Coronavirus: The Best Face Masks And How To Prevent Contraction Of The Virus

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 25 comments

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    It certainly never hurts to have a couple of extra face masks on hand in case viruses such as the Coronavirus get out of control.  Preppers have been adding them to their stashes, and they may help to prevent a viral infection.

    With all the news of the Coronavirus’ rapid spread around the globe, it’s important to know how to protect yourself if this gets out of hand.  While officials still don’t exactly know how this virus is spreading, they are making the assumption that it’s airborne, meaning when you breathe in a virus that is in particles or droplets in the air. The following list should help you understand what you are buying and the differences. All can be effective at helping to prevent the contraction of the deadly airborne viral infection.

    1. N100 Respirator – These respirators are designed to fit tightly around the nose and mouth, and, when worn correctly, block out at least 99.97% of small airborne particles.  These are lightweight and easy to wear for long periods of time.  While some are disposable, others are reusable.  It’s your personal preference here. Choose what will work for you.  These masks are selling out quickly as news of the Coronavirus continues to worsen. These will offer the most superior protection. The 3M 8233 N100 Disposable Respirator With Cool Flow Exhalation Valve offers the highest level of protection and is virtually leak-proof.
    2. N99 Respirator – These will block out 99% of airborne particles.  That makes them slightly less effective.  I was able to find this one, which is washable and reusable for less than $20.
    3. N95 Respirator These will only block out 95% of the airborne particles.  By comparison, you have a slightly higher chance of still getting sick when using this by comparison to an N100 or N99 mask. But they are still better than nothing, especially if the SHTF! These appear to be selling out almost as quickly as the N100 respirators.
    4. Surgical Masks – These aren’t as comfortable to wear, but in a pinch, they can lower your chances of contracting the virus.  Surgical masks don’t fit tightly around the mouth and nose leaving space for infected particles or droplets to get in.  They do, however, provide some protection, mostly as a barrier. These can still be picked up for a pretty inexpensive price, however, they appear to be selling out too.

    None of these will offer you a 100% guarantee that you won’t get sick, but there is something else you can do as well. Some say the masks aren’t necessary, but something else is: washing your hands very well. Use hot water and soap and make sure you lather for at least 20 seconds to remove viruses and bacteria from your hands.  Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth unless you’ve washed your hands thoroughly. You can also boost your immune system with some vitamin C and try to make sure you are getting adequate vitamin D.

    Stay healthy!



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      1. N95 98 100 useless if you have a full beard
        I just cut the top out of a sock hat …turned it inside out …stitched in gauze (quilt pattern) turned outside in wah lah Black Beards ready to loot and pillage 🙂

        • This is humor, correct?

      2. Wearing glasses to protect the eyes wouldn’t hurt either, since they do not know how this is spreading.

      3. One man’s solution to the coronavirus, which got him evicted from the plane, made me laugh so hard that it made my head ache! Americans simply do not know how to accept someone out of the ordinary. A man in a black gas mask and color coordinated black clothes was evicted because he scared the passengers because they thought that he looked like the grim reaper. Stewardesses requested that he remove the face mask and protective gear. The passenger refused and was dragged off of the plane. This is hillarious to me in an era where it is socially acceptable to sexually identify as a refrigerator, where bearded men can dress in womens clothes demanding genital waxing, and someone can have their entire face and or body tattooed and peirced, and nobody thinks anything of it.

        So no gas masks, anything but that. There have been grown men in England dressed as Superman climbing buildings to draw attention to visitation and child custody, maybe the fact that they are dressed as Super heroes and climb bulidings might have something to do with it.

        This world is nuts!

        • Last month my son in law rode the red eye out of LAX, two days later he’s got a raging case of viral bronchitis. It spread to at least four other family members including me, cough, cough, sputter sputter. And this bad boy hangs on for weeks.

          Wish my son in law had worn a simple dust mask while on the plane.

      4. A good ol’ washable cowboy bandana ain’t bad. It works very well at keeping all kinds of particles, dust, and things out of my mouth when I’m riding in a headwind on my bike. Some good goggles or safety glasses’ll do ya, too. You can pre wet the bandana, too, if you want.

        • I think that your solution is an excellent idea as long as you are not in contact with the coronavirus.

      5. …Dr Wang Guangfa has now theorized the similar coronavirus may be transmitted through the eye after testing positive following an eye infection. Mr. Wang was a leading figure in the fight against the SARS virus that gripped China in 2003….
        Mr Wang said: “At that time we were highly vigilant and wore N95 masks. But then I suddenly realised that we didn’t wear protective glasses.”…

      6. People infected vs deaths says nothing. It’s who has finished playing the game.

        As of this post 284 recovered noted on the website and 259 deaths for a total of 543 who stopped playing. That’s about 48% mortality at the finish line so long as recovery and cause of death are accurate. Infected are still looking for what column their plinko ball is heading towards.

