Do 40,000 Lightning Strikes Over Southern Cali Point To A Mega Quake On The Horizon?

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 47 comments

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    A volatile storm has ignited a slew of 40,000 lightning strike in southwestern California. The strikes have hit Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties – all between September 10-11.

    The electric storm was most active on Sunday with an amazing 5,000 lightning bolts in the area over a three-hour period. NWS Los Angeles took to Twitter to report the tremendous display. The intense storm brought plenty of lightning to the Golden state’s southern region, but almost no rain.  The greatest rain total of .44 inches at Sudden Peak on Sunday. By Monday morning, heavy showers, thunderstorms, and 35-mph winds were reported in eastern Los Angeles County.

    But now conspiracy is swirling around this fascinating and unique electric storm.  Strange lights and electrons acting oddly seem to have been appearing either before or during major earthquakes – like the recent 8.2 magnitude quake in Mexico. Could these lightning strikes be a sign that California’s mega quake is on the horizon?

    Like California, Mexico is a seismically active region that has seen smaller quakes that have caused death and destruction. But Thursday’s temblor is a reminder that even larger quakes — while rare — do occur. Scientists say it’s possible for Southern California to be hit by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake. Such a quake would be far more destructive to the Los Angeles area because the San Andreas fault runs very close to and underneath densely populated areas.

    It’s often stated that California is ripe for a devastating mega earthquake and after some noticed the strange lights in the sky above Mexico during its quake, this conspiracy conclusion was an easy one to jump to.


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      1. Send some storms like that to shitcago, DC, New York, CITY OF LONDON, Tel Aviv.

        • DB
          OH please DO!

        • The usual for you DB, spewing hatred. Nothing substantial to say or add here just the usual hatred. Your either spewing hatred or bragging. Not everyone in those cities are horrible people. But feel free to continue wishing ill on them because they aren’t exactly like you and don’t live like you and live where you live. There are bad people everywhere. Even where you live. In your town too. Prep all you want. It will do you no good until you grow up.

          • “Prep all you want. It will do you no good until you grow up.”-
            Not quite sure about that!

        • What a cowardly and uneducated thing to say.

        • Put San Fran-Sicko at the top of that list and Mecca.

      2. I would be curious to know if there were news reports about large electrical storms reported in San Francisco or near New Madrid prior to those major earthquakes. I don’t recall any articles on electrical storms about the time of the recent Mexican earthquake. This is an interesting idea. Hmmmmm….

        • I’ll add the Great Alaskan earthquake in March of 1964.

      3. One can only hope.

        • What Hides says.

      4. Not unusual at all. Lightning is common.

      5. While human activity could be responsible, via HARP and chem trails, one must also take into account that weather instability always precedes the beginning of an ice age. We may live to see parts of our world covered by ice. Certainly within a Century or two the ice age will begin rapidly to change our world. Hopefully it will be just a minor ice age. In the past, the entire planet was covered by ice. This would be a total extinction event. This is unlikely. Keep your ski clothes on moth balls.


        • Where I use to live in upstate N.Y. the last ice age carved out the Finger Lakes and NYC was under ice a mile thick. I’d love to see that again with their Commie mayor De bla Bla Blasio and all his fellow Che tee shirt wearer’s frozen in it.

      6. When bedrock is stressed it produces electronic screech. sometimes you get lightning sometimes you get earthquake lights and earthquakes. Every thing on the planet and the earth itself has a magnetic polarity. We are now entering the final stages of a Magnetic Pole Shift. possibly a magnetic pole Reversal? Some think we will shift from a third Demenson reality to a 4th dimenson one. Those UFO,s are not space travelers. They cannot travel throught the van allen radiation belts, And We humans cant travel through them. NASA never sent a man to the moon. Those so called aliens come from a different demension. Telsa understood such things. It works in the same manner as a fiber optic cable. thousands if signals can exist in the same place because they vibrate at different frequencies. The different Planes of existence (demension’s) all vibrate at different frequencies .Its possible for humans to alter their frequency of vibration and their Soul to leave their body and do a walkabout. Its called Astral Projection. I know its on first impression a nutty looney tunes theory. However many folks back in the 80,s used drugs to Astral project. Those hippies called it Tripping! They saw and experienced many weird things on those trips.

        • Flat earth!! Research it people!!

          • Don’t waste the time researching “Flat Earth”. It is BS and part of the agenda by psy-ops trolls. The earth is round and so are other planets. Anonymous is a known troll on other sites besides this one! And I recognize the writing style of this troll.

