Left vs. Right Paradigm Lie: DeSantis Urges Vaccination

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    The left vs. right paradigm lie has become so obvious in recent years it’s difficult to comprehend that some actually think there’s a difference when one human seeks power over others. Ron DeSantis, a Republican “hero” who hid a forced vaccine clause in his “anti-vaccine passport” law is encouraging people to get the shot.

    “These vaccines are saving lives,” said DeSantis who is considered a 2024 presidential candidate. DeSantis is also selling campaign merchandise mocking masks and medical experts, including the nation’s lead medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  DeSantis is playing a game. He’s a ruler and his job is to convince the slaves he’s “working for them.” Sadly, far too many are buying it. When will we learn that changing our master every four years never makes us less of a slave?

    In Congress, Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, the House Republican whip, recently distributed pictures of himself receiving his first dose of the vaccine. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who has consistently advocated on behalf of the COVID-19 shots, urged the unvaccinated to ignore “all these other voices that are giving demonstrably bad advice.”

    They Are ALL IN ON IT! Republican Governors Try To Convince Followers To Take The Shot

    Trump Does Fauci’s Bidding & Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated: “I Would Recommend It”

    The ruling class and their puppets in the mainstream media have one goal right now: talk the slaves into taking a “vaccine.”

    “I think [Republicans] finally realized that if their people aren’t vaccinated, they’re going to get sick, and if their people aren’t vaccinated, they’re going to get blamed for COVID outbreaks in the future,” said Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who has been working with President Joe Biden’s administration and public health experts to craft messaging to bring the vaccine-hesitant off the fence.

    Power is power. It corrupts the same regardless of the letter behind the name. We had better wake up and stop accepting this slavery. They will continue to treat us like slaves as long as we comply and bow down and participate in this system of oppression created around the word “freedom.” We should all know by now we are anything but “free.”



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      1. There is no right and wrong in politics, there’s only the winner and the loser.

        In the case of our current Republodemocrat rule, they’re the winner and you’re the loser.

        Nothing is going to change anytime soon so get used to it.

        • Anon – You are absolutely correct. That there is no right or wrong in politics, only winners and losers. It is the highest reality in politics, both in theory and practice. Some call it the “rule of expediency”, which has replaced the rule of law. This helps explain why the State is so utterly corrupt, why wars are fought without being declared, why debt is ran up to unpayable levels, why there is a cozy relationship between lobbyists and our reps., why there is a two-tier system of justice, and there are a thousand more examples.

      2. As you have often mentioned
        they are all in it together.
        There are two sides alright
        but I’m not talking about Democrats and Republicans.
        I’m talking about our side and their side.
        It should be quite clear to everyone by now that it is
        us against them. Stand firm.

      3. Desantis is just another of
        the wolf in sheeps clothing.

        • He’s a card-carrying member of the zionist cult. That alone is enough to categorize him as completely untrustworthy.

      4. Recently read this
        somewhere and I think it
        applies to the situation
        we are currently living:
        “The only reason people
        believe they are free is
        because they have never
        been allowed to learn they are not – they
        live with the illusion of freedom, an illusion which
        was created by their
        very captors”.

      5. I don’t think ANY party or politician can be trusted anymore to have this country and its citizens best interests at heart.

        The culling has began and we are in for BIG trouble.

      6. Thanks again Mac, you are da man! I’ve been saying this for years that DeSantis is a shill for years, but all the sheep of the USSA this he is some kind of hero of the free world. He is an out of work attorney who has never had a job in his entire life and sucks off the public tit like the rest of them!

      7. Someone with the power over others, can name things after 666, without really believing in it, just to rub it in your face.

        Or, someone with the power over others could make questionable, medical practices illegal, altogether — particularly, those which use prions, dead babies, meta materials, and AIDS, in their makeup.

        “Every anarchist is a baffled dictator.”
        — attributed to Mussolini

      8. What do you expect. They are ALL self Serving and that is why they wanted the job … do you really think someone is going to take all kinds of problems on for 40,000 a year or a little more. NO they need millions and do not care about America nor the People!

      9. I read today three democrats ran as republicans and were trained how to pretend to be…surprised??

        I’m betting more than 3.

      10. As a child I was taught that state governors do not write laws. The legislature creates laws. The governor is part of the executive branch, so he or she simply “executes” or carries out what the legislature legislates. Right? Of course today we live in an age of “executive orders” and bloated government agencies, so who knows what insane sh** is going on. Anyway I guess my question is, did DeSantis really write a law? And if so, did he personally ask that forced vaccinations be included in the law? As I understand it, laws are usually created by a group of people, not by single individuals, and often involve some level of compromise. So how do we know DeSantis is the problem? Honest question here. Thank you.

      11. Blood sucking politicks in power are all cut from the same cloth and have the same goals for moar money; power and prestige. These people do not care about you! We are sheep or cattle on there eyes!

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