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    The Reason The Scamdemic Will Never End: Power

    Mac Slavo
    August 25th, 2021
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    Politicians, aka, the ruling class, never want this scamdemic to end, and for one reason: power.  The more compliant the slaves become the more power they hand over to their masters. It’s past time to figure out that government is a synonym for slavery.

    Rahm Emanuel’s classic dictum for power-seeking officials was: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Now they’ve adopted a corollary: You never want a crisis to end once you made sure it didn’t go to waste.  No one cedes power willingly and the ruling class that lords over all of us now, in this current historical space, is no different.

    Power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  We have seen it. We are living through it.  So the masters are prolonging the national misery instead of easing it because they refuse to give up power over the rest of us.

    The nation’s crisis-mongers aren’t about to relinquish their hold over the public, so they’ve set new goals that are as unachievable as they are unnecessary and harmful.

    Making vaccines available to every American adult is no longer sufficient; now the crisis cannot end until the entire population has been vaccinated. Instead of focusing efforts on vaccinating the vulnerable, officials obsess on compelling universal obedience, even if that means squandering vaccines on people who already have acquired natural immunity or are at minimal risk of serious illness. –New York Post

    If you still think this a “liberal” or “democrat” issue, the delusion that the right master commanding your life will make all the difference has set it.  The left vs. right paradigm lie is just that, a lie and an illusion of choice. Slaves have no choice.

    They Are ALL IN ON IT! Republican Governors Try To Convince Followers To Take The Shot

    And don’t forget the forced vaccination clause conservative “hero” Ron DeSantis signed into law while tricking the slaves into thinking it was about freedom:

    DeSantis Betrays: Check Out What’s In His “Anti-Vaccine Passport” Law

    They know they are congealing power and they know that people are figuring that out.  The problem comes when a critical mass of us slaves finally realizes we are slaves and make the conscious decision to no longer be. That is probably when our preps will be needed, because, as I said earlier, they will not cede power willingly.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: August 25th, 2021

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      1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        My, What Big Egos You Have, My What Big Fangs You Have, My, What Big Mouths You Have, My, What Big Ears You Have, My What Big Eyes You Have, My What Big Toes You Had.

        We May Be Wrong, But We’re Dedicated to it and Stubborn About It- is the InfraGard Lifestyle.

        You could send an ape to Harvard for thirty years, and it still won’t comprehend the constitution, just like the monkey brained, monster ape InfraTards.

        You could send an ape to John Hopkins University for thirty years and they will never understand virology or immunology.

        The hilarious thing is that they truly believe that most people cannot understand these very elementary principles because their egos devoured their common sense,

        Evidently, this strategy paid off for them in the past, so they will just keep doubling down. They are behaving like alcoholics. They would have a couple drinks to feel better, when it didn’t work anymore, they would drink more, eventually, no matter how much they would drink, the drinks just didn’t improve the situation any more, and only made things worse, at that point if someone does not stop drinking, which they really should have done long before reaching that point, they will literally enter a death spiral. That is where it is with InfraGard now. They have to stop lying, as difficult and as uncomfortable as that may be for them. These are not normal individuals. They are not superior individuals either, but have convinced themselves that they are. They are living in a different dimension, and live by different rules. They are gamers, literally gaming the system. The only meaning of life to them is winning at all costs. It takes precedence over everything and everyone else in their lives. They are gamers, with event 201 event 221, and they are always playing these stupid expensive military games that tax payers are forced to pay for. Many of them believe that life is not even real, and is just computer simulations, within computer simulations, within computer simulations, making killing even easier for them. If someone is just a set of computer algorithms in their minds, they are not killing people. Game theory and its adherents are pretty messed up individuals, in my opinion. RAND corporation, Neuman, and Nash were some of the main backers of it. I think that it has been proven to be complete bullshit. It may work for poker, but not for life. Somewhere along the lines they have blurred the lines in their minds between games and life, and that will ultimately prove to be their fatal error. Not only are they stubborn and incompetent, they are full of hubris.

        Game Theory is Bullshit because KARMA. 

