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Strange ‘Earthquake Lights’ Accompanied Mexico’s 8.2 Quake

Mac Slavo
September 11th, 2017
Comments (35)


The massive 8.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked Mexico earlier this week was enough of a phenomenon on its own, but the quake also had something of a fascinating side effect.

The mysterious lights in the sky following the massive earthquake were a shock to those in the area. Numerous videos have been cropping up on social media showing the flashes brighten the night sky above Mexico City, but the flashes aren’t lightning coming from the clouds above, or even lights from planes.

The mysterious lights didn’t immediately have an explanation.  But now, the flashes of light are instead thought to have been caused by the 8.2 magnitude earthquake itself. More specifically, the lights come from a particular type of rock.  A study published in 2014 revealed that these lights can come in many forms, such as bluish flames, orbs of light, or quick flashes that resemble lightning.

“In certain types of rocks this accumulation of stress can break up pairs of negatively charged oxygen atoms in the ground, allowing them to flow up to the surface as an electrical current through cracks in the rock,” said Leila Ertolahti, an adjunct professor of geology at Farleigh Dickinson University, to Gizmodo. “If enough atoms are present they can ionize pockets of air and form a plasma, or charged gas, that emits light.”

As amazing as the appearance of the lights may be, the fact that the earthquake itself occurred was even more historically important.  At an 8.2 magnitude, tremors could be felt from over 966 km (600 miles) from the epicenter, and the number of reported casualties is still climbing. “The scariest part of it all is that if you are an adult, and you’ve lived in this city your adult life, you remember [the 1985 earthquake] very vividly,” said Alberto Briseño, a 58-year-old bar manager in Condesa, to The New York Times. “This felt as strong and as bad, but from what I see, we’ve been spared from major tragedy.”

 The lights may have been terrifyingly beautiful, and the scientific explanation comforting, yet to those affected by this massive earthquake, the apprehension at mother nature’s abilities will always be right below the surface of their emotional psyche.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 11th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. buttcrackofdoom says:

    i will take earthquake over hurricane any day.

  2. MBValleyria says:

    Read about CERN and maybe you find the answers of the Earthquake lights

  3. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    Its called HAARP. Erma and Harvey is from HAARP. The globalist are so careless, that rothchild banking family man Branson of virgin airways is talking about loosing his house from Erma as if that is any loss to him using tax payer money to built everything he owns. Lets see if that grid will stay down or go back up. Water supply in areas are Houston from what I have been told will be down indefinitely, meaning water will never be restored back in those areas ever again. The question is this? what will they attack us with on the next one, a bio-weapon?, or start ww3? or have the jihadist nuke a city to trigger martial law indefinitely? and bring out the UN soldiers on us? If the weather weapons keep failing and its unable to cripple the people, then the globalist will start to use more dangerous tactics. They have to have a reason to deploy the UN, the chi-coms, the Russians, the MS13, the jihadist Saudi’s and other nationals indefinitely in all the major cites to start the war with the people. This the most difficult part for them, because we are awake now, and this makes it so much difficult to get the desired effects, especially when red necks are rescuing black and Hispanics during Harvey, and people united to help each other, proving that we are literally evolving to a higher level. What did they do, send in the feds to threaten the monster truck rescuers to tell them leave town or get arrested.

    The first phase of the attack on us was with the use of hurricanes. Yellow stone is the next big concern, because I believe that they are going to use HAARP on that area, that’s why causing the massive light to appear in the sky before the earth quake weapon HAARP attack, Houston is down, Florida is down, so we know that they will hit yellow stone to finish us off with nuclear fallout with the plants? good possibility if you ask me. When your homeless like I was for almost 3 years walking the streets stinking up the place and did I every believe that one day I would be living in America and homeless out on the streets on my ass? did I? So I took action and became a prepper. The question is, how do I deal with something more severe, because the fucking globalist are using everything now, they are threatening war with NK, and china, hitting out states and gulf with hurricanes, now they are going to do Yellow stone. Its getting extremely serious. Like I said, I war gamed my survival a few months ago, and lasted for 4 months tops only to get killed by soldiers in my end game run. I did not survive SHTF. Only 3% if the 100% of preppers will survive what coming.


    • More and more, you sound like a lunatic. I read your posts, and find it amazing that with your apparent mental capacity that you’re able to turn a PC on. You, Hicks, and your Buddy SomeSkullsOnCrack sound so brain dead idiotic some times. You should watch the movie Idiocracy, you and the remind me of the Secretary of Education from that movie.

    • HCKS:

      Please stop your train of thought. Your cortisol must be elevated all the time.
      Yes, TPTB do have the technology to start an earth quake. Nicolas Tesla almost brought down New York City when he accidently set off a machine he had invented. So, it is possible that Harp is creating these events, or contributing to the intensity of these events. But, there is no way to know for sure. So I say?forget about it.

      All these events can simply be Mother Nature’s doing. Solar flares, shifting poles, and natural cycles. Yellowstone could blow on it’s own. The cycle is said to be due. I have to take it on faith. How would I know, anyway.

      Prepare but don’t get all wrapped up. There are other pressing issues to deal with in regular day-to-day events.

      8.2 is one hell of an earthquake.


    • Goshen says:

      Excuse me, but please provide source links for your info on Houston water. I live East of town, and work in Pasadena. I have seen no evidence of any water shortages, especially water that will NEVER come back on.

