Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him In FBI Probe

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Former FBI Director James Comey has been under investigation for misleading President Trump – telling him in private that he wasn’t the target of an ongoing FBI probe while refusing to admit to this in public.

    According to RealClearInvestigations‘ Paul Sperry, “Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will file a report in September which contains evidence that Comey was misleading the president” while conducting an active investigation against him.

    Even as he repeatedly assured Trump that he was not a target, the former director was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent. –RCI

    According to two US officials familiar with Horowitz’s upcoming report on FBI misconduct, Comey was essentially “running a covert operation” against Trump – which began with a private “defensive briefing” shortly after the inauguration. RCI‘s sources say that Horowitz has pored over text messages between the FBI’s former top-brass and other communications suggesting that Comey was in fact conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of the president during their January 2017 meeting in New York.

    What’s more, Comey had an FBI agent in the White House who reported the activities of Trump and his aides, according to ‘other officials familiar with the matter.’

    The agent, Anthony Ferrante, who specialized in cyber crime, left the White House around the same time Comey was fired and soon joined a security consulting firm, where he contracted with BuzzFeed to lead the news site’s efforts to verify the Steele dossier, in connection with a defamation lawsuit. -RCI

    According to the report, Horowitz and his team have examined over 1 million documents and conducted over 100 interviews – including sit-downs with Comey and other current and former FBI and DOJ employees. “The period covering Comey’s activities is believed to run from early January 2017 to early May 2017, when Comey was fired and his deputy Andrew McCabe, as the acting FBI director, formally opened full counterintelligence and obstruction investigations of the president.”

    McCabe’s deputy, Lisa Page, appeared to dissemble last year when asked in closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee if Comey and other FBI brass discussed opening an obstruction case against Trump prior to his firing in May 2017. Initially, she flatly denied it, swearing: “Obstruction of justice was not a topic of conversation during the time frame you have described.” But then, after conferring with her FBI-assigned lawyer, she announced: “I need to take back my prior statement.” Page later conceded that there could have been at least “discussions about potential criminal activity” involving the president. -RCI

    Comey coordination

    Sperry notes that Comey wasn’t working in isolation on the Trump effort. In particular, Horowitz has looked at the January 6, 2017 briefing on the infamous ‘Steele Dossier’ – a meeting which was used by BuzzFeed, CNN and others to legitimize reporting on the dossier’s salacious and unsubstantiated claims.

    Comey’s meeting with Trump took place one day after the FBI director met in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss how to brief Trump — a meeting attended by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who would soon go to work for CNN. -RCI

    While Comey claims in his book, “A Higher Loyalty” that he didn’t have “a counterintelligence case file open on [Trump],” former federal prosecutor and National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy notes that just because Trump’s name wasn’t on a formal file or surveillance warrant doesn’t mean that he wasn’t under investigation.

    “They were hoping to surveil him incidentally, and they were trying to make a case on him,” said McCarthy. “The real reason Comey did not want to repeat publicly the assurances he made to Trump privately is that these assurances were misleading. The FBI strung Trump along, telling him he was not a suspect while structuring the investigation in accordance with the reality that Trump was the main subject.”

    What’s more, the FBI couldn’t treat Trump as a suspect – formally, as they didn’t have the legal grounds to do so according to former FBI counterintelligence lawyer Mark Wauck. “They had no probable cause against Trump himself for ‘collusion’ or espionage,” he said, adding “They were scrambling to come up with anything to hang a hat on, but had found nothing.”

    What remains unclear is why Comey would take such extraordinary steps against a sitting president. The Mueller report concluded there was no basis for the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theories. Comey himself was an early skeptic of the Steele dossier — the opposition research memos paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign that were the road map of collusion theories – which he dismissed as “salacious and unverified.” -RCI

    According to House Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), Comey and the rest of the FBI’s top team (including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) were attempting to “stop” Trump’s presidency for political reasons.

    “You have the culmination of the ultimate spying, where you have the FBI director spying on the president, taking notes [and] illegally leaking those notes of classified information” to the MSM, said Nunes in a recent interview.

    Read the rest of Sperry’s report here.