        If Karma is too much of an eastern or metaphysical concept for some conservatively western individuals, some so much that it has even offically been outlawed in Arizona, which made me laugh hysterically. Let me know how that works out for ya, then think of it as the law of unintended consequences, or the boomerang effect, which are widely accepted in all western schools of thought. How did the west enter another dimension that no longer accepts, believes in, or practices the very simple Golden Rule, do unto others as you wish them to do unto you? If America could get back to that and the Constitution, we would be on the right track, but the game theorists have convinced everyone that the risks of being evil and corrupt outweigh the spiritual, and emotional rewards of living by the golden rule, and the constitution. 

        I have seen it play out too many times in hind sight, not knowing what they were doing at the time with 9/11, the seven false flag wars, robbing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, and currently the scamdemic, which I knew from the start was complete scientific, economic, and political fraud.

        Game Theorists in InfraTard are evidently going to have to learn about Karma the hard way.

        They can’t say that I didn’t warn them. 

        I know that the surveillance/police state is an organized crime ring. They only destroy, steal, terrorize, torture, and kill. 

        Nobody has ever been held accountable for any of the crimes that I mentioned that were actually guilty of any of those crimes, and nobody has ever been held legally accountable for the crime spree perpetrated against me, members of my family, my dog, and my property either, despite the fact that I have contacted law enforcement, politicians, health care, and corporations, at every level, and since many people have been spying on me in my neighborhood, in the media, and in government which I know because they have repeated and done too many things that I have said or done in my home for it to be coincidental, and everyone knows that the surveillance state exists to spy on people, but they will only reveal that they were spying on people if and only if they are able to catch them in a crime, and the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot was a prime example of the way that the InfraTards operate their organized crime ring. Othewise, they just claim that someone is crazy, which is typical criminal behavior for a criminal to accuse his/her victim of being crazy. It’s the old and nuts and sluts defense. It is old and worn out. Nobody buys it any more.

        Obviously, these people have made the German Nazis pale in comparison. Monsters like that are not entitled to be forgiven. They have mistakenly been forgiven by people for over twenty years. Their crimes only become more monstrous, sadistic, and evil. This is just way too much to overlook and sweep under the rug. They obviously have no intention of changing their behavior, because they would have done it by now if they had.

        They are not fooling anybody but themselves, and self deception can be the most deadly of all.

        The InfraGard mindset, is that they are essentially playing a game of truth or dare, and will always choose dare over truth, even though the dares involve violating many laws, and are hell bent on destroying their real lives, just in order to win a game of truth or dare.

        They are in helter skelter death spirals. They will not get back to the top of the slide to go for another ride because they will be destroyed or dead. 

        It is different this time, because of time, because time has exposed them for who they are, and because time has destroyed the economy, country, and the world in the process, and because time has allowed Russia and China to benefit off of InfraGards illegal, sadistic, predatory, destructive behavior.

        A poll by the Morning Consult revealed that 49% of self-described Q Anon believers, 32% of all right-leaning adults, and 8% of left-leaning respondents do not understand the difference between liberalism and fascism. 

        As long as the proven to fail three pronged approach to U.S. foreign and domestic policy remains in place, America will continue to decline, the three prongs are
        1.) Israel 1st
        2.) Stock market bailouts and deregulation
        3.) Financing the treasonous anti-American police/surveillance state aka InfraGard.

        End it! Now!

        These scumbags are corrupt, lazy, incompetent, talentless, useless, worthless, destructive liabilities, and parasites that have cheated their way through life. Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! 

        Parasitism is one of the prominent features of people with anti-social personality disorder,

        It is a strategy that is guaranteed to fail, but one that is always in place! 

        As I have stated previously, InfraGard has targeted white Christian Americans strictly because it is the largest percentage of the population and we are justifiably outraged in large numbers by the destruction of liberty and justice, and the sick, evil, sadistic, homicidal, crime spree perptrated by InfraGard. InfraGard has enlisted minority groups to fight white Christians so that the minority groups will destroy white Christians for InfraGard. There is also a civil war going on within InfraGard with competing groups of various sectors, corporate, political, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. They are battling it out for DoD grants, and control. InfraGard is the problem. Of course the wealthiest people in the country and world are Jewish, and Jews own and control the financial sector, tech sector, media sector, and foreign policy, with increasing control demands by tech, media, and Zionist foreign policy hawks to clamp down even harder on the white Christian population since everything is just a complete disaster that has made the German Nazis pale in comparison. 

        This article by Philip Giraldi is really a must read!

