Excessive Deaths Soar In Countries When “Vaccine” Uptake is High

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    Data has been compiled by former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon that shows a spike in excess deaths in nearly every country where COVID-19 “vaccine” uptake is high. “I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death on a scale which will dwarf the claims of “COVID-19 deaths” to date.” Dr. Yeadon warned.

    Dr. Yeadon has been warning about the way these “vaccines” were created from the beginning of the scamdemic.

    Former Pfizer VP: COVID “Vaccines” Were “Always Going To Harm People”

    During a recent interview, Yeadon addressed the country of Scotland, which is one of the countries where deaths are soaring amid heavy vaccine compliance. He also talked about Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and of course the United States, which are seeing similar trends. “They’ve all seen a significant uptick in all-cause mortality,” Yeadon told the interviewer. “Why is that? What did they do differently in 2021 than they did in the years before?”

    Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% As Post-“Vaccine” Deaths Rapidly Accelerate

    Life Insurance Companies Alert: Excessive Deaths Now Total Over 90,000 PER MONTH!

    Public Health Scotland’s (PHS) October 14 Covid-19 Daily Dashboard shows that despite 87 percent of the adult population now considered to be “vaccinated,” weekly deaths are a shocking 30 percent above normal, according to a report by Natural News.  “This marks the 20th consecutive week with excess deaths above the five-year average and the highest since the week ending January 10, 2021,” the report explains.

    In Germany, Europe’s most populous nation, nearly 78,000 deaths were reported during the month of September 2021, which is more than 10 percent higher than the expected figure, according to government demographers.

    Denmark, Finland, and Norway have all seen similar excess death spikes that are much higher, in fact, than at any other time during the plandemic.

    “Five months in a row, 2021 has broken the 10-year record of people dying from all causes,” explains one report out of Denmark. “Covid-19 deaths close to zero during the same period.”

    Then we have England, which saw a massive spike in deaths particularly among the younger vaccinated population. Older jabbed people have been faring better while younger jabbed people have been “bearing the brunt of vaccine injury,” reported revealed. –Natural News

    It is important to emphasize, here, that these are not “covid” deaths. They are primarily heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, circulatory diseases, and neurological issues – all vaccine-induced diseases that physicians and scientists have been warning about ever since the jabs were introduced. “Simply put, the vaccines are increasing fatalities, not reducing them,” reported the Daily Exposé. “They are making matters worse, not better. They are perpetuating the crisis, not ending it.”


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      1. We obviously have to keep pushing more vaccinations until we finally get different results.

        • Following the Einstein template: continuing to take the same action after repeated failure is a sign of insanity.

        • Yes they are

      2. With the truth coming out
        about these “vaccines” on a
        seemingly daily basis –
        is there anyone left out there
        who still wants to take this
        poisonous garbage???

      3. I’m currently reading the book The Real Anthony Fauci and it’s going to take a while as I can only read about 20 pages at a time because it’s so infuriating!
        It’s is absolute insanity that we let Fauci , who has a very bumpy past with the AIDS scandal, lead our country down the same path a second time.
        It’s absolute insanity that our doctors did not stand up and uphold their oath to treat patients with the available and proven meds, instead of cashing in on the $39,000 bounty per patient admitted.
        Ever politician, medical doctor or nurse, Fauci, company, mainstream media, etc has blood on their hands. They knowingly killed people for their own agenda and gain of power. I will remember! I will remember every one of them who screwed us over. The information is getting harder for them to suppress and history will not be kind as we look back.
        Every friend or family member will try to back track and makes excuses, but I’m not buying.
        I did my own research two years ago and shared it with anyone who wanted to have it. I bought the vitamins, natural extracts, zinc, etc to keep myself as healthy as possible. My family made an oath with each other that no one would go to the hospital under any circumstances. I gathered a group of people with a wide variety of expertise and we came up with our own protocols for treatment.
        What little trust I had in the medical establishment is completely shredded.

        • Even during an emergency visit at hospitals for other reasons, you have to sign a release or relatives can sign it and the staff can do what they want “to ensure your health” which includes giving you a Covid death shot, or give you deadly drugs when you are put under, withhout your knowldge what it is, or if you are unconscience.

          When the local hospital kept calling me to get the Jab, I refused to and would not go there for any reason because they were all corrupted.

          • @woogie, Exactly right! And if you were admitted with breathing problems they did what they wanted by putting you on a ventilator and your family was not allowed to be with you or have any day in your treatment. So many died alone.
            We knew from the beginning that the ventilator was the wrong thing to do, but they continued.
            Hell, even a regular doc appointment STILL has its dangers as they are pushing the shot.
            The pressure to conform was intense, and although has lessened recently, they’d still jump at the chance to jab you! More and more will come out about their evil ways, and I know there are more un-vaxxed people than they’d ever admit.

            • I find it hilarious now that the pandemic of the unvaccinated has nearly vanished from the news cycle?
              I also do not believe a single pole put out out by the government or Lame stream media.

              It’s lies upon lies to which the whole damn charade is coming apart! Do not comply and hit them when there down! No mercy for the wicked! Laugh and make fun of these vaxTards! God bless America!

              • @Spider25, YES! It’s all lies and manipulation. I’ve never believed their numbers from the start. They prey on the weak minded who can’t handle making their own choices….because if the government says to take it and it ends badly they have someone to blame.
                I have noticed the shift in the news and Fauci does not seem front and center either. He did say this week how shocked he is that people aren’t lining up for the booster…hah!
                This is going to end badly either way- people dying, long term medical problems, and then some kind of large event to distract us from their failures.
                Stay safe and God Bless Y’all

      4. Well we can’t get to the reduce population numbers without having deaths.
        7billion down to 500 million will take lots of that.
        Just wait until they start to activate the graphene.

      5. The leader wants to ski.

      6. Some time ago, HCKS pointed to deagel.com where it predicted a drop in US population from 334 million to 99 million by 2025.

        However, I can no longer find anything about this on their website. They must have deleted that information.

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