Deep State’s ‘Plan B’ To Remove Trump In Full Force: Lawmaker Introduces ‘Stable Genius Act’

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 81 comments

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    The deep state’s plan to oust president Donald Trump is well underway and has been since it became clear that Mueller’s “Russian meddling” investigation was going to yield nothing. The “Stable Genius Act” introduced by a Pennsylvania lawmaker is one more step toward Trump’s removal.

    Representative Brendan Boyle has introduced a new bill requiring presidential candidates to undergo full medical exams and release the results to the public. Boyle’s “Stable Genius Act” comes almost a week after President Donald Trump responded to claims made in a new book, which raises questions about the President’s mental stability.

    Unfortunately, this is right out of the deep state’s playbook and Trump’s tweet eluded to that.

     According to New American, the Deep State’s “Plan A,” is the imploding “investigation” into alleged “Russian collusion” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, said Stone. If and when that fails, which Stone suggested was likely and soon, the establishment would move to “Plan B.” In essence, Plan B would involve trying to get a majority of Trump’s cabinet to declare him unfit for office. This would allow Trump to be removed under the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment. This scheme is also going to most likely fail, Stone said. Last but not least, though, Stone warned of “Plan C,” which is killing the president. – SHTFPlan

    The deep state is not going to give up easily and all signs are pointing to Roger Stone being correct. Roger Stone isn’t the first person to see Trump as a target of the deep state. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has said he feels that the deep state isn’t afraid to nuke a city in the United States in order to kill Trump and blame North Korea for the result.

    Boyle’s plan, however, is to simply rile up the masses. Hysteria is needed for “Plan B” to be effective. “Today, I introduced the Standardizing Testing and Accountability Before Large Elections Giving Electors Necessary Information for Unobstructed Selection Act to ensure that Presidential candidates are fit to lead,” Boyle tweeted.

    “So we’ll see an uptick in all of this ‘Trump is mentally imbalanced, Trump is insane, Trump must be removed,’” Stone warned. “Now you have to examine the extent to which they can whip up that hysteria as a backdrop because, without that hysteria, such a political move on the president will fail.” And once Plan B fails, the globalists will move on to Plan C, which is simply an assassination.  -SHTFPlan

    Are we watching Roger Stone’s assessment play out like a bad movie? It certainly feels that way…


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      1. This is FUBAB’d beyond all belief.

        • i keep hearing guns are being loaded in most of america….and the first casualty will be liberal demo’s….

          • gun owners biggest cowards I ever saw. in fact they should send their guns to the Palestinians the bravest people on earth who will die for their freedom. even a pal with no legs was flying his flag when shot in the head by a jew sniper

        • Cat Herder, all of their foolish scenarios are failing and this is the next one in a chain of stupid shit. This is not even worth repeating and also will fail miserably, as it already has. At this juncture the left is just exposing their own ignorance and corruption, not accomplishing anything at all except undermining themselves for all to see including other democrats who are turning in them in hordes.

          Gotta go and herd some cats !

      2. If the Leftists think we are going to stand by quietly if their evil plans work out, then they are sadly mistaken. Better be careful what they wish for.

        • ???
          They better be VERY careful
          This is not some reality show they can reset or push pause,,,,

          • NB, I believe this all just a bunch of bullshat and there are no boogiemen in white suits with butterfly nets ready to take trump away. I’m beginning to feel that we’ve been had and this will usher in a watershed of the most restrictive laws we’ve could ever contemplate. I got this real bad feeling we’re going to see the beginnings very soon. I hope I’m wrong.

        • I agree and if they do push this then all those who run for any Government Office should have to undergo this same time regardless of position (Senate, Rep.; and etc.) Wow this means Ca is screwed!

          • Real jade: I would take it further, Include Governors, all county and city politicians, anyone playing or dabbling in politics, those in politics ALL have a tendency to DIE at their desks.

