Comey: “There Was No Treason…No Attempted Coup…Dumb Lies!”

by | May 29, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 37 comments

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    In a recent op-ed former FBI director James Comey fiercely defends the Russiagate probe into Donald Trump’s campaign. Even though there’s no evidence, Democrats cannot seem to let go of the one thing they were so desperately clinging to because the mainstream media told them to.

    President Donald Trump has repeatedly blasted the failed investigation as “spying,” and has accused Comey and others at the FBI of committing treason. (Trump fired Comey in 2017.) Last week, Trump gave Attorney General William Barr new powers to review the origins of the Russia investigation and potentially release classified information related to it as part of a wider probe over whether the FBI improperly targeted the Trump campaign.

    Comey has responded by writing his own op-ed, in which he can be quoted as saying:

    “There was no treason. There was no attempted coup. Those are lies, and dumb lies at that.”

    But does anyone remember when Comey claimed the deep state didn’t exist then proceeded to describe the deep state in total accuracy? SHTFPlan remembers:

    The president is a liar,” Comey said in his op-ed. “We must call out his lies . . . We must constantly return to the stubborn facts,” he wrote, according to a report by Market Watch.  Comey said that the FBI learned about possible contact between Trump campaign officials and Russians in late July 2016. “Of course, nobody from the Trump campaign told us this (or about later Russian approaches)” he wrote.

    “But when we finally learned of it in late July, what should the FBI have done? Let it go? Go tell the Trump campaign? Tell the press? No. Investigate, to see what the facts were. We didn’t know what was true. Maybe there was nothing to it, or maybe Americans were actively conspiring with the Russians. To find out, the FBI would live up to its name and investigate.”

    As for why the investigation was kept under wraps: “If there was nothing to it, we didn’t want to smear Americans. If there was something to it, we didn’t want to let corrupt Americans know we were on to them. So, we kept it secret. That’s how the FBI approaches all counterintelligence cases,” Comey said.

    Worst deep-state conspiracy ever,” Comey wrote, sarcastically claiming that if the FBI wanted to derail Trump’s chances at getting elected in 2016, the “secret” could have slipped out sooner: before voters took to the polls.

    There are two sides to every story and considering politicians are on all sides of this story, the whole thing is probably full of lies.  George Papadopoulos says he was the victim of a deep state coup designed to take down Donald Trump.

    Deep State Target is the only firsthand account that proves the attempted sabotage of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign by American and international intelligence services, from former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos―whose global network and clandestine meetings about Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails made him the first target of Spygate, the Mueller Investigation, and the Russian Collusion Hoax.

    But as he explains in Deep State Target, there was an intricate set up at play, and it was neither Trump nor the Russians pulling the strings. –Deep State Target book descritption



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      1. A forgotten piece of communications equipment is a Digital HDTV Antenna. Make sure that you will be able to “Watch The Show” at the end times by getting a TV Antenna. Don’t be left in the dark if Cable TV is knocked out of commission.

        Don’t let all that popcorn go to waste!

        • And a shortwave radio!

          • How ya been Justice? Sounds like yer hammerin away at it. I bought a couple of flexible solar panels for my pedal boat recently, man I am impressed at how light and thin and portable they are. A 100 watt panel weighs 5 pounds. 2 of them fit perfect on the canopy. You could use zip ties to connect them into a folding portable power setup. A 500 watt setup would only be about 3 inches thick and weigh 25 pounds. At 11 amps output I can cruise all day in 3rd gear (level 3 on electric motor). Ebay has them for 110 each from windy nation.

            So tell us what you been up too, make this otherwise uuhhggg thread interesting lol.

            • Genius, always good to hear from you. I’m doing well. I’ve been working on several things:

              1. Digitizing Movie and TV Shows. I stumbled across a tool that will allow anyone to build a good library cheap and easy.

              PlayOn software!! You can download stuff and save it on ANY Hard Drive you want. These can then be stored in a Faraday cage. The problem is that it “records” the show and consequently takes a while (i.e. a 2 hour movie takes 2 hours to record, regardless of internet connection speed).


              2. I just received my empty food grade buckets. This June I want to get 30 more for a total of 80 5 gallon buckets. So I’m excited about that.

              3. Also, in June I want to get 1 more cases of my favorite soup. I have to stagger my purchases of canned food.

              What are you up too?

