Eerie Statistics Predict Coming Shemitah Market Collapse: “Only 8 Trading Days Until Wipe Out Day”

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 172 comments

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    The end of the Shemitah cycle is fast approaching, and many are worried about an impending collapse, particularly considering we have already seen unprecedented stock market decline.

    And history is not on our side. The past five Shemitah cycles have ended in crashes – and this one could be the worst yet.

    Unfortunately the numbers don’t lie, and now a respected statistician has proven the mathematical validity behind the Shemitah theory of collapse. WND reports:

    Thomas Pound is an educator and mathematician who applies his statistical wizardry to the markets.

    Only eight more trading days remain until the dreaded Elul 29, which is the final day of the Shemitah year, known as “wipe out day” on the Hebrew calendar.


    “Statistically, it appears that the calendar years in which the Sabbatical year ends are worse than the other six years, and that difference is significant based on the data I have,” Pound told Breaking Israel News.

    “In September, we can expect something really bad.”


    Cahn pointed out that the years 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 were all Shemitah years that saw stock markets collapse.

    The biggest ever single-day stock market crash occurred on Sept. 29, 2008, when the Dow fell 777.7 points and lost $1.2 trillion in value. This day also happened to be Elul 29, the last day of the Jewish year, one day before Rosh Hashana, signaling the end of the Shemitah cycle.

    Statistician Thomas Pound isn’t the only prominent figure predicting collapse.

    Economic commentators Gerald Celente and Michael Snyder have also warned of a coming collapse, after noting the dire predictions of numerous financial gurus.

    One of those is Jeff Berwick, the libertarian anarcho-capitalist and editor of Dollar Vigilante, who has warned in no uncertain terms that the potential for a terrible collapse is headed our way in September. USA Watchdog reported:

    Financial expert Jeff Berwick says you don’t have to wait for the next market crash. Berwick contends that financial facts and the so-called Shemitah are lining up and predicting a coming calamity. Berwick, who recently produced a video titled “Shemitah Exposed,” explains, “I think it’s already started. I put up that video in July, and by the end of August, we were already seeing major crashes happening around the world. The Chinese stock market has been in complete free fall. Of course, what happened in Greece, everyone knows about that, and there are actually 20 other stock exchanges . . . have all been in a crash in the last few weeks. My question is did the Shemitah start early this year or are these going to be pre-shocks to something that is going to be much, much worse?”

    “September is going to be incredibly volatile and risky, and it might not just be September.”


    Every time the Federal Reserve says it will print a lot of money, the stock market goes up. I think, this time, a lot more people are aware of how this system is hanging by a thread. If the only answer they have to fix it is to keep printing money and for government to keep going into debt . . . I think a lot of people are going to wake up and say we’re headed for Zimbabwe. We are headed for complete hyperinflation if this keeps up.”

    Obviously, we have already seen things starting to come unglued on the stock market and in pivotal events around the globe.

    Things are poised for a crash, and the Shemitah would fit hand-in-glove with a total collapse, whether it comes in September or not.

    Whatever you do, be prepared. It could get ugly.

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    World Renowned Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente: “America Is A Collapsing Third World Country”

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      1. Waiting with baited breath…

        • The day will come and go just like Martin Armstrong’s prediction of Oct 15 2015 or whatever day in October he’s predicting.

          • Sorry it took me so long to post. But when I read the part below I laughed so hard I fell back in my chair and hit my head on the floor.

            Things are poised for a crash, and the Shemitah would fit hand-in-glove with a total collapse, whether it comes in September or not.

            So basically, and I’ll try to say this without breaking out laughing my ass off, the whole Shemitah thing is predicated on economical SHTF in Sept, but they’re not sure so they have to qualify it by saying “even if it doesn’t happen in September” ???

            Total bullshit cover-your-ass-with-both-hands because, well, you really don’t know what’s going to happen and you’re just fear mongering.


            • I prefer to use the Cub’s latest no-hitter as a better stock market indicator than women’s hem lines.

              Just saying. 🙂

            • Is this a Michael Snyder story? I hope so, they’re the ones that make me worry the most!

            • Instead of regurgitating Snyder’s kosher vomit, SHTF should be paying attention to the news.

              Russia and Syria: The Die Is Cast
              by Israel Shamir, 9/3/2015

              • “Instead of regurgitating Snyder’s kosher vomit…”

                You’d rather regurgitate Nazi vomit.

                • What a foolish comment.

                  Israel Shamir is a convert from Judaism to Greek Orthodox Christianity. He is no Nazi.

                  Like we Catholics, the Greek Orthodox condemn all Master Race creeds. Naziism, Judaism, and KKK included.

                  • JQP.
                    Like how many sieg HEIL Mary’s do you utter per day?

                    • Probably not as many BJs that you give John Hagee or the local rabbi.

                  • john Q
                    your catholic and have the nerve to bitch about any other religion. bwahahahahah

                    • “Your” sound so smart……/sarc

                    • Read history. Make an honest accounting, not the fake “history” from Jack Chick comic books or talmudvision.

                      Once Catholic Christendom replaced pagan Rome, the life of common people improved. Once the Protestant Deformation took hold, the life of common people worsened. Once Judeo-Masonry took hold, the death of innocents skyrocketed. NOTHING in Catholic Christendom, not even the exaggerated Black Legends, brought such death and misery as the 1/3 BILLION killed at the instigation and hands of Judeo-Communism in the 20th century… though 21st century Judeo-Zionism is certainly trying to break their tribal record.

                      The times of Catholic Christendom were not perfect, but they were certainly better that what paganisn, Protestantism, and Judaism brought the world.


                  • If Judaism is about being one of the “Master Races”, please explain how Hitler managed to exterminate 6 million Jews?
                    Israel is approximately 6,900 square miles, much of it without water, and without oil.
                    Arabs have over 5.25 MILLION square miles of land, much of it rich in oil.
                    If Jews are a “Master Race”, they’re doing a bad job of taking over the planet, aren’t they.
                    But go ahead and listen to your Marxist, Let’s Redistribute the Wealth, New Age Pope.
                    Now there’s a religion familiar with hegemonic control and domination.

                    • Hitler didn’t exterminate 6 million jews. There’s no evidence whatsoever to back that statistic. You watch too much TV and you believe in fake education.

                    • Be patient. Maybe eventually the kosher thought cops will let my posts appear. Usually they wait until the thread is dead. I suppose it keeps up the appearance of open dialog.

                    • typo: should be “(anti-Pope’s?)”

                  • John Q Public is correct.

                    • Thank you. You help is much appreciated—especially when the kosher thought cops are on patrol.

                • Duhh.. another “you’re a nazi” smearing. How original. Duhhhh… Duhhhhhh. I hate the truth, so I’m going to try to smear the person speaking the truth by calling him “antisemitic”. That way, nobody will believe him. Duhhhhh…

                  • How many country’s have the Jesuits Been thrown out of ?

                    • Superb succinct answer! Touché!