        The thing is that the $3.8 billion given to Israel is a mere pittance in comparison to the stock market bailouts, the Plunge Protection Team ( PPT ) which is a never ending secret bail out to Wall Street, and the surveillance state controlled and owned overall by Jews, but paid for by Americans through defense contracts, bail outs, and the PPT, who all have offices in Israel. This three pronged strategy amounts to a treasonous organized crime ring. These tech companies are stealing intellectual property from users, which they have done to me, which is illegal enslavement, and they have also censored me in order to prevent me from disclosing it, and have even installed Pegasus malware in my technology over and over again, and are treating me worse than the Taliban treats women, they will not let me visit over 90% of websites. If you think that being banned from youtube is bad, wait until they will not even let you access youtube, which they did to my Mother before she was murdered by the medical mafia in 2015. I cannot access youtube either. They are scumbags, low life thugs, and parasites. People do not do things like that. Only parasites do. 

        Is it a coincidence that the three pronged stategy has disproportionately benefitted Jews to the point where 1/3 of the world’s billionaires are Jews even though they are merely 2.5 % of the world’s population, and 48% of America’s billionaires are Jews even though they are 2.5% of the population in the U.S. also, and that 80% of Jews are millionaires? 

        I wouldn’t recommend taking the grants though, because there are so many strings attached to them that they will literally turn you into a puppet, like Pinochio, ( “The truth ought to be protected by a body guard of lies.”- Winston Churchill and John Bolton ) in addidtion to the fact that you will essentially be in a virtual marriage with all of InfraGard and sworn to secrecy through an NDA, which is illegal, since all crime is legally exempt from all NDAs. Some things just aren’t worth it, and that is definitely one of them! 

        Either the InfraTards are so severely mentally retarded that they are incable of comprehending the constitution, or they are serial criminal psychopaths that decided that the law does not apply to them. Either way, they have proven to be an extreme danger to others and have therefor forfeited their free will and should be placed in federal pennitentiaries where they are no longer free to violate the rights of others, but what a waste of resources to spend on these evil, perverted, destructive, thieving, useless goons! 

        The InfraTards lust for power has driven them to violate every law and established tradition in existence, the Ten Commandments, The Bible, The Constitution, the scientific method, were a part of our culture and were the common thread that wove the fabric of our nation, that has unravelled and been left in tatters. They are psychopaths. Wisdom is an insult to their stupidity!

        Truth be damned is their philosophy!

        All that the Zionist/ Wall Street/ surveillance/police state does is make a bad situation worse and charge tax payers for it! 

        Don’t let the 4s get you down! 

        Apparently, some big league players ( Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and their customers ) realized that my intelligence was far more accurate and reliable than many of the InfraTards, and the InfraTards attacked me with vault7 hacking tools prohibitting me from visiting websites and reporting while simultaneously and illegally spying on me, and copy catting me to try to attempt to justify their obscene salaries, and wretched, measly, disgusting, existences. 

        I have never had any account owned by any Facebook entity, and although I immediately deleted all Facebook owned apps, someone kept illegally installing them hidden behind other apps just to spy on me! 

        Shall I start naming names of who it is that I personally know that may have had an interest in doing this to me, in addition to the opportunity and those that had access to my house, albeit without my consent, In addition to who it is that I personally know with heavy ties to the World Bank, Wall Street, Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital, and Facebook, and the court system, that illegally turned me into a spy without my knowledge or consent, and has totally destroyed me for life in doing so, depriving me of my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, amendment rights, for the rest of my life,  by placing RFIDs in through my ears and nose while unconscious on March 27, 2014 violationg scores of Federal laws, and also WI AB290, since the American Brain Initiative required voluntary consent and payment for which I never volunteered for, nor would I volunteer for it, not even 85 trillion dollars, which would allow me to own the entire global economy, because it is not worth it at any price!

        Confess or kill yourselves! You know who you are! Low lifes! You are worse than Josef Mengele, Hannibal Lecter, and Dr. Frankenstein! You are scum! 