            • Genius, I just posted a reply that apparently went into moderation limbo. Hopefully it will show up soon. I don’t have the heart to retype it.

            • I’ve had my eye on those “Flexible Solar Panels”. With the Trade War and Tariffs I’m glad I spent my Tax Refund on doubling my solar panels. Who know how much they’ll cost down the road!

              I felt a lot better after I found out they would probably survive an EMP. You indicated that one component might need to be replaced. Do you remember what it was. I’ll write it down this time.

              • Justice, it was the diode. However I doubt it would be damaged unless you were close to the emp.

                • Also most all charge controllers have diodes in them for reverse current protection. In a pinch all you have to do is bypass the diode in the solar panel by soldering a wire across it.

                  • If you are running 12 volt panels into a 12 volt battery bank (or 24 volt panels into a 24 volt battery bank) you can get PWM charge controllers cheap on ebay. 15-20 bucks each. Keep a couple of them in your faraday cage for backup. Keep in mind the rating is usually half of what it says if your using 12 volt (30 amp is 15 amp at 12v.). So if you have say a 40 amp solar array you would need 3 controllers in paralell.

                • Thanks Genius, really appreciate the info!

          • Amen. A couple of months ago I got my 2nd emergency radio and I really love it. It’s the Kaito Emergency Radio Voyager Max KA900 Digital Solar Dynamo Crank Wind Up AM/FM/SW & NOAA Weather Stereo Radio Receiver Bluetooth, Real-time Alert, MP3 Player, Recorder & Phone Charger.

            I got it on sale, $20.00 off, for only $79.00.

            My other emergency radio is the Midland – XT511, 22 Channel Emergency Crank Base Camp Radio – 5 Watt GMRS Two-Way Radio with 5 Power Options. I think I’m pretty squared away on the emergency radios. But I recently realized that I only have 1 HDTV Antenna packed away in a Faraday Cage.

            I’m probably going to get this indoor Antenna: ONLY $10.00!!

            Digital TV Antenna – Newest 2019 Version Portable HDTV Digital Antenna, 60-95Mile Long Range with Amplifier Signal Booster for 4K HD VHF Uhf Local TV Channels with 13.2ft Coaxial Cable. Sorry, I know how you feel about a certain online store.

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            • Good deal on the comms. I bought a similar antenna a few years back and I couldn’t get anything with it. It is about 55 miles from town as the crow flies. Remember those huge sattelite dishes? I wonder if one of those would still work?

              • I haven’t seen one of those “Big Boys” in awhile. My brother got one of these when he cancelled Cable. He says it works great. I just need to find out which one he got?!?

                Vansky Outdoor 150 Mile Motorized 360 Degree Rotation OTA Amplified HD TV Antenna for 2 TVs Support – UHF/VHF/1080P Channels Wireless Remote Control – 32.8′ Coax Cable (VS-OTX01) for only $35.00. The price is right!

              • Those “those huge satellite dishes” used to be the Kentucky state flower! LOL

                • LOL, imagine if you covered the inside of the dish with relective foil (like a solar oven)! You could weld with that bad boy!

            • Justice,
              It is my problem that I live out in the middle of nowhere,
              but my KA500, a bare bones version of the KA700 or 900,
              is a POS as far as shortwave is concerned. I assume they use the same receiver electronics across the KA line.

      2. Eph 5:33 said to reverence (phobeō) your husband.

        to put to flight by terrifying (to scare away)
        to put to flight, to flee
        to fear, be afraid
        to be struck with fear, to be seized with alarm
        of those startled by strange sights or occurrences
        of those struck with amazement
        to fear, be afraid of one
        to fear (i.e. hesitate) to do something (for fear of harm)
        to reverence, venerate, to treat with deference or reverential obedience

        It was written that the ground had swallowed alive those who rebelled against the religious authority. And, that a prophet, with palpable, visible powers (to control animals, breath fire, and materialize food) once anointed the king.

        Churchians, on both sides of the political divide, do you literally invest this level of moral authority, in your social institutions.

        Matthews talked about a shiver running up his leg.

        Comey talked about his soul being eaten in small bites.

        Do literal people, alive today, deserve your religious sentiments.

        Do we have anything literal to go on, or is politics more faith than reason.

        I think, either, some entourage of go-fors would have to cater to your every waking need. Or, you would have to be some kind of extremist, to keep up with the mental exertion of staying on-cue 24/7. When are these people not “on” or not “in-character”. Just asking.

