Ex-CIA Officer: Deep State Is ‘TERRIFIED’ Of Trump And ‘Want Him TAKEN OUT’

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 80 comments

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    Kevin Shipp, a former top CIA officer, says that Donald Trump is rattling the deep state to the point that they’ve demanded the media to just blatantly attack him. On top of that, they are so terrified of the president that the deep state wants Trump taken out.

    “Donald Trump is questioning the Deep State and the shadow government,” Shipp says in an interview with USAWatchdog‘s Greg Hunter. “He’s rocking that place left and right. The news media is terrified of that. Their editors are telling them to attack him just like they are attacking him from the inside. It’s just dirty pool because they want him taken out.”

    Of course, that isn’t all Shipp had to say about Trump’s attack on the deep state. The very people that have been attacking Donald Trump are now feeling the Trump counter-attack, and they are terrified.

    President Trump’s December Executive Order on “Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption” is a major way Trump is turning the tables on the people trying to take him down. Shipp says, “Donald Trump, very wisely, starts out calling it a ‘threat to U.S. national security.’” That one term brings in the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence agencies, domestic law enforcement, and the whole U.S. law enforcement into enforcing these laws. The amazing thing about the Executive Order is now it extends to foreign persons, foreign organizations and even foreign government officials. So, this is a national security threat, which means it includes anyone inside the United States or outside the United States.”

    Shipp also says this is the biggest deep state coup attempt since JFK. Shipp also says that it’s important to differentiate between the shadow government and the deep state. “I differentiate between the ‘Deep State’ and the shadow government. The shadow government are the secret intelligence agencies that have such power and secrecy that they act even without the knowledge of Congress,” Shipp says. “There are many things that they do with impunity. Then there is the ‘Deep State,’ which is the military industrial complex, all of the industrial corporations and their lobbyists, and they have all the money, power, and greed that give all the money to the Senators and Congressmen.  So, they are connected, but they are really two different entities. It is the shadow government . . . specifically, the CIA, that is going after Donald Trump. It is terrified that some of its dealings are going to be exposed.  If they are, it could jeopardize the entire organization.”

    But there is some silver lining in all of this. Shipp also says that it’s going to be difficult to “take Trump out” because he’s got not only the secret service but private personnel guarding over him. He’s one of the best and most protected presidents ever.


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      1. I don’t think Trump is going to do anything. 40 million illegals still mooching off my taxes. Sanctuary shithole cities and states. Record people on entitlements. Record low full time work force participation. Soon white people will be banned.

        • He can only do what he can within the boundaries of our Constitution. Both parties are fucking him up along with the media. I think he has handled it pretty well. If they kill him they no not what they will start. There is always a spark that ignites a fire. Someone else said that “when black people riot the city burns, but when white people riot the world burns. On a personal level I have achievable targets picked out. Multiply that several million times over.

          • I liken President Trump to a Bulldozer. He is steadily moving forward and I’m glad. He has a YUUUUGE resistance to deal with.

          • We don’t have a Constitution anymore

            • never did have a constitution. it was riddled with loop holes from the beginning plus no legal means to defend it with crooked judges appointed for life. like NRA life members

              • So true,U.S. is being used to usher in the NWO

                • dint you hear? we gave our constitution to afghanistan, since we weren’t usin’ it anyway….

            • What do ya mean we don’t have a Constitution anymore? The Swamp uses the 5th Amendment all the time!

          • They will not kill him, he’s been put in office by the powers that shouldn’t be, he’s been put in there to divide us, that’s his only function in office nothing else, DIVIDE AND CONQUER from within…

          • Menzo, although I’m disenchanted with Trump for now, I still support the agenda to save this country. The deep state will regret the day they try to do anything to Trump. They’ll have to deal with 100,000,000 gun owners including me. And it will be a target-rich environment.

            • TDBh – I’m with ya on all your remarks. I’m waiting to see if the Donald has either shown his true colors as some weird hybrid Democrat or if he’s playing a deeper game. I worry it is the former; not, the latter. But…. should they do decide to JFK him, it’s ‘Katie bar the door’ time. Way I see it, they’ve made one major mistake. The media. Along with a whole slew of other issues, this country – even the liberals – do NOT trust the media (I’m not sure if politicians come in above or below on the scale). So? If the Great Orange One gets hit – the news will be regarded as b.s.. As will any statement from the government. That’s the time. That’s the time to start the fireworks.

