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Europe Remains On Lockdown

Mac Slavo
January 25th, 2021
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As the first month of 2021 approaches its end, COVID-19 restrictions remain in place across Europe. Yet, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz notes, reluctance to go into a full-fledged lockdown has some countries applying a hodgepodge of restrictions just short of the real deal.

According to reports by ZeroHedge, Spain and France led the way by imposing lockdowns as early as October. Both countries continue to push the official narrative onto the public and claim the second wave of infections spread from mid-July. France has since come out of lockdown and switched to an early national curfew supplemented by restaurant closures – a tactic that is currently also applied in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The one year of lockdown mark is coming up, for those in the United States, and it’s gone on longer for those in Europe.  The ruling class is not giving up on the destruction of all small businesses no matter where you live on Earth.

Spain has stuck to its national curfew and localized lockdown system stubbornly despite case numbers rising swiftly again in what has been called a third wave of infections. Italy, where cases started rising quickly in October, is under the same regiment, while adding early restaurant closures at 6 p.m. into the mix. –ZeroHedge

It seems that most of the rulers somehow believe this virus only spreads at night, so they institute curfews telling people when they are allowed to do business or be out in public.  This is getting out of hand, and unfortunately, a lot of people are still falling for their own oppressive enslavement.

This will not end until we say it ends. The rullin classes of the lobe only have power if we let them and allow them to dictate our every move.

More national curfews have been implemented in less-affected parts of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, for example in Hungary, Romania, Turkey, and Albania.

Infographic: Europe Stays in Lockdown Mode | Statista

Source: Statista

Covid “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: January 25th, 2021

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    1. hmm... says:

      Will this phony 19 nonsense ever end?Will the lockdowns ever end?Will every business(which hasn’t been yet)be destroyed?Will anyone have any hope left?Will the sadistic tyranny by the evil bastards ever reach an end?Will we get our freedoms back?Will our world ever get back to anything resembling normalcy?Will the masses have enough of this nonsense?Will anyone fight back?Will the “miracle” vaccine kill/maim even more people? Just a few rhetorical questions.🤔

    2. lovely bones says:

      The curfews are so stupid.As you mentioned,this “virus” appears to only spread after a certain time.Well,after all it is the super magical coronavirus which evidently can tell time.I wouldn’t expect anything less from the most intelligent,most powerful and indestructible virus in Earth’s history.😂

    3. loudmouth says:

      Heard prez Bidet will be issuing new travel bans as a “new covid strain” appears out of nowhere.Ahh,the hypocrisy of the Dems and right in our faces too.I seem to recall Trump wanting to do something like this last year and it was racist and xenophobic.Of course,we all know the Demoncrats are above everything and play by their own set of rules🙄

    4. truth teller says:

      Question for the “tons” of people who allegedly voted for Biden/Her Ass – How’s that working out for you?🤔

    5. hmm... says:

      So,Trump travel ban:BAD Biden travel ban:GOOD Amazing how that worked out -isn’t it??🤣😂🤣😂

    6. what changed? says:

      Ever since Honest Joe broke into, er, I mean “won” his way into the White House – I’ve noticed the phony 19 cases and deaths numbers are not displayed on screen all the time anymore.🤔I wonder why?🤔

    7. none for me says:

      Read this little gem somewhere:You are 4 times more likely to suffer a HEALTH IMPACT EVENT from the covid vaccine than you are from the phony 19 “virus” itself That being of course if the “virus” exists at all in the first place.With that likelihood of a vaccine “event”,I will most definitely take my chances with the “virus” itself. Absolutely no vaccine for me.I’ll pass.

    8. Da Brat says:

      Hank Aaron took the covid Vax on Jan.5th – died last week.Larry King died one day after Hank.Supposedly had covid before.Not sure if he had taken poisonous vaccine.Probably did.Who knows?As the death count rises,there are ever increasing reasons to not take the vaccine.Avoid it!!

    9. How come they wore hazmat suits in Wuhan because this coronavirus was so “dangerous”, yet the rest of us only wear face masks? If this virus is so dangerous then why isn’t the whole world wearing those suits?

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