Ex-Defense Official: UFOs Pose A “Vital National Security Threat”

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 48 comments

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    According to a top ex-defense official, the United States is not the only nation that has struggled to explain UFO sighting.  Not only have the sightings been happening worldwide, but Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, says the unidentified flying objects pose a “vital national security threat.”

    According to a report by the New York Post, Mellon says that the U.S. Navy pilots who recently reported seeing UFOs on a near-daily basis in 2014 and 2015 have legitimate concerns about their time on Earth. In numerous interviews, Navy pilots have revealed that they have seen UFOs moving at hypersonic speeds, performing acts “beyond the physical limits of a human crew,” and emitting “no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes.”

    The speeds that were being reported by Navy pilots (about 5,000 miles per hour, according to Mellon) were only sustainable for about an hour by an aircraft in the air, and these objects would be flying around all day long, the pilots said. “Pilots observing these craft are absolutely mystified and that comes through clearly in their public statements,” Mellon continued.

    They’re deeply frustrated and that is the core of our show,” Mellon said in an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Wednesday, where he pushed his forthcoming History Channel series titled “Unidentified,” which looks into the UFO phenomenon. Mellon is also concerned about UFO sightings and he’s begging the government to take action. (We know what the means: war.)

    “We know that UFOs exist. This is no longer an issue,” he said. “The issue is why are they here? Where are they coming from and what is the technology behind these devices that we are observing?”

    A Super Hornet pilot once said he almost collided with one of the objects, and the fear of UFOs amplified. The pilot described the object he nearly misses as “a sphere encasing a cube.” An official report was filed, and the incident shattered the previous theory by Navy pilots that the objects were a part of some sort of extremely classified drone operation. “These are reactions between intelligently controlled vehicles operating in and around U.S. military facilities, hence the concern,” Mellon explained.

    “One: there have been near mid-air collisions so there is a safety issue. Two, there is a vital national security issue which is that our sovereignty is being violated by vehicles of unknown origin,” he continued. Nevermind our individual sovereignty is being violated daily by the government; UFOs, who have taken exactly zero rights away, are the problem if you ask guys like Mellon.

    Terry Lovelace, a 64-year-old lawyer, and a former assistant attorney general has written a book about his experiences with UFOs. “In 2012 a routine x-ray of my leg found an anomalous bit of metal the size of a fingernail with two tiny wires attached. What followed were horrific nightmares, spontaneous recall and intrusive thoughts surrounding a 1977 camping trip I took with a friend to Devils Den State Park in Northern Arkansas. For fear of losing my job and my standing in the legal community, I’ve kept this secret for 40 years. But the 2012 discovery of this object, one and one-half inches deep in my thigh, initiated a flood of nightmares I could not control,” says the description of his book Incident at Devil’s Den.


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      1. They have to be fast to dodge all the chemtrail jets in the sky. Of course there are aliens, if we were the only intelligent “lol” life then the universe is a huge waste of time.

        • OK Everybody, I warned all of you n here several years ago about the new CIA Strategy of using “Space Aliens” as their newest booggie man weapon against the public in psyopps.

          First there were the Communists in the 60’s, and we had wars on communism boogie man, then there were terrorists, and we have several decades long wars on the terrorist boogieman. As the CIA was in the thick of 9-11 Terror plot. And the stolen Gold out of the WTC Basement Vault just days before this scam attack. Pull it!! ! An that terrorism scam is now wearing thin, as we now know the usual suspect squatters via 5 dancing mossad agents had the inside track on the attacks and failed to warn us. The US Military and the CIA Invented ISIS. However the terrorist scam is coming to an end so the CIA via TV Shows and movies of Space Aliens making it all seem so real. They have locked up in Area 51 for a half century some claimed space aliens, and they kept all of that creepy info for later use, like now as they wll start dragging out the Space Alien Attacks. And Guess what, who will come save the Day. WHY Google AI and Apple and the US Military will defeat the space aliens and is we all give enough tax money to fund the newest Military Arm the Space Agency of Defense. And look at all the money they will need to fight this newest boogie man UFO’s and Space Aliens.