        C said, “We didn’t know what was true” So, no reasons given. Is there any practical difference, between a parallel construction, just plain lying yourself into a tangled web, and a self-reinforcing delusion.

        People on either side can be asked this.

      3. Hope your Affairs are in order? You’re going to prison Comey. Bubba gonna love you “Long Time!”

        • Speaking of prison, that is a real peev of mine. When scumbag murderers get life in prison they are really sentencing the public to life of paying to keep these fookers alive and well! WTF kind of justice is that? Abolish life in prison and make it mandatory DEATH! Gee sorry I tore your family into pieces and killed all those people, but hey thanks for the free ride the rest of my life….

        • Celebrating homosexual rape is faggy.

          • Then don’t do it…

            • I’m the Bubba guy and, lucky for you, I don’t.

              • Also, I think Comey might be taller than you.

      4. Buncha lyin crooked azzholes.
        In my opinion these fuckers need to be shot

        • Nail,
          As both you and I know, Democrat leaders are not human. They are Democrats. Like our state, the Federal government is ruled by Democrats regardless of how people vote. I would not waste ammo on them, I would Impale the leaders. Look up Impalement, it is a much more fitting end, for a Democrat leader.

          • Like Bracken says,
            Toss em out of a helo,,,,
            1500′ should give the best splat

            • They don’t splat. More of a dull solid thud. Nice bounce though.

            • Nail,
              My way gives them the last word.
              It is also has a lower carbon footprint.

      5. Pick and choose between the criminals you like in government and those you despise. No difference in the two in reality.

      6. The cure for brainwashed minds is a difficult one. It is harder to undue what has been done, than to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

        If a community forms outside of the mainstream, it is comprised of native Americans (Anglo Saxon Protestants) not foreigners or “Indians”, government freaks out and demonizes these “cults”. That tells me that the establishment fears groups that separate from the “norm”.

        The establishment relies on technology. Take away the internet, tech games, T.V., movies, magazines, school textbooks, and a good deal of modern printed materials, as well as radio and modern music; the establishment can’t brainwash.

        That’s why they want children hooked on tech. This is a generational process. Each generation is more subdued and brainwashed than the former was, good slaves.

        So, a community that forms and raises children without tech becomes strong, thinking logically, and will necessarily refuse to be good slaves. So these communities are demonized as cults. Or they are infiltrated and corrupted from within, like the Amish.

        I see Amish T.V. shows. You know that those Amish can’t remain true to their morals if Hollywood is involved.

        Watch a who- dune -it on T.V. The bad guy is not going to be the moral J.ew, the wise black man, or the sweet homosexual. The bad guy is usually an immoral lying white female or most often, a heterosexual white male. Brainwashing.


        • I guess having all these poligimasts around ain’t so bad then lol. I watch a lot of homicide shows (who dunnit) and 90% of the killers are NAGGERS. I have lived in a big city before and yep same thing! I would say also that 80% of robberies are the same perps. What do you call a black woman that keeps having abortions?

          A crimefighter!

      7. the funny thing is, no one is ever going to believe the story put out, the arguments can go on forever. I feel sure that if we really knew the truth, hundreds would go to jail and a few would be executed. I favor use of a military tribunal.

      8. The rats feel the water up to their bellies. PANIC, RATS!! PANIC!!! Karma’s a bitch.
        Expect to see the rats relocating to countries with a non-extradition treaty with the US next.

        These dirtbags deserve a military tribunal for “TREASON”!

      9. Found this article called, “SWAMPgate: You won’t believe how ALL the perps are connected…” with some background on the participants in the ongoing soap opera. I’ve read it twice and said ‘holy cow!’ twice. It’s plain facts staggering as they are.

        ht tp://

      10. taxation – theft
        pain compliance – torture
        arrest – kidnap
        prison – caging
        parallel construction – self reinforcing delusion

        “There was no treason. There was no attempted coup.”

        What am I, a thesaurus?

      11. People like Comey are immoral they are service to self and likely their soul has left them a long time ago. They actually do no know right from wrong.- They have no moral compass and truly believe whatever spews out of their mouths. They are expert at accusing others of doing the exact same horrible things that they have done. Exactly like the kettle calling the tea pot black.

      12. methinks thou dost protest too much (Mr. Comey!)

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