            • Wayne, I couldn’t agree with you more; I’m also in favor of term limits on all those creatures who feed on the gov’t slop table. Most, if not all states have Governors who have two terms .. Virginia has only a one-term limit for its Governor.
              On the Federal level, only the President and Vice-President have term limits; i.e., two elected terms. It’s Congress that need term limits. As you said, Wayne, all have a tendency to die at their desks .. Also, many of them develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

      3. Don’t confuse the Deep State’s media portrayal of Trump (and by inference, those who voted for him) with its intentions for Trump.

        I maintain he is the Deep State’s choice and they intend to keep him while maintaining the barrage against him, so that when his work is done, they can say “never again”.

        And what is that work? I suspect he has been chosen to lead the US into WW3.

        When it’s all over and millions have died, I believe the plan is to launch a massive blame-game propaganda campaign, targeting everyone and everything that is conservative, leading to a ban on all present liberties, including religious choice, and an imposition of an atheistic, left-leaning superstate. And I believe they intend a round-up of non-conformists in what will be a contrived, morally outraged political atmosphere within a fully flegded police state.

        • Jay in UK

          That scenario is not implausible. Frightening, but not implausible.

          • Kevin2, I also agree about Jay in UK’s remarks. I feel like we’re living inside one of Matt Bracken’s novels right now.

            • We know they wanted Hillary and she would give them war. They got stuck with Trump who can be conned into it.

              They’re very very good at being very very bad. They operate with an amoral world strategy. Thats no rules, nothing is off the table. Thats not easy to fight when the opposite side must maintain its only separation from them; the moral high ground. Conversely however the moral high ground gets support beyond self gain. I’ll take volunteers before mercenaries. The moral high ground can maintain as long as it continues to occupy the moral high ground. Much of US foreign policy and the economy has lost that moral high ground.

            • That’s a great way of describing it, Braveheart! Things are becoming bvery “Bracken-esque”.

            • I agree. Bracken was ahead of his time, prescient. I continue to post links to his 2012 essay, “When America’s Cities Explode in Violence” and point out his CW2 graphic.

              His series, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” also discussed how there would be several changes to the money supply. Remember? The greenback became the blue dollar and then the red dollar (or vice versa I read the series a few years ago).

              • PD, I have the Bracken series and remember about the blue dollar and red dollar. There was also hyperinflation.

            • I’m a Clive Cussler fan and his stories have so many layers and apparently non-related stories (past and present) all going on at once but in the end it makes sense. I will look up Bracken at the library.

        • Well Jay in UK, if that in fact plays out, all those liberals better hope they can make it to their private jets before what’s left of us show up with our guns, ready to fill those private jets full of holes! Because if those jets don’t make it off the ground, there’s going to be a whole lot of liberal body’s swinging from telephone poles.

          • TallMan

            Who are they? Could you identify a globalist walking down the street? While they should have horns they unfortunately don’t. Post war the remaining will be far too busy with survival to go after those who caused it. You won’t even find them.

            • Kevin2 that’s easy to answer who “they are” I don’t know any poor people, or even middle class people who have the money to own, or operate a multi million dollar private jet. In a city that’s about 80 miles from my AO is an airport that caters to the rich globalist. You see them coming and going in their 40 million dollar Gulfstream 5 private jet. Or in their 81 million dollar Airbus A320. I know more then a few people that operate in that AO, that plan to make sure when the SHTF that none of those aircraft ever leaves the ground before they bug out. Those globalist will then be stuck right there with all the little people they shit on. And once their stuck, it won’t be hard to pick them out from everyone else. All you have to do is look at how they dress. I don’t know any poor people who can afford a pair of hand made 3000 dollars wingtip shoes, or a hand made 8000 dollar Amani business suit. You see, they won’t be wearing hiking boots, flannel, blue jeans, or off the rack Kmart clothes like the little people will. Another way to find them in the aftermath will be based on skills. Not to many globalist with military, farming, woodworking, plumbing, electrical, machining, welding, blacksmith, or brick laying skills.

              • A few for prisoners/property would be nice .?

        • Next Stop Trump is coming our Guns. Yesterday Trump was playing Kisses ? with Feinstein. Priceless.