          Don’t buy into this Crapola for 1 minute. SCAMM

        • Genius, if the aliens would take away all the libturds I’d be happy.

      2. If they piss gasoline then I am all for the visitation.

        • What if they tell people how to make their own power sources.

          • Then the govt. will kill them. Tesla had it, what happened there?

            • What if you don’t need Tesla, n.azis, or any other ufo cultists.

              By some accounts, when you are looking, they look back. You make a signal, and they signal back. It’s rather playful, civility.

              Safari and forest animals are possibly more sociable than many of the people reading.

      3. * Illegals streaming across USA borders are National Security Threat.
        * Comunist Leftist NWO boot licker politicians are EXTREME National Security Threat.
        * George Soros, Zuckerberg, Google, are National Security threat.
        * Muslim INVADERS are National Security Threat.
        * Mexican Drug Cartels taking over ALL of South Texas law enforcement, jails, political office, are National Security Threat.

        * * * Russian Spetsnaz, China Intel operatives, who are currently running around freely ALL OVER Dallas/North Texas are extreme National Security threat.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        And all this site can come up with is flying saucers.
        Who cares? Just another group who wants to enter us airspace illegal. Enter US illegal. Guess little grey men will also demand free benefits, free education, free medical, and expect YOU to pay for it. Nothing new.

        5g is a surviel, track, trace, targeting, and KILL weapon.
        It is being deployed in USA now. And you are worried about tourist from optima prime in a fancy flying Tesla?

      4. Bullshit! Another .gov fearmongering plan to keep those sheep not awake, afraid and for .gov to get more money and supposable power.

      5. I can’t help but think of “ole’ Jack Burton and the Porkchop Express” in the movie “Big Trouble In Little China” when he said on the CB “ A person would have to be some kind of fool to think we’re all alone in this universe “..

      6. Let do a math lesson, the closest star besides our sun is 4 years away at the speed of light. If a life form has figured out how to go that fast or faster, we are horribly outclassed and are essentially dead.
        I don’t believe God put all his eggs in one basket. Even if he did he would not make a inferior life-form, he’d make the best ones he could.
        I don’t build boats that are going to sink.

        • I don’t believe God put all his eggs in one basket. SO God is now a SHE? Like what God? Superstitions are not real, it is a type of repeated psychological brain washing that damages your soul and robs you of your dignity. Don’t be a slave to a superstition ever. The ONLY Thing you can truly believe in is YOUSELF which you can control. Everything else and everybody else will let you down over an over again. Some not so much but most. And nature has morphed out of chemical reactions via sunlight and photosynthesis, DNA, electrolytes, O2.

          • hey rellik, How big of a boat or ship would you have build to house 2 of every animal on the planet and enough food, water and housing space with secure areas s the tigers won’t eat the bunny rabbits, or the snakes eat the mice. Think the Bronks Zoo acreage plus 10 more zoos size wise eh? And how did they survive for 1 year afloat, all getting along hunky dory on a boat. Has anybody even put a pen and paper to do the calculations on this required boat size. And did NOAH build this all by himself in his spare time and how long would that take single handedly? And I wonder how they convinced all the animals all around the globe to suddenly migrate to this Ark on that one Mt Top, so they could board, did NOAH send them an email or snail mail? Pony Express that this date the ship sets sail? Like the South American Penguins how did they get to the ark before it set sail up there in the middle east? For some reason they just don’t tell you these important logistical facts for believability. My Opinion, Religion is one big eff’in Fraud. Sheep get sheered.

            • TSB,
              “My Opinion, Religion is one big eff’in Fraud”
              Fine with me, I respect your thoughts.
              I thought my comments about the difficulty of
              getting from one place to another in this very large
              universe would bring more interest.
              A universe that is getting bigger by the second.
              There are more Galaxies than there are stars in our Galaxy
              and we have a really big Galaxy, about 150 – 200 thousand light years across. The nearest galaxy to us, Andromeda is about 2.5 millon light years away, which by the way is going to crash into us.
              The speeds at which we are moving and the vast distances between celestial objects are un-appreciated.
              That is why I have a problem in the belief of UFO’s and little
              “green” beings.

