine has fed them for the last 3 generations, will lap it up.

        IF this is the best you can do, Mac, better you go fishing for a week and put the site on hold than to continue featuring dreck such as today’s article as though it were dispassionate, fact-checked analysis from people whose agenda wasn’t self-evident.

        Why ARE we massing heavy weapons on another nation’s border, 5,000 MILES from home, and then CALLING THEM the aggressor when in self defense they move to counter it?

        You’ll be applauded for sounding your public-spirited “warning” by the few militarist shills here who wouldn’t recognize warmonger progaganda if it bit them on their backsides.

        Many people who think for themselves see right through the article above. After actively following your site for 5+ years, I am beginning to conclude that the more articles like this you feature the more of a waste of my time your site is.

        John Allen

        Fairfax Station, Virginia

        • John Allen…hidy ho from Front Royal!

        • Ditto. And when you add in the constant, vicious bickering back and forth for almost the entire comment section, there’s not much you can get here, that you can’t get somewhere that’s a little more civil.

          Hell, people don’t even bother to respond to people’s comments or questions anymore, UNLESS it is a chance to viciously attack them.

          No debate. Very little courtesy. The main reason why I just pop in every few articles. Plus, the most of the articles are regurgitated stock market BS.

          Meanwhile, life on the outside continues.

        • Hello from SE Fairfax County. Like any website, you have to pick and choose where to spend time. It’s impossible to read everything. I’m glad this site uses the written word for the most part vice some that have articles with wild headlines, a sentence or so, followed by a “can’t miss this” 90 minute video of someone rambling on and on.

      19. It’looks like we have been having and influx of anonymous ass glownry..i can’t even tell which one is the real on. The one with the ventilation team, welcome to the board if your firing on isis. We gotta have some military boys posting about the Chinese or russian insurgency in America, and you are obviously military, then more power to you. Ventilation is a necessary evil..


      20. Russia got the ‘bomb’ in 1949. There hasn’t been one second of one hour of one day, week, month, or year since then that we haven’t been on the threshold of nuclear war with Russia.

      21. I think we heard economic collapse 66 times in the last 18 months also

        • Hold on Rich,

          The first round is coming in the next two months. I don’t see complete all across the globe chaos, but I believe the first of many dominoes will fall and the naysayers will be silent.

          I have felt a real shaking coming next month, for a long time now. Hopefully, it will be just enough to put the fear in the sleepers out there.

      22. Stocking up on food,water,,medical supplies and ammo. Daughter is going to nursing school, father in law was a drill instructor as well as my Father was also a drill instructor. I have studied several martial arts won shooting trophies,archery competitions and am and advid survivalist. My motto is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I am not Rambo but if you meaning anyone mess with me or mine I would rain hell down on any attacker without fear. The other countries had better count on Americans all being this way. I would not stop until I am dead or my enemy is annihilated. Just a thought.

        • Just another thought, Thor old mate.
          You seem one hell of a bad ass fighter.
          Good for you, too.
          But tell me true…….
          Are you kind to strangers sir?
          Tell us about your capacities for things like love and forgiveness.
          Surely these will help you, and others, when the SHTF?
          Or will you just blast away with your shotgun, like most seem to want to do on this site?

        • A good friend of mine was a DI at Pendleton for many years.
          One huge freaking man and strong as an ox.
          Good luck.

          • Yawn, thanks for sharing that boring bit that nobody could possibly care about.

      23. Its odd that these “experts” are wrong 99.9% of the time. If I successfully predict that no stock market crash will happen in September can I be an expert?

        • He: No, that would not make you an expert. That would make you a Right Wing Extremist, Bible Believing, Pro Life, Constitutionally Anchored, Racist Christian, Flag Waving, Gun Owning, Domestic Terrorist.

      24. Flight MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean.
        It did not crash in Ukraine.

      25. I’d rather hang out with putin, then hang out with Obama.

        Any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        I hope we don’t go to war with them, personally I have nothing against Russia, or the Russian people.

      26. A game of chicken and imminent of no one blinked. Apparently someone backed down 66 times. Not the most sincere article here. Sounds like brink of war was/is constant depending on how much face Russia needed to save.

      27. Even during the USSR days, the Russian people loved and idolized anything American. That has changed in recent years.

      28. R. Hunter Biden, the VP’s son, is caught with an Ashley Madison cheater account. He tried to blame it on Russian agents who were angry over his being appointed to the board of directors of a large Ukrainian energy company right after we overthrew the government there. No Hunter, your old lady is going to bitch slap you.

      29. “Experts Say War With Russia Was Imminent “66 Times in Last 18 Months”

        Another prrof of my theory that most will avoid blowing things up into a real catastrophe when faced with a situation that could do that.

        same theory that keeps the gop caving to obama rather than let obama take the country aon a real ride because the gop really pissed him off, that fed banks keep giving country more leash rather than making anything difficult that would actually solve things and why cops back down every time against a mob and just let them loot and destroy the neighborhood.

        only ones i think are crazy enough to go ahead and make things horrible when they get the chance will be iran. those leaders are freaking nuts. thanks obama for accelerating that and getting in a lot of golf while it got beyond handling by anything but all out war now.

      30. So i wonder if the folks grabbing data showing war was “imminent” with Russia have any data/metrics showing “imminent civil war” in the USA. Just wondering.

        • DHS:
          DARN good question!!!!!
          N. Reb

          • Don’t worry boys, that won’t happen any time soon. We would have to elect a racist foreign president that hated everything about America and did everything he could to divide the country with hatred and prejudice.

            • AGAIN?

      31. God Bless America and ALL it’s right thinking, freedom luvin people. From my heart… Be blessed.

      32. URGENT! YES Folks its getting closer and closer to a Russian nuclear conflict every day and for those that want to survive the radioactive fallout better be prepared to be able to flush the radiation from their contaminated bodies! When this happens it will be far to fast to take potassium iodide which must be taken before a radiation exposure and even then it will only protect your thyroid for a mere 24 hours. The smart detox should be with the natural micronized mineral for human consumption called zeolite which will safely remove the radiation and heavy metals from the body after exposure! Every family should be storing enough zeolite to protect the entire family so they can survive! For more information on nuclear fallout preparedness see the website at

      33. I wish someone would hurry up and launch the first strike. Tired of sitting around with nothing to do.

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