        Did you have the audacity to believe that I would submit to you after your sick and sadistic crime spree on me? From what I have witnessed about you, you have demonstrated over and over, and over again that you are  insane enough to believe that I would do that, because you are so insane that you have completely lost touch with reality all together, no pun intended! You probably were insane enough to believe that I would be begging for your help allowing you to dictate the terms! Honestly, I would rather die or be tortured for life than give you Superman Complex psychos ( in which the psychopath creates the crisis, and pretends to save the day by ending the crisis that he intentionally caused,) scum like you the satisfaction, and I refuse to reward you for your sick, disgustingly monstrous and evil behavior because it would only encourage you and reward you which I could never do with a clear conscience and would actually consider it to be a crime against humanity if I did!  Although crimes against humanity happen to be your forte’, luckily I am not in your flock and actually live by principles. You’re scum and you know it, just die! This has resulted in Havanah syndrome and short wave radio signals being blasted at me with repetetive meaningless babble, sexual harassment, death threats, and attempts to intimidate me, attempts to get me to move, give up my posessions, and technology.

        You are sick and sadistic as hell and complete frauds! You obviously lost the genetic lottery and are seeking revenge for it! You are losers for life! 
        You are obviously severely inferior to me, because you would not have any other reason for doing this to me. You have exposed yourselves for the scummy, inferior, degenerates that you truly are!

        I’ve lived in Wisconsin since 1985 and deal with people like this on a regular basis, which is one more reason that I have become a hermit. The odds of encountering a psychopath are extremely high. Wisconsin is the “brain child” of sewer socialism employing underhanded leftist tactics. The state animal is the Badger formally Taxidea taxus, or figuratively Tax Idea Tax Us. 

        The radical right in Wisconsin are as equally fucked up McCarthyites. that spy on me and other people in their homes, and many are neo-Nazis, with Arthur Jones running as a neo-Nazi for mayor of Milwaukee in 1980 receiving 1/3 of the vote. 

        All roads to Wisconsin lead to hell. I am being tortured and terrorized in this hell hole of a state. I am not exagerating. They torture and terrorize me for kicks. Psychopaths find humor in things like that. Torturing and terrorizing people are group activities for them. It is their culture. They are insane, mentally incompetent, sadistic, ritualistic cabalists that believe in magical thinking, and believe that they can make something happen simply by willing it to happen, even though they have an extremely long track record of losing, they suffer from the same delusions of grandeur that compulsive gamblers suffer from, which comes as no surprise since Wall Street is such a big part of it! 

        If you do not believe them, and are not intimidated by them, it detroys all of their power.

        They cannot live by the best one winning ideology, because they know that they would be guaranteed to lose.

        They will never come to their senses, because they do not have any, which they demonstrate on a daily basis! The truth is totally irrelevant to them. They are undoubtedly the most self-deceived people that have ever lived. If you prove them wrong, they simply refuse to talk to you, and pretend that you do not exist, exactly the way that they treat the truth.

        Evidently, the CIA and the medical mafia targeted me and my family because we are Rh negative, meaning that we do not have the D antigen protein coating on red blood cells from Rhesus monkeys which explains my genentic superiority, and intellectual superiority. Rh+ is from Rhesus monkeys. This was discovered in 1937. Rh positivity is hereditary. This is evidently a national secret to such an extent that they even implanted RFIDs in me in 2014 to try to explain my superior abilities, which are a threat to them, since over 90% of people are Rh positive. RFIDs are implanted in pets. Obviously, they are incapable of remotely controlling living beings. Now I understand why I do not fit in. We are not the same species. They have literally been treating me the way that Charlton Heston was treated in Planet of The Apes.  They have stalked me for my entire life and tried to make me appear crazy by gas-lighting me, psy-opping me, torturing me, terrorizing me, stealing from me, vandalizing, and hacking. I am glad that I did not have children that would end up being victimized by all of you monster apes. Since they are geneticists, who are evidently Rh+, they wanted to conceal this since it is a threat to them.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Charles Darwin says:

        The pandemic will end once all of you idiots who refuse to take the vaccine, and refuse to mask-up and social-distance have taken your last tortured breath. Please, for the sake of humanity, continue to resist, inevitably contract, and finally expire. We cannot get back to any semblance of normal life until Covid relieves us of you. I hope you all die very soon while wishing you had taken the pandemic seriously. I feel not one ounce of sorrow for your impending doom. Thank you for proving “survival of the fittest” right. F*ck all the way off. 🖕😘

        P.S. trump lost, d!ckheads.

        • Anonymous says:

          I take it you’re a Biden fan?

          What is it you like about him?