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      1. The problem we share here, is that Democrats and RINOs want to enslave us. They are above the law. They are the enforcers of the laws.
        “What are you prepared to do”?
        I was reading where there is a problem in France, where their cops are committing suicide because they can’t beat and kill the yellow jacket protestors that abuse them. I think those cops are no great loss as they are on the wrong side.
        I’d like to create the same environment here. The cops are on the wrong side. The Democrat side.
        Stand down, stand aside.

      2. In much more interesting news: I just read that 22 of 23 states in Venezuela have lost power. Happened about an hour ago. Invasion?

        • When your enemy is committing suicide, stand aside.
          Lake Guri.

          • They are NOT our enemy. The latest says they were hit by an emp attack. Who would do that? That’s right, US! Don’t defend the MIC and NWO USA piles of shit.

            • Gen,
              You are a really smart person.
              When a country that should be one
              of the richest per capita in the world,
              votes for its personal destruction
              regularly, succeeds in their social,
              destruction and blames their problems
              on you, Genius, and me Rellik, I’d call
              that an enemy.
              There was no EMP, there was
              a Democrat government trying to
              stay in power at any cost.
              Sort of like New York state.

              • relik, Who cares what they do? It’s not our business if they want to screw themselves into oblivion. They are no threat whatsoever to us. Let them fook off and die. Oh but we need to do the bidding of our NWO masters? Fook them, let’s just let them be an example of what socialism is. They don’t need our help, they are doing fine on their own. Leave them alone and don’t try and steal their resources for your masters…..

              • Harden your heart my friend, we are surrounded by these turds, when they try to push their will it is time to piss in their cheerios,

      3. Yeah, yeah, yeah….so and so is under investigation or has to appear before the oversight committee, or is tied to a pedophile, or had classified material in an unapproved location, or was banging interns on the clock…and on and on. No one of importance ever spends time in prison. No one is held accountable. What about those thousands of sealed indictments? Nothing. Hows about those mass arrests that were imminent eight years ago? Crickets. The public is being played a never ending looped film of graft and corruption with clowns riding miniature tricycles and circus music playing in the back ground. Look! Football’s on! That guy’s kneeling! And that’s the last you’ll hear of it. They will move on to the next distraction. The crimes will continue as usual.

        C’mon we all know nothing happens to the well connected. Right or left it don’t matter. They are all crooks.Those that believe these people will be held accountable for their crimes in this life are the same people that believe in the toof fairy and the Easter bunny and that wrasslin’ is real.

        • But but but, Orange Julius hasn’t built one inch of wall yet. And and and there are more illegals than EVER coming across! Orange man good!

          • I read that Obama deported WAY more illegals than Orange Julius. But the blacks turned against him when he promised everyone a job lol.

      4. I’m appalled with the politicization of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies however I’m not at all surprised. Regardless police as a matter of routine mislead those they are investigating. It’s not the method employed but rather the ostensible and false justifications used for the investigation to begin with. The system is so utterly filled with corruption that its leaking. As long as the masses have sufficient “food and circus” the show continues.

        • K2,
          “As long as the masses have sufficient “food and circus” the show continues.”
          In ancient Rome,
          the masses were called the “Mob”.
          We all know how Rome ended up.

      5. Ya we do, they moved over here and started the “MOB” lol.

      6. Comey needs to be smacked in the head with a bat till he stops bleeding, then hit him a few more times for good measure,
        Same with the rest of the trash in DC

        • I think charged with treason would be appropriate.

          • Good luck with that,
            That swamp protects its own,

          • This was an attempt at a soft coup d’etat, the CIA should have neutralized those responsible. This man was not acting alone, he had orders from some one,or some group. The CIA should begin acting to eliminate those hidden in the shadows, that were involved. Sending a message to any other embryonic coup plotters.

      7. I certainly would like to see everyone get what they deserve and deserve what they get. We hear that folks are going to held accountable and heads will roll. And it seems to never happen? I will believe it when I see it. DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. Its all a dog and pony show. A real Circus. Don’t think its a Circus? Look at the Democrap Clowns running for president!

      8. Comeys daughter is one of the prosecuter’s on the Epstien crimes. That should tell ya sumthin!

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