COVID Tyranny Pushback: Spanish Doctors Stage A Walkout

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 4 comments

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    Doctors across Spain walked out of hospitals and clinics on Tuesday in what media outlets have called the first medical strike to rock the country in 25 years. The doctors are protesting the coronavirus tyranny and economic terrorism committed in the name of health.

    As the coronavirus scamdemic continues to rage across Spain, where the Health Ministry reported another 18,418 new daily cases on Tuesday, doctors are beginning to strike. This latest walkout was called in defiance of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s latest emergency order, which was implemented on Sunday, according to ZeroHedge. 

    The order requires doctors and nurses to report to any of a range of assignments that could be handed to them by the government during the state of emergency, which could be in place for months.

    Doctors complained that the new law violated their rights, and compromised the standard of care for patients, as doctors would end up working in an area they weren’t specialized in.

    The strike will continue indefinitely, with doctors set to continue striking on the last Tuesday of every month until a deal has been reached.

    For the first time, 200,000 new cases were confirmed in Spain over the previous two weeks, and cases on Tuesday were up 33% compared with the prior week. And over the last 24 hours, another 267 people have died.

    “The Health Ministry hasn’t even dignified us with a meeting to try and get us to call off the strike,” he told Spanish health journal iSanidad.

    CV-1984: Tyranny in Texas As Police Show Up At El Paso Residents’ Doorsteps Ordering Quarantine

    Spain’s hospitals harbor nearly 16,700 active COVID-19 patients – up more than 600 compared to Monday, with one-quarter of all the country’s ICU units used to treat those with an infectious disease.

    Australia is a Full-Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

    Protests tend to pop up when people feel backed into a corner and can no longer run.  Their last option is to fight back against tyranny. If we aren’t there yet, we will be very soon.


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      1. Almost everything that the government does is an attack on the constitution. Taking that into consideration, I refuse to vote for any of them! Why would anyone vote for psychopaths that have consistently and pathologically violated their constitutional rights?!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. We need as many of these type of protests as possible.It says something about this phony casedemic when even doctors are protesting.Even though too many sheep still believe the “official”/msm narrative on this covid nonsense,it is still very reassuring that more and more protests(in many forms)are happening with increasing frequency and in more locations worldwide.As you mentioned,people tend to push back/protest when backed into a corner.Our “leaders” aka tyrants have been pushing and pushing us with the lockdowns and all the other tyrannical moves they have made to get us to this point.It is about time we pushed back. Yes we may still go down,but,we should not go down with no resistance at all.I still believe that we are not bugs to be stomped upon by the tyrants of this world.I am not naive and I know the tyrants view all of us as expendable/worthless in their elimination agenda.Putting up some sort of a resistance is very important indeed.Sure,the evil bastards may still win,but,we can never let it be said that we went down without a fight…

      3. So, whatcha gonna do? I’m not pushing back until I get another Big Donnie stimulus check. I’m broke. I used my last freebie dole up pushing back in Portland on fireworks and mortars.

        C’mon orange man, fire up that printer.

      4. What a farce; the Spanish should have been protesting when the common flu was killing patients in droves in 2017-8.

        The COVID-19 True Believers did nothing to increase health care capacity; so now they claim there’s a 3rd Wave problem?

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