Diesel Prices Continue To Soar As Shortage Worsens, Rationing Could Be Next

by | May 16, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Diesel rationing could be possible in the coming months, as prices soar amid an ongoing fuel shortage.  Diesel prices hit a record $5.56 per gallon in the United States, which is up 76.5% from a year ago.

    Consumers in the U.S. are “demanding” more diesel than anyone can supply. So what is available is going to be costly. According to a report by Business Insider, supplies have been dwindling. Nationwide, inventories for the most commonly used diesel have dropped 43% since 2020 to the lowest since 2014. In the Central Atlantic region, inventories have crashed 78% from 2020 to the lowest in a decade. Other categories of diesel are seeing steeper drops.

    Due to the shortage, the talk of rationing has surfaced.

    Elitists’ Warning: Diesel Rationing To Begin On East Coast

    Because the situation is so dire in New York, refinery and fuel magnate John Catsimatidis told Bloomberg, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see diesel being rationed on the East Coast this summer.”

    “The markets are telling us there’s a shortage,” Jim Mitchell, Refinitiv’s head of Americas oil analysts, told Business Insider. “This is a tailwind for inflation. We’re demanding more diesel than anyone can supply.”

    Adding to the problem is a conversion to “clean” or “green” energy. Certain diesel-making regions such as those in California, have been working to convert refineries into biodiesel hubs, which is “fantastic for the future but poses a problem for right now,” according to Mitchell.

    Of course, higher diesel prices and rationing do not only affect the cost at the pump. Since diesel is the fuel used to get food planted, harvested, and delivered, we could be looking a massive food price increases and even more food shortages. “We’re looking at at least two years of higher food prices via farming, and limited refining capacities in the world and the US,” Mitchell said. “And we’re still demanding more diesel than anyone can supply.”


    Everything that can impact the food supply has been. It’s important to be aware of this and make preparations for it. A summer with low or rationed diesel fuel could mean expensive food and shortages in the fall.


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      1. If ten dollar diesel arrives, you can say audios to the economy cause she’s going down faster than a pilot stroking out on the clot shot!

      2. Hmm, after reading this article, I had t remember how it was back in the 50’s and 60’s, growing up on the farm. both of my uncles and my dad had diesel farm tractors ( Oliver ) and Dad would some times bitch about the price of diesel, which at that time was costing Dad about .08 to .10 cents a gallon delivered to the farm, He would probably go ape manure at the price of diesel now, I just paid almost $37 dollars for 6 gallons , just to give you an example. And thanks to the Biden communist criminal organization, it will be going higher in price and cost more.

      3. Following the and-then-whats… and then what?

        The middle class is not prepared for a long-term siege.

        Only the most dedicated old-school survivalist is prepared for famine.

        However, survivalist preparations were also centred around massive nuclear war depopulation and no government interference. Starving but organized mobs from crashed cities and government mass food confiscations from ‘hoarders’ were not in that equation.

        Preppers, are at best prepared for three years of reduced access to ‘normal’ shopping opportunities. COVID-1984 made a mockery of most plans to head to the woods, as parks were shut down and movement restricted by government overreach.

        Private warlords will not be an improvement over the government.

        The ‘prepared’ are just waiting to be picked off. Once government fails, there is no nation-wide organization legally and ideologically commitment to national well-being. Just local warlords goosed by trans-national organizations like Soros.

        Only recapturing the party level grassroots political process and ensuring GOP candidates and officials are not RINOS and assorted Europe First WEF-fen SS are a long-term solution.

        (Technically the same goes for Dems, except, the majority all seem to be WEF-fen SS Resetters of some shade.)

        • Is that why Trump was a proud member of the WEF?

      4. There should a warning for the elitists as well, without food the world burns!

      5. There will be no surge in US middle distillate production or any other oil products any time soon. As I stated before, the materials are not available to increase production. The CEO of Pioneer Resources, the biggest tight oil producer in Texas, just echoed this fact and said don’t look for an increase any time soon. He said they can’t get any labor, there is not enough pipe or concrete available, and they are short on fracking sand and diesel to run the equipment. There are several oil field producers who comment on the Peak Oil Barrel blog who will back that statement up.

        The US recent surge in production was LIGHT tight oil from fracking. Light oil makes less diesel than regular sweet crude. A barrel of sweet crude is 42 gallons that gives:

        46% gasoline
        26% diesel and other fuels
        9% jet fuel
        3% asphalt
        1% lubricants
        15% other…lipstick, CDs, cellphones, laptops, aspirin, etc

        A barrel of light tight oil produces less of the diesel and heavier products and more of the gasoline and lighter products like naphtha, butane, gasoil, etc. The type of oil needed for diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, and jet fuel is the very type that is being sanctioned…Russian Urals blend.

        The bulk of US oil wells are stripper wells. There are millions of them and they produce 10 barrels a day or less. Think about all the infrastructure and fuel and supplies needed to keep them serviced and producing day in and day out. The US oil patch is nothing like the giant oil fields in the ME. When it takes more fuel and supplies to keep these wells up and running than the net energy they produce (EROEI), they will shut down.

        That time is just over the horizon

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