Conspiracy Theorist Claims NASA Is Lying About The Moon’s Distance From Earth

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 40 comments

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    The supermoon this weekend was a sight to behold for those who were able to witness it.  The December 3 full moon reached its point of perigee, a distance of around 224,000 miles from Earth. But that put some on edge, and many believe NASA is lying about the moon.

    A bizarre video uploaded to YouTube by user RitchieFromBoston, claims to contain evidence that the Moon is much closer to Earth than NASA claims.  The video claims that the moon is actually less than 4.7 miles away from Earth. The conspiracy video kicks off with Ritchie peddling theories about chemtrail sprays before shifting his attention to the Moon.  “They’re lying to us. Do not believe NASA because they are lying about our entire origin,” he said.

    Claiming to use a Nikon P900 digital camera, he zooms in all the way on the Moon, exposing every bump and crater on its surface.  “See this video that I’m taking right now? I am clearly in the daytime and am zooming in on the Moon. Let’s watch this again. In the daylight, I am zooming right in on the Moon – no problem with a Nikon P900. And I can zoom in even further than that, and I believe I will. There it is. You can literally see what looks to be stars shining right through it,” he said.

    Ritchie then promptly cuts to a view of the Boston skyline across from what appears to be Charles River. Further demonstrating his “evidence” he uses the same camera to zoom in on the Prudential Tower in Back Bay, which he claims is only 4.7 miles away from his home.  “Here we go, here we go, here we go. Prudential building,” he says.

    “You can almost read it cause it says Prudential right there. And there you go.  My camera is totally maxed out. I apologize for the shakiness but when you’re zoomed out 2,000mm, the camera is shaky. Now let’s watch me zoom in on the Moon which is 200-plus thousand miles away, and I’m trying to film the Moon through an incredibly heavy atmosphere which they’re spraying in front of my eyes.”

    Dr. Greg Brown at the Royal Observatory Greenwich explained: “Our Moon travels the Earth on an orbit that takes 27.3 days to complete. That orbit isn’t perfectly circular – it’s slightly elliptical. “And that means that at certain times during the orbit, the moon is slightly closer to the Earth than at other times. A full moon or a new moon which occurs during the closest point in this orbit is known as a supermoon.”

    Others who disagree say that Ritchie is failing to take into account the size of the moon in comparison to that of the Prudential Tower.


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      1. The Moon and our Sun are only 3000 or so miles above us and are roughly 35 miles in diameter. The moon emits its own light. Dig deeper…You’ll find the truth and it will set you free.

        • Dad, you can stop trying to see how gullible people are.
          We have enough of them without you adding more.

          • Sorry ketchup I’m not making an attempt at disinformation. Admitedly, the guy who filmed this let his excitement get the best of him as he tried to compute distances based on the quality/ability of his telephoto lens to depict details of the moon and used the Prudential building as a reference point. Conceding that he made an error there doesn’t dismiss the fact that the moon is roughly 3000 miles above us and is only 35 or so miles across (just like the sun). When you study (truly study) this topic, you will see we’ve all been indoctrinated on the globe earth model.
            Seek out the truth, and it will set you free. That I can promise you.

      2. “The video claims that the moon is actually less than 4.7 miles away from Earth.”

        People are fucking dumb!!!

        Coming from the same insane dipshits who claim the Earth is flat, Nibiru/Planet X cataclysm, and being anally probed and sexually abused by Aliens.

        • Considering Several mts are higher than that I expect real problems.

          • that is why the pointy thing is missing on the top of most of the mountains. DAA! the moon hit them on the way by and broke off the tips. The ones that are still pointy didn’t get hit yet because the moon doesn’t go over them as often and when it does it is a crescent moon so the tip goes through the crescent part thing and narrowly misses the mountain tip thingy. They will all get broke sooner or later though.

            • Don’t be silly. The moon is made of green cheese and hollowed out for an alien base! Sometimes they want a closer look at us so they get closer. There ya have it!

