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    Former Pfizer VP: COVID “Vaccines” Were “Always Going To Harm People”

    Mac Slavo
    January 11th, 2022
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    Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president of big pharma company Pfizer, who is being hailed as a “conspiracy theorist” by the mainstream shared his latest take on the damning evidence about the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines.” Dr. Yeadon says these shots are “toxic by design.”

    Yeadon, like some of the rest of us, has yet to see sufficient evidence that this SARS-CoV-2 virus even exists.  If by some off chance it is something more than just a nasty seasonal flu, it still is not even close to being as deadly as the mainstream media and governments continue to claim it is. “It turns out that it’s not a particularly lethal virus, if it exists,” Yeadon stated during the symposium. “Or it’s about the same as a bad seasonal influenza.”

    We all knew this. The only way anyone would even think there’s something out of the ordinary going on is because that’s what their television and smartphone told them.


    According to a report by Natural News, Yeadon is warning people against taking these shots and wearing a face mask. Everything from the PCR tests to the masks to the idea of “asymptomatic spread” is fraudulent, Yeadon says. PCR tests “don’t tell you anything,” he says, and cloth masks “if anything, make you more likely to catch an unusual bacterial pneumonia because you’re breathing through a filthy cloth.”

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    As for the blue masks, these are nothing more than splash guards. Their purpose, Yeadon says, is “to stop blood and bodily fluid from going into the nose and mouth of the attending worker” at the hospital. “They’ve never been for filtering your breath, and they obviously don’t do so,” Yeadon says about the blue masks.-Natural News

    Yeadon says, that these “vaccines” were “always going to harm people” because of the way they were designed. Not only is messenger RNA (mRNA) technology completely new and experimental, but the encoding that was done to have the shots target just the outside of the spike protein makes them exceptionally dangerous. “By choosing this design, the range of outcomes is probably 1,000 times worse than it would be for a conventional vaccine,” Yeadon says about the mRNA jabs.

    Dr. Yeadon has tried to warn the masses since the beginning of this scamdemic.

    Former Pfizer VP’s Warning: “Your Government Is Lying To You!”

    The ultimate end game is a more enslaved planet where the ruling class will control literally every aspect of your daily life, complete with digital currency, microchips, and vaccine passports. If ever there has been a time to look beyond the illusion of freedom, it’s now.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: January 11th, 2022

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      1. Hope? says:

        The worn threads of lies just barely holding together this false covid narrative grow thinner by the day – let us hope those flimsy threads completely disintegrate
        very soon.

      2. toony loons says:

        FLU ~ COVID
        we have a match!!!!!

      3. Darth Skippy says:

        “The ultimate end game is a more enslaved planet where the ruling class will control literally every aspect of your daily life, complete with digital currency, microchips, and vaccine passports.”

        Digital currency, microchips, and vaccine passports were legal privileges, intended for designated survivors, imhblo.

        “If ever there has been a time to look beyond the illusion of freedom, it’s now.”

        Transhumanists have never created a viable alternative to life as we know it — whether in a space pod, tunnel, robot body, or computer simulation — before barring the exits with private wars, debt peonage, and death shots.

      4. Anonymous says:

        Harm was the real, but hidden, intent of those powers that are behind them.

      5. Vaxtard99 says:

        I will not comply!!!

        • Cocoa says:

          Me neither. Don’t submit to globalized ultra left wing fascism. The Left are profitting from this false virus and false narrative using fear mongering tactics and fascism. Now the goons that make up the ultra left wing fascist government are imposing a tax on the unvaccinated using another false narrative that only unvaccinated people are getting Covid and Omicron and spreading it around. The Left doesn’t say anything about all the double and triple vaxxed and boosted people who got Covid and Omicron and are walking around infecting people. It’s such a load of b.s. that is making the drug companies TRILLIONS of dollars in profit, the same drug companies that fund political parties and their sleazy campaigns. They dont give a FK about protecting any of us, allowing up to two million unvaccinated people into the U.S. across the U.S. Mexican border . It’s all about profit. Every time a person dies, regardless of how or what they died of they put “Covid” on the death certificate to falsely amp up the numbers and fear (false evidence appearing real) and their false narrative for the scamdemic. They get paid more when it says “Covid” on the death certificate and plays into the same bogus narrative. Now they’re imposing fines on the unvaccinated in Ontario and Quebec. This is fascism.
          Even the ex VP of Pfizer is speaking out saying the virus doesnt exist and how toxic and harmful the vaccines are. They are meant to “kill us.” Life expectancy of vaxxed and boosted people is two years.
          Lots of really gullible naive left wingers walking around out there thinking that the left wing loons they voted for actually care about them and all that free money and free pot they’re getting will be free forever.

      6. We are in an abusive narcissistic relationship with our government. It is extremely difficult to exit a narcissistic relationship because of how you have been colonized by the abuser. The most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is after you decide to leave and take action to do so. But our abusive government already has decided to fatally abuse us. They are already killing us. We must leave it or die. Leaving we might be killed. There are always losses in war.

      7. Anonymous says:

        “Well. No shit.”

        – Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

      8. Anonymous says:

        “The only way anyone would even think there’s something out of the ordinary going on is because that’s what their television and smartphone told them.”

        A search I did on my cell phone led me to your site and this article. Should I be skeptical?

        Within about a year I have lost 12 friends and family members to the possibly non-existent virus, or whatever. Funny. I’ve never seen a dozen friends/family die within a year because of the flu.

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