              • what do you call a hundred doctors, lawyers, politicians, and veterinarians chained together at the bottom of the ocean???? a place to START.

          • he can within the boundaries of our Constitution.

            didn’t stop Obammy.

            • Obammy had all the corrupt scum supporting him in fucking up the country though.

          • Good Post Menzoberranzan. The CIA need to be taken out along with the traitorous FBI. Trump doesn’t have the power to shut these agencies down, and he has the wrong guys in there to do so. Trump will either be poisoned or hit by the CIA with some spy weapon (Heart Attack Gun) or something similar. Obama did his work well, filling up the vast bureaucracies with Marxists.

            The following are clear enemies of the state:
            1.Democrat leaders
            2.CIA, FBI, ATF, etc.. alphabet agencies
            3. Antifa
            4. Any Soros agency
            5. Foundations (You hear their names mentioned on NPR.)
            6. Any Leftist young white female, shrill for Hillary.
            7. Anyone associated with anti-White activity (BLM, etc..)
            8. Federal legislating from the bench judges.
            9. CNN ,MSNBC, CBS, ABC (Especially CNN in Atlanta)
            10. Anyone associated with Obama or the Clintons.

            Basically anything federal and/or Marxist.

        • I’d wager that even if he survives his term in office, the overall situation will be as is, or worse.

        • i think he never wanted the wall.maybe just bait and switch. the real NATIONAL EMERGENCY is NO WALL!

        • Give the man time; he’s got 3/4 of Washington working against him and the MSM constantly pushing false narratives.

      2. At this point in time, it really is difficult to know where Trump stands. It is possible that he is deliberately throwing off some curve balls to distract his would-be attackers. On one hand talking military strikes against NK (ain’t gonna happen by Trump unless CIA, rogue agency, or proxy secretly pushes the button), on the other hand, secretly trying to communicate with Kim.

        He keeps Goldman Sachs in his inner circle. It could be the old adage: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

        He knows we can never pay back the debt. It doesn’t matter whether it is 2 trillion or 200 trillion. The only positive thing that can come out of this is to at least wrangle the last few trillion of borrowing and get the infrastructure rebuilt so as we have a foundation upon which to build a recovery after the reset. Maybe ditto with the wall. One thing for sure, nothing he can really do about entitlements.

        It is interesting that he has also expressed some interest in getting our industry back, which will be necessary for us to survive after a reset, because in theory, the rest of the world is going to be very wary of trusting us again- i.e., loaning us any more money.

        In the meantime, they have been quietly, and in a relatively nonconfrontational manner, slowly drifting from the SWIFT system of payments and the petrodollar hegemony. Not arrogantly and confrontational like the US is accustomed to, but quietly as if to say to the US and western puppets: We are no longer going to play your game. We are setting about playing our own game. We aren’t going to fight you in armed conflict, we are just quietly going to go about our way of doing what is best for us.

        • Horse’sass, I tend to agree with the scenario you outlined and hope it’s really the case.

        • The US lost their industry as a result of the Bretton Woods Agreements, which were signed (under pressure) by representatives of the allied countries and of the countries conquered by the US in World War II. Those Agreements established the world’s monetary system for the post-war world, after the victory of the Allies, which was already in sight in 1944.

          The monetary system was to be based on gold, which would be the world’s reserve currency, supplemented by the American dollar, which was to be considered “as good as gold”. So the world’s monetary system was founded upon a lie: that a promise can be as good as the physical thing it promis

          It turns out that in order for the international monetary system established at Bretton Woods to function, the US is forced to run a permanent trade deficit with the rest of the world

          Year after year, the US must purchase more from the rest of the world, than what the US sells to the rest of the world, thus creating a permanent flow of dollars to the rest of the world. This flow makes possible the creation of Monetary Reserves in the Central Banks of the rest of the world.

          Without this constant flow of dollars from the US to the International Reserves of the Central Banks of the world, the currencies issued by those Central Banks would cease to exist.

          Hugo Salinas Price

      3. The nature of the satanic is push and hurry. That’s the world wide Left.

        If y’all hadn’t noticed, they have won the culture war. You won’t find a high percentage of Millennials and Digitals who have escaped the indoctrination.