      Until you can provide some source(s) for your info, I’m calling BS.

    • or… it was a big hurricane during hurricane season and water, sewer, and power will be back up presently.

      If course once it comes back up in a week or two you wont remember anyway because you will be off rambling about something else improbable a super secret squiiirl “friend” supposedly told you.

      Still waiting on the proof for ANY of your schitzo post claims. Link em if ya got em.

    • marie says:

      I agree with all you said Hcks. Makes a lot of sense. I do believe that HAARP was used with these two hurricanes. If they zap Yellowstone…well the ash would go up and cover up the suns rays. We could have a “nuclear winter”, with little sunlight and plants won’t grow so yes people would die in droves, and i do believe that the gov. wants us all dead, beccuz we are too many people to control and yes we are awake ….well, some of us at least. I like what you write, so don’t go away. Some of us here believe you so truk on.

  4. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    HCKS, whatever happens will happen and there’s no stopping it. I may not make it all the way through post-SHTF either but I’ll damn sure put up a helluva fight as long as I have the capability and means of resistance.

  5. Richard Steven Hack says:

    Essentially what these are is sort of like “ball lightning”, i.e., plasma masses.

    The really interesting thing is there’s a theory floated many years ago that UFOs are basically the same thing. A study found that many areas with a lot of seismic events also are heavy UFO reporting areas. The theory is that these events cause plasma discharges which people interpret as UFOs.

    Also, the person who floated that theory has suggested that intense magnetic fields associated with seismic events can influence the human brain leading to hallucinations. He has demonstrated in the lab that intense magnetic fields focused on the brain can cause people to see aliens, their dead grandmother or God depending on their original belief systems.

    Very interesting stuff. I personally don’t think it explains everything about the UFO phenomena, but it’s a decent theory that could be investigated more thoroughly.

    • DavidB says:

      I agree, there are all types of “ball lightning” and various “plasma” type phenomena… also, the idea of modulating the human brain with magnetic fields is fairly well-documented, all of which can cause the human brain to perceive something which is not necessarily there physically… The question always remains, who would be carrying out these kinds of experiments, and for what end purpose. But,I digress, I could also delve into AE911truth.com, but that’s a whole other ball game…. for another perspective on 9/11, it’s an eye-opening brain-feed……

  6. Take Abreath says:

    Electric lines, transformers vs. earthquake. Earthquake was winning

  7. mominator says:

    It was aliens LOL

  8. Brian says:

    These lights are not uncommon with earthquakes(especially with powerful eathquakes).

  9. Anonymous says:

    The lights are simply power transformers blowing. Its pretty obvious. Harrowing whatever. There have always been earthquakes and hurricanes and natural disasters. Good grief people.. I believe in some conspiracies but everything and everyone. Please.

  10. Michigan Wolverine says:

    someone lit an earth fart

  11. watching and waiting says:

    If any of you are unaware, in the area of this earthquake, there was an earth crack that split the city in half.

    Giant earth cracks split in half Jáltipan, Mexico after M8.1 earthquake and tropical storm Katia hit Veracruz

    I googled the name of the city and notice its location in relation to The Atlantic ocean

    Also, the earthquake registered over 1300 miles in Austin, Texas if not further.

    Some speculation that it had some effect towards The major fault in Southern California.

    Check out http://strangesounds.org/

  12. watching and waiting says:

    A second comment please.

    We’ve had a serious natural disaster on the east cost, in the central (center) of the U.S.A and now we have to turn our eyes to the west. Some could say the fires that are now on going is a disaster and that may be true: But we always hear about fires in some of the western states that occur in certain seasons of the year. My thoughts are towards a natural event and I don’t wish that: Will be an addition to what our country is enduring. Could stretch support resources past the breaking point.

    Would need the military and more citizens to step in.

    America has been is endowed (Gifted) by The Creator with The Good Samaritan Spirit. more than any country on earth and Americans do rise to the occasion.

  13. Willster says:

    These are nothing more than several large transformers exploding and reflecting on the low clouds above. When an earthquake hits, transformers explode. Happens all the time and is not a “phenomena”.

  14. Hank says:

    It was just electrical transformers shorting out. Either that or space aliens.

    Why does the most simple obvious explanation evade people?

  15. Beaumont says:

    Is this a source of positive lightning?

  16. The Earthquake occurred on the same day that a CME struck the earth. Not saying there is a connection but an interesting coincidence.

  17. Pyscho/Crazy/Hopeless/Help Me says:

    The Chi-coms iz a comin’!!! Hide your children!! I will war-game all the chi-com jihadists with my beanzzz and bandaidzzzz. Quick, the library is about to kick me out again. Don’t get HAARPed!! I live in a box :(.

  18. Lee Larson says:

    At my age, I couldn’t care less. Hurricanes, quakes, volcanoes, flooding, war, epidemics, it’s all the same to me. Hysteria gets you nowhere.

  19. I member says:

    There was a time when each article here got 100+ comments and some had 300+. Now we have HCKS posting… What happened?

  20. Old Guy says:

    What happened/ nothing happened. none of the doom porn fear predictions came to pass. and folks become jaded and quit posting.hicks posting does get kinda off the wall more often than not. Prudence and reasonableness are not his strong points. Its best to be very skeptical and don’t believe most of what is stated on the media 7 internet. only believe what Old Guy post!