        • I was anally probed by aliens at an airport and they were wearing TSA uniforms.

        • What the heck. Are you guys observing participants at a California Democratic Convention?

      3. Really Mac?

        • At least he said it was from a conspiracy theorist…

      4. C’mon people – chemtrails? Sure, it is possible to add chemical/elements to exhaust; but, 99.9% of what we see are simply the effects of turbulence caused by the passage of a jet engine through the atmosphere. A change of compressive force upon the medium of saturated atmosphere that the engine has passed through causes condensation. Simple physics. As for the moon – having actually taken astronomy in college… what part of multiples of lens effect/power don’t you understand? Again – if you failed at basic arithmetic in school… there are plenty of good remedial programs you can take.

        • hless:

          H.R.2977, 107th Congress, page 5 line 15.

          Chemtrails being used as a weapon.

          Chemtrails USAF Academy manual 1990…look it up.

          It is our gubbermint…think sideways.

          Be safe…..BA.

          • BA – okay, thanks – I read the particular page and line as you stated. Downloaded the whole thing. the entire H.R. is about striving to stop proliferation of any such weapon system. I also read that there was no final outcome – the last was on -4/09/2002 an unfavorable comment by the DOD. Hmmm. So, it does seem that chemtrails have been proposed and/or developed as weapons systems. I grew up in the era of cloud-seeding for weather/hurricane experimental control. Also am aware of the HAARP system for similar environmental control purposes. But, this does not – any of it – negate my stated opinion that such is not viable or currently being used. My .1% bail-out on the notion, LOL. We’ve far more deadly things to deal with. And I’m about all out of tin-foil as is for hat-making. But, thanks – a good read. I appreciate any time I learn of something factual. And the H.R. indeed was what seems to be an unsuccessful attempt to rein in the government/military industrial complex.

          • No kidding, I can even see it with my beer goggles on!

      5. Well, I’ve flown 10 miles high and didn’t run into it
        …but then again, that was during the day:-)

        • hahahahahaha!!!

          that a good one

          during the day 🙂

      6. See? See? See what legalizing marijuana brings about?

        • Yep, that guy needs a drug test lol.

      7. He’s not a conspiracy theorist, he’s a complete imbecile and I have to question anyone’s intelligence for spreading this drivel.

      8. Spewing nonsense like this is a good way to get thrown in a loony bin.

        • Democrat congresswomen spew nonsense every day yet they’re still on the job. WTF

      9. All airline pilots and air traffic control systems personnel worldwide would have to part of a conspiracy of silence to maintain this one.

        Did this person give 30 secs of thought on this ?


        • Obviously not even 3 nanoseconds of thought. Wonderful site here, but this one was was, very respectfully submitted, not up to the usual standards and calibre of SHTF fare. Of course, if I am flying to Vancouver soon, and run into the moon en route, you’ll know I was wrong!

      10. When a telephoto is maxed out for distance, it will show everything from, say 50 feet, to the moon equally in sharp focus. You cannot measure long distances effectively by reading the distance on a focus ring. You can, however take angle readings from two widely separated points. Distance can be computed from the size of the baseline and the difference of the angles. It’s a simple high school project to measure the moon’s distance this way. It also agrees with the accepted value.

      11. 4.7 miles away? That means when I fly somewhere, it should be BELOW where I am sitting on the airplane. On the other hand, I **did** have someone moon me from their car once, and it was definitely less than 4.7 miles away – more like 40 feet, so maybe the guy is right after all!

      12. Why is there a link to a video made in March? Is this new news?

        Or just meant to remind people that people that question the official line are crazy.

        Why is this here?

        Are we running low on more pressing stories?

        • Maybe Mac was trying to lighten all the gloom and doom up with a good laugh at how gullible and stupid some people really are. Worked for me!