        Most of them no longer believe in any kind of Free Enterprise because they have been straw manned into submission by Crony and Corrupt MIC “Capitalism.”

        I don’t know why TPTB are pushing so hard, since I think the whole deal would fall into their hands in another Generation when the current 50 – 70 year olds are gone or don’t/can’t care anymore.

        But they’re a pushin’ and maybe they will overplay their hand and show their evil selves to enough others for a massive push back.

        And maybe I’m a deluded optimist…

        My life has been a wonderful and Blessed experience…My grandbabies…likely gonna suck for them without a big change.


        • Oh I noticed.

      4. The deep state has their fingers in everything. If Trump has any aspect of government corruption, drug running, money laundering, pediphilia, voter fraud, political assasinations etc investigated, the tip of the iceberg is revealed.

        As the deep state crumbles, more will be revealed. These guys don’t just have a skeleton in the closet, it’s jam packed to the top. Crack that door open and it may never get shut as the skeletons come tumbling out.

        The deep state doesn’t need to get Trump, just kill all the witnesses. Over Christmas this year there were two plane crashes, one a sea plane in Australia and one a small commercial plane in Costa Rica, on each plane were lawyers with connections to the Clinton Library or Foundation, the one in CR linked Obama to the Clinton’s. Their entire families were wiped out, plus collateral victims. It is said that 7 out of 10 plane crashes are not accidents, they are assassinations that are ruled accidents.

        • Stop calling them the deep state, refer to them from now on as The Spons of Satan, creatures from hell, did i miss anything?

          • j*e*w*s

          • Spelling class.

          • that would be spawns of Satan please, which now seems to cover a third or more of those in power. From the house to the Supreme Court. JMO

        • Plan twice, Finally someone is awake, and is paying attention!

      5. Of course they are terrified of him. What does 10,000 sealed indictments tell you?
        THAT IS A LOT OF DIRT ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED. Pray for his safety.
        Pray for the safety of the TRUE PATRIOTS in our wretched government.
        God willing, all of the filthy political crime families will go down.
        Expect the body count of the connected to expand in the coming weeks and months.
        La Cosa Nostra and the Central American narcos could never be as ruthless as the
        American political crime families.

      6. This is the way America ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

        America was easy to take over and destroy. As we can see Americans will bend over, and take anything, with a giant yawn. Like frogs in a pot.

        It is incredible that a president can say MAGA, and then have no one in washington to trust, and half a country hate him! Then look at all we have ignored for decades. Seriously, we have demon trannies in public libraries (dedicated to a previous libtard president) teaching toddlers about lgbtq! And teaching them in every school accross America. And America gives a collective yawn, and flys rainbow flags nation wide in solidarity! Having no idea what the rainbow even represents!

        • he says MAGA and i say gaga for ivanka?

          • Gandhi, she converted to Orthodox Judaism. You sure you want that?

            • Watch ivanka walk —she GALLUMPHS—the IQ of a tree stump —- Donald is betraying America and Christianity

              Trump gives the Jews their biggest wish for decades In spite of warnings from every other country on Earth and the ILLEGAL and IMMORAL aspects , Donald Chump gives Jerusalem away and the Jews spit in his face and support and elect a Democrat in Alabama.Then Jews publish “Fire & Fury”
              Now -I- want to see Trump’s tax returns ….. After bragging he was too rich to be bribed and funding his own campaign ….. he is “INDEBTED” to filthy Sheldon Adelson?!!!!
              I have lost all respect and have no use for Trump he is a fraud who got through life by bullying everyone …. Not only that, Mister “Art of the Deal” who claims every other treaty we have is a “rotten deal” …. What did Mr. Negotiator GET for groveling to his Owners? Will Adelson order all the Jewish politicians that have been blocking the Wall and forcing Invaders onto Us to STOP?!? Will America finally cut off the $5+BILLION WELFARE CHECKS ? Israel has been collecting WELFARE from America for SEVEN DECADES, did Drumpf stop that !?
              What negotiating “advantage” did Trump gain in the mythical “war on terror” by grovelng to Israel on Jerusalem? Trump inflamed the muslums and handed the Terrorists great propaganda material by BOWING to Israel….. in what way did this benefit AMERICA ???? Trump, you stupid P.O.S.
              “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Benjamin Netanyahu
              Trump is just a PUPPET — https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/12/11/hidden-hands-behind-us-embassy-move-jerusalem.html and https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/12/26/ex-chabad-member-exposes-trump-family-cult/
              I believe Trump will spin on a dime and betray every promise about Guns and immigration ……
              Trump betrayed America AND Christ in Jerusalem. Trump is betraying the Middle Class with FAKE tax cuts … https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-07/trump-s-middle-class-tax-pledges-go-unfulfilled-in-senate-bill How long before Trump betrays America for the Jewish Kalgeri Plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NE2rCKKtOc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rBr62XQUSA and flings open Our borders.