          • Jack M, after yesterday’s toadying to the progressives and other various swamp-dwellers, I’m finding it hard to think of Trump as much more than just another slime-coated denizen of the bog. Earmarks defended alone made me want to puke. The back-pedaling on DACA and ‘comprehensive immigration reform’…… the whole nicey-nice kumbaya b.s. was sickening. Listening to guys like Rush Limbaugh laudatory verbal fellation of Trump, one of his over-inflated ego ilk, is enough to make me realize that we’ve no representative in D.C. or the media that really knows what the deplorables go through to just survive. Screw them all. Is Trump better than Hillary? – sure, but so is my beat to hell work-boot or that SMOD that I was sorely tempted to vote for.

            • Heartless, agreed. I’m also looking at Trump the same way. If he starts acting like Hillary, all bets are off.

            • Yep. If this is the “deal”, he is a one term prez. He has to deliver on the big promises made on the campaign trail or he’s toast.

        • dam , you must really have a lot of time on your hands …….

        • Agreed, the last election was a total mind screw which is ongoing with the daily media mantra “guess what that horrible man did now” to provide continual distraction. If Americans who have bought into the Trump cult of personality don’t wake up to how they’re being tooled it’s going to end badly for lovers of freedom everywhere.

        • Can we consider all this global & domestic mess as another tactic from the deep state & NWO?

          I think the take over is most likely going to come when cash is outlawed & all monetary transactions become electronic.

          All the other stuff going on, as real & serious as it is, may be a diversion.

          I am not sure that those who want to rule the planet want to have to contend with a lot of radiation, though like was said, they probably would use something like one of the 80 something? missing Russian suitcase nukes if it helped further the takeover.

          Think about it. If ALL ‘money’ becomes digital, who wins? Who is in TOTAL control? Those who can turn off your financial life with a computer. Digital money would be accompanied & made available at some point via an RFID chip so people could access their digital stash.

          Talk about the mother of all tools to force 100% compliance…

          Digital currency would fit right in with the ‘mark of the beast’ as predicted in the Bible’s Book of Revelation as well.

          Oh well. Just a fantasy, right? 😉 I sure hope so.


        • One technique I use in deducing which ‘Reality’ to believe in is this:

          1. It’s safer to believe your eyes, the Good Lord gave ’em to us for a reason. Delusions are mental evaluations of what we see. What we see does not change because of how we evaluate it. I believe my eyes, Trump is attacked too strenuously. A ‘divided kingdom cannot stand’. The elites cannot oppose themselves. If it walks and talks like a duck, it must be a duck.

          Trump espouses Christianity, and that espousal is like an arsenic sandwich to the Elites. This is kind of the ‘litmus test’, even if some of Trump’s supporters are not Christians, it’s a good test, weeds out the Globalists. Ya gotta believe your eyes. Lies are words not visual facts and data.

      4. And where would this slippery slope start and end

        Ask if they would have removed FDR

        • Wilson.

        • Lincoln had melancholia known today as depression.

      5. The more we learn of yet another one of George Soros’ Deep State puppet schemes, the more we should encourage California to secede.

        I’m sure free transportation by rail to the ‘New California’ liberal utopia would be generously provided by the hard-working, taxpaying, legal citizens of the remaining 49 states…no problem!

        • Excuse me, genius, but not everyone in California is a liberal. There are millions of conservatives and alt-right supporters actually on the front lines against the leftists and illegals, not hiding in a bunker in the boonies. Get your head out of your gun safe and open your eyes. The real heroes don’t need guns – they have real genius.

          • Stormy, and yet the “millions of conservatives and alt-right supporters'” geniuses can’t keep far left loons like Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Brown, and Maxine Waters from getting elected to public office.

      6. or…..maybe the swamp DOES get drained….and he gets re-elected. we got to be vigilant…..HOPE we don’t got to be vigilante…….

      7. They need to have standardized testing for ALL these so called “representatives”
        Declaration of independence
        Demographics of their area
        And a few others,
        My bet is most would fail

      8. PLEASE someone name me one libtard that is a Stable Genius.

        The blood will flow it this becomes law. TPTB will start killing off anyone with a low IQ. They will have a law like this on the books and they will follow up with more and more laws. Just like on Gun control. The question is where will the killing stop when there is only one person left on earth.