            • Sez you..
              But its not for you to decide what others research is it now..
              Keep your lack of faith to your self.

        • Do you feel , as part of Intelligent Design, that the Van Allen Belt was created/placed to keep us on planet?

          • The earths rotating inner core do not create the magnetosphere. That is absurd. That’s like stating the starter on a vehicle charges the battery, The magnetosphere collects the solar energy of the sun And that is what makes the core rotate. The Van Allen radiation belts keep all organic life contained within our atmosphere. And keep all other organic life from reaching the earth’s atmosphere alive. I don’t rightly know exactly how it was all created. But I believe the Everywhere Spirit had a lot to do with it.

        • Those UFO,s are not space travelers. They cannot travel throught the van allen radiation belts, And We humans cant travel through them. NASA never sent a man to the moon. Those so called aliens come from a different demension. Garbage. Open The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters based on spending 3 months with Swiss Billy Meier of, a 70+ year et contactee. Fantasy? You decide. The decades long investigation by Col W Stevens USAF Intel Rtd. and team found not fake.

      7. B from CA, We ditched all the cold weather clothes when we moved to the tropics except for a light jacket or two.
        Hopefully in this coming ice age we’ll be among the last to freeze.
        Nailbanger, I answered your post a ways back but it’s in moderation for some %$# reason.
        We had zero damage from the hurricane on this end of the islan, other than a few banana trees. Not sure about the east end but I think it was minor.
        Thanks for thinking about us

        • If or when the Magnetic Pole shift reaches a tipping point and the Magnetic poles suddenly Reverse. The weather could change in a few minutes. You could become heated up and cooked or flash frozen Depending on your location in relation to the New location of the equator?

      8. They’ll blame this on climate change too. In the words of Red Foxx (as Fred Sanford) it is the big one. I’m coming to join you Elizabeth. California, seriously, get ready!

      9. We will see, we will see!!!

      10. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      11. Just questioning whether earthquake lights are comparable to positive lightning.

      12. Lived in CA my whole life up until two months ago. Born and raised in So Ca. I don’t recall any lightening storms prior to quakes. North Ridge was a big one and nothing remarkable announcing it’s coming.

        Being that I just left SLO, I still have an unsavory taste in my mouth. After 14 long years on the coast, I have no warm feelings. Most of the locals are so full of themselves. Locals of Pismo, Arroyo Grande, Shell Beach are enlightened hippies. San Luis is a snobbier Orange County with the hipster daddy, stylish and social mommy and three feral (read no impulse control) children. But you do have the Cal Poly students and the not to be forgotten large homosexual populace.

        Meh. I don’t have wishes of disaster befalling that particular area but I am so happy I don’t have the fear of a catastrophe happening and being stuck with the lot of them.

        • 95% of the population has very little water, food and no lead to protect their water and food. Back at the turn of the 20th century most people were self reliant, many didn’t have electricity. I think they’ll be another 911 inside job with a Nuke over Kansas destroying our grid blamed on the Commie midget in North Korea.

      13. Was just today,the 13th, listening to Prof.James McCanney on the John Moore show on youtube,and he was discussing the green lights in the sky during the Mexico quake.He also talked in length about the Hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida.I don’t want to be called a “tin foil hat wearer” by the uneducated trolls,so I won’t quote some of what he said but I do strongly recommend every one who has a desire to learn,what I believe, to be the facts,listen to what he says.He was also on The Alex Jones Show today but just for about 30 minutes.

      14. Good. Give us a 10.9 of the whole place and let ‘er rip. Level the bastards out there.

        • Let them ALL go, tweet, tweet all you liberal damn fools!

      15. The 8.1 or so recent Mexican earthquake effected the states to some point.

        There were speculation that it also had an effect on the San Andres fault line.

        But we’ve had major natural disasters on the eastern coast, central U.S. and so it seems that an event occurring on the west coast would be the next.

        But, in Mexico–

        Katia hits Mexico as Category 1 hurricane, crawling through and dumping heavy rain

        September 09, 2017

        Tropical Storm “Max” forms, about to hit Mexican state of Guerrero

        September 13, 2017—This storm from The Pacific to The Atlantic crossing some of the area Katia crossed

        Katia crossed Mexico from the Atlantic to The Pacific

        Extremely dangerous M8.1 earthquake hits Mexico, tsunami generated

        A major earthquake registered by the USGS as 8.1 (upgraded from M8.0) hit near the coast of Chiapas, Mexico at 04:49 UTC on September 8, 2017 (23:49 local time, September 7). The agency is reporting a depth of 69.7 km (43.3 miles). A red alert for shaking-related…

        September 08, 2017

        Giant earth cracks split in half Jáltipan, Mexico after M8.1 earthquake and tropical storm Katia hit Veracruz

        ….conspiracy conclusion was an easy one to jump to.