                    • Thank you

            • The fear porn around this “Shemitah” prediction is just cr*p. The command regarding the Shemitah, or 7-year Sabbath law, was given ONLY TO THE ANCIENT NATION OF ISRAEL, and not no one else. EVER. And only that nation is accountable for having broken that law. The USA doesn’t even figure in this AT ALL.

              The exegesis used in this book is the laughingstock of the scholarly biblical world, and Rabbi Cahn should know better than to publish something like this as reality.

              And people who understand the relationship between coincidence, correlation, and causality should be shouting to the treetops about what a scam this is. And my fellow Christians should wise up and use their heads.

            • Another IDIOT!!!!!
              seems common sense AINT that common, brains are all mush. all these moron idiots wont be posting anything after it happens, their BIG Stupid mouths will be silent

            • Run, Run Crash is coming…Red Moon is already here…Run!!!

            • oh yeah Billy…scoff your butt off and laugh as much as u want. But when it happens … will then start crying and if you are honest with yourself….look in the mirror and call yourself a fool.

          • Ill bet these guys are gambling on this stuff, they take bets onhow many times the piece is hit, the number of times its forwarded, the number of yes and the number of nos then on who is closest to the date something actually happens. They all most likely run odds on other stuff too.

          • Hope you are ready to EAT those words. or will you like most find yet some other excuse

        • “BATED”, NOT “BAITED”

          • Acid, since I have a horse in this race, as bait, it can be taken both ways…
            But you are correct in a way…

        • Brushing my tongue when I brush my teeth usually works for that bait breath. A Listerine rinse only improves the wait. Glad I could. Help. 😉

          • How’s that sodium fluoride working for ya?

        • Eppe
          LOL, What are you baiting your breath with garlic or onion.
          I’m using both and not brushing…
          N. Reb

          • Placed a position that bets the Dow goes down…

            Bear markets are quick in going down…

            All be well…

      2. the “Shemitah Exposed” video is very good
        I highly recommend watching it

        and you really need to hear what Jonathan Cahn has to say
        about the “harbingers” and 9-11

        its some fascinating insight

        • Hiking Tips

          In dense vegetation aluminum lightweight trekking poles are useful for clearing the path of spider webs. I never use the old fashioned heavy wood walking stick it’s just extra weight.

          Bear repellent is statistically more effective than firearms for neutralizing dangerous big game. I don’t usually take long arms if my only purpose is hiking; too much weight.

          You can buy clothing from Columbia and Ex Officio with integrated insect repellent. Coleman also makes an insect spray suitable for clothing and gear. Spraying off directly on your skin is fucked.

          Don’t stretch before you being walking. After your leg muscles are good and warmed up, then is the time to stretch them. Stretch again at the end to help facilitate the reuptake of anaerobic compounds.

          Flashlights are bullshit. You need a head lamp to free up your hands.

          Always carry an uninsulated hardshell top in the pack I don’t give a shit if its 110 degrees; hiking when wet is fucking miserable.

          Day hikes call for a 30-40 liter backpack and expeditions call for an 80-100 liter internal frame backpack.

          “Trail running shoes” and “hiking shoes” are bullshit. Sooner or later you will slip and twist your ankle I don’t fucking care how agile you are. You need ankle high boots that lace up. I have two ankle high fabric/leather pairs, waterproof and mesh high-ventilating, plus fabric/leather high boots for deep snow. I only put on the waterproofs during winter b/c anything that’s waterproof doesn’t breathe.

          Leather boots, “Wellington boots”, and plastic “mountaineering boots” are bullshit. Fabric boots with leather reinforcements are lighter weight and acceptably waterproof for hiking. Leather boots are unnecessarily heavy, rubber boots are nonbreathable, and plastic boots are too rigid for anything but glacier travel.

          One of you fucking retards wrote to tell me that fabric/leather boots are for pussies, that only leather army boots could hold the wright of an internal frame backpack. AS IF TECH-LITE PADDING WERE INFERIOR TO LEATHER SOLES FOR CUSHIONING AND DURABILITY. YOU WONDER WHY I THINK BABY BOOMERS ARE DUMBER THAN SHIT.

          “Waterproof/breathable” products are bullshit. Rubber products such as waders, Wellington boots, and sailing foul weather gear are only suitable for water immersion, “Waterproof/breathable” porous membranes stop precipitation but not immersion and wearing them is muggy as fuck.

          “Ounces make pounds and pounds make pain.”

          • Or…Don’t stretch before beginning to walk

          • Acid, you can make natural insect repellent with clove oil and lemon balm. I never heard of insect repellent integrated into clothing Sounds strange

      3. Been waiting on this for years! Keeping my hands clasped tightly in prayer. I have nothing to fear, but the rich oligarchy that whores about this earth destroying lives….. I hope they have to watch their wealth burn.

      4. “The day will come and go just like Martin Armstrong’s prediction of Oct 15 2015 or whatever day in October he’s predicting.”

        we shall know soon enough

        I remember back before the 2008 crash
        the sources I follow predicted it down to the month
        I heeded their warnings and saved my financial ass big time

        one person I know,didn’t
        her retirement savings were wiped out

        not so much

        • Satori;
          She must have watched the bottom drop out and then pulled her tiny remaining balance out and missed the following 6 years or so. I feel bad for her.

      5. Is that 8 business days (M-F) or just 8 days from today…? I need to be ready…

        • Neither. 8 TRADING days. Monday is a holiday.

      6. Do you have a link to that video?

        • Just right click on it and you’ll get an option to Get video URL.

        • It’s in the article you just read.

      7. Keeping a very close eye on things. I’m reasonably-well prepped. Could always top off though. God Bless

        • “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”
          Matthew 16:6

          Believe Jesus or believe the rabbis. Your choice.

        • I downloaded that audio book a while back and listened to it. It’s a really good story, and all the main points are factual and can be documented.

          I am now reading “The Mystery of the Shemitah.” It goes into great detail, with dates and a lot of charts of market data to prove the correlations of market crashes with the Shemitah year. The last two crashes were on the exact last day, Elul 29.

          Either it’s all real, or the bankers and TPTB have been timing things for 100 years and laughing at us for finally seeing the pattern.

        • On the day of the economic crash of sept 08 the deficit ytd hit 666 billion, stocks fell 777 points and gold closed at $888.exactly 7 years from 911. sept 01. sept. is the 9th month and the number 9 in biblical numerics is the number for judgment or come sept 2015 we have 999 joining 666,777,and 888. you can see what God has been warning us about in revelation chapter 18. for in one day has judgment come, referencing the twin towers. see acts 2:18 & 2:19 there you find the twin towers and blood moon tetrads together. we were given 7 years early warning in sept.08 and should have been making preparations for the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation which will begin shortly. a days wages for a loaf of bread is on our immediate horizon. The famine for the end time will not be for food but for hearing the word of God. the food will be available but a loaf of bread will take a days wages. see what my financial counselor advises in revelation 3:18

      8. Too Jewish for me, do you have anything in a Christian flavor?

        • Christ was a Jew.