      9. To all of Trumps Rubes’ Trump is going to grant Amnesty to DACA and all illegals. No wall will be built. Trumps Democratic side is showing for all to see. ?

        • jack cass, look around, trump’s got quite a few things done that aren’t favored by the dims…at one year in, i’m fairly happy with the job, so far.

      10. Trump is the Republicans useful Idiot.

        • Jack Mahogoff

          Welcome, like many your new on the BB. Being a BB veteran let me give you some advice. Your point needs to be made with a reasonably intelligent well thought out description with reference facts adding a lot of credibility. The six word statement above is just passed over. Do it too much and everything you’ll say would be too.

          • Read one of them and you will pass right over them anyway

          • thanks, kevin.

      11. Jay and Kevin:

        Your assessment of the situation is my fear as well. But the possibility that Trump is on the level still exists. We just can’t know for sure. The people need to act responsibly and not leave their lives in the hands of the daddy big state. My idea of that is the following.

        Buy a house with a large backyard where you can grow your own food in the form of edible weeds, fruit and/or nut trees, berry bushes, edible flowers, grape vines where it is possible such as in California, and a vegetable and spice garden. Take up bee keeping or just find out which weed killers also kill honey bees. If you can, raise chickens. Look into getting a few goats if possible, and learn how to make goat cheese. Make some homemade wine. Make sauerkraut and pickles yourself. Can some fruit in a large pot in glass jars. Teach your children.

        Learn to sew well enough to at least repair clothing; that is, shorten a pair of pants, put on a hook or button, and replace a broken zipper.

        Purchase solar panels and/or build a dirt bag room which does not require heat or cooling.

        Dig a well, set up a rainwater catch system to water your garden.

        Send mail through regular postal instead of email.

        Read a map instead of using the computer.

        Start bartering now, so that you become skilled at it.

        Learn how to take and develop photographs. Learn how to act and make your own video movies. Learn how to build a set. Carpentry and painting. Don’t rely on others for your entertainment. Learn to play a musical instrument, read and compose music, sing a song, dance a waltz, or perform a ballet.

        Read poetry and learn how to tell a story around a fireplace or in front of an audience.

        At night, look up at the stars. Become aware of the constellations, the positions of the changing stars in summer the Summer Triangle. Learn to navigate by the stars. Observe the sun rise in the East and set in the West. Be aware of which way is North and which is South. Walk daily making sure to look at the blue sky. Look at objects far and near.

        It matters less who is President than who we are and what we ourselves create in our own lives. Are you healthy? Don’t volunteer or send your kids to stupid wars for psychopaths. We have had two centuries of wars created to wipe out the best and brightest among us. It is time for we the people to just say no to war and yes to life.



        • B from CA

          I agree with your assessment. I just don’t know. That scenario however is not as I said implausible.

          I’m too long in the tooth, problematic ticker, the homestead was an option a couple of decades ago from that perspective but employment you just don’t leave put me in a likely high target area by Phila.

          • Kevin2 , The employment thing is just an excuse, think about it ? Anybody can leave and do other things and make life adjustments if they really want to, including health matters.

            It all boils down to what is truly important to you and your own personal honesty in every matter and event ! Nothing new at all.

        • My number one priority should probably be to get out of Latvia ASAP.

          I was walking on the frozen beach near where I live (close to the Baltic Sea) the week before last and saw two F-15 Eagles of the USAF flying overhead, engines screaming like crazy. It really snapped me out of my stagnant holiday thought processes like a slap in the face.

          These intercepts with Russian combat aircraft just out to sea a little from where I was walking are a salient reminder of the fact that NATO and Russia come face to face in this area; if war comes, it’s really possible or even probable that Russia will attempt to seize the Baltic states to secure its own sea lanes approaching St Petersburg and to keep Kaliningrad from being isolated by land.

          I agree that self sufficiency, especially with food and water, will become increasingly important as the world situation deteriorates.