            • TSB;

              You can sit around and think of that but you can’t think of ways to keep a guy off your property?

              • No the Co Sheriff office is obstructionists of the law. How do you get the Co Sheriff office to arrest county Employees? They all cover for each other. My answer is run for Co Sheriff myself, and tell my story to the public and ask for their support to “Drain the Swamp” here in this county of all the corruption, fraud and theft of property rights. The Country Folk in my area will make kill to protect their lands from trespassers.

            • t said, “Has anybody even put a pen and paper to do the calculations on this required boat size.”


      7. Are they coming here illegally? They should have to check in with Border Patrol. They better have a Visa. Or at least Master Card.

      8. They come when things on this rock are heating up.
        They Know our earth is waking up after thousands of years of stability. Think super volcanos and frequent/violent weather.Hell they could be our future descendants making sure the earth stays whole for them.
        During WWII they were very frequent visitors
        This just tells me something big is about to take place.

      9. “They” can get here and we don’t even know from where nor how. I suggest not attempting to pick a fight with “them”. The technological delta is greater than the modern military with air power against a Roman Legion. I theorize that if they had nefarious intent we would already be history.

      10. I was stationed at FE Warren AFB in the 70’s as a Nuclear Minuteman III security guard. We routinely responded to alarms at the missile silos (usually at night). They are quite remote, and nobody within tens of miles of the sites. I can say on several occasions we witnessed UFOs hovering over the sites as we approached. The usually then sped off or disappeared when we got close enough. Once we got within around 250yds of a silo, and saw a white luminous craft (disk shaped) hovering about 100 ft above the silo. It sent a bolt of bright blue light (almost like a wide laser beam) right at our vehicle….then took off at an enormous speed, and out of site within a few seconds. I’ve been convinced ever since that we are indeed being visited by an advanced species from who knows where. We made a report of the sightings, but were interrogated by OSI (office of special investigations), and told in so many words that “we saw aberrations & anomalies”. Basically written off as our minds/eyes playing tricks on us at night. The interrogations were long and drawn out. A real PITA. So, naturally we just stopped making a report every time it happened. Not to mention that during those years there were also cattle mutilations going on in the area…scary stuff.

      11. A close associate of mine, a co worker who never told stories admitted that he and two friends seen one not more than 100FT away hovering. Shortly thereafter it went up and out at an incredible speed out of sight in a second or two. He is very religious and I asked him how he deals with what he had seen and his beliefs, he replied, “I just don’t think about it”.

        • The CIA, NOAA, HARP, are using technology, lasers and holograms and many other AI tricks on the public to test and see how they react to these anomalies in the sky. Shining a powerful laser light at night into the sky and hitting clouds and sweeping the laser light across the sky, surely makes the object look like its traveling 5000 mile per hour. And do you think they are going to tell you it was them the CIA playing psychological study on the public like on mice in an experiment? The CIA has done experiments on the masses in large US Cities like NYC all the time, to see how certain bacteria travels and sickens people, how many die to a certain lethal dosage level. Wonder how all those chemicals get in your food, water and the air you breath? All negligence and in part as an experiment to kill you off before you can collect social security at 62-1/2. Lots of people n my area dying lately in their late 50’s and early 60’s weird. And they paid into the SS System for decades.

          • TharSheBlows

            If that’s the case they have been using AI, lasers and holograms before they were invented. The probability that we’re alone in an infinite space and that the present scientific knowledge regarding traveling incredible distances precludes other beings of doing the same is illogical. The scientific advancements made since 1900, a mere 119 years ago, would boggle the mind and we are just scratching the surface. The person in charge of the US Patent Office about 1890 said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented”.

            There is no way that we can be alone in an infinite universe and to presume that such distances and time itself cannot be navigated is not logical.

          • TSB,
            Average life expectancy in Hawaii for a man is almost 78 years.
            The Median age of death is about 81.
            When I talk to retirement folks they use 100 for my life expectancy
            I’m presently 63.
            You may be factoring in the increased use of drugs, which I consider to be suicide and not a natural cause of death.