      9. Oh brother…more stupid superstitious horseshit. No, some silly Hebrew calendar day is NOT going to predict a stock market crash, any more than this “blood moon” bullshit you superstitious fucking Xtians keep talking about.

        Pull your heads out of Israel and the Old Testament. You won’t see this superstitious crap in the New. And neither part of the bible is a guide to how the stock market works.

        • Maybe read the article and you would notice the 7 year shemitah cycle that has been happening hand in hand with stock market plunges.
          “Cahn pointed out that the years 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 were all Shemitah years that saw stock markets collapse”
          Even if you aren’t screwed, the country might be, which means you are too.. ohh you prep’d, well you are hoarding in an emergency and suddenly an enemy of the state. Good luck blowing up tanks with your dozen rifles and cabbages.
          Welcome to Fusa.

        • Remember when Y2K was going to be our doom? And then the Mayan Calendar 2012 crap?

          Fear porn pays well, apparently.

          • But you’re forgetting that ” someday” I’m going to be right!

          • Y2K would have been pretty bad if we hadn’t fixed. I worked on rewriting software so it wouldn’t fail because of the two-digit year problem

            The Mayan calendar thing really was nothing. It was the end of a calendar. We’ve never freaked out over December 31.

        • If the Shemitah theory was incorrect, stock crashes would occur any old month in any old random year. But they have been happening during the 7th year and in September and October of those years too many times over the past 100 years for it to be mere chance. Something is obviously causing the crashes to occur in this pattern.

          Cursing and ranting won’t make the pattern go away. Something bad is coming, and it will be here this month or in the next few months. Jonathan Cahn has made a point of saying that this current Shemitah year will begin bad times, but it might be stretched out over the next few months. Hopefully it will be stretched out enough for us to get even more prepared.

          • Corbett examined the Shemitah claims and showed that the dates and events have to be severely tortured to “fit”—something happened within a few months.



          I often wonder if the preppers are just as guilty kicking the can down the road as the Powers That Be. Two opposing forces. One to gather power and wealth and the other to gather the tools and knowledge to survive any disaster and also independent from anyone or government.

          If nothing happens the prepper, like the government, will need a new excuse or boogy man to fight.

          The difference being is when the government or financial institutions do things it affects millions of people.

          The prepper only influences very few people in comparison. His opinions for the most part will only carry weight if another person listens to him. While the government can enact laws and the financial sector, rules.

          Very few preppers are aggressive unless you go over to their place and step on their toes. Being a prepper means you are always learning something. He just has to separate the bullshit from facts.

          • On Drudge

            “We Need To Start Killing The Police”.
            Madison Wisconsin.

      10. On Sept. 30th 2008 was the Feast of Trumpets. The stock market crashed. The Feast Days are God’s appointed times. He obviously has a much clearer view on everything, more so than we do. God controls everything. We just think we do.

      11. Test. Is anybody out there?

      12. Sheesh…Sounds like “Night of the Purge” or something. Gotta check with my magic eightball now.

      13. On Sept. 30th 2008 was the Feast of Trumpets. The stock market crashed. The Feast Days are God’s appointed times. He obviously has a much clearer view on everything, more so than we do. God controls everything. We just think we do. The thing is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Sept. 13th is the Feast of Trumpets again. 7 years later. The 28th is the Blood Moo on the Feast of Tabernacles. Joel 2:31,Rev. 6:12, it says the sun will be darkened and the moon into blood before the Day of the Lord. For those who don’t know Christ as Lord and Savior, very difficult days lie ahead for them.

        • Well, I’m waiting for the Feast of Trombones myself, it proclaims very difficult days for EVERYBODY, and that’s the way that me and God want it.

        • The sun and moon not giving their light has to do with the earthquake/volcano in Revelation, not an eclipse. I agree with you that September could be a bad deal, but in no way does it signify the Lord’s return. It’s just not time. And please don’t send me the BS about no man knows the day or hour. Revelation clearly states that the last three and a half years before the Lord’s return that not one drop of rain will fall upon the earth. It rained here in Texas today, so we got at least 42 months to go. thanks

      14. Yeeeah, keep combing those Iron Age tomes for anything that backs up your obscurantist worldview, I guess. Hey, as long as you’re not chopping off people’s heads or stoning them to death for things they do with their genitals behind closed doors, I guess I can’t hate you. Also if your website is predicated on catastrophe, I guess you’ve got to dig down deep for stories about catastrophes.
        I don’t think the current collapse has anythign to do with what Hebraic priests said 2,500 years ago, it has more to do with the entire market being based on speculation, hot iar and fraid. Once it has been exposed as such, like it was in 2008 nobody will have confidence in it.

      15. Newly-released video shows the alleged groping by a former TSA screener that led to a scandal at Denver International Airport, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.

        An airport security camera footage obtained by CBS Denver station KCNC captured the controversial pat-downs.

        Footage from the morning of Feb. 9 shows former TSA workers Ty Spicha, 27, patting down travelers the Colorado airport, while Yasmeen Shafi, 22, operated the scanner.

        According to one TSA employee who reported the pair, Shafi would manipulate the scanning machine to identify males Spicha found attractive as female. That would trigger the machine to detect an anomaly in the passenger’s genital area and permit Spicha to perform a pat-down.

        Three months after that tip, the TSA began an investigation and eventually fired the pair.

        The Denver airport refused to release the video to CBS Denver for months, citing an ongoing criminal investigation.

        Shafi admitted to participating in the plot, saying it involved at least 10 passengers.

        The TSA called the incidents “shocking and egregious.” The agency has not been able to confirm potential victims and no criminal charges have been filed against Shafi or Spicha.

        Hear that? even though there is video of their groping , no charges filed ..the TSA agency is sick and unprosecuted

        • The TSA can blow me.
          I would rather never travel than be subject to being “screened” by these assholes

      16. doubters !!!

        I’m not gonna vouch for the whole shemitah thing
        as I said
        we shall know soon enough

        but do listen to Cahn’s exposition of the harbingers and 9-11
        if you can refute it
        by all means do so

        I couldn’t
        and I am QUITE the skeptical person in most matters

        • I too have watched a video with Cahn being interviewed and I still wonder other than hawking DVDs and books, what his angle is. Remember, there shall be false prophets…….Also I’m beyond burned out on all the crying wolf concerning specific dates and times. I haven’t changed nor deviated the stocking or keeping a nice pantry for many, many years. ‘Bout the only thing I’ve added is water and ammo over and beyond what I use to keep.

          • There will be false prophets, because the world is loaded with false religions.
            Hope I have been able to clarify the subject matter.

          • “the only answer they have to fix it is to keep printing money and for government to keep going into debt” And the key phrase is “government to keep going into debt.” NWO agenda.

            And everybody seems to be treating this shemitah as though it’s something that happens by the hand of God, like the great flood of Biblical times. IT ISN’T. It’s a bunch of damned jewish elites/bankers fulfilling their own prophesy, to give credence to their scriptures.