          As far as a place to bunker down goes, Europe is limited; I consider all of Scandinavia, my native British Isles (including Ireland) and most of the north European plain to be likely theater-of-war, leaving the Alpine regions and possibly Spain as the best bets.

          You noticed I mentioned neutral Ireland there… The old UK war games from the 1970s and 1980s didn’t see kit that way. They felt Ireland would be a strategic target in a WW3 situation and ran exercises in which Dublin was nuked (deep water port makes it valuable to any occupying power).

          Meanwhile, in recent times the Finns and Swedes have been training like crazy with NATO, convinced that war is coming.

          Anyway, let’s hope things slow down and we have more time to prepare. I know I’m at the bare minimum probably 18 months away from being “ready” (as far as one can ever be “ready”) for a major war.

          • see it* (sorry for the horrible typo!)

            • Jay in UK, I have personally known people from the Baltics, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the former East Germany who suffered terribly at the hands of Russians during the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe. All the nations of East Europe have LONG memories. I feel war will eventually take place there.

          • you KNOW the ruskies are partial to the baltic states. hell, gorbachev had ’em tatooed onto his forehead…..

        • Good advice, but I would add learning how to weave and knit to the list. One could use the hair from the milking goats to weave yarn. Now is a good time to start learning these skills as urban farming (chickens, rabbits and bees) is in vogue and there are classes and clubs in larger cities to get folks started.

      12. Well, the neolibtard scum still believe in “SELECTIONS” not elections….

        • If elections mattered they wouldnt let us do it

      13. Do you not recall when the media touted the alleged 121 IQ of Obama and what a great genius he is Able to understand things clearly and to know just what to do everytime. 121 big deal I have 165 plus so he is can serve coffee

        • That 121 is no big deal. I understand what you are saying about the 165 as I’m in the same situation.

          Here are the averages for various countries around the world. The US is in 9th place.

          Here’s the problem with non-genius trying to nail down genius. Genius level people think on a different plane than the non-genius. My son had that problem in school. (I put him in advanced classes because the magnet school for the brainy kids was filled up with Asians; he essentially was denied appropriate education to defer to minorities. But that’s another topic.) The difficulty with advanced classes is that ordinary above average teachers believed that more work would be challenging. He saw through that right away because it wasn’t more challenging, simply more work.

          Our lawmakers are above average for sure. (who else can think up all this nutso crud like they do?!) However, above average does not conceive of how a genius thought process works. And it does seem pretty crazy. It’s not.

          Below average IQ thought processes think what above average thinks or does is loony. That’s how far the difference is between merely above average and genius.

          Could be that Trump is sussing out the opposition. He did that in one of the debates that everyone thought he lost. He did what he did to learn his opponent. The following debate, he blew the opposition out of the water.

      14. Remember when Obummer quit doing anything but playing golf and vacationing. At that time there was a military Coup. and General Dunsford began running things regarding foreign policy. And Dunsford is still very much in charge. Even with Trump gone the Dems will not be allowed to do anything but rant and rave. If you really pay attention folks will tell you what they intend to do. And they not only have told their plans . They erected a huge monument stating so. Research the Georgia Guide Stones. That’s the plan. Those who are actually in power have taken steps to ensure countinuation of Government. When SHTF it will be the Military who decided who is allowed in those bunkers Like Mt Weather. And you can bet hardly any politicians will be invited. Right now today not any politician is allowed to inspect area 51. Not any Politician is allowed to inspect Fort Knox. That’s why ive always stated that there isn’t now -never has been and never will be any viable political ot ballot box solution. Any president no matter is a puppet for the military industral complex. That’s the reason for Trumps North Korea stance. The military wants Trump. That’s Why his political enemies are being rounded up by the special forces and imprisoned at GITMO. They will be court marshaled and never seen or heard from again. You don’t have to be a certified tin foil hat looney to believe something big is happening to the planet. That looming big thing is what the military countinuation of government planning & preparing for.

