Devin Nunes Calls For The ARREST Of Shadow Government Official, John Kerry

by | May 29, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 47 comments

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    Devin Nunes,  the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee,  isn’t all that happy with deep state puppet John Kerry meddling in foreign policy.  Nunes has now called for the arrest of Kerry on charges of treason.

    According to US law, (laws these same politicians write with no attempt to obey) no private citizen may meet with a foreign power to negotiate a deal. Since Kerry was working directly against US policy and is and trying to sabotage the elected government the charge of treason would apply, according to Steadfast and Loyal.

    Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) made his demand to imprison the former Massachusetts Democrat under the Logan Act, which could theoretically result in three years in federal prison. The allegations followed a new Boston Globe report on former Secretary of State Kerry is quietly working with to save the Iran nuclear deal which he helped draft.

    [Kerry] sat down at the United Nations with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to discuss ways of preserving the pact limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It was the second time in about two months that the two had met to strategize over salvaging a deal they spent years negotiating during the Obama administration, according to a person briefed on the meetings.

    With the Iran deal facing its gravest threat since it was signed in 2015, Kerry has been on an aggressive yet stealthy mission to preserve it, using his deep lists of contacts gleaned during his time as the top US diplomat to try to apply pressure on the Trump administration from the outside.  – The Boston Globe

    These actions by Kerry prompted a tweet from Nunes:

    “G Men” is short for “government men” and since 1935 has been used exclusively to refer to FBI special agents, the Bureau claims. But Nunes is facing what may be insurmountable odds.  In history, only two indictments were ever made using the Logan Act and neither ever went to trial.

    According to The Gateway Pundit, several leading officials have called on the Sessions DOJ to prosecuted John Kerry for violations against the Logan Act.  The corruption in the American government right now is at unprecedented and never before seen levels.


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      1. Vicente Fox recently called Sessions a mouse.
        For once he made sense.

        • “Nunes has now called for the arrest of Kerry on charges of treason.”

          Reason enough for the long face John. Bubba will know what to do with you !!! 🙂

        • Vicente Fox should be the Dos Equis beer commercial’s most interesting man in the world for two reasons. #1 he is still alive, and #2 his mustache.

          • Vicente Fox still likes to tell Americans what to do. Fox needs to go f#$% himself. He doesn’t run anything but his stupid mouth anymore. We don’t owe anything to Mexicans anyway.

            • Vinny the Mexican can suck it or continue to pick the lettuce and shine my shoes!

        • Just like some call Kerry a moose.

          • JasonOsborne

            So John Kerry just left a meeting @ L’Avenue in Paris w/3 Iranians. A friend was sitting next to their table and heard JK blasting @realDonaldTrump. The Iranians had a 5 person security detail and left in diplomatic vehicles. Is he FARA registered? @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson he asked, referring to the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

            That’s what is Treasonous by a failed Ex Sec of State.

            10:37 AM – May 12, 2018 · Paris, France

        • Sessions is a huge JOKE and a monster DISGRACE, impotent buffoon!!!!

          • Exactly… Which is why there will be a civil war before anyone in the government is held accountable for their crimes… They damn surebetter never try to charge me with anything because if they won’t follow the law neither will I… Know I have some tax free side work I gotta get back to… They’re to come at me for it they better be ready to have a nasty shootout

        • treason is punishable by death! Kill this POS as the first in a long train of criminal traitors.
          hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, learner, Comey, Mccabe, all need to be arrested and executed for treason!!!!

          • Lol never gonna happen because Americans lost their spine.. It’s over for the west

        • arrest and EXECUTE for treason. Then hillary, obama, holder, lynch, learner, comey, mccabe, struzk, page, orh, and most of the rest of the democrat leadership
          Execute every damn one for the treasonous soft coup they tried to pull off

        • Sessions has a yellow streaked a mile wide down his back. He’s also a POS sitting up there in DC drawing a big fat paycheck for doing nothing for this country and its citizens. Looks more like he’s a traitor and an operative for the Deep State. Also wondering “why” POTUS isn’t firing his ass. How many of you at your job could sit and do nothing and drawn your pay? WTF is up????

      2. Kerry, among others, needs to get thrown into the slammer. Our legal system of having two separate sets of law enforcement guidelines, one for the progressives in the Deep State and one for the rest of us, has got to stop.

      3. Kushner took a “bribe” of over a billion dollars. For that much money most people would commit murder.


        • The country of Quatar gave Bill Clinton one million dollars for his birthday while Hillary was still Secretary of State.

          This came out during the election. Any charges? No, of course not.

          • All of the criminal Left so deserves to HANG!!

          • Which is why the feds who dare ever try to impose the laws they don’t follow on me better be ready for a bullet or knife in the brain

      4. It would be nice to see Kerry go down but, when was the last time someone was charged with treason? I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • I was shocked to see Obama go after New Jersey Senator Menendez. Menendez is a democrat, so he must have shit in someones soup.

          Of course he was found not guilty, but that does not matter. They fucked him over anyway.

      5. Kerry could just say that the whole conversation consisted of grandchildren and golf. It worked for Bill and Loretta.

      6. John Kerry is a Democrat, so he has qualified immunity.

      7. Of course Kerry is trying to save it as that is one of Kerry’s money makers. End it and Kerry has a problem. With the revenue he is making off it and with the Iranians. Aw to bad so sad ….