            God isn’t trashing the stock markets, the globalist TPTB are…after they place their bets on the collapse, of course. You can bet everyone will lose big, EXCEPT the most wealthy in the world…THEY’VE got this covered.

            And you can bet nobody is going to forgive any debts.

          • Why is my last (above) comment going into moderation? I placed no link in it and my handle and email is exactly as I just used above this, and as always. I didn’t even swear in it.

            Mac, are you censoring comments that use the word “jewish” in them? If you are, you need to stop it, because I didn’t “jew-bash” in my comment either.

            This is getting as bad as yahoo, where you can’t say dick (even as a name for Richard), nazi or crook.

          • How do you explain something happening at the end of these 7 year cycles? Pure coincidence? I’d say yes if it happened once, but twice, three, four times?

            • Its called manipulation by the banker’s master plan. They plan it on these days and times, gin it up because people will believe it and it SELLS. People will blame God, the Jews, and probably global warming as the Banksters giggle.

              • Thanks PO’P, that’s what I wanted to say.

        • I agree. I have a friend who is messianic in his faith and questionned about what shemitab,etc meant before reading the book so I could read with a healthy dose of skepticism. I’m as ready as I can be given circumstances. Keep on prepping

      17. What does it say about human rationality, this reliance on a genocidal mythology to predict a precise date of collapse? Sooner or later, we will be overtaken by environmental, military, or economic collapse. But we can’t know the precise date, year, or decade. It’s totally beyond me, figuring out how seemingly rational people fall into such undignified traps. Bertrand Russell: “Uncertainty, in the presence of vivid hopes and fears, is painful, but must be endured if we wish to live without the support of comforting fairy tales.”

      18. If we live as God commands us then the shemita is a blessing. If we live outside his commandments and do evil to each other….
        Well there is no telling what disasters will befall upon us. It does sound like His people who knows Him are ready for just about anything. And thanks for this website Mac. It’s one of my favorites.

      19. more zionist BS

      20. I leave on my Honeymoon this Saturday and return on the 12th. I hope I get to enjoy a week of sunbathing and drinking and come back to the sky falling!

      21. Consider:

        Just a few months ago everyone was talking about Jade Helm and WalMart closures and how tens of thousands of Americans on the “red list” were going to be rounded up and interred in converted WalMart FEMA camps.

        Yet the reality has turned out that, as near as I can determine, less than a thousand have been rounded up and none of them were put in FEMA camps (they were just “disappeared” if anything).

        Those closed WalMart stores are now reopening on schedule as normal WalMart stores, the same way they said they would when they closed. The only people kept in them are their employees who can’t afford anywhere else to go or even to change jobs.

        So you can count on this impending collapse to be far, far less worrisome than predicted – so much less that most people aren’t even going to notice it.

      22. I’ve listened to predictions for over 20 years now. Every year more and more details become apparent. The last two years have been dire, but this coming autumn could be it. I remember the seven-year cycles, and this is now the fulfillment of the seven seven-year cycles. It’s in the Bible for a reason. Too many things are happening to make this September and October the big collapse and the start of the NWO, especially with the pope speaking/standing where he ought not (Mark 13:14) in US Congress and the UN building. Scary stuff. God speed, everybody.

        • @AnneMarie

          We’ll see.

      23. Been shaking my special Injun rattles and turning in circles. Shempitah, Moetah, Larrytah, and Curlytah don’t mean nothing.

          • Uh-huh. I thought so. You’re holding comments using the ‘J’ word in moderation. Well then, I’ll take the “J” word out.

            ““the only answer they have to fix it is to keep printing money and for government to keep going into debt” And the key phrase is “government to keep going into debt.” NWO agenda.

            And everybody seems to be treating this shemitah as though it’s something that happens by the hand of God, like the great flood of Biblical times. IT ISN’T. It’s a bunch of damned $#%&@% elites/bankers fulfilling their own prophesy, to give credence to their scriptures.

            God isn’t trashing the stock markets, the globalist TPTB are…after they place their bets on the collapse, of course. You can bet everyone will lose big, EXCEPT the most wealthy in the world…THEY’VE got this covered.

            And you can bet nobody is going to forgive any debts.”

            • Mac, you publish an article about “Joo-ish” shemitah, then you moderate the word “Joo” in the comments. May I suggest that if your afraid of the word “Joo”, then don’t publish articles about them…kinda hard to talk about a horse, without using the word “horse”.

              • Okay, so a j and 2 o’s isn’t permitted either…

                Mac, you publish an article about “J-ish” shemitah, then you moderate the word “J” in the comments. May I suggest that if your afraid of the word “J”, then don’t publish articles about them…kinda hard to talk about a horse, without using the word “horse”.

                • He’s not letting you use the word Joo? Or is it Jew?

                  Hrmph. I don’t see it…

                  • I sit corrected. Mac IS stomping on our freedom of speech.

                    • LMFAO!

                      Good job Mac. I’m replying to a post that replied to a post that used the gew word.

                      Mac, honestly, you’re a piece of shit.

                    • This is my 3rd and final attempt to post this, if this fails to go through I’ll proably stop visiting this site completely…..

                      I do not believe in the Shemitah as (hrist fulfilled the law of ^^oses: He (Son of *od) condensed the 10 Commdts into 2; Love the Lord *od with all your heart, might, mind and strenght and (2nd) love thy neighbor as thy self. His sacrifice was the last and greatest which is why burnt offerings are no longer a commndnt. Ect, Ect. The Shemitah is under the law of ^^oses ergo, was fulfilled in (hrist.

                      I DO belive that Sept/Oct will be disasterous months, but for the many economic/political reasons that any one who cares enough to pry themselves off of facebook can look up. I also believe that these are the last days foretold of by prophets of old and that we soon will live/witness history in the making. I do not believe that the Shemitah is one of the events/signs of the times that was foretold of in scripture, for reasosns mentioned above.

                      ALSO of note!!: if you look up the shemitah, it only applied to “believers” of a certain faith of which i cannot spell or risk my post being deleted, who made certain covenants with *od, The sehmitah DID NOT apply to gentiles who those certain people would classify TPTB as….just saying.

            • If the elite were truly hell bent on collapsing the world economy then they would’ve done it already in 2008. What do they gain by collapsing it?

            • Oh for Pete’s sake. There will be no collapse until they ring every nickel out of you and me. Its all another Y2K Hologram.

            • Six, I’m thinking along the same lines as you. Just saw your post. Wrote one very similar to yours above.

            • Tacoma..Sister sixpact you are right on..Mac plays the game to get the money in.

              • Well, that’s fine with me, it’s honest money at least, but he shouldn’t need to censor like Yahoo! to do it.

      24. Strange things have happened on this day just take a look for yourself.
        If it does crash there is nothing I can do about it.
        I just know that on Wed. of next week I’m getting more silver, food, and AMMO. Ordering some more medical gear today.
        Keep Prepping a Praying because that is all that we can do.