            • You probably will live to 100… just to piss them off lol.

        • It works the same way as physical mediumship.

      12. Useless, this is useless information. So, they’re here. They’re not here. Who cares. I’ve seen what look like objects moving at awesome speeds in the sky. Maybe they are just some projection coming from earth and reflected by the atmosphere. Maybe they are secret earth technology not known by the Pentagon but created underground in the Antarctic. And maybe they came from a star system far away who set up a colony on an asteroid circling earth in order to observe us.

        Whatever the case, who cares. We have to deal with what is within our sphere of influence.

        If these beings came here from another star system or if they came from earth thousands of years earlier, they are our relatives. They are smarter than we are. They have never harmed us. Why would we fear them?

        Think about what happened when the technologically advanced white man discovered the thick skull small brained black man in the middle of Africa. The white man bought slaves that were already prisoners of their enemies. Took them on a difficult boat ride. And brought them to paradise, a southern plantation. True, they were at the lowest social strata as slaves in the old South. But it was light years better than being where they were, living in the jungle as prisoners (slaves) of other primitive inhabitants.

        So, let the aliens fly around all they want. Who cares. I don’t mind being a slave of an enlightened civilization. Who knows, in a few generations, my descendants might become President in outer space. Ha. And by the way, Eisenhower was not the first black President of the United States. There were others before him. Any child born to a plantation owner, and claimed as his own, was legally the child of the plantation owner and his wife; and if they were white, the child was free and white, no matter how dark he was.

        Let them be.



      13. Put in moderation.


      14. “…there is a vital national security issue which is that our sovereignty is being violated by vehicles of unknown origin,” he continued.

        (They turn off war machines.)

        “…Nevermind our individual sovereignty is being violated daily by the government…”

        Their doctrine is moral free agency. They do not want to be taken to your leader.

      15. “…there is a vital national security issue which is that our sovereignty is being violated by vehicles of unknown origin,” he continued.

        (They turn off war machines.)

        “…Nevermind our individual sovereignty is being violated daily by the government…”

        Their doctrine is moral free agency. They do not want to be taken to your leader.

        • They were considered gods in ancient times…

          • If we turn off state media productions, what if they are not a hive and do not want to be worshiped.

            • What if there is no diplomatic, political, or clerical middleman needed.

      16. Does it have a meter?

      17. God help us if we find out a truth that will blow everything we believe out of the water. Religion and science will be forever changed.. Are we ready for that? will the Jews,muslims,christians and other religions hold up. I think not.

        • Jim in Va

          It will be the most potentially destabilizing event in world history. I both relish the exposure and fear it’s repercussions.

      18. There are no aliens. Reality is a bitch. We are alone. This is it. Deal with it.

      19. Obviously we need an invisible space border around the earth.
        We can not allow illegal aliens into our world without approval and proper Documentation.

        I would be willing to bet that they are carrying all sorts of diseases

      20. Probably just noting how primitive and ass backwards human brains that are running the show really are.

        • How did primitive people come up with this stuff.

          imo, make materialists and mystics alike prove their claims, reproducibly, simply, beyond a shadow of doubt, since one is just as incapable of objectivity as the other.

      21. In the 1960s series “Outer Limits” there was an episode “To Serve Man”. Mankind would make one hell of a large protein source, a restaurant of sorts for a space traveler. Regardless whatever “they” have in store for humanity, be it benevolent or malevolent, there is nothing the human race will do to stop it.

      22. There has never been a abduction into a space ship (UFO) – never. The stories about awful things done to us Earthlings are not true. Our Space Brothers are here to help us save ourselves and our planet from self destruction.

        Their ships are made of Etheric matter, not totally physical and so they can appear and disappear instantly. Their pilots are the ambassadors from Mars, Venus, Jupiter. Please have a look at Benjamin Creme’s book “The Gathering of the Forces of Light” and find out the truth about our Space Brothers service to Earth humanity.

        • You are wrong, been many.

      23. There is a war in heaven and has been going on for a long time it has now come back into our neighborhood, read Joel 2. Find out about Montauk and the chair and all that happened there.

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