        • Right, end the “deal” then also end the kickbacks.

          • JS, Menendez was also part of that group known as the ‘Capitol Hill Cubans’. They were refugees from Castro’s Cuba. I would love to see Obama and Kerry laying in pools of their own blood but that’s just me.

      8. The whole Obama admiinstration needs to be arrested for treason
        They all are enemies of the American people and constitution

        • Corruption pre dates Obama. The Bushes are so NWO that Poppy Bush 41 was likely elevated from mere “employee” to policy manager / strategic advisor. The government was hijacked before Obama was even born.

          • So you call him poppy. Makes me curious where you read and don’t respond. I think we folliw many of same ppl. You are so correct sir this has been ongoing for much longer than Obama. Interesting times will only get more interesting. Remember to keep up with macro world but enjoy the micro one. Took me years to be able to do just that. Good day sir I love your comments.

        • Watch buddy. You could suffer the same fate as Roseanne for talking bad about Obama. You could be called a racist and be cancelled.

        • akartaman,
          I think your on to something. Let’s arrest them all and follow the example of the British judge go for quick sentencing. Screw due process, they stomped all over our rights and ignored the Bill of Rights. Give them a dose of their own medicine.

      9. Arresting Kerry won’t affect the flow of Ketchup. His wife’s interest in Heinz (now merged with Kraft foods) is negligible so she won’t be able to plunder the ketchup store to buy hubby a legal dream team. Besides, Kerry’s an asshole. In swamp government circles that’s all the credential a man needs for a Teflon coating of anti-prosecution shit sauce.


      10. PLEASE arrest and imprison him!! Stop letting these traitors get away with this treachery.

      11. JBN, Kerry is from Massachusetts so they’re nicknamed “Massholes”. He also looks like Lurch from the old Munsters’ TV show. He looks like a corpse warmed up in a microwave.

        • DB.. Lurch was on the Addams Family.

          • Aljamo, that’s right. My mistake. Still reminds me of how old I am. {SIGH}

      12. While this would seem to be a failed country, in terms of carrying capacity, remunerative employment (usually), and normative behavior (in general), there is an attitude in which traditional people are forever on the defensive. How often have you tried prosecuting people, based on commonlaw kind-of principles. They might laugh at you, or worse. But, who has tried.

      13. The Logan Act was repealed. Anybody can play Secretary of State now. Just like anybody can talk with, meet up with, and greet the Russians.

      14. No, do NOT arrest his criminal ass, HANG the no, rat-bastard, son of a bitch!!

      15. John Kerry is a Traitor x 2. Remember the Vietnam testimony he gave before the senate.

      16. so tired of those scumbags getting away with all that they do

        it is total lawlessness day in and day out no rule of law and that is dangerous to the safety and we’ll being of society

      17. These vipers are out of control and have no regard for the American people. Time is short.

        • Yes time is short. You know how to kill a snake? There was a timber rattlesnake in my driveway and I shot its head off, skinned it and cut it’s rattle off. Done. Still looking for its mate.

      18. Americans need to SERIOUSLY WAKE UP!

        The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is arguably the spear-head of the “Deep State” in America, along with its covert operations branch ~ the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The CFR answers to CHATHAM HOUSE (formerly called the Royal Institute for International Affairs) in London. In fact, the ENTIRE intelligence apparatus of the Western Hemisphere answers to CHATHAM HOUSE: MI6, GCHQ, CIA, NSA, Mossad. (((Rothschilds))) are based primarily in London. (((Rothschild)))-“Israel” was created FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME ~ EVER ~ IN HUMAN HISTORY in PALESTINE, in 1948 AD. Prior to that, the Royal House of Saud was INSTALLED in power in (SAUDi) Arabia by MI6 and the ‘City’ of London ~ London’s FINANCIAL district, in order to create the necessary conditions in the region, to make it possible to create a “Homeland for the ‘Jews'”. Saudi Arabia as well as “Israel” are both PROXIES of the ‘City’ of London (not to mention of Wall Street, Vatican ‘City’, and the ‘District’ of Criminals). Ultimately, it is the European Royalty who sit BEHIND the Secret Societies and the International “Jew” BANKERS that are running this “New” World Order psy-op.

      19. Just look at the 2004 U.S. Presidential “election” between George W. Bush and John Kerry ~ both Yale (Chapter 322) “Skull & Bones”-men. Mueller, the guy conducting the so-called “investigation” into “Trump-Russia Collusion” went to the SAME prep school with John Kerry. John Kerry is married to the (((Heinz))) fortune. Both John Kerry and Robert Mueller are part of the Eastern “Liberal” Establishment. We now KNOW, that Hillary Clinton was ACTUALLY involved in RUSSIA-COLLUSION, but yet, she still IS NOT IN AN ORANGE JUMPSUIT! behind bars. Why? (((Who))) FINANCED her 2016 Campaign? Answer: GOLDMAN SACHS. How many more connections do I need to make here, before you all begin to see the BIG PICTURE?

      20. What did Trump do recently? He officially, as President of the United States, recognized “Jerusalem” as the Capitol of counterfeit “Israel”, home of the equally counterfeit “Jews”. The new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem opened on May 14, 2018.

        The Western 1% “Jew” World Order marches on, regardless who is in the White House. Get it? It has been this way since Nov. 22, 1963.

      21. This must be Fake News. I watch Fox News and they didn’t report this.

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