      25. The U.S. government is fighting to keep details of how its own federal gun agents let Mexican drug cartels buy rifles in Arizona illegally out of an upcoming murder trial in which two men will be tried for the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry who died after he ran into men carrying those same illegal guns. In a court filing Monday, prosecutors are trying to keep some details about the guns found at the slain agent’s murder scene away from the jury.

        • All because the Feds wanted more gun control. The murder rate is up in many cities because they’re letting the violent criminals out early so they can run up the numbers. Just so they can have the end of the 2nd Amendment. We must ask ourselves, what sort of government do we have anyway?

          • One that needs to be flushed—it already stinks.

            • Sixpack, it needs to be destroyed and let’s start over from scratch.

          • We have a corporation created in 1871 acting as government. It is for profit and you are considered property with a tag # (SS#). Assets don’t tell the corporation what to do. That’s why the Board of Directors (congress) doesn’t listen to the people.

            It’s ALL commercial law. If you contracted in (SS#) you are not considered a man and therefore have no rights.

            Assets (slaves) have no right to question their owner.

        • Good luck getting evidence kept out of the courtroom, they’re afraid of two things :

          1.) Knowledge of the guns origin may prejudice a jury to leniency

          2.) Let’s not embarrass the President, you know.

          They can fix No. 1 with some instructions from the judge, it’s not an issue.

      26. Personally, I’m Christian,and as a Christian I understand that Christ fulfilled the law of Moses, thus rendering the Shemitah, along with law of Moses null and void. Christ instituted the higher law, condensed the 10 commandments into two: Love the Lord, your God with all your heart might mind and soul and (2) love thy neighbor as thy self. Christ’s sacrifice was the last and greatest sacrifice, which is why it is no longer a commandment to offer burnt sacrifices, rather a sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

        Having said that I do believe Sept. & Oct. will be fatal months to the stockmarket, as there is a plethora of financial/political info indicating why. I also believe we are living in the end times foretold by prophets of old and are wittnessing the signs of the times being fulfilled.–I just do not believe the Shemitah to be one of those signs as I am not of Jewish faith. (I mean no criticism towards those who are Jews or the faith itself, I am simply highlih ting the differences of my faith as a Christian and theirs.)

      27. Hava Nagila. Hava Nagila.

        oooooh. Too much coffee

        • Try Starbucks Whole bean decaf French roast,,,good stuff

      28. Prepare for the crash.

        Many are expecting a financial crash, the question is how do you prepare? The answer depends on age, financial situation, where you live, debt, etc.

        If you are in the market, and this includes a 401k or IRA, pundits keep saying don’t sell. They’ve done that in the face of every recent crash. In many cases if you have several years to waste while you ignore the loss, and slowly recover, you will be fine, I’ve never seen it like that. I get out on a good day like today and possibly tomorrow. And wait for the bottom. Then I buy back in, in stages. If you are within five years of retirement or are retired, get out now, today or tomorrow. You can get back in when the world is not in recession, or when the market has gone so low it is bargain basement city, and Wall Street is saying the market is terrible. When Wall Street bashes their own market, that is a sign we are at or near the bottom. Right now they are saying the market is wonderful don’t sell, that is a sell sign.

        General rules for survival.
        1. Become as debt free as possible. In deflation, debt will eat you alive.
        2. Try to save some cash. Store some at home, very well hidden.
        3. Have some stored food, at least thirty days worth is a starting point.
        4. Have accounts at least two unrelated banks. Check your state laws, you must have regular activity, or the account may get frozen, or even confiscated. I was astounded to hear Jim Cramer on CNBC suggest active investors have at least two accounts at unrelated brokerage houses?
        5. For people that can afford it, some Precious Metals, no more than 15-20% of savings/investments. If we see significant deflation/depression. PM’s will initially lose money, as will all commodities. This must be balanced against the fact that the FED and treasury have artificially depressed PM’s to strengthen the dollar, if they lose control there will be a big jump in PM’s. The effect of this blatant manipulation is uncharted territory.
        6. Have a means of defending yourself. American states and cities are responsible for pensions, in a major market correction billions will be lost. Pension funds will be wiped out. Cities and states must still come up with the cash. Services will be cut, to save money, people laid off. Of course in crashes the first people cities and towns lay off is police. No police will be a symptom. Crime will rise, you will be on your own.
        7. If you have a 401k or IRA consider keeping the majority in the cash account even though it may only pay 0.1% interest. Avoid all bond funds that are not based on short term treasuries. Avoid all high risk funds. If you must be in a stock based fund make it a very conservative one. I was in a couple old 401K’s, they had lousy investment choices. I’ve moved it all to an IRA that let’s me invest in virtually any stock or ETF. The move took less than a week.
        8. Many 401K’s have an option to automatically balance your investments. If one fund grows too quickly, the extra money gets moved to the other funds, to rebalance. In a rising bull market this can actually pyramid gains since different funds jump at different times, but in a crash it will work against you, taking cash from stronger funds and dumping it into the dogs that are dropping like a rock! Turn off auto balancing in a crash, or a recession. Do this today, there is no downside. When you know the market has hit bottom, turn it back on.
        9. If you personally own stocks, consider dumping all high risk stocks, exit all bond funds. Keep only solid companies with good financials, little to no debt that make products that people need, not products people like. Stick with best of breed stocks that did well in 2008.
        10. Review all holdings in view of the above. If a crash does comedown decide now where your exit points are. Don’t use stop loss triggers for automatic trading. Periodically markets get hit with rouge low orders that trigger stop loss orders. And there are people that will snatch up your stock and sell it tomorrow for a big gain, your loss. Stop loss orders and market orders are for losers. Only use limit orders when trading and have a plan.
        11. If your account is flush with cash in a crash, you can start buying back in when everyone has given up and thinks the market will only keep going down. When you think it’s near the bottom, buy a little, look for it to go lower and buy some more, wash rinse, repeat! Same goes for 401K and IRA’s.
        12. If you are self managing an IRA, ETF index funds can work very well and many have very low fees compared to mutual funds. Always check the fees, before you buy. ETF index funds allow you to track major indices and be diversified. By their nature when you buy and sell it is done via market orders. Buy and sell ETF’s only during market hours ignoring the first and last hours, try to buy on down days and sell on up days to maximize gains. There are lots of articles on the web that can help you find great index funds that have low fees. They generally outperform mutual funds and even hedge funds!
        13. Many of the funds in 401K accounts operate like I described ETF’s, so try to alway buy on a down day, and sell on an up day to maximize gains. Many funds don’t allow trades in and out without a three month holding period. Most significant market corrections last longer than three months, so don’t use the trade limitations as an excuse to not trade funds and get out, when you see a trend in the market like we are seeing now.
        14. Never buy stock on margin or with borrowed money.

