The Reason The Scamdemic Will Never End: Power

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Politicians, aka, the ruling class, never want this scamdemic to end, and for one reason: power.  The more compliant the slaves become the more power they hand over to their masters. It’s past time to figure out that government is a synonym for slavery.

    Rahm Emanuel’s classic dictum for power-seeking officials was: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Now they’ve adopted a corollary: You never want a crisis to end once you made sure it didn’t go to waste.  No one cedes power willingly and the ruling class that lords over all of us now, in this current historical space, is no different.

    Power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  We have seen it. We are living through it.  So the masters are prolonging the national misery instead of easing it because they refuse to give up power over the rest of us.

    The nation’s crisis-mongers aren’t about to relinquish their hold over the public, so they’ve set new goals that are as unachievable as they are unnecessary and harmful.

    Making vaccines available to every American adult is no longer sufficient; now the crisis cannot end until the entire population has been vaccinated. Instead of focusing efforts on vaccinating the vulnerable, officials obsess on compelling universal obedience, even if that means squandering vaccines on people who already have acquired natural immunity or are at minimal risk of serious illness. –New York Post

    If you still think this a “liberal” or “democrat” issue, the delusion that the right master commanding your life will make all the difference has set it.  The left vs. right paradigm lie is just that, a lie and an illusion of choice. Slaves have no choice.

    They Are ALL IN ON IT! Republican Governors Try To Convince Followers To Take The Shot

    And don’t forget the forced vaccination clause conservative “hero” Ron DeSantis signed into law while tricking the slaves into thinking it was about freedom:

    DeSantis Betrays: Check Out What’s In His “Anti-Vaccine Passport” Law

    They know they are congealing power and they know that people are figuring that out.  The problem comes when a critical mass of us slaves finally realizes we are slaves and make the conscious decision to no longer be. That is probably when our preps will be needed, because, as I said earlier, they will not cede power willingly.


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      1. The pandemic will end once all of you idiots who refuse to take the vaccine, and refuse to mask-up and social-distance have taken your last tortured breath. Please, for the sake of humanity, continue to resist, inevitably contract, and finally expire. We cannot get back to any semblance of normal life until Covid relieves us of you. I hope you all die very soon while wishing you had taken the pandemic seriously. I feel not one ounce of sorrow for your impending doom. Thank you for proving “survival of the fittest” right. F*ck all the way off. ??

        P.S. trump lost, d!ckheads.

        • I take it you’re a Biden fan?

          What is it you like about him?

          • Nope, not a fan of Biden, but I certainly DESPISE trump. He, his family, and the endless multitude of criminals with whom he surrounds himself have pushed this nation to brink of complete disaster. None of you idiots can see that because you’re all too busy “owning the libs”. What an excellent waste of time, energy, and the few brain cells you possess. I sleep soundly at night knowing that the justice system is coming for most, if not all of those traitors.

        • Satan, is that you??

          • Psst, hey Skippy…just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and trump’s soul and brain, satan doesn’t exist. I don’t expect you to believe me seeing as how you probably wouldn’t know the truth if it infected your lungs, forced you onto a ventilator, and into a grave.

            • You are a troll:
              Psychology of internet trolls: They understand what hurts people but simply don’t care
              Psychological studies show trolls tend to be male, show higher levels of psychopathy traits — low levels of empathy, guilt and responsibility for their actions — and higher levels of sadism traits, the enjoyment of causing others physical and psychological pain.

              You say you hate corruption, but love Biden. LOL

              I know you come here to hurt people, but I understand you are a very sick person. I do not hate you but have pity for you, and pray you seek help for your condition and find healing. God Bless you, you poor soul, it must be so miserable to live with that kind of hate.

              • The only thing making me miserable is this prolonged pandemic. I’ve got some advice for you…roll the bible of yours up real tight, and then cram it up your a$$. Get vaccinated or become a statistic, either way society can move on.

        • Hey CD, you make identical remarks to the one who also signs in as karma, your him aren’t you. I bet you’re making identical remarks under different names, and you even always use the same symbols in your comments.
          What a horrible life one has when the only thing one can say is to wish death and suffering on others. Your comments reveal that your thinking, your mentality, your emotions, everything in you, is totally consumed by this one thing. Obviously you are projecting, you want others to die because that’s how you feel about yourself. I think I speak for others on this site, get some therapy and counseling.

          • Well, aren’t you a smarty! Yep, that’s me…I just like f*cking with you idiots.

      2. People are becoming more and more aware the State has no legitimacy. The less legitimate the State, the less right it has to claim power.
        Covid is one of the mechanisms being used by the State to reclaim and enlarge power. It demands only its solutions be used, it demands only it has the right to control all information about covid, it demands all people abide by its decrees and mandates no matter how pointless, irrational, and even harmful; while exempting itself. The State shields all those entities that assist it in achieving its goals (for example pharma is legally immune from law suits where their vaccines do harm). The State conducts propaganda against those who do not submit to its agenda. The State will incapacitate the ability for people to function normally and live normal lives who do not submit to its goals.
        All these are pure classic manifestations of State behavior bent on maintaining and accumulating more power, the type mechanisms deployed is basically immaterial.
        The State also makes extensive use of provocateurs, red flags, propaganda, subversion of law, and the withholding or disbursement of public funds to various entities to gain compliance. These are vital tools it uses to achieve the control it wants. These political and financial machinations now almost entirely substitute for all otherwise legitimate gov’t processes. Our gov’t is a tool of the State, we do not have a gov’t of, by, or for the people.

      3. When is this shit gonna pop off already. I need a bunch of crazed liberal women to wander the wasteland like in the movie, (the book of Eli) so I can plunder there sex organs. ” unvaccinated only please”.

      4. Now I’m not taking that magic potion out of spite

      5. Now I’m not taking that magic potion out of spite

        • Truly the mindset of an imbecile. Congratulations!

      6. JOH–

        CD- There is growing cadre of experts including a nobel prize winner in virology that are predicting a mass die off among the ”vaxed” in 2-5 years of taking the ”DEATH DART”. as they say ”wait for it”.

        • Are these “experts” named Alex Jones, or donald trump, or have you been hearing Q’s voice in your head again? Please stay unvaccinated…get it over with so the rest of us can get back to normal. Thanks!

      7. IT …. ends NOW.

      8. Caleb Wallace owned those f*cking libs like a BOSS, huh!? He sure showed them. Nobody was gonna force him to mask-up or vaccinate! He definitely outsmarted the man, am I right? Congratulations, Caleb, you got exactly what you deserve. High 5! Have a great day, everybody!

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