        No conspiracy

        Michio Kaku: “I do not know what is happening to the Earth, but we all need to prepare for the worst.”

        All of us should be prepared. Our world is changing in so many ways.

        • That Michio Kaku guy. Not very long ago he stated that a large solar system might be passing through our solar system? I think he knows a lot more than he can divulge at this time. One thing You don’t need to be a certified Tin foil hat wearing loonie to believe that something is up with the planet. And it isn’t fat al gores man made and man mitigated glowbull warming.

          • Don’t know about that, it is possible, but I do know about four years ago, Nasa issued a statement that our Solar system
            was moving through a part of The Milky Way Galaxy that consist of rogue planets, stationary rocks and other hazards.

            Notice how much reports of meteors streaking or striking the earth?

      16. Lightening is a sure sign the big one is on the way. It should occur sometime in the next twenty to thirty


      17. The Big One in California. We’re doomed!

      18. Lights in the form of glowing orbs have been reported before earthquakes for centuries. Sometimes there is lightning. Scientists think it is the movement of soil layers below ground. The movements build up a voltage charge. They’ve done experiments using flour in tupperware containers and measured the voltage. A simple search using earthquakes and lightning will get you some videos to explain it. 40,000 lightning strikes over what looks to be a large area is a sign of serioud ground movements. It may be a sign of the “big one”; more likely it is not. There are some good people in California so I hope it is not.

      19. Its believed that the San Andreas and Cascadia will happen and shortly there after the New Madrid will let loose. Without the west coast holding pressure. The north American continent will split open during the New Madrid. Letting the Great lakes pour into the Mississippi river basin. That great volume of water will carry almost everything in its path out into the Gulf. There will be about 200 miles of water between the bedrock of the Ozarks on the west and the bedrock & Mountian’s on the east side of the Mississippi river valley. It will likely be a great swamp with patches of open deep water. Its not mans fault. And its not God punishing sinners. Its just a natural thing that would occur even if man had never walked the planet.

      20. As per the article, the lightning strikes occurred on September 10th and 11th. On September 10th, the sun unleashed the largest solar flare of this cycle. This was a tremendous burst of energy. It caused radio blackouts and ionized the atmosphere. The earth’s energetic atmosphere compensates with lightning. At least one recent study showed that solar wind caused more lightning strikes. This is largely due to the balance of energy.

        I have been tracking space weather for almost a decade. I have seen, time and time again, that when there is a storm present when a solar flare or intense solar wind, that the storm increases in intensity and more lightning strikes. Conversely, I have seen Coronal Hole strength correlated with quakes.

        I am the first to state that correlation does not equal causation, but I am not the first or only person to see these effects. Aside from the recent lightning/solar wind study, there are other studies which show how solar activity influences weather and climate.

        That said, I do not think this lightning points to an earthquake. Rather, it is an effect of the solar flares we had during that time period.

      21. Wish I may,
        Wish I might,
        That CA takes a dive tonight!

      22. Storms like that are rare for the SLO area and never in Sept. I’m 5th generation to that area.

      23. What an astounding lot of “believers”! Shoot, we have storms like this in Texas and Oklahoma all the time. Lots and lots of lightening, and not always with rain. And no (as in zero) earthquakes. The storms are simply beautiful to watch. Unfortunately a LOT of you out there are vying for Loon of the Month with all your doom theories.

      24. I don’t know about anything else, but the video showing the big cloud is nothing more than a thunderhead– something we have all the time in the midwest and south. Most of those flashes are not lighting strikes, but electrical discharges withing the thunderhead that don’t hit the ground.

      25. The video doesn’t look strange at all to me. We quite often have lightning like that in the clouds here in the mid-west, but it doesn’t mean there’s an eminent earthquake. Sometimes it rains but not always. In the summer we have what is called “heat lightning” which looks like the video and no rain.

      26. Bet readers here know, but many people forget, that lightning is not just an air to ground strike. There are electrical tendrils that rise to the point of meeting sky tendrils and their meeting, their ‘handshake’ is what we see as a lightning “strike”. I would be interested to see how high ground tendrils rose and if they were rising near fault lines. Sunspots were heavy on 10 and 11 and now the main one has spun on the backside of the sun. Good luck out there folks It’s getting bumpier.

      27. get the illegals in a spot that will force them south

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