        Yes the super crash may not come, the FED and government may yet figure a way to kick the can down the road for another year or two. There will still be at least a 15% correction I suspect before the year is out. Stay frosty and play it, for what it’s worth.

        If it’s a Great Depression crash, just another correction, or a total false alarm. If you’re a good prepper you can still use it, and not lose it like the sheep will.

        In 2008 I got hit pretty good, but still got out with about 80% of the high value of my investment account. I spotted the bottom, and bought in big in a few too big to fail stocks that were at incredible lows. I also bought some super blue chips for a bargain. Within a year and a half, my account was worth 150% of the previous high, and several stocks are paying amazing dividends based on my return vs investment cost, (“Return on investment”). I’ll be keeping the cream of that crop.

        • I remember in 2008 visiting New York and witnessing a massive sex orgy take place in the pool of our hotel. I had a feeling that was a sign of the decadence reaching a peek and something was going to happen.

          At present, the British government is getting ready to lay off thousands and thousands of police as well thousands in the local public sector. That is a sure sign as any that the economy is not what the government says it is. As has happened in the past in the UK, crime will shoot up.

          Prepare because all the happy talk is just that: talk. When you look at the fundamentals and what people do and not what they say, it is all falling apart.


      30. The prepping message here should be get funds ready to BUY financial assets.

        Market declines seem to occur on Feast Days based on the article, and if that pattern holds the market will drop creating a buying opportunity. Since the market as ALWAYS returns to a level higher than prior to the crash you will make money.

        Being wealthy is the best prep.

        The odds of the market crashing and never recovering is almost zero. And in the event of a supernatural end times, no prepping will help other than getting right with the diety.

        • It might take 20 or 30 years to recover, as it has in the past. Do you have that much time to keep your money tied up? I don’t.

          • If the market crashes big time and bottoms, which won’t take but a few months to a year. There will be plenty of solid companies that pay good dividends that will be for sale at bargain prices.

            In the 2008 crash I picked up one stock that payed an incredible 14% dividend. I heard someone ask Creamer on his Mad Money show about it. He said don’t buy, they can’t maintain that dividend, for many months I collected the 14%, but like Creamer said they couldn’t maintain it, and cut it to 7%. I’ve been collecting that since 2010, sweet! It is a utility that sells to an expanding and captive customer base. Yeah it could go down, but then I might just buy more after reviewing the financials.

            If you have an IRA there are index funds that specialize in high dividend paying solid companies, which means you can be diversified in hundreds of companies and a failure of even several of them will be meaningless in the long run. If the market takes 20 years to recover, you will be making good money along the way.

            I am already researching the stocks I may want to buy at the bottom. As well as the ones I may buy immediately if the FED figures out a way to kick the can down the road another two years and there is no Shemitah crash, a Putin crash, a China crash, a contagion crash etc.

            I am building a plan for a huge crash – 50-80%, a normal 30% crash, or just a 15% correction. We are already down 10% from the all time highs, and still dropping. I have a separate plan for my IRA and my brokerage accounts. Prepping your finances is as important as food, shelter and self defense.

      31. There’s a potential for a collapse in September? Well theres a potential for collapse any month of the year. It’d seem as though no one is saying it will for certain happen because they’ll look ridiculous when it doesn’t. I still hope to become a “expert” when my claim of” nothing will happen in September” comes true.

        • If it was only chance, then collapses would happen any old month and any old year. But the last crash was in September 2008. The one before was in September 2001. Almost every 7 years back to 1917 has a depression or crash, and most of them are biggest in September or October.

          There was a sudden bond sell off in 1994. Black Monday was October 19, 1987. There was a recession in 1980. In 1973 we had the oil crisis, a bear market, and the US lost the Vietnam war on August 15. In 1966 we had a bear market where the S&P dropped 22% by October. In 1959, the scourge of modern life, the revolving credit card, was introduced, which began our over-the-top consumerism, buy now pay later mentality, which has now come to a head because everyone’s accounts are maxed out. Going back further, we had a recession with 19% unemployment in 1938, and Hitler started his conquests.

          In September 1931 we had the biggest monthly market decline of the Great Depression, on September 19 financial panic swept Europe, and on September 20 England went off the gold standard causing more market disruption. In September 1924 the Dawes Plan for German reparations went into effect, which eventually led to hyperinflation. In 1917 there was a depression and we went into World War I.

          That sure looks like a pattern to me, regardless of the cause.

          We’ve already had the worst week (last week) in stocks since October of 2008. So I think things may already be declining. I definitely wouldn’t be putting a single cent in the stock market anytime soon.

        • But this isn’t any month.

          The entire world is in recession, Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, most all of the EU, Australia, much of Asia, Africa and South America. Do you see this turning around in the next year? How about the next two years… five years?

          American businesses are not growing, most that produce attractive numbers have done so by borrowing cheap money and buying their own stock back. Problem is in a down turn their stock will drop in value, and their sales will drop, but they will still owe back the money. Will this change in the near future? What is your evidence?

          Debt, private, corporate and government is at all time highs. In a downturn that we are in, debt will continue to grow, and many will default on it. We are experiencing deflation, commodities and salaries are leading the way. In deflation debt is financial suicide. I see no force that can save us from our debt. I see nothing happening to solve this problem. Do you have evidence to the contrary?

          Money printing has never fixed a failing economy, in the German Weimark it really did help for a few years, but it did ultimately come home to roost and lead to a crash. A market crash would wipe out much of this excessive US money printing, the markets being where most QE money ended up. The FED is pulling out all the stops to prevent a market pullback. So the bubble gets bigger and closer to a Weimark moment. I see nothing to stop this.

          Low interest rates are beginning to destroy business sectors that depend on annuities and loans. The FED appears to already be chickening out on raising interest rates. They are addicted, it will ultimately destroy the insurance industry, and nothing moves without insurance. I see nothing to stop this problem.

          Any of these problems would normally crush the markets, and the economy, yet I haven’t even talked Shemitah…… Let’s talk all these problems and ignore Shemitah? Let’s just talk normal monetary cycles, yeah they say a crash is likely in Sept. As well!

          The markets go up about 90% of the time, but I have never in my life seen such bad structural problems in the US and global markets. And when I say markets I mean sales of goods, inventories, food supplies, stocks, bonds, and commodities. If it’s for sale, it’s in trouble. The whole big tomato is rotten to the core and likely to explode from the decay within.

          • I see the migrant crisis as a giant ‘Hail Mary’ pass to get growth in the West. By flooding in waves of cheap labour, that will also need lots and lots of welfare payments, this can become a stimulus. But it is a high stakes move because of the social and political consequences. The question will be how long can this be done without sparking civil unrest. Already, European countries have had serious civil unrest in migrant communities. It does not matter the country or its culture, language etc.(UK, France, Sweden, Denmark…). Migrants are not happy and they riot when they aren’t happy.

            In theory, by ballooning the population with people from the third world, this should be a fillip to growth. But we are talking about majority Muslims, and with the best of intentions, Islam comes with a toxic flaw in its software: militant, Wahabist Islam, which has a violent, expansionary bent and sees itself at war with the West.

