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    Colorado’s Health Director Plans Restrictions

    Mac Slavo
    August 28th, 2021
    Comments (14)

    Colorado’s health director told statehouse leaders Thursday that new, stricter rules in response to the scamdemic are in the works. She also said she doesn’t need the permission of the governor to exact tyranny on the public.  But tyrants never ask permission anyway, including governors.

    About six weeks ago, Governor Jared Polis declared “the health emergency is over” and lifted the state’s emergency declaration. In general, he said early in summer, he’d be looking to relinquish the vast state-of-emergency powers conferred upon him in March of 2020, according to the Denver Post. However, we know no politician will give up power willingly, so we should have assumed Polis was lying.

    The Reason The Scamdemic Will Never End: Power

    “You know that the governor does not have his emergency order in place but at CDPHE we still do have a few public health orders in place,” Jill Hunsaker Ryan, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s executive director, said Thursday in a quarterly update to lawmakers on pandemic response.

    “And we are getting ready to update our public health order, and it has to do with things like hospital reporting — we’ve got some policies around long-term care facilities. And we continue to look at whether there’s a need for statewide policies, either in school or in general, and we have the ability to update our policies as that becomes necessary.” –Denver Post

    Many tyrants have demanded a state-wide mask order, but no other details are clear as to just how draconian Hunsaker Ryan intends to get with the residents of Colorado.

    Polis has already signaled that he’s on board with more restrictions on the slaves.  He supported vaccine mandates for workers in nursing homes, who also are once again required to wear masks alongside residents of such facilities. State employees in a variety of roles could face termination if they don’t get vaccinated.

    As of Thursday, about 73% of people 12 and order in Colorado had received at least one vaccine dose, the state reported. Hunsaker Ryan said, of the unvaccinated lot, “It’s only a matter of time before COVID-19 finds them.”



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: August 28th, 2021

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      1. Anonymous says:

        Where are the middle aged people who are old enough to know better, maybe remember history, have emerging adult offspring and the means to make their voices heard – Parents with children in school – where are you? Young people whose lives are being curtailed, where are you?

        • Mike says:

          The “Conspiracy Theorists” are still here. Watching the ship sink, preparing because most people are too stupid to see what’s happening, don’ know what to do. This disaster has been obvious for a long time. Mostly gave up trying to inform people about what us happening, they don’t care. I talk to God about it mostly now. I focus on preparation. Really sad to see where the world is today and America is. Still so many can’t see, won’t see. We could have voted this away, now here we are.

      2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Cook County Judge James Shapiro is an anti-American, a terrorist, and a psychopath guilty of subversion involving high crimes and treason that should be immediately arrested and thrown in a Federal pennitenriary for the rest of his life for denying a divorced mother with shared vistiation rights with her ex-husband because she is not “vaccinated” against the mythological virus dubbed covid-19. The mRNA shots do not even inoculate people from the mythological virus. They do not contain the virus at all, even by their own admission, and even by their own admission do not prevent those that are shot with the GMO bioweapons from contracting the mythological virus, or transmitting the mythological virus. Furthermore, if it did contain the virus, the inoculated would be carriers of the virus which they could transmit to others. You increase your liklihood of being debilitated by any virus that you inject into your system, subcutaneously,  nasally, or orally than if you never forced it into your system. It is absolute junk science, snake oil salesmanship, quackery, and charlatanism. Almost everything is being attributed to this mythologocal virus, regardless of what it actually is, kind of like the way that everything that went wrong with America between 2015 and 2020 was attributed to the crazy conspiracy theory of Russian hackers and Russian agents, regardless of what or who the actual problems were. If you wonder how it is that a country that “boasts” 17 intelligence agencies, all members of InfraGard, can be so consistently wrong,  it is for the very simple reason that they are not intelligent. They are perverted Peeping Toms engaging in Tom Foolery and is a magnet for morally depraved degenerates that have proven by way of their actions to be mentally inferior to primates, because even primates do not make the decisions made by the InfraTards that have such catastrophic and irreversible collateral damage. That goes for the women in InfraGard as well. I am totally disgusted and feel completely violated by the men and women in InfraGard that includes many in the media and my neighborhood that have spied on me, as well as other people that I have known from other places. It is obscene, offensive, and perverted as hell and is something that sexual predators do to people. Face it, you are nothing more than sex offenders, thieves, and mentally incompetent frauds, and all of the evidence proves it. Go to hell! You’re sick as hell! You are sadistic monsters! Do not attempt to rationalize your justification for spying on me in any way, like for example that you are trying to prevent me from being murdered, because, to be blunt about it,  I would rather be murdered than spied on! “Those willing to sacrifice a little bit of liberty for a little bit of security, deserve neither liberty or security.” You are deviant perverted freaks! 

        InfraGard really should be renamed to The Peeping Tom Society. Who in the hell do you unworthy, useless, perverted, disgusting scumbags think that you are fooling with your Peeping Tom Tom Foolery?! 