        Time will tell

      7. OK, a mask is not sufficient. One also needs a pair of mil spec very tight fitting goggles. Viral particles can infect one via wafting into one’s eyes quite efficiently. In addition wearing such goggles will prevent one from accidentally touching the eye area with an infected hand. All the time we are told that influenza will easily spread this way. As will MARS.

        Everyone should go to and read the piece from the Indian research group who has sequenced clinical isolates of WARS and compared them to the wild type in bats and to the SARS and MERS sequences.

        The facts are these..

        1. Beijing is vastly under reporting cases and deaths. From the get go lying about every aspect.
        2. infected folks can easily transmit the virus days before any symptoms show. This makes the temperature screens at airports kabuki theater, and totally useless.
        3. The SARS virus was spread only by “super-spreaders” who gave off enormous quantities of virus. WARS can be spread by anyone infected.
        4. A Lancet study estimates Ro to be around 3.8, twice that of the “Spanish” flu.
        5. the abject failure to tell folks to wear masks.
        6. RNA viri insert the wrong base into the replicated strand about one time in a million. There are no error correcting enzyme mechanisms in RNA viri. All of biology tells us that mutations that increase Ro will be vastly favored over time.

        Now these 6 aspects of WARS absolutely guarantee a severe, hideous, global pandemic, far worse than the Spanish flu, which killed some 50 million world wide. And may approach that of the Bubonic plague.

        Our mass media constantly report the bogus Beijing data as if it were reality. I constantly see market mavens on the business channels opine that this will all go away in a few weeks. None of whom could tell you the difference between an RNA virus and a DNA virus. In every case the host or anchor accepts their totally idiotic opinion as gospel.

        Folks this is TEOTWAWKI, we are now in a hideous sci fi horrow movie.

        Federales buying up all the storable food they can find. Just try to find any Superpails of grains or legumes for sale anywhere. The Federales know just how horrific this will become.

        Those who are not already prepped to the gills are going to be severely out of luck. I’m a retired Ph.D. biophysical chemist who is a co-author on three peer reviewed papers on the binding of an HIV drug to the HIV reverse transcriptase, so I know a lot about viral biology. No one on any TV channel has the first clue. The “authorities” are lying, big time.

        We need to stop all air travel ASAP, close all universities. A husband and wife (MD and Ph.D.) team in HK who helped stop the SARS pandemic there just said that the only way to stop the WARS pandemic is for everyone to stay home. These two know what they are talking about. Been there, done that.

        Soon the markets will figure this out. The Baltic Dry Index and WTI (like Wiley E. Coyote) have just fallen off a cliff. We will see massive debt collapse in the shale fracking sector and a massive drop in equities a la October 1929 and a global economic collapse.

        • A very intelligent observation on your account. I have people in the medical community that are telling me this is on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10 !!!! I have been prepared for a very long time, working in the trenches for humanity. Please look up the video of the doctor from Harvard about this being a biological weapon. He is very succinct in his analogy. If you are not prepared there is a possibility that death could be knocking at your door if this is global. When the news first broke I started watching Amazon and the stock that they had for masks and bio suits. They were selling out within 3 days ! Quite a shortage, my wife is a nurse as well as my 2 sisters. Several of my friends are doctors, they are very concerned. If you look at when the Spanish flu hit it was about 100 years ago. Regardless, nature and man have a way of thinning the population out periodically. Be on guard, this is just the beginning of what could be a complete break down of humanity!

      8. Paper masks don’t stop viruses, however the landslide vector for getting a viral infection is touch.

        Touch the door handle to a store previously touched by someone infected, then touch your mouth, nose or eyes and you are infected.

        The paper mask gets in the way of you touching your mouth and nose. Don’t forget eye protection, if you don’t wear glasses, get inexpensive safety glasses.

        I hit a store today and got a couple extra boxes of gloves, dust masks were all sold out. Anyone that can sew can easily make cloth masks in a pinch, and they can be washed and reused.

        The best way to kill a virus on clothing is not soap and water, do that to get them clean, then set the dryer to high heat and extra dry, that is very effective at killing infections.

        Masks are a two way street, infected people should wear them to contain coughs and sneezes to prevent infecting those around them. The masks with valves allow easy exhaling, but are undesirable for anyone infected, since a sneeze will blow right out the exhaling valve.

        I rechecked my pandemic supplies, some I put away when Ebolla was the elephant in the room, so I’m good to go. Only needed to replace the gloves and masks used since then around the house and shop.