            • Putin has spoken similarly. Two years ago the press was laughing at his efforts to encourage Russians to have more children. Putin was right.

              If you’ve read any of Harry Dents books or watched his YouTubes, you’d see demographics are a number one engine in moving economies. We are on a downside with an aging retiring society that won’t be creating a new world anytime soon. A shrinking society is one of the most recessionary forces an economy can come up against.

              Bringing in millions of young workers to pay the social security bill and taxes, is a solution, but it assumes you have work for them. Obama has crushed small business and made it so difficult these immigrants don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of navigating thousands of pages of federal regulation to start their own businesses. If the markets crash, the remaining wealth and pensions of the aging baby boomers will be destroyed, and we become a nation of dirt poor helpless old people.

              I don’t see a constructive financial or economic plan in DC, it seems Obama’s every action is destructive in nature.

              I suspect Obama is bringing in an underclass of Illegals to create chaos, and foment revolution, crime and violence. Obama is also now taking in 80% of the UN referred refugees that are coming out of the Middle East, they include thousands of ISIS moles. We are so screwed!

              • I think the plan is to put the majority of the population on a ‘minimum income’: effectively welfare for everyone. The number of people who will earn what would be classified as a middle class income will then dramatically shrink to 10 per cent of the population: already the case in the UK and much of Southern Europe. The money to pay for this will come from money printing and will be borrowed from net cash-rich, resource countries (Saudi Arabia, other Gulf States, Norway, etc.) and China. Then the consumer society will be re-booted albeit, at a much lower level than we have become accustomed to. So, instead of a big house, two cars, several holidays a year, closets full of nice clothes, it will be a dinky, one-bedroom apartment, a holiday will be the ability to go for a walk in the park, no car, a pair or two of jeans, a spy-tracker device of sorts, and the ability to work once or twice a month if you are lucky.

                • You are describing current life in China or India for the masses. A well to do person has a refrigerator and a TV, but a washing machine will still be a luxury!

                  Communism and socialism are great until they run out of everyone else’s money. Then it really sucks big time to be one of the workers!

      32. No one is mentioning an important fact Jonathan Cahn states…If you are not right with God then it doesn’t matter what you do. God’s will is the safest place to be…He will giveth and He will taketh away…best to be right with Him…

        Praise Jesus and all Glory goes to God Almighty.

        Its not just a issue with the financial world its a issue with the turning from our Lord and He’s not happy.

        A loyal humble servant of Christ Jesus.

        • Johnathan Cahn needs to get right with himself. He is not right with god or any other supreme creator he believes he has contact with. I hope he enjoys the windfall he reaped on fear and lies. Enjoy Johnny boy.

        • ★★★★★

        • You got it brother! The sooner our most glorious and merciful father blows up this whole stinkin mess and everybody in it we’ll ALL be better off! Just like sayin ” We had to destroy the village to save it.” Yessir, that’s the kind of ole time religion I’m talkin about!

      33. I tried posting this earlier but it never made it through, so i changed a few words, anyway here’s my second attempt to post:

        Personally I’m a Christian, as such I believe that Christ fufilled the law of Moses; Christ condensed the 10 commandments (the lesser law) into two commandments (the greater law) that “thou shalt love the Lord God with all your heart, might, mind and strength, and (2nd) thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self. Christ’s sacrifice was the last and greatest, which is why burnt offerings are no longer required. Ect. Ect. This is why I do not believe in the Shemitah, as it was of the Mosaic law and hence fulfilled in Christ.

        Having said that, I do believe that the months of Sept/Oct. will be harsh and historic months for the stock market/US Economy as there is a plethora of financial/political info/reasons indicating why. I also believe that we are living in the end of days, which prophets of old have foreseen/prophesied. I simply do not believe, as a Christian, that the shemitah is relevant today. Though I bear no criticism nor ill will towards the “belief syste” (cannot type the name as my post will not get posted???) that does. I am simply pointing out the diffrences of my belife system and thiers.

      34. If people put all their energy into this then yes they will blame it. It is like brain washing. I have realized the evil in this world are these man made religions who cause war turmoil unhappiness guilt to name a few things. The collapse is going to happen. FACT! And people are going to be deceived it was some made up garbage to distract them from the real root of the problem. the problem is the Federal Reserve and the phony FIAT non backed make it up as you go along scheme. In reality there is NO need for taxation as they just print more money if they need it. Taxation is just the power to deprive people to get ahead and keep them down as slaves.

      35. Billy Hill, so you think Mac practices censorship? The last MSM site I used to post on,, before coming here 3 years ago, will ban you from their site faster than a lot of MSM sites I’ve been to in the past. You haven’t experienced any REAL censorship until you’ve been to the MSM sites. Try them out and see for yourself.

        • I haven’t been to a MSM site in years. Not Fox, CNN, Yahoo, none of ’em. I’ve heard the same thing you mention about Hufpo. Never been to that site either, for the very reason you mention.

          I come here (or “used” to come here, I’m thinking about stopping) because of the topics and the supposed uncensored discussion.

          Mac says he’s not trying to censor us, he’s trying to make sure we’re not spambots. Are spambots notorious for using the word joo or jew? What about nigger or spic or wasp or chink or cracker or towelhead or or or or or…?

          I’m very frustrated with all the crap we’re going through right now, everything is upside down and I don’t see a good future for my pre-teen boys.

          Maybe I’m just overreacting…?

          In a way, I see saw SHTFPlan as a kind of refuge where I can educate and express myself without the veil of censorship, but now I see that’s all just a big fat lie.

          I dunno. I’m gonna have to think about this. Not sure this is the kind of site I want to associate with.

          • Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address.

            Bullshit, Mac!

            Don’t lie to us. We don’t deserve it.

      36. China’s stock markets are closed until Monday. Even with them decoupled and out of the way, the DOW barely broke even today. If we can’t stay above the break even point with China not dragging us down then we can expect the worst when they reenter the markets next week. What is going on in Hungary is not good for us either. The invasion of the Western World continues unabated. Personally, I don’t think we will make it through September without Teotwawki. The Shemitah has clout, where Y2K and the Mayan Calendar were just comic book stuff. If we could get the Preachers like John Hagee in San Antonio to shut up and take a day off then maybe we could get people to listen. Jonathan Khan has also shot his Jewish ass a good one by piggy backing with Jimmy Baker and other laughable preachers. Regardless that, the Shemitah is straight out of the Bible, and when God shows up, ain’t nobody safe. React accordingly please.

        • @Hunkersown,
          Right on, for almost two weeks they’ve been blaming China, whose markets have been closed since Wednesday!
          Here we are Fri. and markets are down another 273 on the Dow that makes for 500 down this week.

          The crash may not come in Sept. But I’m not holding my breath.
          Most of the nations are technically in recession, if not depression. Commodities are crashing, that’s deflationary. Over two dozen of the worlds largest stock markets are crashing. There are more wars in more countries than I can ever remember. Unemployment is through the roof. Business closings right and left. Commercial vacancies at all time highs. Homelessness at record highs. Debt is exploding……. We could go on.

