Colorado’s Health Director Plans Restrictions

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Colorado’s health director told statehouse leaders Thursday that new, stricter rules in response to the scamdemic are in the works. She also said she doesn’t need the permission of the governor to exact tyranny on the public.  But tyrants never ask permission anyway, including governors.

About six weeks ago, Governor Jared Polis declared “the health emergency is over” and lifted the state’s emergency declaration. In general, he said early in summer, he’d be looking to relinquish the vast state-of-emergency powers conferred upon him in March of 2020, according to the Denver Post. However, we know no politician will give up power willingly, so we should have assumed Polis was lying.

The Reason The Scamdemic Will Never End: Power

“You know that the governor does not have his emergency order in place but at CDPHE we still do have a few public health orders in place,” Jill Hunsaker Ryan, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s executive director, said Thursday in a quarterly update to lawmakers on pandemic response.

“And we are getting ready to update our public health order, and it has to do with things like hospital reporting — we’ve got some policies around long-term care facilities. And we continue to look at whether there’s a need for statewide policies, either in school or in general, and we have the ability to update our policies as that becomes necessary.” –Denver Post

Many tyrants have demanded a state-wide mask order, but no other details are clear as to just how draconian Hunsaker Ryan intends to get with the residents of Colorado.

Polis has already signaled that he’s on board with more restrictions on the slaves.  He supported vaccine mandates for workers in nursing homes, who also are once again required to wear masks alongside residents of such facilities. State employees in a variety of roles could face termination if they don’t get vaccinated.

As of Thursday, about 73% of people 12 and order in Colorado had received at least one vaccine dose, the state reported. Hunsaker Ryan said, of the unvaccinated lot, “It’s only a matter of time before COVID-19 finds them.”

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    1. Anonymous

      Where are the middle aged people who are old enough to know better, maybe remember history, have emerging adult offspring and the means to make their voices heard – Parents with children in school – where are you? Young people whose lives are being curtailed, where are you?

      • Mike

        The “Conspiracy Theorists” are still here. Watching the ship sink, preparing because most people are too stupid to see what’s happening, don’ know what to do. This disaster has been obvious for a long time. Mostly gave up trying to inform people about what us happening, they don’t care. I talk to God about it mostly now. I focus on preparation. Really sad to see where the world is today and America is. Still so many can’t see, won’t see. We could have voted this away, now here we are.

    2. The Truth

      People … it is time to start suing the heck out of these agencies that you have no control over and vica versa. Since the Supreme court just ruled that the CDC illegally used authority it did NOT have and violated the 5th amendment of DUE PROCESS taking away owners incomes from their rentals with no due process of law and no Compensation … well the compensation is that EVERYONE needs to sue the CDC and recover their loses and cause them to go away and shut down their doors. We are down with these clowns! Why did the CDC NOT issue a mortgage Moratorium? Seems fair it they were going by the law! But no it is about communism and distributing the well from the middle class to the poor. All illegal. This is one big step to stop the globalists. SUE the CDC for your losses and mortgage payments.

      Now concerning the Colorado Health department SUE them also. They have no authority to represent you nor your state government and are acting illegally. There is no Pandemic and no science and ask them to provide you the Isolate of this so-called Virus or it’s supposed variants!


      Dear America: DO NOT COMPLY. – YouTube

      Do not let media-fueled guilt trips coerce you into doing something you do not feel fully informed about.

    3. Stupordave

      I would suggest – a whole lot of the terminated (due to non-compliance of criminal edicts) issued forth from flunky gubbmint beauracraps like ryan, will become terminators themselves when their plight becomes desperate enough that retribution becomes solace.

    4. Brockland A.T.

      Few if any health bureaucrats advocated vitamins D,C, K and zinc; they just pushed lockdowns and vaccines. Utterly useless paper shufflers and wannabe dictators scabbing for oligarchs.

      Governors can be un-elected. Bureaucrats are not elected at all and can survive changes in elected leadership. Top ‘crats become figureheads themselves after politicians, taking the fall for larger institutional rot.

      Unelected bureaucratic carryover is the most basic definition of ‘Deep State’. Top ‘crats are not only not elected, their selection is often political over merit-based. Many key bureaucrats get their jobs as a patronage favour or demand of some elite vested interest to mind and ‘advise’ elected reps.

      Health bureaucrats should never have the power on their own to enact draconian measures without going through the Legislature. Legislatures should never be allowed to pawn off their accountability to bureaucrats.

      Otherwise, politicians will always try and pass the buck and blame to bureaucrats and claim they are following so-called experts. Cover-ass strawman games is the kind of gaming the system that responsible, genuine democracy tries to prevent.

    5. Anonymous

      I am here in Colorado and it is a deeply divided state. However things have been very normal and lax since end of June 2021. Traffic to the extreme and people looking for work now. We can’t let this crisis go to waist now can way? I will not comply if a face diaper mandate comes back. Call the police and tell them I said Hi! Cause they ain’t coming for this BS anymore.

      Its up to us to end this madness! Im prepared to lose my job if I have to over the no jab no job mandate as i will not

      I am not a lab rat and I am perfectly capable of managing my own health! FU BIG PHARMA. Moderna stock pre covid 19.00 dollars! Now over 400.00 a share. FOAD big pharma!

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