        • bought 300 during the last scare.
          NON27402 Surgical Face Mask
          50/bx, 6 bx/cs
          •• Bacterial filtration efficiency: ≥98%
          •• Particulate filtration efficiency
          (0.1 micron): ≥97%
          •• Cellulose inner, spunbond
          polypropylene outer facings

      9. Notice how the “theys” nearly always Exercise-Drill-Simulation on the “day of”, or just prior to their unleashing some kind of horrific hell, upon an unarmed-uninformed-distracted-decieved-docile civilian population? Coincidence? Not likely.

        Bill Gates-US NWO Commies-China, ALL working together to create a weapon to murder useless eaters? Notice how the techies seem to embrace the commies?

        It is YOU against these arogant murderous Psychopaths.

        * 3/4 of Internet is Distraction-Deception.
        * All of TV is Lies-More lies.
        * Education system is a Farce. Controlled dumbing down.
        * All politics is staged like WWF wrestling. After the “match” politicians all dine-golf-socialise, they are all the “in” club.

        You are on your own. Just don’t be controlled by the fear mongering of the moment.

        If only Americans could be as interested in protecting their families-freedom-future as much as they are in watching spoiled-over paid-criminal-knee takers, play a likely “rigged outcome” game. Distraction and Deception.


      10. Many folks who plan to bug-out have ‘trigger event’ lists. A pandemic would certainly be on mine. The next 7-14 days bears close monitoring.

        And call me a conspiracy nut but any informed person today would take notice of the virus appearing just 30 days before BREXIT. If you think Trump was politically sabotaged upon taking office just wait until the knives come out for BREXIT.

      11. Consider a full face mask from 3M with the 100 filters

      12. Phase One Complete

        Next, everyone in the world will be wearing those ‘silly asian facemasks’, it will become ALL OUR PROBLEMS and we will end up voting for our own cleansing.

        Just you watch.

      13. In online gossip, it’s components were stolen from Canada. It reportedly contains HIV genetic insertions, so responds to HIV treatments, Trump claiming HIV would be cured within 10yrs.

        Is the vaccine DRACO?

      14. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the links to the various masks. Note that each of the masks recommended are no longer available. At least the web page for them is no longer functioning.

        This is a classic case for the need for preparedness. I read that no masks are available in Britain. I placed an order for additional N95 masks on January 24 with one vendor, and I was very happy with the price. On January 25, the same vendor’s price increased by almost 50%.

        This mask shortage should serve as an object lesson for those who let the Normalcy Bias control their lives.

      15. the n100 is the ONLY mask that MIGHT strop a virus from entering your lungs……HOWEVER, the coronavirus, like several others, can enter through your eyes as well. ALSO, what good does a mask do you if you have the virus on your clothes and you breath it in the moment you take off your mask????? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

        • I would like to hear from someone who is better qualified, but I will point out a couple of things in response to “nope’s” comment.

          First, an N-100 makes it more difficult to breathe, especially for those who are already compromised with breathing difficulties. Hospitals use N-95 masks because the viruses are carried from droplets in the air from sneezing and coughing and must pass through the mask in order to infect those wearing the masks. While the viruses are small, the droplets carrying them are too big to make it through the filter material. That is why the N-95 mask is the standard, not the N-100 mask, in hospitals.

          Second, if you have viruses on your clothes, unless you touch your eyes or nose after touching your clothes, you will not be vulnerable.

          For me, I will be hunkering down in my home after I see enough encouragement by reputable sources to do so (and, yes, I am taking my chances in the meantime). When I go outside, I will wear a mask. I will wash my hands repeatedly while I am inside, and I will wear large safety glasses/goggles to ensure that I don’t touch my eyes. I will take off all clothing when I enter my home and launder it, with the dryer on the highest setting in an effort to kill as much of the virus as I can. Bleach and hand sanitizer will be my friends.

          I am not at the point where I believe that all of this is necessary yet, but I am watching the situation closely. I understand that, in the meantime, I am taking my chances.

          While it is easy to nay-say without any foundation for an opinion, some “really smart people” find repeated hand washing and the N-95 mask to be the first line of defense. I feel better relying on their work than in trying to re-invent the wheel myself. I like to think that I have an excellent understanding of what falls within my paygrade.

      16. Respirators? Your every droplet leaves through the valves when coughing and sneezing? It’s like “ here is nothing, grab it good”

      17. Shows 16 comments on Main page but no comments load with article.

      18. so on Feb morming they are reporting it is now 17,000 cases. I think it was 8000 yesterday.

        And remember this is with some areas that have run out os test kits. The real numbers are estimared to be 30x higher.

        The next few days will begin to tell the real story as people are tested in areas that still have the test kits.

      19. all masks on amazon going to china. if you have ordered any you won’t get them false tracking numbers and no cash back

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