      13. Talk about being “mooned”.

      14. Stuff like this makes me want to delete my link to this site.
        This is absolutely the dumbest article ever.

      15. TPTB fund idiots to flood the public with “Conspiracy Theories” which are laughable in content in order to discredit anything labeled a conspiracy theory. The initial wave of them were books about the JFK assassination deflecting the culprit to the US mafia and Castro thus diluting attention from TPTB and government itself.

        • that is plausible K2

      16. seriously? keep this stuff
        on the wackjob sites…
        and yet we read it.

      17. Nearly NONE of the operational sciences, which we use, day-to-day, require you to have any fixed view on creation or speculative cosmology.

        It would not affect his job, if your veterinarian or electrician or barista thought the moon was at any particular distance, or occurred at any time in history.

      18. 5 miles away? What crap! the gravitational pull would cripple the earth at that distance!

      19. Damn. Didn’t know Newton was a dumb as5. The shaite hit the moon.

      20. At 29,000 feet tall, Mount Everest and the moon would have matching skid marks.

        I still have nightmares about my psychotic college calculus teacher, he was just freaking nuts and evil, or his second in command, a gay preditor who would butt FU for an A. I got a C, should have been a B. As an engineering student you take all the calculus, and physics the school offers. If you are a math or physics student, you just take more granular courses that read between those lines.

        I have a cup of tea in the mornings, and I reminisce, I am able to calculate exactly how much sugar comes out of my my sugar bottle, like it was a hour glass. Sh!t, less than 10% of the population can do this. It is the mathematical model that applies. I cringe, pour my sugar, count one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand. It is a perfect measure for a pint of tea. God I hate calculus.

        Anyway, to my point. This guys whole story is bullsh!t. Stupid pains me, as much as a jerk who keeps texting at a green light and goes nowhere. Ahhhhhhhh!

        OK, I’m going to pour two fingers of JD and forget I read this…. Two fingers is a scientific measure, especially if you use a pointer and pinky.

        Luv you Mac, but this story brings back PTSD calculus issues…… LOL.

        The above was intended to be humor and sarcasm. Though many can relate to it.

        • Well said. Probably the best argument against a ‘near earth’ is that if it were only 3,000 miles away, we humans would have already have waged wars over who controls it, and you’d see the lights of the cities up there. Either chunks of the Earth would be falling on the moon or lunar debris would hit us from time to time. The theory assumes much.

          God put it so far away so we humans wouldn’t kill each other for it’s real estate. If ‘global warming’ ever does materialize and the ice on Antarctica melts, you will see World War 3, as nations race to gobble up the real estate.

          I’m more of a string theory enthusiast myself, my M-theory includes some Matrix sub-theorizing.

          The disciplines of physics as the viewer ‘shrinks’ their perspective are:
          1. Elemental theory
          2. Quantum theory
          3. String theory

          These theories simply describe the nature of the cosmological substance/infrastructure in succeeding smaller perspectives.

          ‘String’ is billions of times smaller than an atom. That is as small as you can get, as ten dimensions corner upon each other in a vector, forming the 10-dimensional ‘greater verse’. Our 4 dimensional ‘universe’ is an island-anomaly, membraned off from the 10-dimensional greater verse.

          In our ‘Universe’ 6 of the main dimensions are ‘switched off’. We live in a continuum that is a wrinkle or krinkle in a much larger continuum. On the other hand who am I to make fun of the Flat-Earthers and ‘Moonies’, I can only imagine how my own theories are regarded.

      21. Any interest?
        After 20 years, I have an “alternative” Model for the Creation of the Earth & Moon in one day, which totally debunks the BIG SMASH.

        The ONE-DAY ends with a molten Moon, a water covered, rotating Earth with a single continent…plus Giant mono-laths on Australia.

        I’m looking for interested scientists (Astrophysicists, Geophysicists, Chemists, etc.).

        Please reply. Allen

      22. It is possible to calculate the distance to the moon with amature radio equipment designed for moon bounce commuincation the time it takes to bounce back is way too long for what this guys imagination is.

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