      7. Honestly why.

        Every time he does anything, his handlers take away his cell phone and make him shut up for 3 months.

        It could very easily go on like this for 4 years, it’s not hard.

        Nobody for President.

        (Also known as: dramatic improvement).

        • i bet if trump wanted to get rid of the ATF, 1933 and 1968, and 1985, and brady acts the NRA leadership would rally against it because they would be unemployed. and anti gun dealers who require background checks would howl too since they too would be out of bidness. hahaha

          • I wouldn’t mind that at all.

          • I guess your going to have to hold that bet. News flash, a President doesn’t have the power and neither did Congressman Ron Paul. Actually it was the NRA that kept handguns off of NFA 34 as that was proposed. Thats what they were up against.

            • congress did not have the legal right to ban arms either, but with the help of the nra propaganda machine, they did it.

      8. Some time ago-on a 4Chan /pol thread; there was some intel that was purported to be a deep “mole” or operative that had internal connections, and was posting cryptic messages about Trump’s efforts to this effect.
        He / She more or less alluded to what is posited above in the article- that the corruption is so pervasive, that should the order of indictments be handled in such fashion as to gut the entirety of the works. It was also pointed out that a collapse of the US Gov could happen as a result.
        Just take what I said with a grain or three of salt, and lots of water to wash it down.
        One other thing-if these bozos do attempt an outright threat on Trump, then it’s as been pointed out by Menzo – we won’t just burn cities; we’ll take names and laundry numbers too.
        Be well, stay warm, keep prepping.

        • Cat Herder,
          I assume you are talking about Q-Annon. Interesting reading.

          If Q is to be believed the battle is afoot and people are being killed and arrested over this. It is nothing short of an attempted coup and a silent civil war. What we the public do see, is the propaganda from the MSM that is fed to them by the CIA. This is cover for coming operations and false flags. Shithole gate and the Hawaii alert were both distractions, that leave no time for real news.

          Q’s latest warning, is to expect a major false flag on US soil, in the next two weeks.

          If they are this desperate, we may see a nuke detonated on US soil to kill Trump, it’s the only way they can get to Trump, he’s too well protected for conventional attacks. Then blame it all on N Korea. I believe there are small nukes under the control of the CIA available for such an attack.

          • You are correct, sir. I had confused the 4Chan thread about Hillary and her doings with the Q-Anon postings.
            If there is a false flag inside the next 2-3 weeks in the “TPTB” attempt to remove by force, a sitting President, then it’ll be 1963 all over again.
            Only one question, though-what is the VEEP’s position on Trump? His honest position? Does he likeTrump, or is he a plotter like LBJ was?
            Be well, stay warm.

      9. Civil war coming……

        Make no mistake about it, the Trump haters don’t just hate Trump…….they hate YOU.

        This country is as divided as it was just prior to our last civil war. If Trump is impeached or taken out by other means, the reaction by some of those who voted for him will not be limited to just rhetoric.

        As has been stated by someone previously….the culture war has been lost. When you combine that with the literal invasion by third-world immigrants, the chances of peacefully preserving the Union in any semblance of the form envisioned by the founders is virtually nil

        • I agree with you A5. I am white and I feel hated. I sleep with a full sized 9mm on my night stand and a black rifle Setting in the corner. All locked and loaded safe on. When this starts I don’t expect to last too long but I hope to scare the crap out of them before I go down.

        • If something happens to Trump that removes him from office the “Trump Haters” will vanish as their funding and organization ceases with the mission accomplished. The Main Stream Media then goes to supporting the next Establishment / Globalist initiative. I suspect that there would be some virtually simultaneous “threat” to the USA that will get many to rally around the flag in unity.