        Just die! You are scum and you know it! The greatest national tragedy is that you did not die in school shootings! We really have to wonder where all of the school shooters were when we needed them! My condolences to everyone in your lives and America that you did not die in school shootings! 

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Dr. Robert Craig, founder of Citizen Action is a complete fraud. Citizen Action authored the minsnomer The Affordable Care Act which was a free for all for the medical mafia, allowing free coloscopies, mammograms, gynecology vistits, and prostate exams for everyone, without meeting a deductible, and no health care if someone actually gets sick or has an accident. Sorry, but I just cannot get excited about free colonoscopies, mammograms, gynecology visits, and free GMO bioweapons shots. You are going to have to do more than that to earn my vote! It really sounds like you are trying to keep me away from the polls with a platform like that, in complete honesty! 

        Citizen Action was also organizing union support for the lock downs, social distancing mandates, mask mandates, and Operation Warp Speed.

        Citizen Action sponsored Democratic candidates in all elections in Wisconsin, and of course taking the bait from them came with strings attached turning all that accepted the bait into Pinnochios for the medical mafia and union thugs.

        Dr. Robert Craig is stating that income tax must be raised because the billionaires net worth is increasing, but net worth is not the same thing as income, and even with increasing estate taxes, the wealthy use charitable trusts as loopholes and their heirs do not pay tax when they die because the money is in charitable trusts, like Bill Gates Gavi Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which will be the world’s largest Nazi Eugenics Program that his med student daughter will over see and run. Gates said that he would give all of his money away to charity before he died, and he apparently intends to give it all away to his daughter, even though almost all of his wealth came from tax payer DoD grants, patents, bailouts, and Plunge Protection Team secret bailouts.

        These claims by Democrats to reduce billionaires wealth through increased taxation are down right fraud and mislead voters completely. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Of course Warren Buffet says to increase his income tax rate. It is a laugh and a half! The IRS won’t come and arrest Warren Buffet if he slips a few billion dollars over to a payment to the treasury or IRS,  It is pure PR bullshit. Nobody prevents Warren Buffet from donating money to the U.S. treasury or IRS! Talk is cheap Warren! Put your money where your mouth is! If you want to pay more in taxes, nobody is preventing you! Stop bullshitting! 

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Watching this horror unfold before my eyes, despite massive amounts of evidence that many, including myself have provided proving the absolute fraud of it all regarding the scamdemic, in everything from the fact that covid-19 has not been isolated in a lab, the lockdowns, the masking, the social distancing, the junk science, snake oil, charlatan vaccines is shocking to put it mildly. I have tried everything to stop it, to inform people in government, healthcare, the media,  others with facts, and it continues and is ramping up again. I have even tried screaming at the top of my lungs, and what I do not understand is why everyone is not screaming at the top of their lungs about all of this! It reminds me of the scene in The Titanic when the ship is clearly sinking and the waiter just keeps on serving tables. Is everyone not screaming because they do not want to upset the children?! What if the children die from the silence of trying to protect the children?! 

        If your house was on fire, would you be screaming to get your children out of the house? 

        I realize that panick does not solve problems, but there is an extremely unsettling sense of calm in what is obviously the greatest emergency that the world has ever faced in our lifetimes.

        Being foolishly calm, cool, and collected and failing to mitigate the problem is totally shocking! Is everyone just too much in shock to act? What in the hell is going on?! 

        500 Wisconsin pediatricians signed a letter demanding mask mandates for children returning to school, despite studies that have shown that it is ineffctive, and also that they increase respiratory problems, deplete blood oxygen levels, increase dental cavaties and bacteria in the mouth and lungs resulting in increased respiratory diseases. 

        I realize that screaming hysterically may be considered uncouth, but if it saves lives, who is worried about appearing uncouth?! 

        Why isn’t everyone screaming hysterically when the situation that we are in clearly warrants hysterical screaming?! This is an emergency! The emergency is the corruption that has gotten so out of hand that they are literally murdering us while smiling and pretending that they are helping us! This is much worse than Mengele, Hitler, and Goebbells!

        It is like the painting entitled The Scream by Edvard Munch. It is totally monstrous!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        I realize that the purpose of the scamdemic has been to support the medical mafia, surveillance state, the war industry, and Wall Street and its cabalist investors, so here is my suggestion to all of you. The surveillance state formally InfraGard  and war industry is filled with people that are psychopaths that have zero regard for the law, which is the U.S. constitution, and that could be said of Wall Street and its cabalist investors too, since the astounding majority of things that they invest in are in complete contrast with the U.S. constitution, that the mental health industry practice their parasitism on the destructive parasites for a change of pace, rather than on the victims of the destructive parasites of InfraGard, the war industry, and Wall Street and its cabalist investors, because it is needed and necessary so that law abiding American citizens like me are able to live in the liberty and justice that the destructive parasites in InfraGard, the war industry, and Wall Street and its cabalist investors have egregiously, sadistically, and treasonously deprived us of.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. The Truth says:

        People … it is time to start suing the heck out of these agencies that you have no control over and vica versa. Since the Supreme court just ruled that the CDC illegally used authority it did NOT have and violated the 5th amendment of DUE PROCESS taking away owners incomes from their rentals with no due process of law and no Compensation … well the compensation is that EVERYONE needs to sue the CDC and recover their loses and cause them to go away and shut down their doors. We are down with these clowns! Why did the CDC NOT issue a mortgage Moratorium? Seems fair it they were going by the law! But no it is about communism and distributing the well from the middle class to the poor. All illegal. This is one big step to stop the globalists. SUE the CDC for your losses and mortgage payments.

