Comrade De Blasio: New York Will “Terminate” Doing Business With “Insurrectionists”

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    It’s started. The communist mayor of New York City, who was profiting handily from contracts with the Trump Organization, has canceled all of them.

    The incredible hypocrisy of the ruling class being upset that the peons are finally demanding their freedom is insanity. The veil has been lifted. They are warring against all of us.

    In a display of complete irony and hubris, writes Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio – singlehandedly responsible for turning NYC into a ghost town over the last 12 months – took to Twitter yesterday to boast about the city ending its business relationships with the Trump Organization.

    De Blasio also took to MSNBC this week, stating on the air: “The contracts make very clear: If the leadership of a company is engaged in illegal activity, we have the right to sever the contract. Inciting an insurrection against the U.S. government clearly constitutes criminal activity.”

    Currently, the Trump Organization has more than $17 million in contracts with the city, including the famous Wollman skating rink, which generated $9.4 million in income. New York will now “no longer profit” from the contracts. BNN Bloomberg reports that the city believes it is on “strong legal ground” with its efforts. “They have profited from these contracts. They will profit no longer,” de Blasio said. A legal challenge from the Trump Organization is all but assured.

    They have started a war on us a long time ago, the only difference, is now it’s out in the open and unless you’re blind, you’ve figured it out.

    Pay attention. Stay prepared. Audit your gear.  Learn to be a gray man.  Things are shaping up quickly and we have been targeted as the enemy. There is no more facade for those “with eyes to see and ears to listen.” The United States government has made it clear that they will push for the totalitarian power and control and enslavement of all of us, and that should be reason enough to stay prepped and alert.


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      1. “If the leadership of a company is engaged in illegal activity, we have the right to sever the contract” Well,isn’t that rich coming from this guy.A guy who(along with his fellow partner in crime Cuomo) have done absolutely all they can to drive NYC into the ground.Yes, I am sure everything Deblahhsio has done has always been on the up and up?.Hypocritical bastard! No wonder people are leaving the city of New York in droves.Cuomo has also been banned at the restaurants there.These two guys just live to suck the life out of everyone!!?

      2. The biggest “insurrectionists” are the so called leaders/tyrants of NY.They are the true enemy here.They are the ones who have held an uprising against its own citizens.Deblasio calling anyone an insurrectionist? Well,isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

      3. These people like DeBlasio aren’t particularly bright, nor actually rational, more so ideological. If the US became communist you would see vast numbers of good party members like DeBlasio running the gulags.
        Ideologues don’t see reality as it is because they are irrational. Almost all ideology is irrational. This is because a belief in an ideology is an effort to force reality to bend to belief rather than belief conform to reality. This is why communism will never work. This is why Stalin and Mao and their ilk mass murdered scores of millions of people, set up networks of gulags and labor camps, and completely stripped their populations of human rights. This is what it took to make their communism “work”.
        How many times have you heard said “communism has not succeeded yet only because it wasn’t done right, that it merely needs a few corrections to be successful.” How stunningly irrational. This phrase is uttered by teachers in classrooms all across America. This is inculcation, this is another word one should know. Students are taught and ideology is reinforced. Students generally don’t have any experience to know better, but are steeped in this ideology when they graduate, it is all they know.
        When I see the actions of antifa or BLM or the like, and hear the absolute drivel coming out of their mouths, I can see they are not behaving based on something thought out or by reasoned will, but what was driven in their inculcated minds. The beauty of it is they don’t even realize it. They cannot be reasoned with, they are mindlessly acting out, truly useful idiots.
        Communism is taught that it is about equality, justice, fairness, workers rights, empowerment of the people, and all that other other BS. In reality, it is a system devised that enables a small number of people to rule a much greater mass of people. The people who created communist ideology and it strongest proponents don’t want it for themselves, they want it for you.

      4. Dude what are you talking about those contracts Cost the city $$$ NOT the other way around. NYC PAID your Donald money for licensing his name. They are now Saving money to the tune of 17 million a year that won’t go into Trumps pocket. Get your facts straight bro.

      5. De Blasio and Cuomo have done everthing possible to kill business and jobs in New York, this should be the final nail. The only question left is who will decide which businesses are ““Insurrectionists” and which businesses are not. I would be happy to take the job, but I doubt they would hire me, because I would start with De Blasio and Cuomo as the biggest “Insurrectionists” to date!

      6. Since all the insurrectionists are communist democrats, will deblasio shut down nyc?

      7. What kind of people use a pandemic as a political weapon?

        The same kind of people that murder babies on a daily basis.

      8. Breach of contracts by Deblasio!

      9. Fantastic article. I previousally to spend alot of my time yachting and playing sports. It was most certainly the most special period of my childhood and your post somehow brought back me of that period of my life. Thanks

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