          • The most likely “crisis” would likely be North Korea; its an excellent diversion.

            • You can say that again!

          • The most likely “crisis” would likely be North Korea; its an excellent diversion.

            • you can say that again

        • Does Germany 1933s ring a bell???????

      10. Anonymous5, I have to agree. As for the culture war, the libturds have their culture and we have ours. Anything happens to Trump I will also take up arms. So what if the other side has lists? We have lists also. Lists are a two-way street; a double-edged sword, so to speak.

      11. anonymous5

        If for any reason President Trump is removed from office the “Trump Haters” will disappear. Their usefulness is no longer needed, their funding is therefore ended, the Main Stream Media mission accomplished goes on to be cheerleader for the next Establishment mission.

        • The “Trump Haters” may disappear, but those who supported Trump will not forget who they are.

          There will very likely be a “reckoning”.


      12. Ex-CIA Officer: Deep State Is ‘TERRIFIED’ Of Trump And ‘Want Him TAKEN OUT’

        As long as Trump continues to distribute our Tax Dollars to Israel – continue to follow the script of the Military Industrial Complex – Give Wall Street the funds to keep their ponzi scheme going.

        He will be safe

        Trumps antics about the ‘deep state’ is nothing but theatrics and nothing more. Americans are being conned by his very own “reality shit show”.

        • FTW

          Objectively there is a lot of truth in your posting.

      13. Anybody remember the Jackie Gleason Show? Jackie (as Ralph Cramden) used to threaten his wife with a physical beating – a beating that never came. Of course, we all knew it was pure bluster and that he’d never raise his hand against her.

        For years I’ve been reading solemn vows by countless patriots to even the score if the Left does this or that or steps across some “line in the sand” that – unless countered by some sort of violent action – would forever change our country for the worse. Somehow though, that line never gets crossed. Am I to believe the Left is being very careful, or is the line being moved?

        If Trump were to be assassinated I would carry openly full time. I would be even more suspicious of strangers walking our street. I would go from Condition Yellow to Condition Orange. But, even though I know where some local liberal politicians live, I doubt I would go hunting them. At this time I am NOT a killer. If my family were to be threatened though, that could change. It would be out of absolute necessity though and I do not look forward to it. Somehow I feel that most of us are in a similar situation.

        • no, oldfart, i believe i saw a PICTURE where they FOUND alice cramden’s BODY…..on the MOON….

          • It’s a New Yorker cartoon:

            ht tps://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2Fd3%2Fc1%2Faf%2Fd3c1af1eea46f929e6c6a548edf7e798.jpg&sp=b4dc2a6416f9b7f582511c2cbec2e3e1

          • Your eyesight was playing tricks on you, that was Ann Coulter’s body.

        • @ Oldfart, I agree ordinary men don’t kill untill they are put in a corner or have nothing left to loose. I have some Huguenot ancestors so my family know we can get there.

      14. We’re supposed to believe the demoncrats that trump said shithole country’s without any video of him actually saying it. The courts would call that hearsay and it is irrelevant. If I seen it myself I still wouldn’t believe it just because I know they want him impeached they would use a stand in with shitty video quality.

        • No it is not hearsay. That is when Sen Durbin says that Pres Trump said “sh!t hole countries” and I repeat that President Trump said it. My Testimony would be hearsay.

          Hearsay Testimony is usually only allowed in extreme cases such as I am on my deathbed and I tell you as I’m dying “Pres Trump said ‘sh!t hole countries’.”

          What Sen Durbin gave is Testimony to what he saw and heard.

          Sen Cotton and my Sen Perdue said that they did not hear Pres Trump say “sh!t hole countries”

          That is called conflicting testimony.


      15. I believe many in power are afraid. Not of Trump per say, but of the internet’s ability to spread the truth. They can no longer lie to us without being exposed as liars. That’s what frightens them. For years they put out propaganda like the movie” Shindler’s List”. Like everyone else, I believed it hook, line, and sinker. I am so angry that it was all a pack of lies. Being raised to think Germans were evil, the most evil that ever lived. But no one told me about the millions of Germans, six to ten million deliberately starved in a man made famine. That they were shot or bayoneted if they attempted to eat their own food. That this happened in 1932 and 1933, before WW2. That the perpetrators were communists from New York.