        Now concerning the Colorado Health department SUE them also. They have no authority to represent you nor your state government and are acting illegally. There is no Pandemic and no science and ask them to provide you the Isolate of this so-called Virus or it’s supposed variants!


        Dear America: DO NOT COMPLY. – YouTube

        Do not let media-fueled guilt trips coerce you into doing something you do not feel fully informed about.

      7. I would suggest – a whole lot of the terminated (due to non-compliance of criminal edicts) issued forth from flunky gubbmint beauracraps like ryan, will become terminators themselves when their plight becomes desperate enough that retribution becomes solace.

      8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The InfraTards are a threat to national security. They really do not give a damn about national security at all, which they demonstrated in Afghanistan. Twenty years is an extremely long time to stick with a failing strategy. The fact that they stuck with it regardless of serving any useful purpose for our nation proves that they were not serving our nation. They were serving themselves and enriching themselves and threatened national security both physically and economically. They are guilty of high crimes and treason. They still apply the same self-serving, treasonous methods that they did in Afghanistan. The scamdemic is one example of how much they are willing to harm national security for their own personal enrichment. What they have been doing to me and members of my family is another example. They are reckless heathens that are moral hazzards. It must stop now! 

        Andrea Iravani

      9. Brockland A.T. says:

        Few if any health bureaucrats advocated vitamins D,C, K and zinc; they just pushed lockdowns and vaccines. Utterly useless paper shufflers and wannabe dictators scabbing for oligarchs.

        Governors can be un-elected. Bureaucrats are not elected at all and can survive changes in elected leadership. Top ‘crats become figureheads themselves after politicians, taking the fall for larger institutional rot.

        Unelected bureaucratic carryover is the most basic definition of ‘Deep State’. Top ‘crats are not only not elected, their selection is often political over merit-based. Many key bureaucrats get their jobs as a patronage favour or demand of some elite vested interest to mind and ‘advise’ elected reps.

        Health bureaucrats should never have the power on their own to enact draconian measures without going through the Legislature. Legislatures should never be allowed to pawn off their accountability to bureaucrats.

        Otherwise, politicians will always try and pass the buck and blame to bureaucrats and claim they are following so-called experts. Cover-ass strawman games is the kind of gaming the system that responsible, genuine democracy tries to prevent.

      10. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Wake Up Americans! You Are Surrounded by Cold Blooded Murderous Terrorists! I’m Not Talking About Other Countries! I Am Talking About InfraGard Including the Medical Mafia!

        No This Is Not A Bad Dream!

        How to spot a terrorist:

        It is really tricky. They may be dressed in suits or lab coats, or standing behind lecterns, or speaking or writing in the media, or by wearing badges, or jogging in the park, or walking their dog, or be walking with a stroller in the grocery store, or working for the state, local, or federal government. If they support the U.S. constitution, and abide by it, the odds that they are not a terrorist is much higher. They are typically authoritarians, and are frequently either Marxists or Fascists. They may refer to themselves as anti-fa, in the double speak tradition.

        The InfraTards are a threat to national security. They really do not give a damn about national security at all, which they demonstrated in Afghanistan. Twenty years is an extremely long time to stick with a failing strategy. The fact that they stuck with it regardless of it
        serving any useful purpose for our nation proves that they were not serving our nation. They were serving themselves and enriching themselves and threatened national security both physically and economically. They are guilty of high crimes and treason. They still apply the same self-serving, treasonous methods that they did in Afghanistan. The scamdemic is one example of how much they are willing to harm national security for their own personal enrichment. What they have been doing to me and members of my family is another example. They are reckless heathens that are moral hazards. It must stop now! 

        Andrea Iravani

      11. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The InfraTards- No Honor Among Them! No Respect Earned! The InfraTards that have been spying on me in the media and elsewhere are assigned to write a 1,200 word essay on what it is like for yourselves to live completely without honor, because that is exactly how you are living! I am not community property and I am not your merchandise! 

        Andrea Iravani

      12. Anonymous says:

        I am here in Colorado and it is a deeply divided state. However things have been very normal and lax since end of June 2021. Traffic to the extreme and people looking for work now. We can’t let this crisis go to waist now can way? I will not comply if a face diaper mandate comes back. Call the police and tell them I said Hi! Cause they ain’t coming for this BS anymore.

        Its up to us to end this madness! Im prepared to lose my job if I have to over the no jab no job mandate as i will not

        I am not a lab rat and I am perfectly capable of managing my own health! FU BIG PHARMA. Moderna stock pre covid 19.00 dollars! Now over 400.00 a share. FOAD big pharma!