      15. when I was a child in school, I was picked on by bullies. Day after day harassment until I couldn’t take it any longer and then I would snap. I was confused why someone I didn’t know would just decide to make my life miserable, but the most confusing thing was the look on the bully’s face as I sat on his chest and pounded his face. They ALWAYS had the same look; total astonishment. Even as I was pounding them I remember thinking, “what did you think was going to happen? Did you really think I was going to take this forever??” ………..If they harm Trump, the liberal bullies will have that same look on their faces. The look of astonishment……..

        • …and the look of fear!

          • Jim, they’ll definitely have the look of astonishment when they see their own blood and guts pouring out of them.

        • we call ’em CRYBULLIES around here.

      16. If they push it then all those who run for any Government Office should have to take the same exam (this includes: Senate, Reps.; and any other office involved with control or the running of our country). Wow there’s a few states that would really be screwed (Ca, NY, IL; MI; and etc.).

      17. i think that if the get this idea to float and the president has to prove himself….Then every member of congress should have to meet the same standard…Maybe even government employees as well.

        • Sheeple no more, there wouldn’t be a government left.

      18. Sounds like a HIPAA violation to me…

      19. CONGRESS — I demand a full mental screening of every member of CONGRESS.

      20. The requirements to run for President are clearly set out in the constitution. Such a “test” to run for President would be a violation of the constitution which goes to prove once more how stupid liberals are; even those who are supposedly representing us in the US Congress.

      21. If the RINOs, globalist, demowits, Commies and the illegals criminals are serious, then it means war. There are enough battle hardened veterans ready for another good fight. We fought enemies like this before (Nazis, Marxist, Fascist, Japs, commies, …) so this should be a piece of cake. Sic’em Trump. MAGA. Build the Damn Border Wall, NOW.
        USN vet, 1966-1969; HM, FMF Corpsman “Doc”; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah

      22. raygun war? just how to identify your enemy would be difficult. And forget going against the US military. They have stuff at area 51 that you cannot imagine. Yes we don’t win in places like Afganistan. Because they don’t want to win. They need a boogyman. and they always are looking to add to the number of boogymen. Im trying to tell you folks its the USA military that’s the biggest player in the UN NWO agenda 21 game. The USA military is in charge. The military spends billions in what is termed the black hole. There is no accountability to the military’s spending. The military can do whatever it wants whenever it wants. And the stupid kids join just to become cannon fodder for the NWO.

      23. Muahahahah. The best thing with Trump is all the entertainment.

      24. This would prove interesting should Hillary Clinton run for presidency again.

      25. Representative BOYLE needs a Psychiatric Evaluation because only a SELF-important person with NARCISSISTIC features would propose an Act and an acronym to describe it, RATHER THAN use his OFFICE and INTELLECT to solve the REAL problems our States and Country HAVE!

        How MANY lies will they BLAME-ASSIGN onto Mr. Trump?

        As Dr. Peck brilliantly pointed out in his second book, “People of the Lie”, people who are “evil” = who are destructive, will lie, blame-assign, scapegoat others to preserve the integrity of their OWN sick self. He said they also lie and cause confusion AND have an EXCESSIVE pronounced concern for how they are perceived by OTHERS.

        Mr. Boyle, before you even LOOK for the SPECK in Mr. Trump’s eye, can I suggest you remove the California REDWOOD in your OWN?

        – the Lone Ranger

      26. On the face of it, I would agree this sounds like a good plan. Now, since we can not show any discrimination toward others who may want to run for public office; so we should have ALL POLITICAL candidates tested. This should help us “weed out” who is fit for office and who is not.

      27. Maybe the “Stable Genius Act” should be amended to apply to all elected officials.

      28. Not going to happen folks!! President Trump is light years ahead of these dolts!!

      29. If there was ever a nut bag its Palosi. She doesnt ever have to utter a word you can see it in her googly eyes. And they can take the fake hero McCain to the rubber room too.

      30. If President Donald J Trump was removed from office President Trumps Base along with many others would clean the SWAMP FOR GOOD.

        • Ken,
          Active logistics are in place for such a scenario.

      31. Trump merely expressing hope that Putin might further be “Giving Electors Necessary Information for Unobstructed Selection” about Clinton is what the Democrats are calling “Russian collusion”.

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