        I’ld be afraid if I was guilty of treason and crimes against humanity.

        I can’t predict what will happen next. If we all work toward a better world instead of getting even, we can create a better world.

        Like the supposed words of Ann Frank, “I still believe that people are good at heart”.

        Most people. And together, we’ll deal with the truly evil. Most will simply ride the wave of change as we embark on a new era.


        • i disagree, and all you gotta DO is look at killary. for the last MANY years, she speaks as though she DDINT kill all those people in benghazi, or steal all the haiti money, or kill all those people…..she must be a cooool cucumber, if what YOU say is true…..she aint got an OUNCE of remorse/fear in her body…..and that’s just ONE example.

        • I think you have your nationalities mixed up. The Germans did a bunch of bad stuff ten years after the Russians starved their own citizens to death in the Ukraine, an action now known as the Holodomore. That certainly has to have some bearing on modern relations between Kiev and Moscow.


          • Old fart:

            The people of Ukraine are German ancestrally/ethnically. You are correct that Ukraine is a Russian area. Stalin suppressed the people of Ukraine in order to keep them from enjoying their independence and prosperity. Stalin was alarmed because Ukrainian school children did not speak or even know the Russian language.


      16. “Straight to the moon, Alice!”. I remember the Honeymooners and Jackie Gleason. Seems like an eternity ago. The last years of the Roman republic was marked by the wealth becoming concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. With wealth went political and military power. Individual citizens had their own legions. In the end there were triumvirates running things. Finally, an emperor emerged. Eventually, our republic will probably fall. Wonder how it will happen.

      17. Who is the deep state? The dual citizen government employees? And what dual citizenship of what nation do most of them have? Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44? Let the truth set you free?

      18. Would they take out an entire city to get him?

      19. There might be the Trump folks and the so called deep state that oppose him. But its the Military who is the folks who are in control. You really believe the president and congress run the country? The fact even if the President and the entire congress wanted to they would not be allowed to inspect area 51 or Fort Knox or any other military facility. The military can abduct you and imprision you at GITMO and not allow you any of your god given rights. Trump is the Militarys choice. Even if Trump pressed that Red Button the nukes wouldn’t fly. Now the Obummer klinton cabal they aren’t afraid of President Trump. They are Afraid of General Dunsford and Mad dog Mattis. You know how they got McCain, Hellery and Huma to wear ankle bracelets? They tell them wear this or you will go to GITMO. The Military is rounding up all of President Trump’s political elete adversaries. That grand Jury in little Rock will cause the Klinton Foundation scam to be proven as fact. And They Will become Paupers locked up at Gitmo. That’s what these folks fear. Not Donald the Orange and His Loose Cannon . Not the FBI or Justice Dept or CIA. Its being tried by a military Tribunal that they fear. Politics isn’t importiant its a Circus. The Military is the Ringmaster.

        • spot on! Military industrial complex is by far the heavy hitters of all these power players. They call the shots, they make the rules. Politicians are just loud puppets.

      20. Is it easy to disagree that in WW 2 we helped the communists rape and enslave half of Europe? Or that we stopped the Japanese from stopping the Chinese communists? Did the Korean War not prove that? And now aren’t we fighting the red Chinese backing the NK communists? The sons of Satan controlling our media are liers? And we are totally brainwashed? Will the truth set you free? Or is it too late? Rev 2:9,3:9 John 8:44?

      21. what utter nonsense. looks like a typical psyops lie. if they were so terrified ,frump would not be prez. spare us these childish scare tactic articles.

      22. (((DEEP STATE))) & (((SHADOW GOVERNMENT))). This is all one needs to know. A war of Jewish interests. The Khazarian Mafia runs your Country. A war between the Zionist neo-cons and transformational Marxist left (aka PC or cultural Marxists).

      23. “Kevin Shipp, a former top CIA officer, says that Donald Trump is rattling the deep state to the point that they’ve demanded the media to just blatantly attack him.”

        This is pure crap. You know former CIA folks can be flaky too. And more than a few of them were sick to start.

        In fact, the media are going to warm up to Trump after his Jerusalem stunt, that is, so long as he doesn’t keep making dumb “shithole” blunders which they can’t defend.

        • trump, making the word “shithole” great again.

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