          • Karma Darwin says:

            Nope, not a fan of Biden, but I certainly DESPISE trump. He, his family, and the endless multitude of criminals with whom he surrounds himself have pushed this nation to brink of complete disaster. None of you idiots can see that because you’re all too busy “owning the libs”. What an excellent waste of time, energy, and the few brain cells you possess. I sleep soundly at night knowing that the justice system is coming for most, if not all of those traitors.

        • Skip Stilskin says:

          Satan, is that you??

          • Karma Darwin says:

            Psst, hey Skippy…just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and trump’s soul and brain, satan doesn’t exist. I don’t expect you to believe me seeing as how you probably wouldn’t know the truth if it infected your lungs, forced you onto a ventilator, and into a grave.

            • Jocko says:

              You are a troll:
              Psychology of internet trolls: They understand what hurts people but simply don’t care
              Psychological studies show trolls tend to be male, show higher levels of psychopathy traits — low levels of empathy, guilt and responsibility for their actions — and higher levels of sadism traits, the enjoyment of causing others physical and psychological pain.

              You say you hate corruption, but love Biden. LOL

              I know you come here to hurt people, but I understand you are a very sick person. I do not hate you but have pity for you, and pray you seek help for your condition and find healing. God Bless you, you poor soul, it must be so miserable to live with that kind of hate.

              • Karma Darwin says:

                The only thing making me miserable is this prolonged pandemic. I’ve got some advice for you…roll the bible of yours up real tight, and then cram it up your a$$. Get vaccinated or become a statistic, either way society can move on.

        • The Observer says:

          Hey CD, you make identical remarks to the one who also signs in as karma, your him aren’t you. I bet you’re making identical remarks under different names, and you even always use the same symbols in your comments.
          What a horrible life one has when the only thing one can say is to wish death and suffering on others. Your comments reveal that your thinking, your mentality, your emotions, everything in you, is totally consumed by this one thing. Obviously you are projecting, you want others to die because that’s how you feel about yourself. I think I speak for others on this site, get some therapy and counseling.

      3. Bill says:

        People are becoming more and more aware the State has no legitimacy. The less legitimate the State, the less right it has to claim power.
        Covid is one of the mechanisms being used by the State to reclaim and enlarge power. It demands only its solutions be used, it demands only it has the right to control all information about covid, it demands all people abide by its decrees and mandates no matter how pointless, irrational, and even harmful; while exempting itself. The State shields all those entities that assist it in achieving its goals (for example pharma is legally immune from law suits where their vaccines do harm). The State conducts propaganda against those who do not submit to its agenda. The State will incapacitate the ability for people to function normally and live normal lives who do not submit to its goals.
        All these are pure classic manifestations of State behavior bent on maintaining and accumulating more power, the type mechanisms deployed is basically immaterial.
        The State also makes extensive use of provocateurs, red flags, propaganda, subversion of law, and the withholding or disbursement of public funds to various entities to gain compliance. These are vital tools it uses to achieve the control it wants. These political and financial machinations now almost entirely substitute for all otherwise legitimate gov’t processes. Our gov’t is a tool of the State, we do not have a gov’t of, by, or for the people.

      4. makeready says:

        When is this shit gonna pop off already. I need a bunch of crazed liberal women to wander the wasteland like in the movie, (the book of Eli) so I can plunder there sex organs. ” unvaccinated only please”.

      5. Anonymous says:

        Now I’m not taking that magic potion out of spite

      6. Bennington76 says:

        Now I’m not taking that magic potion out of spite

      7. Anonymous says:


        CD- There is growing cadre of experts including a nobel prize winner in virology that are predicting a mass die off among the ”vaxed” in 2-5 years of taking the ”DEATH DART”. as they say ”wait for it”.

        • Chuck D. says:

          Are these “experts” named Alex Jones, or donald trump, or have you been hearing Q’s voice in your head again? Please stay unvaccinated…get it over with so the rest of us can get back to normal. Thanks!

      8. The ? says:

        IT …. ends NOW.

      9. Chuckie D. says:

        Caleb Wallace owned those f*cking libs like a BOSS, huh!? He sure showed them. Nobody was gonna force him to mask-up or vaccinate! He definitely outsmarted the man, am I right? Congratulations, Caleb, you got exactly what you deserve. High 5! Have a great day, everybody!