          If not September then any moment after that!

          It won’t be TEOTWAWKI, immediately, money lost, business lost, sales lost, will translate to layoffs, bankruptcies, business failures, debt default, likely deflation. It will be a spiraling collapse that will take all winter.

      37. Check out “The Forcaster” A documentary about Martin Armstrong, its way more believable than any of this.

      38. Ya know, when nothing happens, I hope you’ll give up on this superstitious nonsense.

        It’s bad enough in real life without tying it to the tooth fairy or the phases of the moon or some such bullshit.

      39. Sometimes, what you wish for, you get, when you get it, you wish you didn’t have it.

        Most of the time, significant events happen when least expected.

        • Just saying there is some very reputable science that studies the natural cycles of national and global economies. Try reading up on.

          Charles Nenner Research

          Kress Cycles (Clif Droke)

          Elliott Wave (Robert Prechter)

          Market Energy Waves

          Armstrong Economics

          Cycles per Charles Hugh Smith

          Using cycle theory projections strongly indicate an imminent crash. There are other economists also calling for at least a significant correction.

          Don’t expect the world to end on the Shemitah date, it’s normally interpreted as a starting point, for tribulation and judgement that can continue for weeks, months, or even years.

          Interesting aspect is the accompanying eclipse will only be visible in the US?

      40. Even if it does it will only rebound back up just like after 2008/2009 …..maybe this time it will go up to 25,000 after the crash

        • It took 29 years for the DOW to match its 1929 peak. It took 30 years for the DOW to match its 1965 peak. It took 14 years for the DOW to match its 1999 peak.

          I think if we have another long crash, most of us may not live to see this last peak matched.

      41. With freedom of speech and free will backing me up, all I have to say is ….BOO!!! Enough of this fear porn. I’m moving on. Peace out

      42. I respect everyone here, but The Shemitah IS going down, in whatever alternative language you choose to dress it up in.

        Of course I hope I am wrong, because it will mean much suffering for everyone.

        But just be aware that the powers that be WILL use the disasatrous economic effects of The Shemitah to arrest, control, intimidate, restrict, confine, etc., because they never let the consequences of their destructive actions go to waste. But I’m just preaching to the Choir.

        Pray, prep, and pray some more.

        And be careful on 9/23 when the Asteroid is supposed to hit, causing a Tsunami on our East Coast, and putting “Jade Helm” into action amidst the chaos. There are death camps in America, they are real.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      43. My scientist friend came up with the the shtf end game formula. It leaves only 5mil of us then 50-100,000 per state of survivors. This is very concerning. First is the financial calapse then what?..



      44. A fortune will be made on the swings. The market will tank, the Federal Reserve will commence with QE4. The central banks being the recipient will buy equities and the game will continue. The damn DOW will look like a cardiogram during a heart attack with wild swings.

        They have at least one more good shot left, maybe more.

        • that’s true. I shorted the market on august 3r; its been working pretty well.

          and given that Europe just aid they’ll increase their QE as needed, you can see the usa will start things back up as needed. despite the semitah and elul29; I’m not expecting things to really al off the tracks like they did in 2008 until next year when obamacare goes into full effect.

        • QE money has not been working as well as it once did. It still needs to be paid back, so who wants more debt.

          The markets are very risky. Banks had been borrowing QE money and playing the market, but that is really hazardous right now.

          So without cheap mergers and acquisitions, stock buy backs, and stock investments, who will be taking QE money?

          I’m suspecting you’ll just see the FED print money and just outright buy the market to keep it afloat. Be very careful shorting the market, and avoid the golden boy stocks the government doesn’t want to fail.

      45. Y’all talk about this Shemitah thing way too much for my liking. I have many, many close Jewish friends who never mention anything at all about Shemitah. It would be like Catholics talking about what the Pope ate 1000 years ago. It has absolutely no relevance to the here and now. I dont know what got all the preppers stirred up about an old concept from a religion they are not even a part of, but it sure seems to have gained traction in these online blogs.

        Looking at the comments on this website is like hearing the gossip coming out of a knitting group. A lot of hand wringing, gossiping, he said she said, “you know, Betty down the street found this ancient text, translated it, and it foretold everything that has ever happened. I know it’s true because I read about it on the internet…”

        Why dont Y’all hold a Seance and ask the spirits of the dead what is going to happen in September?

        • Spot on.

        • Kinda like Joseph Smith and the golden tablets story?
          The biggest religious fantasy story ever made up, yet thousands of believers flock to it.
          And some people wonder why I don’t believe in religion.

        • Are your friends orthodox Jews, or ultra orthodox Jews? If not I wouldnt expect them to talk to you about it. Just because its part of another religion doesn’t mean it wouldn’t affect everyone. If God came back today and judged mankind I’m pretty sure it’d affect everyone, even those of a different religion. All in all though, I do agree that this subject has been dwelled on pretty hard. I wonder if the publishers of these articles will feel stupid when nothing happens in September.

          • Good point. They are all Americans, Reform, not Orthodox.

            If God came back today and judged mankind I am sure it would be as revolutionary a situation for those who think they know everything about God, just as Jesus overturned the old laws back in the day. I am good with God, do not proselytize my beliefs and find that most “Christians” quote the Old Testament much more than they do the New. Often times I meet “Christians” whom have never read the Catholic Bible nor the King James cover to cover as I have several times. Honesty I am awaiting the rapture, so all the Christians will disappear and I will not have to hear them quoting from a book they have never actually read anymore.

        • Great Scott! You know Betty too?

      46. I can plow a field all day long, I can catch cat fish from dusk till dawn….yeh…we make our own whiskey and our own smoke too, ain’t to many thinks this old boy can’t do…I got a shot gun, rifle and a 4 wheel drive and country boy can survive
        Hank Jr

        Raised to prep before prepping was cool……

      47. You nuts. Wipe out already started a few weeks ago. Today we get to see if the lucky holders get a bounce and chance to liquidate. The PPT must be pumping big time; but the NASDAQ was down on low volume. Can’t rally. Today will be very interesting.

      48. Looks like the SHTF EVERT HORIZON will commense. I



      49. So has anyone here bought and used a hand well pump? A Simple?


      50. How much big money believes this stuff is what matters, not what I believe.

        The record indicates there’s quite a lot. PTB appear rather superstitious.

        Time to check my preps and be short. Just in case.

      51. Dow Down 239 pts.

      52. It’s either,




      53. No crash just a pullback in market so far,a boring market is good it is stability. A show of the americans power in the market is what mutual fund holders do when they do not panic and sell. Again,more of us than them…………

      54. Beware! The Shamytaw is coming!

      55. September 12th… Dear Diary; the collapse didn’t happen as predicted. Again. Monday, maybe??

      56. December 9…still here. Way to call ’em, dude!

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